Hansiman (EUNE)
: Sarcasm is actually usually just offensive in an online text environment, so you shouldn't use it. The reason is that sarcasm heavily relies on body language, and tone of voice: something you're unable to convey in a text based chat. Sarcasm also works best with people you know, and whom understands your humour. Using sarcasm towards strangers is just rude. So yes, a chat restriction for sarcasm is actually very valid.
that's the problem. You can say to someone in game "good job" and if he reports u for sarcastic you have a high chance to get chat restriction, if this happens more then once. And most of the troll people, are reporting people they don't like for "sarcastic" and if you don't use chat at all whole game, they simply report you for "negative attitude" and you have a high chance to get "chat restricted" ( dunno why rito does it tho'). Probably because rito cant look at 10000 chat logs and they simply run a query that does the job for them.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: If they report you for false reasons, it won't matter. Reports don't equal a restriction. Reports only trigger an investigation upon your account. If found guilty, a restriction is placed. If you are innocent, the reports are all ignored.
if i a player reports you for sarcastic u have a high chance to get chat restriction. I tried it on a "game friend" :) took me 5 times to report him for sarcastic, and he got 35game chat restriction.
Snowfox (EUW)
: The support team message is automatic and/or templated. If riot gave time bans then people would simply play other games or use a smurf to dodge their ban and come back. This way it means that if you want to remove your punishment, you actually have to work for it. Edit: You don't get a 600 game restriction for helping players, you get a restriction like that for repeated and excessive use of aggressive language towards other players. TL:DR - You know what you've done, don't bore us with your whining.
Yes, i know, but here i don't talk about the 600 i had ... and neither that was the point of the topic.
: how do i improve my behavior?
You can't when you get in ritos black list query, u have 4ever chat restriction :D
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tsuebaka (EUNE)
: Afk ban VS Intentional feed ban
The system ( the program ), can't know that your pc crashed. And there is no rule that would say "you will get banned for a bad day" or "you will get banned for being bad". Being a good troll and not get banned, is actually more fun then you think. And sadly, rito system shows that trolls get better treatment and more fun then most of the normal players in solo queue. The system itself breeds toxic players. And as some other people wrote, it triggers the "many things", not what you do "once", and if not wrong, the LeaverBuster resets your leaves* after few games. So as long as your pc doesn't crashes every second game, you wont get banned.

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