Savrak (EUW)
: The system doesn't care about context, situation or if the other person started it. The system only cares about the words (or abbreviations) you type. Just be aware, after a 14 day ban, **ANY** poor behaviour will get your account banned permanently. So do not swear, insult, etc at all. If someone is raging at you or insulting, just mute them and report them at the end of the game.
Alright! Appreciate the feedback
Sètsuna (EUW)
: Do you know why people on reddit use /s? Sarcasm or 'not being serious' doesn't work with strangers. Especially not via text. treat strangers like toddlers. Be nice, no matter what happens. And if they are too loud you put your earplugs in and listen to some music. (Mute button)
Yeah, I can agree with that now.
Sètsuna (EUW)
: Be a man and ignore it next time. Or unbind enter.
I can agree with that. I'd be handy to have a black list where you can black list toxic words, so if you rage and start flaming, the messages won't send.
Sètsuna (EUW)
: Dude. Tell someone on the street to go and kill themselves and see what you get. The people you play with are strangers. So keep it cool or get banned.
Yeah, I understand. But, I wasn't serious when I made that statement, and I didn't think he would take it seriously either since he was flaming my whole team and arguing with everyone.
: you always get a 14 day ban for typing "k y s" in chat. context irrelevant. past good behaviour irrelevant if you use ***any*** ammount of toxicty when the 14 day ban expires, youll get perma'd. and by any i mean typing things like "stupid" or being abnoxious as the minimum
Alright, I'll take that into consideration after my ban. Thank you :)
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: You call people noobs, you tell them to kill themselves. How can this be not toxic?
Of course it's toxic, however I really don't feel like the 14 day suspension is justified seeing as I got no previous warnings. I'm fairly new to LoL, and didn't realize how harsh the rules of inappropriate behavior was.
Smerk (EUW)
: you told someone to kill himself, that warrants complete skip of chat restrictions > The first "%%%" was to a friend I qued with well, you said that two times, so second was serious? good to know that ban is deserved
It was targeted to the darius, however I wasn't serious about that statement. There was alot of back and forth between him and my other teammates, and when he involved me, I chose to answer short and rejective instead of arguing with him.
Playamaza (EUW)
: 14 day ban, without previous warnigs. Fair?
Jesus... I really didn't know it was that serious.
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