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: I also got these problems... Im not a flamer who says "REPORT NUB", but its kinda annoying when people say "Im AFK, this game is so sh*t", but i can understand if they have to go for reasons like their grandfather is dying or that kind of things...
How often is that gonna happen? say you get 1-2 freebies a month and otherwise you will have to appeal ... Was just a closing thought since I thought others might have an opinion on it and I wanted to leave feedback not just call BS.
: You keep boasting about your "5 years veteran" status.. You was Silver in S3, Gold in S4, and Silver right now. So if you're a veteran, why did you become Gold in 4 years when people like me do it in under 1 year..? Especially if you play it a lot. Also, I haven't had an AFK in ages in either ranked or normals. Can't help but think you might be over-exaggerating juuuust a little.
I am not boasting I am merely stating this for the benefit of anyone who cares to understand my reason for uninstalling. Hopefully someone who has the means to better the game. And maybe your are just a better player than me sure possible. I am not claiming to deserve any high placements I am merely annoyed by the impact of quitters on the game. Also overexaggerating ... I will admit to a certian biase ... obv but the numbers are correct ... I was annoyed enough to keep record since yesterday.
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