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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: well, of course, you will fall low if you lose that many games. This isn't a single player experience, everyone can't be winners. If you can't handle the competition then the game is not for you or at least not the ranked.
if you think so. i just won around 15 matches and im back to p3 from p5. so whats your response on that
: > but its elo hell lose 1 = lose all u can get a massive win streak sometimes but if u lose once then ur doomed u get a massive lose streak wtf... are you implying that there is some dark voodoo gipsy-curse, that triggers once you lose - you will keep losing? It's almost like games are interconnected by an evil conspiracy. I knew that every one that got out of plat, only did it due to luck, but was unaware of the hidden dangers of losing a single game, and it's influence over the account. How does it work? does it reset on a seasonal basis ? Like you lose 1 now, you remain in elo hell till next season? Or does it reset weekly/monthly ? I also know that no plat 5 player ever did any mistakes, it's actually a known fact, that every plat 5 player plays perfectly, with no room left to improve, sadly they get dragged down by their malevolent teammates, who are a part of the evil-underground troll society - and upon spotting a flawless player, they will make him suffer. sry.
well its very funny that i won now around 15 games in a row and got back to plat 3. even though, i got feeders/ bad players on 2 previous matches ( last season diamond players) and im back to 7lp p3. I must say, all matches i played the last 6 months, every player with a diamond border 5 or 4 border are playing terrible. The play style is really like silver, im really amazed how bad these players are playing. so many bad descisions and plays they make.
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Chamath (EUW)
: Banner Of commands
the banner of command was a too strong item, that should be reworked or removed completely. I know 1.5 year ago i was in a tournament on aram. we were all ap, what did the enemy. They build all banner and we lost. imume ap dmg. When they remove that it had too many dmg reduce power. It is good they remove it, however bringing it back with a new form would be good. but not as a 2nd same item like {{item:3512}}
: Legacy Vault
wait for halloween or/ and christmass. then they are always open
IvanBrony (EUNE)
: I swear to GOD!!!
last year, i had a problem like this. I was gold 1 and gold 3 back and forward and that 5 times in 1 month and then i was stuck on gold 2 very long and then suddenly on the end of the season i managed to get plat 5
mierkelo14 (EUNE)
: my account
you should ask riot what they need to have the prove of your account. That is what i can think of it.
Go Won (EUW)
: I play worse on Sundays
What i mentioned from leaque matches in the weeks, i see that i got more trollers/feeders/ not serious players on friday night,saturday and sunday. The reason i think is because the non serious players are free then and then they do it just for fun and don't care much about the ranks. While serious players will play more everyday or almost everday, even on monday till thursday. Even though, i can also remember that my best matches are in the very early morning. 6 till 9 pm when i just got out of bed. But im not sure if it because im very fresh when i get up or is that everyone is fresh or just that serious players have a schedule and fight when they are out of bed too, (long sentence sorry). These are my thoughts
: That wouldn't really be LOL then. LOL is characterized by the RIFT, that't it's trademark map. Perhaps you should try HOTS, it has other maps and such. However I don't think the direction they took would appeal to me in LOL, and would result in 70% of the playerbase quitting. No other map or game mode would be as iconic as SR, hence the duration on the rotating game modes. It keeps things spicy but doesn't introduce something that gets old after 100 games (look at crystal scar, and why they removed it). This post is just my opinion, it shouldn't be taken as facts.
LOL = not ment to be a boring game i think. Adding a new compleet new map with a new gamemode, where you can choose your champs and a game that takes under 15 min will be a hit on lol. I got just boring playing when i don't want to play ranked. Tell me, what you can do **now **whitout doing ranked and a game where you can take champs and on a special map (no rift/treeline) and does not take longer than 15min. why else is fortnite a hit? 1 of the reason is it because its new ( and community but that we all already know).
: I think it'd be cool if they would have a rotating map every half year or something, so there's always a 4th map. And then a 5th map that works like the rotating maps now.
