Teahyun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Febos,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zr7jWf18,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-16T14:39:14.396+0000) > > It sounds strange because it doesn't make sense. You don't know how the matchmaking works. > *** > > Keep losing games at 0LP and you'll demote. You can also demote from inactivity. it doesnt make sense because you dont understand how the matchmaking works? The occurance of massivly lower lp gain vs loss is due to mmr tanking. It requires a lot of games and wins to break through. Its a lot easier dropping an entire tier so your MMR is matched with your rank, if you then hit a winstreak your MMR will be higher than your rank. Once you tier up from gold to plat, your MMR will still be higher than your rank, lets say p5 with p1 or d5 mmr. In additon, if you demote and have a massive winstreak, you can "almost" forgoe the p5 area where many people that are tilted due to being stuck rest. This allows a smoother climb. This is also why once you are stuck, you can have a better chance of climbing in a lot fewer games on a new account aka smurf. When you are tanking MMR the system works in increments , so a lot more hassel.
It requires a lot of games and wins to break through. i think if you win around 3 winnning streaks of 7 games and lose 2 times and lose 1 time and than up and down, it is enough? or where shall i think about it? Its a lot easier dropping an entire tier > not true. 5 months on p5 0 lp with so many loses. ( in the 3.5 year i play this game, i havent seen this before) Once you tier up from gold to plat, your MMR will still be higher than your rank, lets say p5 with p1 or d5 mmr.> (not true anymore, I co-op with my friend plat 1 and 2 many times. and my mmr didn't change. This is the first time i saw too. last year it works yeah). Co-op with a higher person so your mmr wil increase, not in my case now In additon, if you demote and have a massive winstreak, you can "almost" forgot the p5 area where many people that are tilted due to being stuck rest.> No idea yet: maybe, but what i mention in these 2 years. is that gold 3/2/1 play so much better than plat 5/4. But i keep this one in my mind when im there back to gold. Tanking mmr system?> i guess you mean. only win win win. Well i said it before. So many wins and streaks and still no change. Or do you mean something else?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zr7jWf18,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-16T14:31:14.217+0000) > > This sound very strange i know, but the only way to get out of p5 is to lose on purpose, then raise up again back to p5 so the mmr is normal and then go on? It sounds strange because it doesn't make sense. You don't know how the matchmaking works. *** > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zr7jWf18,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-16T14:31:14.217+0000) > > Has someone a solution how i can get out of P5 **Whitout trolling, because that is not how i am** ? Is there a way to ask riot for depromotion or someone else got an idea? Keep losing games at 0LP and you'll demote. You can also demote from inactivity.
after 4 weeks yeah.. the plan is not to wait 4 weeks And matchmaking is going as i said how it goes> more winning games wil normally raise your mmr. the higher mmr the more lp you win. the lower mmr the lower lp you lose. MMR raise when you win a lot of matches. When you are P5 and you hidden mmr is p4 your LP will be around +21lp/20lp. and lose 17/18/19. if you win 10 matches in a row or more you get only people from P2/p1. means your lp will raise to +25 and lose -15LP so yeah,, i know how it works And again. keep losing,, yeah how, whitout trolling and just doing your well best. I win random and lose random which will stay on 0lp 2 wins= 28 lp. but 1 lose= -23 lp which means the 2 win matches are for nothing. And this is a circle that repeat itself. **Normally **you win 2/3/4 games and lose 1/2/3 games. but you make progress since you win around 21lp (normal) which means: 21>42>63>84> -18x3> 30lp on the end. and if you repreat this over and over you get 100. Btw, I think you have no knowlackge of the P5 division and how the protection shields works
HonorFive (EUW)
: Tower shooting into nothingness
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: Cheapshot in client it says: 15-60. But on the mastery page= 15-40
how do you post pictures on this forum. i was wondering quit a long time
Rioter Comments
: I just found you can change it in the in-game sound options, i just wasn't able to find it before
still i want the korean language announcer.
: I would rather see them remove {{item:3124}}
: Can you change back to the old announcer?
hahahah yeah i was mention it too xD. I muted (volume 0) the announcer haha:P. when i died or my team, i thought oke.. this is tilting announcer when you losing. So i muted immediatly. better they put the korean announcer option on it. That announcer is great.
