: Gangplank can't die, and here is why
Ooh, what if this becomes the classic skin and the other one is available for free
Mada (EUW)
: What's wrong with trying hard?
People who call others out as tryhards are tryhards themselves
: Make Annie throw Tibbers instead of instantly cast
Annie's in a pretty gimped spot right now. She needs to be simple while being not too strong and not weak, and nerfing her this way then giving her mobility would go against her purpose.
Noezholio (EUW)
: Have you ever looked at female athletes? THey look nothing like those athletic game characters. Low body fat reduces the size of hips and breasts and so on. Anyways, thats not the point nd while i think they clearly overdid it in their post with bad examples like cortana and Rikku which tbh are some of the most realistic female characters out there, they are quite right in their point. Its not that i think all of those women in gaming should be modeled a little bit more average because it inflicts a bad self image to girls or something like this its just that you got to ask yourself: why are there no others? And to take this to league: why are the females on those fancy splasharts a lot of the time having a similar posture showing their, lets call it female features? Not to mention showing some more skin then is actually practical and stuff. Also those damned little yordles? The males are balls of fur kind of made for cuteness and the females are 'cute' little girls and.. oh just look at that new trist come on. Non humanoid champions? well there are at least two no so alright but still, compared to the males? But yeah, it works. It helps sell those things, games, all of it. A lot of the time its not just a design feature, it's made to be appealing in a male dominated gaming scene so the producer can get more money out of them because "hohoho boobs" But to be honest i still prefer it and those guys spending money on it over those guys on twitch throwing their money at girls which cant do anything other then cry on stream just because boobs. well.
Then what should be changed about these characters is bust and hip size to emphasize their fitness, not waist size to compliment them
: Why reporting is double edged sword...
I'd say asking for reports is a double-edged sword for 2 reasons. For starters, it's actually a reportable offense, it's considered harassment, and then 2, it only starts and encourages a flame war.
Cypherous (EUW)
: I like boobies, but only small ones, none of these overinflated shit boobies, small is best
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: I agree, lol is terrible at this. All female human characters except jinx have big boobs and nice ass. Also none of those are muscular, when yeah, they wield big weapons . They should diversify their palette.
Only problem is too many male gamers are wimps who can't grasp the concept of a girl being more fit than them
: This all about Martketing. Yes we make gamers love to see those hot female video game characters but that´s natural. Look at the female Super Heroes, they look amazingly fapable and for some reason people dont complain about it, maybe because the hardcore comic fanbase is purely male? (I dont know). The thing is, people in the past created beautiful looking female characters because they could, it was the artists way of showing the ideal female character, protagonist, etc, so we the players could get more attached. Now thanks to marketing and their power to brainwash us, they now create things that we like. Female characters look like super models who are just perfect, they are funny, nice, everything a real human dude could ask for. All male characters have a six pack, a lumber jack beard, sporty (they loooove amrican football). The most popular video game companies treat video game characters like humans in TV commercials. All women are in cleanning products ads, men are almost exclusive to car ads (because you now, manly). The same things happens in the movies. Transformers is a great example, are you telling me that Megan Fox who is fcking hot and beautiful can still look that hot after fighting against alien robots DURING BATTLE?!?!? http://www.domingodecine.es/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Megan-Fox-Transformers-2-Full-HD-Wallpaper-300x187.jpg YOU ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF WAR AND YOU STILL LOOK LIKE THAT?! B1tch please (Like OMG Becky). Its all about "what can make more money". If you put Laracroft in the cover of the game looking amazing but injured (like in battle), people will most probably buy it compared to Laracroft looking like sht during battle. At first people made female characters hot and beautiful because they could, now it has become a staple in the video game industry. Look at League of Legends. Our belove female characters looked and still look like super models. And only since Leona´s release have the Riot character designers started to make female characters have more character and less boobs. And cosplayers do the same as every TV commercial, film company etc. They sexualize characters and even gender bend them if possible. http://i.imgur.com/ZToNErJ.jpg _______________________________________________ This topic in its self is very controversial (probably bucthered the word, sorry). And I honestly couldnt keep an order on the matter. I just started saying random things coming out of my mind. But what im trying to say is that even if people are against female characters being overly sexualize, we cant do anything about it. We cant control TV commercials, we cant control Movie castings, we cant control character designs. People make things look good and beautiful so it can attrached our attention. Otherwise people would get attracted tp it. (P.S This is Delde115, from my smurf account)
You're absolutely right. Perfection is a problem in modern day gaming. But a man named Bob once said that there's nothing the video game industry can do that it can't undo at the same time. Let's take unrealistic standards for example. Yes, many western heroes are very one-dimensional in terms of looks and females characters are indeed sexualized. However, gaming's most iconic character, Mario, is a fat Italian plumber in overalls who's able to jump to tremendous heights. Or another example relating more to female characters. Video games do often have a "damsel in distress" but we've had plenty of games featuring strong female characters like Lara Croft or Leona for that matter. And I think this is the bigger problem when criticizing gaming is that too much is generalized and not everything is taken into account or analyzed, just as this article has done. It's clear now; we desire perfection because humanity is imperfect.
