Chizzah (EUW)
: Simple Fix for Assassins
I say it again and again. The Damage is not the Problem. The mechanics of some champs are just unfair and unblanced. Riot is doing the same mistake. They keep nerfing numbers instead of fixing the cause of the "brokenes" of champs. Like ivern, instead of maybe making it harder for him to counter jgl, they just nerf all his numbers and he gets unplayable. That is not balaciing, that is hiding the problem.
I dont see why we shoud'nt be able to communicate with our team either. Riot is makeing patch after patch to make the game more competitive and dont realize that a competitive game without proper communication just sucks. It's like playing a game such as Portal 2 in Co-Op, without beeing on teamspeak/dirscord etc... with the other player
JombleFKU (EUNE)
: Riot PLEASE nerf Udyr
Hey there scrolling down this page! Please ignore OP and just close this thread. Every kid does cringy things from time to time, you did so too. We just were lucky that we didn't have acces to the internet. OP literally 12 yo
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: Why im still in bronze?
Because you play like a bronzie
Aflahart (EUNE)
: I dont know how :/
Just go to the side from your graphicscard AMD: Nvidia:
: Vlad pool Nasus Q
Impowered Auto-Attacks cant be cancelt. So the Pool animation didn't iterrupt him. just unlucky timing there ^^. A normal AA would have been stopped Same with Darius W
: Fu** L****c
U can turn of the curse filter in the clients options btw ^^
: Actaully getting pissed
Tell us Ur PC specs. prob. thats the problem dude ^^
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
: Honor 0 for 5 months
We all know why ur honor is stayin' at 0 :'D
Aflahart (EUNE)
: In-game black screen! Please help!!
Did u try to update ur drivers?
1n5tanc3 (EUW)
: Laptop mains supply off, then on, game speed increases
Windows-button>Type "Energy">go to energy-options and set to Maximum preformence at all times. I guess right now ur Laptop is going to "balanced mode" when the PSU isnt plugged in. :) But this will kill ur battery a bit faster ofc ^^
: are you sure that is correct? i know i have been playing this game since season 1 but that value just scared me xb
Did the same to me ^^
: 14 days ban for inting 1 game
You int in a game with a riot employee in it? and then complain?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
redaxion (EUW)
: r u kidding me rito
You are what we call a "Rage-Kid". We love to poke fun at you guys because you realy getting into it. You insulted someone and told him to commit suicide. Your Ban is totaly diserved. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: That's not surprising. Teemo's Q only works against basic attacks and not spells etc.
Did you even read the Thread? :D{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: file:///C:/Users/Rosana/Documents/League_of_Legends_TM_Client_31_12_2017_23_07_35.webm
: What am i worth?
One thing you can do is checking how much u spend on ur account at: And wasn't unchained ali and riot tristana free if u like the fb page org something like that? :D
: I am capped at 40 Fps and it doesnt Change plz Some Help
Did you check your PC settings? Go to energy options and change it. Maybe it on Balaced mode. If not ur PC might just be not good enough
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