I just get boring after a certain time of playing only the same modes with the same maps. adding a new permanent map would make variaty in the game. What do you have with other games? capture the flag, suddendeath, max score 20 and then end the game, hasting time target mode compleet it whitin this time, just more options than these 3 limit maps. Its boring when you want do something else, but still leaque and no rank but chooseble characters.
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numLk (EUW)
: Thanks and Love RIOT Games but Farewell. This is a video which will make you understand. 1mil views and 35k likes in 1 week. This is the best representation of leaque status
: is it true
i doubt, but i must agree that euw is toxic. On every server and every rank you have feeders/ flamers. Even on challanger level
: Thanks for the indepth explanation! :D
go rank, no worry ; ) You need to a little bit worry when you see that red ! mark above your LP. I have check the link, but it didn't go to the picture, if you go to google pictures then you can see some examples of it. Like gold V 0LP ! > _you have been shielded from demotion._ (first its yellow !, no worry yet. when its a red ! then you wil soon for demotion if you don't win).
: [EUW] diamond smurfing
Why do you want that, you only destroy others people rank. Go on your own D4 account and play there or do normals. As i mention before, a D4 against bronze/silver/gold people is not fair. They try to climb and when you win, these hard trying people don't get their own rank.
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18 Sean (EUW)
: Petition: Change name from Clash to Crash.
haha, to be honest, i was never so huge fan of clash
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Any site that gives MMR is only guessing.
but it accurates many times good. That is what im seeing. not always but 80% yea that for sure
: Adding more bans
more banns are not needed. they already shifter from 6 to 10 which is pretty huge for this concept, but i like to see that they are removing the ''same option bann'' (you know me and the enemy banned the same champion) and remove the no bann champselection, also they need to add 5 extra second on it. Because im always rushing had before that timer. So on the end you have litterly 10 banns,
cAhried (EUW)
: I offer free coaching
: Diamond Katarina 2 Pentakills In 1 Game
im not suprised actually, kata is one of the most easiest champions to get a penta + when she is mega fed you can do those things. I had once almost 3 penta's with jhin in 1 game. Sadly 2 were stolen 1 succesfull
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Yeah. Great explanation. They keep it hidden instead of making it public so the players playing this game can do something that would boost up their MMR so they can play with better players, thus learning from them. But no, it's way more fun to match me with incompetent 12 year old children that have no game knowledge than with players who are actually amazing at the game.
im also convinced they just need to show it. because gg.op does show it, even though it is not always correct but 80% for sure
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't wanna sound harsh but from the bottom of the gold all the way to Diamond 5 in a week? I smell dark magics{{sticker:vayne-pose}} also boosting.
wahahahaha Xd. But looking at his account. indeed there is something strange about it. If it is true about boosting, then it is deffinitly a shame. You know, very high elo people or boosted people who play vs normal people who really want to climb in their rank = an unfair match and you are ruin their ranked. For example a diamond player goes on smurf on gold elo, those people who are litterly in gold are doomed. because of the unfair invisible skills.
: Solo Q is based MOSTLY on luck (and how much time you spend on the game)
This is absolutely true. It is still a teamgame, which means you need a team. However, i always say 1 feeder= oke you can carry that, 2 is hard but it can be possible sometimes not always. 3/4 feeders = game over. and indeed people you get is based on luck, you can't change their personalitys so you can't change peoples. However you can influence them a little bit. By having a good map awereness you can ping them to death for warning jungler or ganker is there. Offcourse it is still a bit luck based from what they are gonne do with that warness. Also trollers you have them or not (luck based). Also what you can do as individual player, is trying to gank the person who is feeding or is bad. You can see it in the first minuts already, theyre buillts, farm,maybe the kill or death and also the maybe countered picked from the enemy. Example: when a leblanc vs yasuo, and leblanc has 30 farm and yasuo 50 farm, you can immediatly see oke this guys lacks skill or something and she is not gonne make that lane. Also if leblanc got 0-1-0 and don't buy {{item:3191}}, when behind or not behind if you don't build defense while you are in these states you gonne die anyway soon again. you have 2 options, you as a player gonne gank him (kill not needed) or you gonne win hard your own lane and then you gonne go to mid. This are all possibilitys you can do as player, however you can't change people and if they really suck/troll/feeding too many times. you get it hard. but as i said 1feeder= carryble, that is yourself. 2 is hard, 3/4 = game over. ignore the game and when its end so be it, and start a new one with fresh mind, if you are not fresh don't play
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Looking for music recomendations (House music/Chill)
funny you ask, i was looking for a replacement of the music of summonersrift. this one i have listening while i was playing. Also knowing from vandrill, (go search his name on youtube if must) he use a lot music from zero-project. which has also nice some music
: Ranked
Sorry i can't say anything about diamond yet. since im not there yet :l
BlueStr (EUNE)
: 50 games in 60% win rate.
