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: Comunicating with teammates in champion select or trading? If trading, ask nicely to some one pick your champ and you pick for him , after picking you have 30sec or more to trade . Not hard. That way you can get champ before your enemy pick it first.
And then some other kid will dodge champ select, i tried every possible solution to this, otherwise i would not post this topic. My problem is not the enemy taking my champ first, it's permabanning champ x because of kids traumas. Some champs are simply unplayable unless i reach masters and practice them in ranked that way. Another typical bronze ban is Yasuo, one could almost never perfect this champ because it's close to permabanned, because most players ''can't beat him''. The only reason i can see in these players for banning a champ is that they don't understand it, therefore can't beat it. They don't actually WANT to learn how play with or against it, they just stuck with the ideea of not understanding it. That's the broken thing. Ranked is nowhere better, from bronze 5 to diamond 1, they just ban because of traumas, because of not understanding a champ.
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: That's actually what happened, i bet if i changed my second role to any other, i would be filled to that instead
And it happened again in the moment i posted this. I selected secondary bot, and primary mid. It gave me bot. I think this only happens in ranked as far as i can see. If i go in normal drafts it gives me mid hands down.
: i got the same problem as the guys who started this discussion... it cant be just bad luck... i got like always my primary role before and now since 2 days so in my last 45 matches i legit ONLY got my second role and it doesnt matter what i chose as second role i dont get my primary role again and i really dont know how to fix that but it tilts really hard
That's actually what happened, i bet if i changed my second role to any other, i would be filled to that instead
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''Yes i do play new champs in ranked, cause i don't give a %%%% about rank, i wanna improve, and the best place is ranked'' But there's 4 other people in your team who DO care about ranked. And you just ruin their games.... I'm happy that i'm in EUNE 'cause there i don't have a possibility of getting you into my game
and any of those 4 do care about me or the other fours? same as i, nobody cares about their team, neither will I. I play on eune too :) i will not tell you my name, it's a bit too obvious anyway. When other players %%%% up MY ranked games, will you ask them the same thing? why they play new champs on ranked? This is just complain, if you are good enough you can win anyway, with any noob.
Rockified (EUNE)
: I'm bronze 5 and I don't mind.
KDA doesn't win games. Objectives do. I lost with 20/2, and won with 1/18, KDA is nothing if you can't make use of your lead, or you can't play it steady when behind.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Lvl 61, still stuck in Silver "because of his Teams", yeah.
1. I did not blame my team on this post, your asnwer makes no sense. 2. Lvl 61, so what? Nobody wins games wih account lvl's. 3. If you post asnwers just not to shut up, and you can't give me an answer that has to do with my question, then just shut up and move to the next topic. peace
Shukr4n (EUW)
: U test it in draft or blind.
same answer: blind pick is flame land, vayne is permabanned in draft too. If i master her in draft, it's permabanned in ranked, so what's the point? Just for my own pleasure? I't nothing if i ca;nt perform with her on the ladder.
: go in blind mode or ask to not ban this champ in draft,but better go in blind mode
i can't ask the enemy not to ban a champ. I wanna play vayne, but it's permabanned everywhere. I can't even practice her in draft for instance. Blind is a chaos, everyone flames each other for their role.
iSneez (EUNE)
: People ban not only because a champion is to strong or they can't beat them. Everyone have a champ that maybe dislike so they can ban that. Also you can make a fast small strategy in solo q also, but people are too busy to flame, but in rare very rare cases it happened, so people can ban a champ like jana or poppy if your team got zac as jungle or other champions that jump on and you and need to be stop, and so on. So funny how people fast throw the words like kid, on every situation that you don't agree with that person must be a kid. When in fact you display a very immature attitude. Also ranks are not a place to learn a champions, are a place where you chose the champions you are most comfortable with so you can perform, baning a champ that you dislike or make everything so you can to win it's not searching for free "elo" / LP, that's the goal of rank to be competitive and win LP to progress. But by your attitude I think you don't; knwo what competitive means in video games or in real life for that matter.
