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: Oh if you want your post to be read by rito i would suggest putting it in askriot or to post it on the na forum where tbe devellopers look around :p
: He's balanced, there are just a lot of old champions who don't favor the mobility, tank and damage meta (otherwise known as riotfuckedupsomanyreworksandreleases)
cant call 44.5 % w/r balanced. i call it weak.
: Ewww, a buff Cho post lol. Imo he needs no buffs, and I actually wouldn't mind a nerf or two, but I'm happy that his W was fixed (took 3 years of complaining, but at least it happened).
when u call 44.5 % winratio champipn with same playrate as aatrox strong(who need nerf) , u just proove dat u r low elo player who get rekt by any champion and then emocry about op op champs instead of improve..
: Except he still can... it's harder to do so but possible unless they are physically inside you. Just use it while they are in a cast or auto attack animation or when they are cc'd by Q... just aim carefully and it should be fine (most champions will stop at attack range, that's far enough away for you to hit them... it's again only if they somehow get inside you which is very difficult to do without auto attacking).
To many champions can get "inside" riven yasuo fiora akali with all theyrs dashes. But its not about it. When u trade with enemy in top lane and kite back, enemy ll chase not straight behind(after) u but like a circle angle. and when u start to cast w they ll wallk out of very little w landing range (dunno how to explain with my poor english) And in beetween autoatack ppl usually hitrun so they ll try to be as close to u as possible same insidle range which w range doesnt hit. I know it still viable spell but not even close to what is was before. Cho gath has a massive w/r drop after patch. Its anyway a nerf if u tryhard adapt to it. I played alot (more than 200 chos games after w changes so i can say dat i adapted)
: I have no issue landing the W... no real change from before. Remember that cho got a longer range and lower cooldown in exchange for this so it actually benefited him so long as you didn't rely on the only mechanic to land it...
I adapted to new mechanic. Now i predict enemy movement and use w or against enemy in zhonyas (became possible to land w right after zhonya ends with good timing) . Or new w flash trick. But in melee is rly became close to imposible against good enemy. Area is too small. Sion for expample can land his q even in melee due to his range in melee close to champion. Cho has pure cone range sadly. One step right or left and w hits only air.
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Enlight13 (EUW)
: Also isn't ChoGath suppose to have a problem in lane but have a really good team fight presence? Like he is still good against immobile mages I assume. Wasn't that his forte? Like Huni brought it out against Ryze back in season 4 I think.
U cant even land silence now if u didnt hit q. Since u press w and enemy just wallks out. Cast time is to big and only golds cant dodge it now
Rstonius (EUW)
: Wait so they buff the range on his W, they buff the post lvl 1 cooldown on him and remove 0.5 seconds from his silence duration and you think thats a nerf? Im pretty sure that his W has been buffed, and by a lot. I think it's you that doesn't understand what the patch notes are LOL
Another guy who dont know what they nerfed and still speak like he know everything. W targeted enemy when u press button and now it doesnt. Now it has a cast and works only on area. Before it worked on target which were in area when u pressed button
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Wait. Is he buffed? I am confused here. The ONLY thing that for nerf is 0.5 second of silence. But that easily is out classed by know you, 5 second of cool down red. I am so confused. Like is you okay son? Is you okay?
Dont call me son gold scrub if u cant even read patch notes. And what is nerfed.
W precast mechanix nerf. Not about his w duration killed champ. HELLO a im definatly ok. i know smth about this game since i reached master .
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