: Goodbye Trash
I agree why you remove, sometimes im thinking to do it too. can't do it yet. I hope you have a good future days with a lot of fun other games :).
: I would say.. yeah :D League's Balance team is dying atleast. And the fun aspect of the game aswell. 1. Does a game have to be fun for people to play it? No, not necessarily 2. Is it in a healthy state? No. 3. Can you still play it when you account for all the frustating things comming with this game? Yes. 4. Can you still have fun despite the poor balance? Yes, If you play it without number 3 and if number 4 dissapears, people are gonna lose interest. For now tho, it's still "alright" subjectively. Not in the big picture objectively tho with the direction it has been going. I still have fun with the game :) but the SoloQ gameplay is missing.
im total agree with you man. 100% with you
: Is league dying?
i normal don't say this, but i won't be suprise if so. This game change change change, people can't get used to the game or something has changed.
Târìc (EUNE)
: Why do I get -24 and +13 LP
I have the same man. -23lp and +14. even a winning streak from 6 games. still the same amount of lp i get and lose. this goes now for 5 months i have been in p5. I dont raise. But this shows again, that the mmr system is not right.
: are you allowed to do ban someone's declared champion?
: Buying runes was not a strategic decision. It was a mandatory one. And it has been calculated many times that earning blue essence is faster than ip.
they should make runes free for everyone so you can pick what you like. that is a strategic. This new season is 1 big pre-season.
: If u keep maintaining a roughly 50% W/L record your LP gains should normalize eventually.
not true. I have 50% winrate i got + 15lp/14lp and still lose 23lp
: Plat 5 is elo hell. There's honestly nothing you can do but play and wait for a streak that gets you up til P4. Things start to get better as u climb higher in plat.
agree. Since im p5 now for 5 months and previous season, 2 months. I didnt climb to higher than p4 20lp. if you summarize it, im now p5 stuck for 8 months.
: Does anyone feel ranked is biased?
welkom to the club. Im stuck in p5 for 5 months now. I can't rise because the mmr won't allow me and the teams and i can't drop down due the inmense shields. even with co-op plat 2 players, my mmr doesn't raise. It always +15 lp /14lp and -23lp/21lp. When i hit 0lp. After 6 matches lost. nothing. I think now i lost around 20 matches on 0 lp of total still not drop down. At this point i want to go down and back to silver so i can climb again. ( someone said that was maybe the best way), but purpose losing is not my style. Btw if someone want to play with me who is also stuck platinum. Call me, its boring to be stuck alone and you do the thing same over and over again.
: Why do i see only kaza/ yi/ rengar in every match as jungler?
its from opponent or in my side or both.. i never see {{champion:79}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:60}} All these champions are never picked. its only {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} or {{champion:11}}. It is true. if they get 3 kills. all 3 can 1 shot every champion, but if thats the case and on every match people take these. Aren't they than so op? I got boring as a support or adc. to face only the same jungler every every time. 1 time they are behind and they are uselss. sometimes they get 2 or 3 kills from mid and top and they roam as hell and then im useless.. anyone an explanation?
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: Mh, Jhin works in an amazing way with both comet and fleetfootwork, the AS he gets from the rune anyway is converted to AD and MS when he crits. MF works well with Aery/comet Lucian PTA is just as good, I would like to try him with conqueror when the new essence reaver comes out, because it allows you to do 4 combos in 2 seconds after an ultimate. Ezreal is a klepto user and he is fine with it, he has to remain back in lane until he has {{item:3042}} + {{item:3025}} or {{item:3078}}
you are not a main casting adc user, you don't know where you talking about my friend. I'm not gonne trying to convince you. I gave my statement and that's it. Jhin last year is better49,7%, ez 49%now was 53% i though, mf is so much stronger last year 51.62% now compare to 58% last few years, lucian 49%now.... haha nothing to talk about. stats don't lie true that jhin is slighty better, thanks to those buffs. But he,, how long must that taking before they do it. it toke them 5 months before they buff him, means 5 months weak. Mf comet is just a mini poke, not a full burst poke and sincethe nerves of all those lethality and penetration items {{item:3071}} 30>24% {{item:3035}} 45%>35% removing from 7%penetration old key stone and removing of lethality runes, that together is a mega nerf for her. Last time i was full built with pen, and 3 tanks full in my ult. not even 20%of the health was gone. Look btw at the other AP item{{item:3135}} buffed 35>40% +more ap + many other AP items are hugely buffed. go check the last few patches. And about lucian.. tjah no one plays him and that has a reason. Same for ez. As i said, you are not a main adcer so you forget these stuffs. I quit btw with this game untill the new season, because this whole season 8 is 1 big pre-season. My friend who are around D5 quit too, They say at this moment the game is too unbalanced and unstable to play. Every patch is a huge change and you cannot get used to something or it has changed in the next patch. (unplayeble for us). So we wait till the next season when they finally done with all these (: we got some BIG changes)
Antenora (EUW)
: I don't see any ADC taking Hail of Blades tbh.