: Ofc its unreal standards for women, but what about men? nope who gives a damn about us, if we have unrealistic standards like {{champion:201}} ,{{champion:122}} ,{{champion:59}} ,{{champion:64}} ,{{champion:23}} ,{{champion:157}}
Video game characters shouldn't even be considered a standard, and as I said, these characters are the way they are to attribute their skills.
: Banned for excessive positive behaviour?!
> [Here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0) Jokes on you, I love this song
Agidyne (EUW)
: How about making a skinset for the Bloodbrothers in which they just switch their outfit?
: Not sure which of the two will be worse for my brain to imagine... KAtarina in egyption bra and helmtet and snaked pants... Or... CAssiopea... With erm... Wearing 50 dead cow skins on her tail with a leather corset and having knives all over her tail... Yeah... that's a huge no... As much as I love Kata, if I ever see her wearing that I'd kill her... And Cassiopea... Damn Ima have nightmares...
: Playing bad is not reportable!
Well, it is reportable, but it's not like you'll get banned or anything. Pretty sure it just makes it so that you can't be placed with them anymore if you reported them. EDIT: If anything, them reporting you is a good thing since you won't have to deal with their toxicity ever again by chance
: Lara croft looks like she's been on a cake diet. Definatly retired and still trying to fit in her jeans from 10 years ago with the obvious results. Sonya blade makes me think of a bouncer for some dodgy bar. Not sure what the author of that blasphemy was trying to accomplish really. The character got more of a model look then realistic that is true. HOWEVER. Do not make then fat to prove your point. REALISM would be mean that they are worked out & got a lot of muscle. not FAT.
Exactly, do these people really think that Sonya sits on her butt all day doing nothing like themselves? No, she's out there, training hard, and kicking as$
Eveninn (EUW)
: As you mentioned: >t's that these female gaming icons are nothing more than just women. Not athletes, adventurers, or professional fighters. No, they are just women. How the hell is Lara Croft supposed to run, gun, jump, appetizingly jiggle, etc. with that kind of body? These female game characters are ALREADY realistic for what their purpose is. ;) But yet people complain about females, but males? naaah xd
Males tend to not complain about unrealistic expectations, usually it's just about how working out isn't doing anything/too lazy to care because personality > all
Kageryu (EUW)
: because polygon likes some controversal clickbait? (makes them money) And OP blew it up to be some kind of feminist BS.
Well, I am OP. Maybe I screwed that up a bit, allow me to fix it
PepijndM (EUW)
: WITCH HUNT FTW we haven't seen a nice mylady since 2013 (or smth) tho... y'know Rek'sai, Kalista, Jinx, LIssandra aren't really myladies...
Watch them fatten up Jinx or Kalista because they're really skinny
: Those pictures are a joke..
Kageryu (EUW)
: God damn how stupid can people be.... THIS IS NOT ABOUT FEMINISTS! This is about a Bulimia group that made this with the "average american woman" as a base. Its supposedly to create awareness that the original body ideals are wrong and might get some female gamers to try to strive for them, even to the point of bulimia.
Why didn't they just tell us upfront? Even if these aren't feminists, there's a woman's touch (jokes) in the way it's supposed to be interpreted.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Feminist =/= feminazi. Just saying.
I know, just many feminazi claim to be feminists, which is why I just stick to the former
Eveninn (EUW)
: Meanwhile {{champion:201}} {{champion:23}} ... v.v
Barbaric men surviving in the wilderness, you'd be that buff too if you were out there for 30+ years
Rioter Comments
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Honestly, calling role first is not claim for it. Experienced and skilled players use pick order on draft picks. Simple logical reason: first pick has to focus on bans, not shouting where he is going. Other players should also focus on ban target choosing before choosing lanes. Unfortunately Riot has taken stance, that violation of pick order is nothing. Destroying the game by forcing 1st to 3rd pick support to jungle - or support top - by 4th or 5th pick is nothing according to Riot. That who claimed and took support first should live with it and endure all insults by top player who goes afk or refuses to help the support just because he has strong faith top should be solo top. The result is follwoing: bully gets what he wants, he is "rewarded" by Riot games by silent acceptance of his behavior, and the wronged party gets 4 reports.