Ok, let's say i main %%%%ing vayne, but traumatized silver guys permaban her, how am i supposed to play the champ i'm most comfortable with? And btw %%%% you kid. Ranked is still the best place to improve. Don't give a shit about ranked, i'ts just a stupid system that does not show a players true skill, just the probability for him to make an impact for winning. And third: Practice your grammar before trying to insult me back ;)
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''How am i supposed to learn a champ when every silver kid bans it? Why is banning a thing in ranked?'' So.... You try new champs in ranked?
they ban the same champs in draft, i never play blind pick, cause it's a complete chaos. Yes i do play new champs in ranked, cause i don't give a %%%% about rank, i wanna improve, and the best place is ranked
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xyoussefz (EUW)
: actualy kha zix is early mid game it s useless in teamfight
in mid- to lategame you dive the carries in teamfights at the best moment without dying, it's all about the element of surprise. You should already have a ga to revive, you know the rest...
: Pro Tips: Rule the Jungle
Ok so i'm talking about silver 4 perspective where i unfortunately still belong. I will talk about at least half of silver players as far as my experience in silver goes, not ALL of them. "so you'll have to put up a serious fight in order to avoid falling behind", silver teamfight is like gangbang street fights, they don't know the basics of teamfight, they will all run, adc will run for the enemy adc and die, no confidence,etc. they don't know how to fight, especially when they are behind. The other option is that they will not listen to this stupid ass jungler and keep playing lottery until we all lose and then blame your team. And the last comment here is that they will not know how to benefit from the teamfight we won, it will mean nothing other than the gold we earned. "You'll have to prioritize ganks over camps and do your best to help out your team before it's too late", they will not even know how to assist a gank properly in order to make it work best, without major risks. They will often attempt to engage with a 50/50 chance engage for nothing. Example would be thresh, instead of flash flail into ult with a guarenteed hook, or something like this, he throws his hook and miss, and i just camped the unwarded bot lane for 1 minute gaining nothing. At this point, they can engage on the hookless thresh, and the adc will just run, instead of trying to retaliate back as much as possible without dying. If i go back to farm, they might die again, and i will be too far to react and potentially save them, and if i stay, i might stay forever, and guess what, if i stay until the very limit of my patience preparing for the enemy to engage on the constantly hookless thresh, and thresh still can't find the 50/50 hook after about 2 minutes of camping bot, i can't afford to stay too much, and i get back to farming, and guess what, 20 seconds later, enemy adc double kill.I will eventually fall behind myself trying to help and camp my losing lanes as much as possible, making them gain nothing to still lose the game. "Give away kills to your teammates when possible. As a jungler your role is to support your team and make them carry, not the other way around", they will not know how to benefit from it other than the gold for an extra ruby crystal, or a longsword. They will not shove the wave to bounce back, if i stay to help shove back, they ping me not to, they will not shove fast enough cause they ping me away, i can't shove fast enough alone, etc. Even if they help me take a drake or tower, they will either not shove back the wave before, or they will get back to lane with no mana and half hp, and die. Anyway, i give away kills, or not, they can't make best use of any big or small advantage. They can't protect a lead, they throw a lot(this includes me sometimes, due to desparate decisions to save a bad situation when i'm fed as %%%%, and the rest is far behind on xp and gold). Conclusion? Obviously is very good to apply every tip you learned here, but usually even if you apply everything from this list, and you apply every step you need in order to carry, or help carry a game, you might still lose because teamwork is crucial in league, and many in low elo desperately try to carry a game solo. I can give some examples in my games, a 3/0 from laning phase maokai, just split pushed all game without much success and at 13 minutes he started dying constantly, and that was the best throw i have ever seen. Even if i was another fed as %%%% kayn doing most of the shit here and there, i just can't beat a 4v5 mostly alone.
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: Just a question
Thank you, i was thinking about playing random roles just to practice, and get in the habbit of these aspects i don't really respect. Thought about playing my secondary role and practice one aspect at a time(minimap, not overextend, respect, calculate, apm, etc.)
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: It means that you get a bonus (0.4 of crit chance)% AD. So if you have 10% Crit, that's 4% bonus AD. 50% crit is 20% bonus AD, and 100% crit is 40% bonus AD. Something worthy of noting is that the Attack Speed and Crit Chance AD multipliers are exactly identical cost-efficiency wise. Crit basic item: 10% Crit -> 4% bonus AD -> 400 Gold; 1% bonus AD for 100g. AS basic item: 12% AS -> 1.2(2.5% bonus AD) = 3% bonus AD -> 300 Gold; 1% bonus AD for 100g. According to this, it doesn't matter if you invest in Crit or AS if you want to maximize your AD. That being said, all AS items viable for Jhin don't include any AD ({{item:3087}} /{{item:3094}} /{{item:3046}} ), while there are 2 crit items ({{item:3031}} & {{item:3508}} ) that include a ton of AD. So theoretically you'll be getting by far the most AD (along with crit) by stacking IE/Reavers (it doesn't matter past the first purchase since both of them have the same base stats), for the cost of on-crit movement speed. This build actually is more viable than you'd expect.
