dobbson (EUW)
: Comical V2.0
I really hope Riot sees this because it actual proof of their system not working I've had so many of these players in ranked games and I've never had any reassurance from Riot that these players actual get what they deserve. Riot ban system only works if the player is verbally toxic you can take an account and just run it down mid till you hit level 30 or on and you wont get banned but just be toxic once and you get a 2 week ban. {{summoner:14}}
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Devrost (EUW)
: Why cant we remake if someone didnt leave the fountain???
All players should just go afk if one goes afk get the - 20lp out of the way its not like Riot is going to punish anyone anyway. Maybe when Riot sees tons of games end before 15min then they will pay attention.
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