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GLurch (EUW)
: Just search "bot solving captcha" and you'll find tons of websites promoting their bot. This one website even said their bot has an accuracy of 95%! Don't get me wrong, this could and probably would hinder some bots from playing, but I doubt the impact would be that big. And solving a captcha before playing a game would be just annoying. Also, what would you do if the bots stopped playing AI games and then went to normals? It would be even worse for players. Solving a captcha before every game would be even more annoying as well. I think this idea just needs some refinement, but maybe it could be good if it had that refinement. ^^
: EUNE in my opinion is more toxic because of Greeks and Polish people
ur being toxic urself lol
: Out of 10 players on EUW lower level ARAM queues, I'm the only human
thats going to be humanity soon anyways, when we rely to much on technology evryone will b robots
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: shit teams im done with this game
What lane do you play i can probs try help u out? i was in the same position when i was in silver so i understand
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: Lancer Zero Hecarim!
: If you finally get Gold V, are you still classed as a Noob?
Damn, seems like Diamond is where i can stop getting looked down on! I just hit gold anyway and i was actually going to stop playing as that was one of my goals in League. What im scared of atm is getting demote back to silver!
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Espeon (EUNE)
: Just really really hope his E can destroy Yasuo walls. But it does say terrain, idk if it's considered terrain.
u can walk through yasuo's walls though, so technically he would just go through them too?
AmazoX (EUW)
: Champion Reveal: Ornn
That passive and the Brittle thing needs changing asap. Riots trying too hard
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: No problem mate. Good luck. Oh and rewacht your own plays and look what you did wrong. That will HELP ALOT!
Yeah true do need to start doing that more often. Especially with you can see others replays aswell so i can pick up on how they carried their hard games.
: All 3 of them are split pushers with good 1v1/2 potential keep on pushing your lane take enemy jungle if they come for you when they go back get back to split pusing till you have 3-4 people on you if they do ask your team to take objective (tower or Drake) and convert your lead into team's
: Youre lvl 28. First of all i want you to give the advice of playing way and way more. And look up some streams. Or commentarors on youtube. Those guys explain what they do and their mistakes. You learn alot from them. And its not about winning the lane. Its more about how to tp bot and make there 2 kills. Therefore you win youre lane too if you play it right. Good luck in ranked. I would advice you to play 500/1000 normal games before going in ranked.
Im not really lvl 28, im Silver III on my main account, i just leveled up a new one so i could get a better name. But either way watching commentators and streamers is what i should do more often to get better, thanks.
: When you've won toplane try to get the enemy jungler to come to withiout dying. That makes the game much easier for your teammates and you could tell your botlane to deepward botlane for a nice tp.
What do you mean to come without dying, Do you mean force the jungler to gank me than other lanes? Because of the increase of the TP times, teleporting bot has become harder and deepwarding rarely works anymore. Especially when the bot lane is scared to engage because they are already overpowered by the enemy bot lane, so ir becomes even harder to gank them via tp.
: Depends in champ you play if it's good at split pushing and got good 1v1 potential like tryndamere ,Quinn,nasus keep on pushing top lane if you have tons of cc and you are the only Frontline for your team go for picks on other lane You need to convert your lead into team's lead so that they carry you to victory If enemy jungler is focusing mid and bot leaving you open you get aggressive get that jungler to camp your lane so that your stupid team stop inting Just make sure you remember your team is a resource to you use that properly and destroy Nexus using them
Well on my main Account i main; Jayce Aatrox Olaf Top Lane I guess Jayce and olaf roams and Aatrox would Splitpush? It would be hard to get the enemy jungler onto me, so i guess i should go to the jungler if that would make sense. Essentially be a counter jungler for my mid laner and kill the enemy jungler. Either way whether the enemy jungler is mid or not they can never capitalise off of that.
: I mean, top is not like a really hard carry lane unless you play carry champions like jayce and jax. Lanes that can really hard is mid cause you can roam both top and bot and get kills that way if you can't kill your lane opponent. That way you can use your lewd more efficient by helping other lane if your team is %%%%ING %%%%%%ED ^^ have fun in solo q
Yeah i know that, but killing my lane opponent isnt the problem, its what to do with those kills after that. Whether im 5/1/0 top lane i still cant help my team in anyway possible because i struggle with using my advantage properly outside of lanes.
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: You carried your adc, but your adc carried the game. It's pretty obvious that your team honors the person that carried the game.
Agree As a support if u want honors i suggest shotcalling and being more talkative in chat. Since many people dont acknowledge your plays well in teamfights. If you call out drakes or barons at the right time you might get more that way
: Greetings Posterized. First of all, glad to hear that you've successfully made the change to become a more positive player, I hope it pays off for you :) --- Unfortunately, there's no way to see how close you are to the next honor level, it might've been left out for a good reason, or maybe Riot is still considering this for future changes. There are already plans to improve Honor a bit more. ---- >BTW, i can imagine people getting to honor 4/5 and being toxic after that but not getting affected because of their high levels. That's not possible, because the Honor system has absolutely no way of influencing the punishment system. Why would Riot implement such a flaw? No amount of honors can excuse toxic behavior, you don't have to worry about that.
Thanks. I just feel like people would ignore the fact that they managed to get themselves upto Honor 5, and use that to flame other teammates. Kind of like showing of to there teammates, for example ''Listen to me noobs, im Honor 5 and way better than you'' Or saying; ''Idc if u report me for flaming in Honor 5 anyway i wont get punished as much'' Btw i hope the honor system isnt related to the punishment system, where if u have really low honor u have a risk of being punished. I want it to be like if your still moderately toxic as Honor 5 U still get banned/punished. If so thats great Thanks for reading my post though.
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: Trying to speculate why people get so toxic.
most people flame because 1. They know there supposed to be good in lane, but somehow play bad and flame their teammates 2. inhabit it from other players. 3. Tilted From what i know anyway
: I got banned for no reasons
Hae u sent a support ticket yet
: this wil be the only good answer. main first . why ? cuz meanwhile u farming the other 16 champs u get even bttr on that main champ '' now gimme money .
yeah im doing that rn. 200 ip off of my main.
: Should i buy my 16 Champs first or save up for my Main?
The thing i hate about this is that i am forced to waste ip on champions i will never play, even though i already know the champions i want . It really fustrates me xD. But most of you are saying get the 16 champs first, so ill do that. This is my smurf btw just want to see whats most effective.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Remember you can get three champions for free (with a skin). That's Alistar, Garen, and Tristana. You can see it on Riot's [free swag]( page.
Thanks for the tip. ill make sure to get them after my game!
Mabons (EUW)
: Buy all the 450 IP champions and then buy the ones you want to main. I think it's going to go up to 20 champions you need to own soon with the 10bans imminent.
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