Well thank you. So i guess it doesn't matter wich one i buy more of, it's gonna be equal % ad for both.
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DeRoo (EUW)
: Hi. Diamond adc/support main here. You said "farm almost perfect" near the start of your post. That's a big indicator to me that you don't know how to win lane with minions. It's not to do with having perfect farm in lane. I can offer to coach you for free if you have the time. It'll take 1 hour and you will need Skype so I can share screens. Add "DeRoo". Anyone else that needs help as an ADC (or any role, you can add me too). I'll show how to win lane everytime for gold elo and lower. I'll most likely do it tomorrow, Wednesday evening (sometime between 6-10pm) if you are free then. Timezone GMT-0. I'm by no means a pro, but I'll show you the basics of always winning lane in lower elo.
well i didn't manage to break all the infos down, it's too much. I did everything i can possibly do to win my lanes. The problem is not that i don't know how to win lane phase, the problem is that i start to do the same big bunch of mistakes that held me back in bronze BEFORE. I don't know what's happening to me?
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o0Dark0o (EUW)
: same here I keep on getting 100+pings in game with a completely fine internet
man i play on perfect pc's with gaming-standard qualities, and my ms just shifts from 30 to 60 when a fight is coming, no matter if it's teamfight, or it's just a 1v1
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grabbuu (EUW)
: Ok i was just kidding because: > [{quoted}](name=PokerCardMaster,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EmNPv5Hl,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-07T23:09:40.626+0000) > > I wanna ask the real pros here again, i have some unclear things that i'm very eager to clean up, and this might be one of my most misunderstood topics. > Before entering the topic, i wanna say and ask a thing or 2: Plss don't be the low elo guy that thinks he's high elo, and give me tips and stuff... ty ;) So here you go, i asked once for something similar and plats/diamond answered, hope it helps: If they are plats/diamons it's because they are better than you so take a look. (also by this logic, i'm better than you too so you should have payed attention to that thing i typed earlier) Anyway, because you see in etc that they go botkr black cleaver core doesn't mean it's the way to go, seriously. And because i was talking about lucian mid it's not that wrong to apply to bot. When against hard lanes adc (aggressive) and a mage sup that deals you so much damage (brand, zyra...not that strong but still can do some nice dmg) a death dance isn't that bad of an idea. Same on picking hexdrinker at min 20, the shield it gives at that point is kinda useless, that's better for laning. You say you "woke" about his builds but you always end up the same. I'm not saying this like i did on the last comment but still have to say because without trying you just don't know... If you still laught at me just 1v1 me ez
Again... i asked for mid/late game explanations and not for lucian builds. I'm not gonna 1v1 you because i'm just wasting my time. I don't care about rank, because any challanger can carry you duo up to diamond, and pretend you are diamond. It's skill, or not skill. Was i clear enough? Ty ;) PS: The page you sent me is expired.
: In general, mid game, you try to make your way in to the enemy base. As any adc, you'd want to focus on getting as much farm as possible and same time, being with your team whenever a fight is about to happen. It does depend on team comp, whether your whole team groups up and roams or someone splits and the rest push another lane. Basically, you want to try and put the enemy team in to a position where they have to choose between a bad and a worse outcome ~save your bottom inhib vs go and stop baron, etc. and this is usually done by out roaming the enemy team, aided by having superior vision and such. In late game, you want to continue doing the same, but since you're probably full build, you might not have to focus as much on farm any more and just try to stay alive and not get caught for some stupid reason, so you're ready to fight over the big objectives that can lead to winning the game. Just watch some pro games and look at what they're doing. I mean, in LCS, you even have commentators explaining you what's going on :p and I'm sure there are games where someone's playing Lucian
i do watch lcs, and pro games, streamers, etc. but a silver game is far from what an lcs game looks like. Unless i can rely on my team to secure vision, and deny some, i can't really rotate so that the enemy team won't catch me offguard solo. But thank you anyway, i got the general ideea of a mid game.