I wish they make a key stone for casting champion/adcs. For example, increase dmg while using an ability and has so many so much dmg and so much cooldown, or something like that. Or more like this, when using an ability you get 5- 20 (based level) lethality or magic pen + 0.3AD or 0.3ap adaptive. All keystones are att speed based and the most of the items and champions are (getting) based on True dmg now or in the futher Press att= att speed based Lethal tempo= att speed based Conqueror= att speed based Hail of blades= att speed based Champions att based and more..: {{champion:51}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:498}} Weak examples of champions who lost their glory in this season, compare to last year. (yeah ez is not that awesome anymore since the nerf of the key stone kleptomance, yes it was op and good its nerfed, but now there is nothing in exchange of it). You can't say the comet is strong for these champions if you compare with all those attspeed keystones for those att speed champions. {{champion:202}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:81}}
: ideas for a new champ:)
Again a girl. We have enough girls in this game :P Better a dude champion now
BrokenShi (EUW)
: Looking for team Gold+
At the moment, i lost my motivation. I wait till the new season. This whole season 8 is 1 big pre-season content and the game is not stable. Thats all for me
: i am MAD
That is nothing compare with my matches dude. kazak has 8 kills and 6 deaths and twitch.... that is another story.. However, the stats of twitch is still not that insane compare with my old matches. riven= 2/10/1 (G2) , kaza= 10/12/1 (G1) , karthus= 0/10/8 (P5) , soroka= 0/8/2 (g1) , Me= 0/2/2 (P5) and this is from 1 single game and i have this quite often. This is also the reason why i quit now with leaque of legends, I wait till the new season. At this moment i'm insane stuck on plat 5 ( i can't depromoted to gold 1 because of the many many shields and raising is not possible since i don't win a lot of lp 15/16/17 and lose 23-21, this is because as i said before of those incredible feeders). People playing terrible this whole season (the example I give), also with all those new patches I have the feeling that this whole season 8 is 1 big pre-season. The game is not stable and things change with every patch insane much. A friend of mine said to me too: ''just ignore this season and begin in the new one, the game is not stable''
: The damage increases with her Crit Chance, a stat she itemised for regardless. So as the game goes on her damage on her head shot increases a lot... late game it’s extremely damaging and this does make her stronger than before
for what i think i understand. is that she never can crit with her passive ( headshot). that is what it says
: Did you stop reading halfway? It says "modified by crit multipliers".
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: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} then what is the difference between MMR and rank for you? you are acting like your ELO is important, but then you say you want to play against opponents of your skill lvl? isn't this the reason, why mmr exists? Maybe you're just a platinum player, that can't get higher because his team is always "holding him back". MMR is actually helping you getting in the ELO you belong.