its oke, however its not extreem ordanairy. If you get 80 games now with 60% then you are really good with that champ. 50 is not high yet
Breakhz (EUNE)
: I got diamonddd
thuh, now try to stay there and not get kicked out there soon{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} yes boys come to me
: Whats ur opinion on adc now?
Me not, i had suffered just as hard as your crit champs, for 6 months. Now with these changes my own adcs champions getting finally back in the game. However, it is maybe a bit too hard
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FPj3ZPor,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-09T21:11:42.877+0000) > > Vayne kaisa tristana ezreal maybe xayah were too damm strong with those runes and items. + they have all an escape for hard CC. It is good balanced now and i shall say don't change now too much. Even though, i have tested many games with siver but her dmg on early/mid/late is very weak compare to all other adcs. They should boost her power a little bit. Of course you'd say that, your champion is sitting at a near 54% win rate. Your champion also has no statistical counters on ANY stats website. {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:18}} are not viable and need changes ASAP. I spoke to a Master Tier ADC player today about how he feels Vayne is as a champion in 8.11. Read for yourself. * Crit ADC's need buffs either in their kits / base stats or the item costs are softened up a bit. 2900 for a zeal item with how fast paced the game is atm is a %%%%ing joke. If Riot's not prepared to do that then - * {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:145}} get meaningful direct nerfs to their kits or to problematic items such as {{item:3508}} or {{item:3124}} {{item:3508}} is busted, especially on Lucian. Busted to the point that other lanes are also using an item intended for "Spellslinging Marksmen" Lucian was in a balanced state until you released this abomination of an item. {{item:3124}} is the reason Kai'Sa is a balance issue, She can utilize every effect on rageblade extremely well.
Pls go ahead nerf that {{item:3508}} Xd i never use that item anyway. : )same for {{item:3124}}
: Thanks - just to be clear this is a fan fiction story and not my personal story! Or is it.......?
Well i think you are proud on yourself to making it this far in that company right? I mean, after you cleared your study and moved to walk internship (maybe in that company) and now you are working for the Riot company. Best of luck and do your best to make the stuff going well. (keep in mind as the head of marketing/publishing, keep doing what the people like and when you give the people what they want, the money will come itself :P Think from the other people's aspect and not from yourself or the product itself aspect). That is what i had learned from the marketing education. My english is not perfect, but i do my best. _(Now i need to see where i end in my life..... we will see..)_ Anyway welkom to here {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: 14 day ban with no priors or warnings
remember this, the length of the text you write and the intense of flame matters if you got target by the bann system. Becarefull with this. When got tilted: /mute all < problem solved. screaming behind the pc is possible but don't write anything in the chat. that can be dangerous. Now if you do this 1 more time after the 14 days, you get a perm bann. care Btw, having read this whole story you should deffinity have that bann. It is terrible to read this: This champion, that champion that, report 9x that person etc, ff this, ff that. And if you guessing someone's premade, go check it in gg.op and look at their buddy list then you know it. Nothing to say or suspecting anything. Keep in mind, you can't change people from how they play. You can only change yourself. If they do bad moves, tjahh that is shitty nothing to do about. however empty mind and move to the next game or take a break, even a lost... mwuah so be it.. doesn't matter. keep in mind that mmr is more important than winning or losing 1 single game.