: mid/late in silver is a whole lot different than mid/late in LCS Basically, your team mates are silver, so they don't know much about the game either and anything can happen. Your best bet is to try and do whatever you can to solo carry the whole game and not rely on your team. technically, you should try to group with the team and when it doesn't look like something's gonna happen the next few seconds, go clear side lanes and get cs wherever you can. Since it's silver and ppl just do whatever they feel like, stick around the 'most useful' members of your team (everyone has their own idea of what they should be doing and probably don't see what the others are trying to do) So in case something does happen, you'll at least have the numbers advantage and hopefully win the fight. Now after you win a fight and very silverly, everyone's just recalling next to enemy open nexus, coz they're low hp. Try pinging the objectives or at least go for them whenever you see a free one. If it's possible to take it without sacrificing your team, by leaving them.
ok i got what you say, but how should it look like IN GENERAL? in a pro game what do ppl do in mid game and late game?
grabbuu (EUW)
: Dude im silver 3 but i can tell i should be at least diamond 3 not challenger so pay attention: try to change your build. I just played lucio mid because i liked the champ. At first i built what was built by everyone, botkr black cleaver etc, if i got ahead was good build for mid game but if you cant end you fall even more that you would fall building crit for example. Remember, i should be diamond 3 AT LEAST so trust me. Before buying him i played once in free rotation crit, better for late even more if you are not ahead. Usually games in silver last 30 min at least so not that bad of an idea. But then i saw that mitigation build and i tried against burst midlaners. Started on death dance etc and crit etc I was best lucio mid on that patch i swear. Unbeatable. They even recognized me i started to get camp so i had to build crit for late game and play passive. {{item:3044}} This is kinda a bad item for lane imo (diamond 3 player emember) so yh...that's it, if you don't have lucio magic nothing will happen. Btw, try refillable...more efficient.
lmao indeed. My question was how should mid/late game look like, from lucian's perspective, and in general. And you started explaining how to change my build and how you do it... That's why i asked not to be the low elo guy that thinks he is high elo and give me tips and stuff... 2. You don't beat me when it comes to lucian builds ;), and beware: huge diffecrence between building lucian mid, and lucian adc. I was talking about the traditional and most used lucian adc.
Sawyerr (EUW)
: lmao
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Ðęłtª (EUW)
: Yeah, that's enough, but you need to sleep well too, don't forget about that.
Well i can sleep 6 hours a day and still be in good shape, once i hit the coffee, the day starts something like: let's rock'n roll.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Im in a similar situation but i managed to make it work and im already in D5. here's what i did: Previous season i made no progress at all, felt like i was playing really inconsistently and I also saw a bunch of videos talking about how high elo players play a ton of games. So i realised that the way i was i won't be able to climb, which is why i decided to drop my mid role and one-trick Nami support, which from what i've read here is pretty much opposite what others are suggesting. It still was prety hard to find time to play league, sometimes i just woudn feel well enough, which is why i started excersing, this pretty much guaranteed that as long as im not sore from over working, im feeling fine, all i have to do is plan my week accordingly. Best day to put the most games into league is obviously Saturday, the longest free day, but i make sure to prepare for it, evrything that needs taking care off i do it in friday. This way i have a full day for league, there is one downside, because i put so many games into one day i just feel so drained after it, which just transfers to the next day so i can't really have 2 days for league only. I use sunday for excersice. Also if i feel fine i get few games in other days too(with my current week plan it's ussually somewhere in the middle of it.). Lastly i had a quick look at your and for someone who wants to climb high you don't play enough ranked, sure it looks like you play alot of normals, but if you intend to climb majority of your games have to be ranked.
> Lastly i had a quick look at your and for someone who wants to climb high you don't play enough ranked, sure it looks like you play alot of normals, but if you intend to climb majority of your games have to be ranked. That's what i decided last weekend, but the thing is that i wanted to master at least 3 adc's before playing ranked again, but i thought that i can do that in ranked too until the season ends, and then afterwards. But anyway thank you!
Wukongz (EUNE)
: One of the easiest ways to try and make it as a LoL personality is to stream and make (youtube)videos. You don't need to be the next Faker in terms of skills, as long as you make good content that people watch. Might be streaming, might be comedy sketches, might be vlogs of some sort, etc. I can't give you the key to the gate of wealth - you'll have to figure out what you want to, and can do, yourself. But making video content is one way of making LoL your way of life, without having to go pro and compete in the LCS.
