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: 1. **Choose one role you want to learn** 2. **Look up some general guides for the role** (if you want to learn jungle, I can help a bit) 3. **Search some high-elo streamers who main the role and try to learn something from how they play** (but keep in mind that they do lots of stuff for entertainment, so you have to think what they did because it's goo and what because it's funny to watch) 4. **Play a lot while trying to learn from your mistakes** (I suggest you to try Overwolf and ReplayHUD, it automatically records your deaths and you can watch how you died while you're dead)
i play jungle Warwick or mid
LA Losty (EUW)
: Below plat is when meta DOESNT matter. In low elos its about how good you are with the champion, the meta isnt nearly as important. In higher elo you have to play the best to compete, this is where you HAVE to FOLLOW the meta. That being said meta champions are generally considered stronger so it can be an advantage in low elo, but its not a must. When it comes to champions you are right about Annie and Tryndamere, they are simple champions, but Ryze is anything but simple, he has complex mechanics and combos and takes skill to play and a lot of time to learn, definitely not a beginner champion. I wouldnt recommend Zed for the same reason as he is difficult as well. When it comes to toplane Yasuo and Riven are quite difficult and have complex mechanics so i wouldnt recommend that either, and Kayle isnt that strong currently and sees little play. I would recommend some more tanky champions with cc instead, as you help your team and as cc is extremely important.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Generally i would advise low elo players to not play champions like Riven and Yasuo. Looking at your profile you currently have a 5/9/8 kda with Yasuo, whom is your most played champion. If you enjoy him then you might as well stick with him, but for low elo there are easier and more effective champions.
: The easiest solution would be playing on SR. If you wanna learn the map itself open up a custom game with 2 bots (one one each side) and learn the pathways/plants/etc. . Use the enemy bot as a test subject. Your bot is just there to keep the enemy one away while you do other stuff.
: How do i get Good at Summoners Rift
All u guys thanks for the advice :D {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Oh and i forgot to add, if you want to practice farming the best way is to set yourself a goal (such as getting 60 minions at 10 min.) once you reach that goal set another goal and keep going till you get good. You can also practice farming under tower, without using abilities or without items which helps you get better at landing the lasthits.
LA Losty (EUW)
: First of all your profile here on the boards update after posting a discussion, so it now says you are lvl 21 :) If you want to get good at summoners rift you just have to play a lot and learn from your mistakes. Whenever you die look at what happened. When you are this new the most important thing is probably to learn how to farm, keep farming the entire game, if you see a big wave make sure to get it, and dont waste too much time running around without farming, you want to get as much cs as possible. If you play toplane TP is really good, since you can teleport back to lane if you die or if you are low and have to go back, once you get better at the game TP is also one of the strongest summoner spells since you can help your team anywhere on the map, so learning to play with it already will be an advantage in the future. Also use the mute function if anyone flames you, if they have nothing good to say no reason to listen to it :p
Umm....... xD how does one mute ?
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