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Hello im Pool Party Kamon(IGN) and i am a mid laner.I played for serveral teams with a success but the teams disbanded either to Ego Problems or leadership problems which was quite sad.I am still in the look for a serious team.Though i do not meet the current requirement im 2 Divisions away from Plat. Though i reached plat in the past and it is in records of any scouting website. I have plenty of time to invest into team practising and im not in any rush to be honest to jump team rankeds if the team doesnt feel like.I am up for any leadership follow up meaning i will adjust just how the leader likes (builds/style/warding/mastery/runes)Though i have the knowledge to keep me in a nice Mid Lane Spot. I Like playing Mages for teamfights mostly and avoid playing assasins since they are more risky and when it comes with a team i dont take risks. I really don't know if im going to be given the chance on a tryout maybe but i guess i dont have anything to lose. Able to use TS + Skype (Yes/No) --------------> Yes Age ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->18 Language(s) ----------------------------------------------------------->English/Greek Division (Season 5 + Current) ----------------------->Season 4 Plat/Season 5 Gold(Due to working for my new pc)/Current Gold ll Rise n shine! Primary Role ----------------------------------------------------------->Middle Lane Secondary Role ---------------------------------------------------->Top lane Main Champions -------------------------------------------------->{{champion:61}} {{champion:117}}{{champion:112}} (i can play all except Zed/Lissandra can learn anything if needed within a week) Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/No) - Yes. I can play anytime for more than 7 hours easy. What would you bring to the team? ----------> Descent Laning.Know how the game works along with its rotations.And ofc obey to what the leader wants to meaning i can play however he likes and wishes. Thus i see this more of as a service for my team.Looking for a serious team as well. Thank you for your time reading this IGN:Pool Party Kamon
: Akuryo looking for a mid laner! Gold-Plat
Hello i am a Mid laner an i am interested into this Thread Recruitment. I would really like to talk to you in game as well. IGN:Pool Party Kamon I will try to contact you as well if you dont mind 1.I am 18 Years old 2.I reached plat s4. Stayed there on s5 though dropped to gold as i had to start working for my new pc. I am Gold ll Now. 3.I am sorry i dont have whats app. If thats a computer access program i will get it 4.I can adapt into any play style. Aggressive-->Def with Def being my strong one. Age:18 Nationality:Greek Elo:Plat+(Reached plat, Understand the game very well and rotations) Do you havewhatsapp? : No i don't i will get it if it is pc accessed. Describe yourself (It's so that we can know your personality ) I am playing to win. I do get sad when i get to lose due to something not handled right and i think its the chance to improve. I like playing more team games than solo cause im better at it. For instance i cannot play Zed since he requires to perform single. Thus i like team characters like {{champion:61}} /{{champion:117}} /{{champion:13}} /{{champion:115}} /{{champion:268}} /{{champion:101}} /{{champion:99}} and so on I know my lane very well and all my match ups.I will never hold a grudge on a teammate for whatever reason.I dont complain i only think that i have to offer my services to the team. __Play Times___________ Any time for more that 5 hours easily! My time is GMT+2 I work Tue-Thur 10:00am-19:00pm. Going to need 1 hour after i come back home So my only limitation is Tue-Thur after 20:00-3:00 Rest days are whenever you like and for how long you do{{champion:26}} {{champion:26}} _________Goals______________ For this season my Goal is Diamond V. As soon as i hit that the goal goes directly into Diamond lll If i go till D3 im interested into a team that is looking into the game into a more depth ____________PlayStyle____________ I can go aggresive on the call but i dont like playing aggro a lot. I will harass ofc and if i see an advantage ill go for the kill. Thus i dont like exposing myself and ruin it for my team.Whenever the lane is pushed i like getting side camps like a Wraith or maybe a wolf.Can play against all match-ups Favourite Champ:{{champion:4}} (though i dont like him in a team unless im asked to use him) Favourite Champ in a team: {{champion:117}} I like wombos!!{{champion:61}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:112}} Thank you for taking your time reading this.Hope we talk soon so i can get any questions answered +Are we going to share a tag? I'd love that xD
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Liedon (EUW)
: Yes! I know you won't take me now, but I am asking if i get better if you take me if im better (if needed)^^
Well it really depends a lot :P since we might prolly have a full roaster.Cant really say. But ofc improving comes with greater chances isnt it =) You will probably be able to enter easily other groups as well! Good luck mate to what you do =)
Plankên (EUW)
: Hi i am a plat 3 jng main if it is a free spot i take it. Would like too se the line up before joining
After reading the post ofc , add me in game :) we will talk there
: It not like you dont stand a chance in esports environment, your enthusiasm might carry you pretty hard. But still what's the point of trying to go pro if you havent achieved anything decent even in soloQ? Probably you blame all your soloQ loses on "troll team gg" and consider having your own ranked team as a way out of the elohell, thats ok. But I dont think its wise to try to go pro without good soloQ players and decent synergy between them. And Im actually a toplaner and would apply if you didnt mention your desire to go esports and to make money of your team.
: I just wanted to read it and it all makes sense, except the splitting part when i did read that i was like WTF.... Why wouldnt you reach diamond 3 alone then, there is no difference if you split again
Well im just covering a case. Someone might want to split due to their reasons or something is not enough. Cause people have their own mentality and personality. You just cant know. Thus reaching alone Diamond lll for some people might be frustrating.Through this we are aiming to build up a lot until there. Thats the point. Nothing more :)
: You are talking about an esports team that is profitable, but you want it to consist of golds and plats? Good Luck man. PS. "We won 9 games in a row against some random silver teams, lets go to esports, its gonna be as easy!"
The start has no reason to be all roses =) No it was actually. Lets go Esports. FullStop Then we got our wins pretty much Thank you very much man. The best of luck to you too in what you are searching for
: Explain to me how you want to make money off of this=
Liedon (EUW)
: Nice post man :D a lot to read though XD Sadly i cant fullfill -.- {{champion:53}} * ~Be Gold lll+ Player bellow this rank will not be even looked at!! * ~Be GOLD 2+ AT LEAST LAST SEASON{{item:3340}} Question if i get Gold 1 can ask if you still need me? {{summoner:14}} or rather a jgl? Because i foundmyself in Jgl since yesterday {{champion:32}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:78}}{{champion:5}} {{champion:104}}
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: looking for duo partner(S) and a ranked team. (gold 5)
Hello We are interested in you...the we part is to come the future :) Though i wanted to ask some stuff. We are considering the adc spot only though. All the requirements are met and we are former plats.As about the activity we would like something more that once a week and probably the weekends occupied with us climbing the dynamics. If you feeling for some talking contact me IGN: Pool Party Kamon Did you ever tried/interested in competitive? Thank you in advance!
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: Dia Top/midlaner Lf team
Hello. We are a team and at the moment we are looking for a top laner that has knowledge and experience with tanky and team comp units up the top lane. We are serious and we are willing to work at high levels. Thinking highly of competition. Add {{item:1056}} Pool Party Kamon {{item:1056}} so we can talk about it. ~Thank you~ My IGN: Pool Party Kamon Region: EUW

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