> [{quoted}](name=Dardasim,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=4n2K1REK,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-24T22:13:38.840+0000) > > One of the easiest ways to try and make it as a LoL personality is to stream and make (youtube)videos. You don't need to be the next Faker in terms of skills, as long as you make good content that people watch. Might be streaming, might be comedy sketches, might be vlogs of some sort, etc. > > I can't give you the key to the gate of wealth - you'll have to figure out what you want to, and can do, yourself. But making video content is one way of making LoL your way of life, without having to go pro and compete in the LCS. well i have no streaming equipment right now, and to buy one in my country is going to take a while, but thanks for the tip.
Ðęłtª (EUW)
: As an ex pro player in Overwatch - was top 1 player in the world before the ranked release, had my own team, manager, i can give you some tips. Here is the proof: Here i am top 11 - Here i am top 1 - You need to sacrifice a lot to get to the pro lvl. * Choose one role. Master it. Make sure, that you play it very good. * Don't think about yourself like you are the best. That's one of the main mistakes you can do. You can always improve, even if you are Challenger * Improve your map awareness * Improve your reaction, play games like Osu, or, for example, Bullet Hell genre - Touhou, etc * Look at your own mistakes, don't look at mistakes that other people do. Make sure, that you won't make them * Don't look at the pro players. Don't pick the champions they are playing. They are pro, you are not, they know how to play, they play on the pro level not the first year, and they know how to make unusual picks, how to make the not working things to work * Play 15 hours a day minimum( i played 20 - 21 hours a day for a month to get to the top 1 in Overwatch) * Play with people that have higher ranks than yours. They can point at your mistakes, say what you are doing wrong * Don't be toxic, be friendly to people. Don't play, if you are angry. Be focused on the game, stay chill and nothing and noone will ever distract you on your way to the top * Make sure that nothing and noone can distract you, when you are playing * Make your champion pool 3 - 5 champions and master them * Don't play the champions you don't want to play. Play only the champions you feel like playing. For example - You are playing Gangplank, and can "feel" that champion? You "feel" how he moves, attacks? Go on, and master him then! Don't lose opportunities like that * Be helpful to your team, look at their picks, talk to them before you pick your champion. Pick the champions that will help your team * Be the one with the META, don't ignore it. You need always to know what champions are strong in the current update,make sure to play them, or, at least, to know who are strong and who are not * Try playing with the not in - game music, your own playlist, when you are playing. It helps some people, and always helps me to play. But make sure, that it won't be very loud. You always need to hear in-game sounds, like pings, ults, etc It will be hard. Very hard. But, you can do this, i believe in you. Good luck. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> * Play 15 hours a day minimum( i played 20 - 21 hours a day for a month to get to the top 1 in Overwatch) I live almost alone, i work 8 hours a day, i have to work too, else i will live on the streets, wich is meanless. Also i have to sleep, else i will get frustrated, maybe even angry. The only thing i can do here is to sacrifice a full day without sleeping, and then sleep the next day. I'm ready for that, but then i skip one day of playing. What can i do in this scenario? If things will get sweeter here, i will be able to play 8 hours a day, and 32 hours a weekend maximum. Is it good enough, or just better than nothing?
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: How to keep positive?
The only person you can report is the one that is toxic, not the one that died 18 times, unless it's very obviously intentional.
