Smerk (EUW)
: Well, you can always become a part of the problem. Last year when i went for 3v3 gold for that chroma I queued as solo, but in second or third placement match I met two guys that invited me to their premade, then I played all other matches as part of full premade. Although we still used text chat to communicate, so you never know if your full premade enemies aren't just randoms that decided to continue playing as premade
Smerk (EUW)
: It's not even about fairness, it's about mode popularity, only one queue can exist there. And Riot's solution is the most reasonable one, because it allows everyone to participate
hmmm you get a point of that... however, what im i supposed to do then :( treeline is full premades, solo duo rift is not to go, because i will lose my plat 1 medal too. ( came from D5 troll/flame division). Flex rift same story of tree line. ARAM is random choose ( puur luck RNG) and normal pretty boring in rift. sooo less choice what you can play in this game. I honestly cant wait for new season. 5 roles where you can solo duo ranking.
Smerk (EUW)
: you can play it solo, you could not do that in the past. So it is better now, 2 premade or 3 premade is not that big of a difference. Also mode is not popular enough to further divide into 2 queues
oh not? it does not make differnce. hmmmm Lets test that. We go to lcs and the rules are, 1 team can comunicate which each other and go as a team, while the other team get 5 random people and can only comunicate via chat. I think the results are predicting This goes the same as in normal rank games. 3 people who can communicate take team compls play style and communicate when you need to dive in and strike, while the other team can't. sorry, im not gonne discuss with you if you dont understand the point of fairness
: Not gaining enough LP even after a win streak
I have said this in many video s and threads. The rate and rules of gaining lp and losing is not a right system. I can tell now, i lost on purpose to go back to gold 1 from plat 5. why? because i coudn't raise. I was Division V. You cant go down due the shields, but also not raise due to + 14lp and lose -23, even after 10 wins still no change in my +lp and -lp. ( i was stuck for 5 months untill i made a plan) My plan was that i go on purpose losing games so i can go fall back to Gold 1 75. after that i go full focus to win my plat 5 back and what seems. My MMR reset to normal. After the placement of P5 0lp i gain 20 lp and lose 16lp. Sice then i reached D5, sadly and didnt expect that people on D5 are terrible. So many trolls and flames, i thought it only exist in silver. Now im back to P1 and i wait on the new season.
Smerk (EUW)
: > In the past you had always solo duo treeline what? in the past TT was team ranked only, you could not play it solo. And that single fact makes your post meaningless
same as your reaction you mean. The point is that when you want solo in treeline, it is not possible. Becuase of the flex mode only. Flex = you go solo but you can encounter full premades ( happends a lot), i think that is not really fair. It makes me not playing tree line, i think that is not a good reason to quit with it.
: LF ADC for DUOQ plat4+
try to ask me next season. however. you dont wanna be D5. D5 is worse than plat. i keep my plat 1 for this season.
: worlds is not the same without faker...
im not interested in that person. who cares about him. I find it funny how many people worship him Xd. its pretty lame if you ask me
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: They want to make it permanent but it is not guaranteed to happen yet. It needs more refining as you said.
i still dont understand why they do not change the all random to choose a character on the bridge
Sashii (EUNE)
: Nexus Blitz will be a permanent game mode. It was designed next to 5v5 3v3 and aram to be permanent. They're just refining it. As far as I know. When will it come back > who knows? I dunno
i never played that mode, but i hope its fun and i can chooose a character.
King Lego (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ni3mG7uj,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2018-09-24T01:11:10.745+0000) > > -i remember, that when i ''won'' the match nexus was at 50hp my team mates vote sur for the fun and we lost > -another thing, are the incredible loses i had in D5 when i enter it. First time in D5 10 losing streak. by by mmr.. since then never got higher than 32 lp and now im back to p1. > - also that my laptop got DCs all the time with many matches - Please don't tell me it was a ranked game with that 50hp would make more sense if it was normal draft pick. But ranked? I'd track those players down and beat them alive! Violence...yay. - Well Diamond 5 is probably the biggest elo hell in the history of elo hell. Since many are boosted there and whatnot. - Yeah, DCs are happening a lot lately especially with your server EUW. I think it's beginning to happen on EUNE. Ping 70-80 and i can't move, can't deal damage to minion (obviously damaging it but not showing), same with champions, and then connection error and client goes on a 0.6 MB update or something.
it was a ranked with that nexus thing
Hansiman (EUW)
: Nexus Blitz was an early test for a game mode that might become permanent. It's not able right now since the testing phase is over, and Riot is working on it.
better they re-test thet old dominion map and rework that.
: Get out of Silver - go to the EU LCS!
i was d5 for 1 month XD plat is so far better than D5 :P Too and too many trolls there
King Lego (EUNE)
: What's your worst experience in League?
