: Player reaching out for advice to reform
Appreciate all the advice guys, taking it all in and i'm sure i'll reach honour 5 and get back to plat by the end of the year now. Thanks a lot A Polite Summoner! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=PoIite Summoner,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=t5nAIHWX,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2018-04-16T19:53:23.533+0000) > off the bat i dont go out of my way to flame my teammates for no reason, i act the same as i do irl, nice until given a reason not to be. See, thats the point. Looks like you are not looking for a reason to be 'not nice'. You are looking for an excuse for being rude. Thats fine for me. Be as you wish. You get the response for this with every new perma. And i can very well judge you by the way you behave in a video game. This isnt 1990 when you played singleplayer in your parents basement. You play with and against real people. Just because your interactions are embedded into a game it doesnt make them any less real. People tend to forget this when they go 'online'. But since you are the one here asking for advice, this is mine: dont get fooled over and over again. Your MMA example is lacking one big thing: The moment you step into the ring with your opponent, you both agree to rules. Your ref is fine with beating the shit out of each other? Fine, feel free, you both agreed. But when you enter a game of league, you also agree to rules. The most important one? Be nice. Very simple. But when they step on your feet, you go full bonkers. Again. And again. And again.... And guess what? You lose account after account after account. You cant climb, you waste your time, you even come to boards asking for advice. You think any of those trolls or inters get banned? I doubt it. Because they know how to play by the rules. They know how to play the rules. And besides that: They know how to play you. You get fooled by some random internetguys laughing their ass off every time they get the "A player you have recently reported..." popup. Lets get to the point here. I doubt you can change your attitude. You have proofen that countless.. no wait, 50+ times. But you can learn to not get fooled by those cheap moves. Its actually easy once you know what they want. Dont be the fool.
I'll keep it short you're right, i'm wrong, thats improvement already. Thanks
DutchPro (EUW)
: As soon as you realise you are doing something wrong you are already starting to improve. You made the first step it's only going to get better now. I think there are a few things that can stop you from letting the anger get to the chat or your performance. First of all, everyone has to deal with the same shit you have to deal with. So just get your sh*t together, and don't be such a whiny rage baby <3 is my best advice. Yet still some tips: Muting does help since nobody can trigger you directly by flame or troll chat. If you are about to get angry try get the anger out another way, punch a pillow or whatever. If you still have trouble with being tempted to chat, unbind your enter key. Social pressure also helps with behaving. Open your window and curtains. Try go on voice chat with people etc etc. Outside of that just realise at the moment you are about to flame, what you are doing. Be self aware, think about what flaming will help you with. It won't make you feel any better anyways so no point in doing so. Don't bash yourself when losing, don't bash your teammates when losing or winning. Just focus on improving instead of lingering in the past repeating mistakes.
Thanks for the tips my dude, will probably unbind my enter key, cant seem to keep people muted!
: Cant you just... stay away from the game please? What else should riot do to show that your kind of attitude is not wanted here? You wastet 50+ accounts while still not being able to show some decency? Im a big fan of chances to reform. But somehow i dont believe you are the nice person in real life you say you are.
1 - No, i enjoy it 2 - Riot havent done anything 3 - I never mentioned anything about real life, you also cannot judge me based off the way i act in a video game. I am a nice dude in real life. I'll give you an example/comparison to league, i've recently started amateur MMA, i fight by the rules, train by the rules, dude wants to spar me thats cool, he hits me with an illegal blow? Damn sure i'm gonna %%%% him up and be an asshole. Someone ints my games or is an ass to me? Damn sure i'm gonna be an asshole, off the bat i dont go out of my way to flame my teammates for no reason, i act the same as i do irl, nice until given a reason not to be. Although i am willing and trying to change that
: That's still a shitload of money
: season 6 was 6 months ago. Thats 10 accounts a month. How much did you pay??
: > [{quoted}](name=PoIite Summoner,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=t5nAIHWX,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-04-16T13:18:25.984+0000) > > 50+ accounts permanently banned 0_0 how teach me master
: To be honest I'm not sure what has happened to the honour system, last season I hit honour 5 straight away, this year i'm still stuck at honour 3. I terms of dealing with tilt, I tend to get pretty tilted while playing but find that flaming the player out loud to yourself is pretty good as it relieves a lot of the stress, also, if you can play with someone else who will remind you to keep everyone muted, that would likely help as well. Overall, I think it's easy to take the game too seriously and get too invested in each game. I'm not saying don't play to win, more like, if you play well you will climb over time, you don't need to win 6 games in a row, after all, there are always going to be unwindable games, with afks and people who try their best but end up feeding. Finally, if you disconnect your keyboard then you can't flame. You're welcome ;)
Thanks a lot, i think i just tend to expect far too much from people all the time, every game, in the mindset of constantly wanting to win but i guess thats impossible now the game is in a very team based meta.
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