: Should i stop playing Ranked ? I need help
I can recommend you the following: play for yourself, play the first 10 ranked games of the season and then play draft all season long. Eventually you will improve gradually season by season, and all that is if you care that much about your rank, if not then play ranked and feel the pulsating fire in your heart while playing and improve that way. Either way you just gotta accept these fools in your team, nothing better to do, but first, i suggest looking how good YOU play, and don't care about your team at all. 95% of the games i just mute all, focus on myself, and 5% of the games i forget to mute all xD. Me as adc, in the majority of time i consider myself as 1v2 on the laning phase but i win a decent amount of games. I do a few extra things to increase the chances of winning: 1. Try mastering the reaction roam. The reaction roam is about roaming when action is going on not too far away from you, of course you can't roam from bot to top, the fight will be over by the time you arrive there, and you will lose farm and exp. But if something is happening on the river or near your jungle, you should start walking there, give a hand to your ally/allies and return back to lane. You can also consider roaming to mid, but do it when you are sure you will have decent hp and mana to continue your work on lane after making a surprise gank on mid. 2. The best thing you can do to help secure vision is to buy blue ward as soon as you hit lvl 9, they are permanent wards, you can place them from a great distance. Also buy a control ward(75 gold) every time you back. With it you can secure vision for a longer period of time and also denying enemy vision for a while. 3. Your number one priority should be farming. Then second highest is not to die to the enemy. By prioritising farm you secure gold, kills can't be secured as easily as farm. And if you don't die you basically don't feed. 4. This is the last point: at least in silver, as adc, you should only hit the closest target, and don't spend a single second staying in one place. Move constantly even if you are a fairly immobile adc like twitch or ashe for instance, this way you are much less predictable. About hitting the closest target, well, in fact you should hit the highest priority target that you can hit wihtout being chuncked down, almost one-shot. If you manage to do that, you are basically set to climb as adc. But this is not really achievable in silver where team comp almost always sucks, you might miss a tank, the most impotant element in a team, and then even if you can safely hit the highest priority target, with no tanks you will have no time to force your target to retreat, because your supposed frontline might be dead soon, so you should stay at the standard: hit the closest target; by the way, if you cannot finish your target without being killed then let him go, and hit the next closest target. I do these things, and i can secure some more wins, at least try it out. Although I myself am silver 5 with 0 lp, i think everybody can learn from anybody, so don't underestimate anyone ;)
: Appreciate the replies. Of course I also fail, we all do, we all have bad matches.. Mostly I wrote this to get it off my head because I was super mad for losing 5 games in a row none because of me (this time) and I almost got demoted. To make it clear, I'm not mad at people having bad games or playing bad, I am mad because they play roles they have no knowledge about or play a champion for the first time in ranked.
Well you got a point, but at the moment we can't do anything about this, besides it would be harsh not to let someone play a champ in ranked unless he has lvl 5 or somethin' on it. We all start somewhere, and many players, including me, think that after you learned the basics of a champ you can dump him in rank to practice him at the next level, but still personally from my own instinct i don't play a champ in ranked unless i have lvl 5 and I consider that i know pretty much everything about him. So maybe those guys who threw the game were in the next phase of practice, and sure maybe all the sweating and emotions they just thinking:"i really need to show a good impression, i'm so nervous", and all these make them lose, i did that myself many times. Another quick reason why they might have thrown the game involves a saying: Master yourself, master the enemy. I'm surprised that even in diamond there are quite a lot of players that have little ideea or no ideea at all about some champs. So maybe even if they mastered their own champ, if they don't understand the enemy champs, they're probably gonna die. Also consider that they might have been autofilled and didn't ask to switch lane for some reason, well that is totally their fault, I believe you know why ;)
: I did, in every game I did my best, I tried to calm them down, I did as best as I %%%%ing could man, I don't wanna break records but it's not fair. You don't know how I play, I buy at least 15 pink wards in a game , I always ward correctly, there hasn't been a match recently when someone dared to say "we have no vision". You just trying to teach me, because you assumed I don't know. I do, very well. And I appreciate it.
You know, everybody has huge fails many times, so do you, so do others, so do I, you just gotta accept mistakes rather than complain. Think about when YOU played very badly, think about when you were the one that made mistakes and lost the game, should've your team post on boards like that to complain about you being a feeder? How would you feel? How others feel right now seeing this post? Don't be that bronzie kid that just can't accept mistakes and lost games, plss. You gotta lose sometimes to learn things, even if it's not because of you, everyone fails and it should be treated with respect and accepted. Maybe for some reason the guys you mentioned here are watching this and feel bad, but you and them as well gotta accept fails if you are to get better. Quick note: SoloQ is a test of individual skill, not a team skill, so yeah, don't really expect too much from your random team anyway, it's only about you if you are to make a win or not. And here it comes what I mentioned before when you are doing everything you can to your teams favor and you are able to say: ''i could not do more''. If you still lose after doing your very best, you should not feel pain if you are hungry to get better. If you still feel anger, then it's something wrong, i'm not wise enough to tell you WHAT exactly, so exploit it yourself, maybe you will discover.
