: ivern w bushes bug
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Almighty (EUNE)
: URF is an EXTREMELY SERIOUS game mode!
Worst mistake possibly made by riot was to put mastery into this gamemode, nothing but tryhards, everytime yi xinzhao zed ezreal morgana maokai evelyn galio and so on, tanks and adc doing stupid amounts of damage and surviving cause lifesteal wasn't balanced for this gamemode.. man wtver I'll stick to normals
: I really like the name :3
Haha wouldn't it be fun to play with yourself? wait.. that sounded wrong. nvm
: I dont know about some of your mentioned abilities. First of the passive.. i think 24 kills or assist would be too uch, would it make absolute unviable for comppetitive scene (LCS etc.) Why not make it like a 13 Card passive? would fit a color from A - K and since it upgrades 1 ability (1/4 of the Deck) it would make sense. Next up your W how is this supposed to be leveled up? do the stats you mention depend on your ult level? sorry i dont get it, some of the stats seem waay to high for my taste too. Now for your E... i cant help but think of SERIOUSLY? 500/750/1000 dmg block? The base stats need a serious nerf and maybe it could scale with bonus health or ap i dunno and then it would be okay. Same as your E goes for the ult and i dont get the : "shuffled for the duration of the ult" thing. how would you be able to aim for a target if its always beeing shuffled? And maybe you should also mention on what role he would be? is he a poke mage? Assassin? Support? U know i delivered my thoughts under the assumption that he would be a support, because his kit sounds like he's meant to be a support ADDITION: His name would most likely need to be changed (cardinal beer)
Hi thank you for the wonderful reply! Now to hopefully clear some doubts! I did mention a couple of times this is a support champion but just to make it clear he's a support champion who's viable playing other roles but not as good as role made champions! For instances if you build him ad he can do decent ad damage but will never surpass an Ezreal or Vayne. Hum I do agree with the passive turning out not very viable for competitive matches, I mean if there's barely any kills that's one passive out of the window. My train of thought for this one is mostly since it gives such a good enhance to the skills it should be something you work hard for. But then again we have Rengar's passive and god knows how many changes that one went through and they ended up leaving it at 15 stacks with 1 per kill or assist without losing them on death. So I'm very inclined to agree to the 13 stacks passive making so the mid game for this champ a bit shinier. Sorry for not making the W clear, Imagine like twisted fate's W, you level it up like any normal skill and when you press the button a suit icon will pop up above your head and then proceed to rotate through the 3 remaining suits, in case its enhanced after selecting the first one another rotation of the last remaining suits will appear once again therefore stacking the 2 buffs. As for the buffs it gives even tho I can't predict honestly how strong/weak the champion would play out I just considered the base stats plus the buff. And considering the champion is pretty squishy with low numbers across the board would be nice to get a decent buff. Don't forget that if you enhance another skill you cannot get 2 of the suits buffs, so even if you go for that tasty ap you'll be squishier than a Ziggs omelette. Then again nothing like fine tuning to make a champion work! Now I totally understand where you were coming with the E but this skill does not scale therefore not getting any extra damage absorption, it's also small, imagine half Yasuo's wind wall and since its not like Braum's that blocks during a certain duration of time or till it absorbs the full damage, all you have to do to destroy it is just walk to it, if the base damage blocked were to be a lot less that skill would be completely useless and used as a 0.5 second stun and not as damage block at all. I might concede a bit and make it 250/500/750 but the idea behind this skill is truly forcing your opponent to make a choice and take a risk, either by committing to the engage and getting that barrier that is "so good" out of the way or just stepping back. Oh also this castle is exactly like Yasuo's wind wall, if you step to the side of it you can shoot clear right through it so at least it doesn't block every single projectile! For his ult I thought i made it clear but I apologize again; after the clones are made the Cards are displayed like So [] [] [] and are shuffled once and only once, again the idea is to be risk taking do you really want that champion bad enough to risk getting hurt bad or do you back off wait for those 4 seconds and then dive in? Also if you think about it there's only gonna be 1/2 champions at most close to the cards when they explode which should be the melees, maybe bruiser/jungler? if you attack from range you're pretty safe and if any good player is faced with this chances are they'll dps and step back and let the range finish it, either that and take one cards worth of damage and then back off, so even if you were to build him full ap and get to 800 ap you'd only get an extra 160 damage. Oh and a reminder his only damage skill besides his ult is his enhanced castle which deals true damage and doesn't scale with your ap. So you'd be making a full commitment to your ult and nothing but your ult. This champ is all about risk taking and making decisions as the game flows, switching the suit depending the situation you're in to match your needs, deciding what items to build and what role to play in your team while being a support! As in what comes to his name, honestly I thought about it but there are so many things using Cardinal I kinda doubt it would be an issue but even if it would be a pressing matter I'm sure the fine gents at Riot could come up with a clever pun for a name! Once again thank you so much for your reply and your insights and please let me know any other thoughts!
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