-i remember, that when i ''won'' the match nexus was at 50hp my team mates vote sur for the fun and we lost -another thing, are the incredible loses i had in D5 when i enter it. First time in D5 10 losing streak. by by mmr.. since then never got higher than 32 lp and now im back to p1. - also that my laptop got DCs all the time with many matches
: end of s8
soon as possible pls. this S8 was 1 big pre-season. no interest of my end places.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > i think i am better and should be higher in ranking If you are, you soon will be in a higher ranking. It's actually that simple. The people on your opposing team comes from the same pool of players as your allies do. If you're better than the other 9 people you get matched up with, you alone give your team enough of an advantage to win more than 50% of the time, which is all it takes to climb. Honestly, the best way to climb is to realize that you may be stuck in a certain skill area because you're exactly where your skill currently belongs. There's nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to that. You climb by improving as a player. So instead of focusing on what everyone else is doing wrong, focus on the things you do wrong and improve on that. You're the only constant factor in your games, so that's the factor you should work on.
kind of trueness, however. Trolls in silver is a huge thing in this game. Same as D5. it is not easy to surpass that
: how to get out of sliver ?
silver is worse than bronze.. but diamond V and silver are equal horrible.
: Riot, do you realize
( i havent play it yet, but i want a game mode with regular things, no theme skins or field), so i dont like it neither. (this one)
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: well, of course, you will fall low if you lose that many games. This isn't a single player experience, everyone can't be winners. If you can't handle the competition then the game is not for you or at least not the ranked.
if you think so. i just won around 15 matches and im back to p3 from p5. so whats your response on that
: > but its elo hell lose 1 = lose all u can get a massive win streak sometimes but if u lose once then ur doomed u get a massive lose streak wtf... are you implying that there is some dark voodoo gipsy-curse, that triggers once you lose - you will keep losing? It's almost like games are interconnected by an evil conspiracy. I knew that every one that got out of plat, only did it due to luck, but was unaware of the hidden dangers of losing a single game, and it's influence over the account. How does it work? does it reset on a seasonal basis ? Like you lose 1 now, you remain in elo hell till next season? Or does it reset weekly/monthly ? I also know that no plat 5 player ever did any mistakes, it's actually a known fact, that every plat 5 player plays perfectly, with no room left to improve, sadly they get dragged down by their malevolent teammates, who are a part of the evil-underground troll society - and upon spotting a flawless player, they will make him suffer. sry.
well its very funny that i won now around 15 games in a row and got back to plat 3. even though, i got feeders/ bad players on 2 previous matches ( last season diamond players) and im back to 7lp p3. I must say, all matches i played the last 6 months, every player with a diamond border 5 or 4 border are playing terrible. The play style is really like silver, im really amazed how bad these players are playing. so many bad descisions and plays they make.
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Chamath (EUW)
: Banner Of commands
the banner of command was a too strong item, that should be reworked or removed completely. I know 1.5 year ago i was in a tournament on aram. we were all ap, what did the enemy. They build all banner and we lost. imume ap dmg. When they remove that it had too many dmg reduce power. It is good they remove it, however bringing it back with a new form would be good. but not as a 2nd same item like {{item:3512}}
: Legacy Vault
wait for halloween or/ and christmass. then they are always open
radetari (EUNE)
: I swear to GOD!!!
last year, i had a problem like this. I was gold 1 and gold 3 back and forward and that 5 times in 1 month and then i was stuck on gold 2 very long and then suddenly on the end of the season i managed to get plat 5
mierkelo14 (EUNE)
: my account
you should ask riot what they need to have the prove of your account. That is what i can think of it.
Go Won (EUW)
: I play worse on Sundays
What i mentioned from leaque matches in the weeks, i see that i got more trollers/feeders/ not serious players on friday night,saturday and sunday. The reason i think is because the non serious players are free then and then they do it just for fun and don't care much about the ranks. While serious players will play more everyday or almost everday, even on monday till thursday. Even though, i can also remember that my best matches are in the very early morning. 6 till 9 pm when i just got out of bed. But im not sure if it because im very fresh when i get up or is that everyone is fresh or just that serious players have a schedule and fight when they are out of bed too, (long sentence sorry). These are my thoughts
: That wouldn't really be LOL then. LOL is characterized by the RIFT, that't it's trademark map. Perhaps you should try HOTS, it has other maps and such. However I don't think the direction they took would appeal to me in LOL, and would result in 70% of the playerbase quitting. No other map or game mode would be as iconic as SR, hence the duration on the rotating game modes. It keeps things spicy but doesn't introduce something that gets old after 100 games (look at crystal scar, and why they removed it). This post is just my opinion, it shouldn't be taken as facts.
LOL = not ment to be a boring game i think. Adding a new compleet new map with a new gamemode, where you can choose your champs and a game that takes under 15 min will be a hit on lol. I got just boring playing when i don't want to play ranked. Tell me, what you can do **now **whitout doing ranked and a game where you can take champs and on a special map (no rift/treeline) and does not take longer than 15min. why else is fortnite a hit? 1 of the reason is it because its new ( and community but that we all already know).
: I think it'd be cool if they would have a rotating map every half year or something, so there's always a 4th map. And then a 5th map that works like the rotating maps now.
I just get boring after a certain time of playing only the same modes with the same maps. adding a new permanent map would make variaty in the game. What do you have with other games? capture the flag, suddendeath, max score 20 and then end the game, hasting time target mode compleet it whitin this time, just more options than these 3 limit maps. Its boring when you want do something else, but still leaque and no rank but chooseble characters.