: This game is unfair
The question is about you, and you seem to me that you only want to break records with your rank and you can't because of your team. That's true i agree, but the question is: how dare you complain about your team at this level, diamond 5? I'm gonna answer this: You don't give a shit about your skill, or about getting better or anything, you just want to break records. And trust me, the way you play league is the garbage way, the way all kids play. But lemme continue... Also: plss tell me that at diamond 5 you know about warding and dewarding, roaming properly, etc. If you get a lead with your adc, buy a %%%%ing sweeper and deny vision pal, or if you somehow get behind, just buy more vision. Dewarding wins you games, while wards stop you from losing. Also as soon as action is going on you should immediately start walking there, that's called a reaction roam. If your ally somehow manages to get low, and you will be there in time, you can save him, maybe turn the tide and give him a kill instead. If you see your team is not doing very well, you should start roaming and help them, don't just stay on your botlane like an old guffy hoping for the best; if you don't help them they will eventually feed their ass off so much, that you will inevitably lose, then you can complain all day long about the unfair game and still lose it, but in reality you could really do much to help your losing teammates and maybe increase the chances of winning it, that's a true suport dude. And the last thing i'm gonna mention: When you do all these suport things, and you are able to say: 'i couldn't do more', then you know you did your best, and you should feel succes in your heart at that point regardless of winning the game or losing it. If you don't have that feeling, then again, you only play to break records, not to get better. If you want to break records then i suggest you play things like: stunt pilot, mario forever, minecraft, etc. something singleplayer where you can break records on your very own, you have no needed cooperation with anybody. Respects!
: Favourite role ... and why?
bot and mid, i love the carry style, i can adapt my build almost all the time in many ways, from mid i can roam to any lane, and bot, well it's a carry lane, and i love the ideea of doing consistent damage while trying not to be one-shot. For a long period of time i only played lucian, if they banned him(wich was extremely rare), i played a random free champ. I also love ap carry champs like ryze or twisted fate, but mostly i only prefer adc, and not because i love teamwork with suport and later with the whole team, but because i can always try 1v2(at least with lucian), and is a good position to carry from, just like midlane where i usually only see ap champs.
: EU boards agree, Na boards agree so they are right or you are just delusional... All you did here is "kids kids kids (empty explanations) kids kids".
Because that is the unfortunate truth man, the vast majority of league players are immature kids that should not play this game until their brain evolves a bit. All they do is rage and complain when losing, and they spit upon you and get cocky when they win. No respect for team or enemy.
Aaltih (EUNE)
: Lethality
Same everyday kid, just complaining. Lethality is still 100% fair at this moment. If you are garbage and don't know how to teamfight or aproach lethality, you will get oneshot and you will complain about it on boards. Like Gone by Night told ya, if you are squishy, don't rambo the game like hell, they will most likely punish you. Having at least 1 full tank in your team could be enough to win against lethality guys. But as soon as you are complaining about it, you most likely don't give a shit, you just can't win and you complain, just like i said, everyday kid playing league.
: Aurelion Sol - is he really that op?
Given his e ability that allows him to roam fairly easily and faster than most ap carries, i would give him a rate of op-ness. Also his aoe stun on his q becoming larger the longer it travels, and his fairly long range ultimate that can also help disengage a fight.
Meriipu (EUW)
: it does not really matter that you can use abilities sparingly because your opponent might not need to which all things being equal otherwise should at least naively in theory make you lose.
I don't really understand this comment. Anyway like i told ya, if you wanna improve, you will discover mana management on your own, if you only want fun, then you should not be concerned about this. But it really looks like to me that your problem is that you most often run out of mana, and you always wait extra time in the fountain to regen your mana at max. Again: Make big use of your base mana regen, it will drastically help you later on, i went through this many times since i started league. Manage your mana, make evaluations about how you are going to use your abilities, and when. If you need economy, don't spam. What i do most times, is use my first ability at lvl 1 when minions meet on the lane, and make use of the base mana regen before using it once again. I don't do like q after q as soon as it comes back fom cooldown, i will run out of mana in the first 2 minutes that way, instead after i use an ability, i wait a few more seconds after cooldown, let my mana regen do the work, then use another ability if needed, and that way i can sustain my mana much longer for about 8 minutes instead of 2 minutes. If you wanna listen, you're welcome, if not, like i told ya, you will discover it yourself if you are willing to improve, if not, it really should not concern you.
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