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aphelium (EUW)
: I've been a Poppy lover since i can remember pre- rework and post. I don't see how she is bad in any aspect, ofc that's if you play her as she is sposed to be played, as a tank. If you try to go bruiser on her you will have a pretty hard time, but just build her with tanky items and she will be unstoppable while still doing quite the dmg thanxks to her %hp dmg. Yes her passive lasts very little, but if you play accordingly and taking that in mind you can still use it get a kill and keep farming. Bad thing about her is that she is very item deppendant, so as i always say: farm , farm farm. Dont engage if its not a safe to do so, wait for ganks and you will be pretty A-ok. Ofc if you see the opportunity to slam someone on a wall be free to do so, but retreat afterwards to evade retaliation. As i said, just play safe, farm your items and be there on the TFs and you will kinda get free elo. Just be sure to communicate with your team since she needs em to be of use.
Your right but playing her full tank isn't quite an option anymore since every adc got stronger. You can win the lane in general but yuo wont be able to do teamfights because your easy to kill as soon as you slam someone against the wall. Maybe it's some kinde of comminication lack and especially in low elo noone even listen to pings. But as much as i experienced it it's ver hard to get a well teamfight - your kinda usless untill you get like a minimum of 3 items (optimal are 4-5 items) But even in late game as a full-tank you get shred by the adc's since they got items as well. As a melee bruiser it's in general very hard this season and i hope it will get beffer in the next few updates/paches (Maybe i'm the only one doing those bad experiences but i've tried everything on her Full-Tank, Bruiser, Assassin, Jungle, support... even adc) ((And i somhow carried a game as AP-Poppy.... but don't try it, tbh i don't even know i've done wrong) Full-Tank and su are the best ones so far and i even prever sup with some special adc's or against special enemies. Her winrate is at 45% so far... witch is very bad A lot of people won't agree with me but it feels like she's very weak at the moment
Yashi97 (EUNE)
: Riot, Please fix toplane. -A plead by Yashi
{{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:78}} I think your right, i'm poppy main and it's quite hard to play her at the moment :/ I know how to win or at least not loose my lane but it gets very hard to be helpfull in teamfights because i'm not tanky enough to go in - i'm getting destroyed in a blink of a second. Playing her as a brusier is extremly hard. I wish RIOT would do somthing about it.
: Poppy Discussion
Me and a friend were already talking about the next patch (8.4) -> {{champion:78}} will do 10 more DMG with her E (every 12/11/10/9/8 seconds) witch is like nothing at all. I thought about making her shield stay longer or making the enemies targetable while knocking them up with her ult. (Like Zac "R" with is literally covering the oponent)
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