I'm mainly talking about normal blind. Think, how many times have you been in this particular situation: d-ck: top other d-ck: top _other d-ck locks in champion_ d-ck: wtf i said top first _d-ck locks in champion_ See how both sides are immature and childish? The former for not communicating effectively and the latter for being unable to handle the situation.
214214D (EUW)
: HUD Feedback
I personally don't have a problem with any of the new HUD, but these changes would still be nice, and I have nothing against them. It makes it more difficult for newer players to see what's what, as if it wasn't complicated enough as it is being a MOBA.
: About defense and defending yourself
Well said. Having someone say "you're a noob, you died 5 times in lane" and then responding with something like "maybe if you were smart enough to gank, that wouldn't have happened" puts both parties at fault. Same thing when someone else instalocks a champion, just because you called the role first, doesn't make your act of locking in afterwards justified.
MephiAura (EUW)
: Ghost Rider Thresh Skin-concept!
I would buy Thresh just for this skin, I love Ghost Rider
Spark1ng (EUW)
: True Damage is the future man ! I mean come on, don't you like the idea of an assassian that offers Un-counterable burst but also Survivability for the whole team ?
I'll figure out something, but I don't others will be too keen on it
Rioter Comments
Oktago (EUW)
: Old HUD
It's a shame that this won't happen since it's not on NA boards, they're too busy complaining about the Fiora update
: Riot, Please give us a Skin viewer In client!.
Hrevolver (EUW)
: game knowledge
Every role does, game knowledge is actually more of a question when it comes to champions though. Generally, champions with lower skill-caps require more instinct and game knowledge to succeed with them as you climb the ladder.
: Sum up your life with a champion quote...
"Weapons are for the weak" - {{champion:77}} I was bullied at school and would frequently get into fights, always had my fists and a slew temper.
EXophyt3 (EUW)
: I think everyone in the league of legends community should watch this.
So what? Is this guy like Bronze 4 without any friends to play with or nay enjoyment to find? The real insanity is people always talking about toxicity and change and expecting something to happen. After 6 years, it's hard to think it'll ever stop, but it's no different than any other gaming community. League, Smash Bros, Pokemon, I've been involved in all of these, and they're all the same. Everyone's judgement is clouded by negativity that, maybe if they could ignore it, they could see the good in it. And if that's so hard to do, maybe it's time you put it all away.
: I know what I'll be playing if we're ever in a game together {{champion:43}} {{item:3031}} problem ?
No problem, I transfered to NA 4Head
Rane1337 (EUW)
: Not playing by meta is not trolling
Here's how I define trolling: You can play whatever **top laner**, and I'm okay with this. You play **AD Karma top**, and I'm not okay with this. Picking a champion outside it's intended role and build, to me, is trolling.
Takeoff (EUW)
: I can post on NA boards... I think it's intended.
In that case, you guys are still stuck with me. Sh*tposting will continue to ensue as usual.
Rioter Comments
: Zed still disabled! This is just...
What exactly is wrong with him?
Amono (EUW)
: OH hello sivir
Riot is probably suing the f*ck out of them rn
Neonchan (EUW)
: Unless your opponents actually fight back
*Does not account for possible variables
Rioter Comments
Decaou (EUW)
: Darius Appreciation Thread
>31) If Gangplank eats an orange after Darius dunk, he will not be K. D:
: Devourer ruining league
_Junglers can get 4 guaranteed stacks in the time it takes for a chance to get 1 or 2, but that's none of my business_
: as a Fiora main, upvoted :) The amount of mistakes I see people do when their enemy is Fiora..... I guess I only notice them because I play her and I know how to stop a lot of her damage but, damm. So many people are clueless about her and what she does.
This doesn't change how I feel about her, just saying
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Fiora
I'd call her a noob-pwner. Guess what she does. You're not a noob for playing her, they are the noobs for actually losing to such a bad champion.
: follow the meta and we win???
Irelia, Tahm and Amumu can just build full armor and GG
Bulletkid (EUW)
: Blue Buff
Riot doesn't have to sh*t, players need to stop being dumb
Neonchan (EUW)
: What do you mean? It's not raining
Kageryu (EUW)
: Well, i was a user in that group and hell, i get called a whiteknight here and there and it still is a completely stupid argument you bring up. In your picture is swearing which is totally fine.
What are you even talking about? What argument?
Kageryu (EUW)
: Dear ladies and gentlemen, may i present you someone unable to differentiate swearing from flaming. Applause!
Uh, I think you misunderstood. That was the group of people this was directed at, not reflective of myself.
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