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numLk (EUW)
: Thanks and Love RIOT Games but Farewell. This is a video which will make you understand. 1mil views and 35k likes in 1 week. This is the best representation of leaque status
: is it true
i doubt, but i must agree that euw is toxic. On every server and every rank you have feeders/ flamers. Even on challanger level
: Thanks for the indepth explanation! :D
go rank, no worry ; ) You need to a little bit worry when you see that red ! mark above your LP. I have check the link, but it didn't go to the picture, if you go to google pictures then you can see some examples of it. Like gold V 0LP ! > _you have been shielded from demotion._ (first its yellow !, no worry yet. when its a red ! then you wil soon for demotion if you don't win).
: [EUW] diamond smurfing
Why do you want that, you only destroy others people rank. Go on your own D4 account and play there or do normals. As i mention before, a D4 against bronze/silver/gold people is not fair. They try to climb and when you win, these hard trying people don't get their own rank.
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18 Sean (EUW)
: Petition: Change name from Clash to Crash.
haha, to be honest, i was never so huge fan of clash
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Any site that gives MMR is only guessing.
but it accurates many times good. That is what im seeing. not always but 80% yea that for sure
: Adding more bans
more banns are not needed. they already shifter from 6 to 10 which is pretty huge for this concept, but i like to see that they are removing the ''same option bann'' (you know me and the enemy banned the same champion) and remove the no bann champselection, also they need to add 5 extra second on it. Because im always rushing had before that timer. So on the end you have litterly 10 banns,
cAhried (EUW)
: I offer free coaching
: Diamond Katarina 2 Pentakills In 1 Game
im not suprised actually, kata is one of the most easiest champions to get a penta + when she is mega fed you can do those things. I had once almost 3 penta's with jhin in 1 game. Sadly 2 were stolen 1 succesfull
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Yeah. Great explanation. They keep it hidden instead of making it public so the players playing this game can do something that would boost up their MMR so they can play with better players, thus learning from them. But no, it's way more fun to match me with incompetent 12 year old children that have no game knowledge than with players who are actually amazing at the game.
im also convinced they just need to show it. because gg.op does show it, even though it is not always correct but 80% for sure
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I don't wanna sound harsh but from the bottom of the gold all the way to Diamond 5 in a week? I smell dark magics{{sticker:vayne-pose}} also boosting.
wahahahaha Xd. But looking at his account. indeed there is something strange about it. If it is true about boosting, then it is deffinitly a shame. You know, very high elo people or boosted people who play vs normal people who really want to climb in their rank = an unfair match and you are ruin their ranked. For example a diamond player goes on smurf on gold elo, those people who are litterly in gold are doomed. because of the unfair invisible skills.
: Solo Q is based MOSTLY on luck (and how much time you spend on the game)
This is absolutely true. It is still a teamgame, which means you need a team. However, i always say 1 feeder= oke you can carry that, 2 is hard but it can be possible sometimes not always. 3/4 feeders = game over. and indeed people you get is based on luck, you can't change their personalitys so you can't change peoples. However you can influence them a little bit. By having a good map awereness you can ping them to death for warning jungler or ganker is there. Offcourse it is still a bit luck based from what they are gonne do with that warness. Also trollers you have them or not (luck based). Also what you can do as individual player, is trying to gank the person who is feeding or is bad. You can see it in the first minuts already, theyre buillts, farm,maybe the kill or death and also the maybe countered picked from the enemy. Example: when a leblanc vs yasuo, and leblanc has 30 farm and yasuo 50 farm, you can immediatly see oke this guys lacks skill or something and she is not gonne make that lane. Also if leblanc got 0-1-0 and don't buy {{item:3191}}, when behind or not behind if you don't build defense while you are in these states you gonne die anyway soon again. you have 2 options, you as a player gonne gank him (kill not needed) or you gonne win hard your own lane and then you gonne go to mid. This are all possibilitys you can do as player, however you can't change people and if they really suck/troll/feeding too many times. you get it hard. but as i said 1feeder= carryble, that is yourself. 2 is hard, 3/4 = game over. ignore the game and when its end so be it, and start a new one with fresh mind, if you are not fresh don't play
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Looking for music recomendations (House music/Chill)
funny you ask, i was looking for a replacement of the music of summonersrift. this one i have listening while i was playing. Also knowing from vandrill, (go search his name on youtube if must) he use a lot music from zero-project. which has also nice some music
: Ranked
Sorry i can't say anything about diamond yet. since im not there yet :l
BlueStr (EUNE)
: 50 games in 60% win rate.
its oke, however its not extreem ordanairy. If you get 80 games now with 60% then you are really good with that champ. 50 is not high yet
Breakhz (EUNE)
: I got diamonddd
thuh, now try to stay there and not get kicked out there soon{{sticker:sg-ezreal}} yes boys come to me
: Whats ur opinion on adc now?
Me not, i had suffered just as hard as your crit champs, for 6 months. Now with these changes my own adcs champions getting finally back in the game. However, it is maybe a bit too hard
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