: [Opinion] "Easy"
My question is: Why a 14 day suspension? why do you personally think that a chat restriction wouldn't do? (I'd just really like to know as honestly it still doesn't make sense to me that you don't get chat restricted for a chat related issue)
: Punishment deserved?
Your best option is just to not type in chat, probably mute all as soon as you get in game, I think you can get punished for such stupid stuff that it's not worth it really, I don't think you should've got punished for retaliating personally as in my eyes if someone says something like that to you then you have every right to be mad at them however League doesn't work like that, nothing else in the game is counted apart from what you said that's offensive
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: So I easily climbed from Silver 3 to Gold 3 on this account... Then...
Honestly that's gold for you, I've been in so many games with Golds and I feel like they are literally the worst players, Bronzies are trying to get better but failing, Silver's troll because they think they're really good and Golds believe they're literally the best in the game so they only flame and they make the same mistakes as everybody else in the 3 elos, I haven't been with or against enough plats to create a generalisation on them or anyone higher :P Ranked a lot of the time is based on luck of who you're put with, it's best to just try and figure out how to get ahead when people are taking your farm, maybe just go into his jungle and take camps or roam for ganks and splitpush etc
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