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drymonkey (EUW)
: you know what why not ... i was born in america and am a native english speaker but i migrated to Belgium at the age of 8 i speak fluent engish dutch and my French is .... lest say as good as your english XD its so so (lets say worse then your english XD) i might be able to help a bit
I'm very sorry but for American accent is such different from the British one i want to improve, I can't accept your help :c But I really appreciate you tried :D
Podqueen (EUW)
: Looking for English player for improvement
You all guys are very sweet ! I particularly want to thank people who upvoted this post and all who left such lovely comments on it. I still didn't find the right person but I hope I would find him soon !
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: Can you send us your PC specs maybe your PC is just to weak to handle the recalculation
I have an HP laptop with Windows 8.1 (which gives to me many bugs with the client but I had it before the bug) and an Intel Pentium as processor, and an AMD graphic card. I did every thing about compatibility of LoL with Windows so I don't know where the problem comes from ...
: I've played ALOT with a DJSona support backing me up and sorry but never had this happening, maybe your PC is just to weak to handle? (no offence)
I don't think so, i did anything wrong to my computer before it happened o:
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