: it happened: for the first time since beta i actually raged
But back to your story, i have not really the solution why you lost i have not seen the match. But so far i doubt its pure shaco fault, even though i think {{item:3111}} or {{item:3047}} is better for him so he dont get 1shotted, but still his kda is oke except 11 deaths. but, Ashe and orn did the worst on your team. How orn can die so much i have no idea, because his items sets are oke, especially against camile and jax. As for Ashe, she lack armor. Think about GA, why she has youmuu its a questioning for me. however all said, there must be something going on, in that match. maybe shaco 1vs3 or ashe walks too much in the front whitout vision and got caugt or orn got ganked a lot by the enemy jungler. Something like that must have happend i guess. But giving the shaco full blame is incorrect if i watch these stats neutral
: That shaco player has 52% win-rate out of 300 games and is Gold 3 You have 51 % win-rate out of 500 games and you are Gold 5. I'd take his shaco over you, any day baby, if I had to chose. Thankfully I don't have, since I'm not in that ELO.
that is not better in my eyes. 500 games with 51 % is better than 52% on 300 games. the more the games are played with that champion, the more knowlackge you have with it. the 1 % can be influent with bad teammates or having a bad game ( everyone has it). That is my opinion
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Match making
i have mailed riot about this too and this is the answer why its hidden> Hello Summoner, We have some very tech and mathematical savvy players and if we would publish the numbers, they would start experimenting and see the changes and back engineer the algorithm and factors that influence the MMR. Thus, it would open the system to abuse and would ruin the players' experience. It wouldn't be a fair and plain playing field, everyone would just run and do actions that would inflate that number instead of focusing on the match. I hope this has shed some light on why we keep MMR under wraps.
: WHY????????
When you win and the servers are unstable, you get the halve LP indeed. no worry, even though... :P it sucks... you can better have a loss prevented than seeing this haha
: Double surrender
This is really cool to see :))
Shiwah (EUW)
I think it's a better idea that they are going to plan a new permanent game mode, not events. At this moment you have only 2 ranked game modes, summonersrift and treeline and 1 ''fun'' not ranked game mode aram. I have also recommend in the feedback for the devolopers, that there is lack of variation in leaque. In the past you had also dominion, there is no replacement for that one.... I can understand that leaque is pretty boring if you can do only 2 maps on ranked with picking a champion or based fun map but random pick. Why not adding something where you can have fun ( no ranked based), picking a champion and also a gamemode that doesn't take too long (max 15min). -At the moment i do some custom games aram, to surpass the random selection on aram. This is not only for me as a long player from leaque, but also for people who want to play leaque just pure for fun and matches whith short timelimit.
: I do like that they tried to make casters viable as ADC, but what they did is just swap the roles, making crits quite shitty while casters are dominating the lane. You could even say they didn't change anything when it comes to balance. I don't even play crit champs, but it's annoying that the game is focusing on instantly deleting the opponent instead of focusing on actual skill needed to properly DPS :/
tjah i will agree, if they can put crit in a little bit better place whitout turning down the casting adcs again. I know how strong those champions like vayne / trist/ kaisa etc were once the new pre-season started untill patch 8.10 i thought.. i litterly was fcked 6months untill they buffed jhin and that mf att dmg little. These were my main champs and i had soo hard to time to climb, stronger. i was extreem stuck on plat 5 due all those loses and now im getting to climb finally again thanks to make those casting adcers back in the game.
: The state of ADC
Im actually happy because the casting ADCS getting some attention now. They were completely out, due this attack speed/true dmg meta. And me as a main MF player im happy. Im finally be usefull like before the pre-season. Btw keep in mind, that mf is a champ who has no CC (only a slow cost 100 mana) and no mobility only a movementspeed bonus. (but it is not a dash or something else to dodge attacks, like almost every adc has). So the risk is, you have more dmg but you are squishy + you have no mobility or CC. Same with jhin, he has no mobility only a moventspeed boost when crit and a root ( still no hard CC). + he has no attack speed. So in change of that he get more Att dmg. Vayne kaisa tristana ezreal maybe xayah were too damm strong with those runes and items. + they have all an escape for hard CC. It is good balanced now and i shall say don't change now too much. Even though, i have tested many games with siver but her dmg on early/mid/late is very weak compare to all other adcs. They should boost her power a little bit.
: Why people dodge in games under Plat 3-2 elo ?
It is just smart to leave the championselection if you see the enemy team having a great composition than you have your own. For example Enemy:{{champion:21}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:113}} (perfect team. 3 tanks, 3 knockups for yasuo ult (yas, cho and braum ult), 1massive ult mf and 1 global stun and also 2 walls. Also no full AD/AP) Your team:{{champion:18}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:106}} If you face this many will leave due the team composition. better -3 lp than -19lp. And since platinum start to get high elo, normally people know what they are doing and so they know how they need to perform the actions right.
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: I had kindred and taric in my game kindred got so fed enemies surrendered at 15 Don't really have duo to do same thing with myself
I got it too, but than kayne jungle and taric mid. I understand. you msut play what you like more yi or vi. I know btw, vi can take down drakes very very early of the game. If you get a pro getting drakes in under 5min, you will be a hero for the team {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} even though yi can be so strong, but he can be bad if you don't build the right items on him on the right situation. I have seen many yi's with wrong items on wrong situation and indeed they failed all
: YI or VI for low Elo
Do the chinees trick and you will become gold soon. i got crazy of this trick and many people don't know how to deal with it. Taric mid and yi jungle, let yi take mid lane farm and jungle farm and when he is fed you can win. With taric ult yi can't be death if he is hit by taric crystal. It's very annoying to fight this trick but i have seen many people doing this in my matches
: Got to Gold V, don't know if I should stop playing to keep the rank or risk it.
First of all you should not worry, when you enter gold 5 0lp you have 10 free loses before depromoting When you win 1 and then back to gold 5 0lp you have almost no chance to depromote too because of it will depending on MMR rank. Your mmr rank is probally gold 4/5 and when you hit silver 5 or lower then you will be depromoted. You have also to think about losing 10 matches. You can see your mmr on gg.op When you are closely to deprote to silver 1 you get a ! warning above your LP First its yellow, no worry yet. But when its red, you need to lose 1/2/3 games before really depromoted and to make you more relaxer. I needed to lose around 20 matches on Platinum V 0 lp before i go back to gold 1. (I was serious hoping that i lose matches, because i won +14/15LP and lose -23lp and because of the inmense shields you have on division V i coudnt depromote, but also not raising because 2 wins and 1 lose = no improvement. I was litterly stuck as never before (5months long). So i was hoping i lose the match so i can back to gold 1 and then back to plat V to reset this mmr. And indeed it works :) got now +22lp/ 20 lp and lose -16/-17) This situation was very strange and rare, but i had to deal it with this year. My friend said it to me maybe i should go back to gold 1 and back then to plat 5 and yeah this works. Btw, hoping on losing a match feels strange and no im not gonne troll because thats not me. But this was the first time in my leaque career i hoped i got trollers in my matches or bad people (gladly it was so, i can remember). Last thing even if you would depromote you get free wins. I can even remember i had 2 free wins before i went back to gold V. Anyway you get alteast 1/5 free win and i got 2/5 free win, i don't know how but it is possible) Anyway, to go back to division 1 is very hard. I always see division V as a checkpoint.
CosmiKid (EUW)
: Idk who to pick as a solo Q carry.
Depends on what the enemy takes. Ekko is great as a tank champ and also if the enemy has a lot of tank champs you should go for ekko. I wish i had more of these ekkos on my team. But when the enemy have many squishy champs. top vayne, xayah bot, lux mid and janna sup for example, deffinitely go for rengar. You 1 shot them fast and if you do well you get your stacks very fast
ShiKage (EUW)
: thanks man
yep that is the reason, no worry
: Fortnite? PuBG? League Of Legends for life!
for life.... im not sure...
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