Disagree and i know i can't convince you so i make it short. This whole mmr system is not right because you are facing people from a much lower rank than you actually belong. take match history for example. That is the best example i can give. My Kda and Cs and warding is great every match. And even with a score of 9/3/5 or something like that, i will still lose. Full AD for example from the last match. or karma feeding against kata. Also if you look at everyone's rank. Everyone is most time silver or gold 5/4/3. And you can just see that they are diying too and too many times. While me as plat 5 player dies less than 4 most of the time. Deaths is 1 of important thing that show of the skills. Map awereness, when to engage or not and how to play defensive. Like donghuap said: every death is your own fault. If they die, its not my fault. Again i face only gold 3 lower even my score is great. But again, i know i can't convince you. Plat 5 rank = onlty plat 5 players. if you are better you win and raise. if you lose you will go down and face gold 1 players only. That is the right system. last time i faced even a swain silver 2 who his mmr is normal
Zéűs (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=iVx7V5rt,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-15T23:22:16.675+0000) > > hey i have that too man.. i won 7 games and lost 2 and i got still +15/14+ lp and lose 22/20 lp. I dont know how too. The gg op said that i had plat 4 mmr and i was 60lp plat 5. So i dont get it too how this is going on. Also a girlfriend of mine have the same. Just lost 3/4 matches and now she get only +15 and lose 20. > > I have the feeling there is something wrong with the system calculation and that when you win the systen doesn't count as win and raising your mmr Thanks mate
{{sticker:sg-janna}} I wish this whole mmr system was not existing and just facing your equal rank people. plat 5= facing plat 5 people silver 4 facing silver 4 people. I face now every time gold 3/4 even im plat 5 64 lp : ( naja wass.. after 2 loses 20 lp. I m not really mad, because i know the system is not 100% justice right and i know my skills and i know i can get diamond 5 : ) i have faith in myself ( especially seeing a video on youtube deserving higher rank ?) Anyway i hope the best for you and me dude and offcourse everyone :O {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
Shiwah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Prince Maiku,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xk2NaxI8,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-04-15T23:29:29.984+0000) > > Hi Shiwah, > > You are emissary, what does it mean ( are you from riot XD? ) sorry i just wonder what it means? No, emissaries are volunteers, therefore not paid by Riot. You can read more information here: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/91vEPc8g-reintroducing-the-emissaries > Anyway, what i dont really get. Why is there a perma bann and not a 1 year bann? In my personal opinion as a human, i think people can change after a long time and i think a perma bann is too harsh (except for cheating). So why not after 14 days bann> 6months bann and then 1 year bann. Because Riot found out that permanent bans are the only way to make people stop playing the game (or as a wake-up call, in the case of some people). Lengthening the punishments, and abolishing permanent bans, has never improved the reform rates -- they actually *dropped*. In the past, when permanent bans were taken out as a punishment method, there were people that were racking up punishment after punishment and bragged about it.
Ahh thank you for your fast replying Xd. I needed to google translate a bit, but i understand what you mean it is a warning for other people for not going to flame or something else and i understand also from that braggering. But still, i think after atleast 2 year bann. People will change and will thinking twice or triple before they are going to flame or something else because they probally dont want to lose their account again for that a long period. Another thing i don't understand, why is there a chat. When this is actually the most dangerous part of the game ( i mention). Example, when someone is triggering you by someone's words or action and you are going to say something about it (whitout flaming this person), this can be triggered as toxic or spamm (depends on how much you say). The more words you say, the higher chance of having a bann (even whitout flaming). But if there is total no chat, you can't get banned because you cant say anything and read anything. Woudn't this be the best option. Btw, why would you use a chat if you can use pings. What is the meaning of the chat in this game anyway? no chat = never bann (except for huge intentional feeding and afk). Why is here a chat and why is there no button option for shutting down the whole chat ( no the /mute all i always use to do everytime again :P)
Shiwah (EUW)
: The punishment system escalates you to the next step if you fail to reform. And after a 14 days ban, you're under very strict scrutiny. It's not necessarily just 3 games, but yes, it can take just that much to lose your account after the final warning you received. I'm sorry, but even though Riot believes in reform, that must come *before* the permanent ban is dealt. Hence why they don't unban accounts that have been justifiably banned. Onto your chat logs: you blame and belittle a lot. You call for reports (useless, since 1x and 9x have the same weight). You have a defeatist attitude when things don't go well. In what way that would smooth things over?
Hi Shiwah, You are emissary, what does it mean ( are you from riot XD? ) sorry i just wonder what it means? Anyway, what i dont really get. Why is there a perma bann and not a 1 year bann? In my personal opinion as a human, i think people can change after a long time and i think a perma bann is too harsh (except for cheating). So why not after 14 days bann> 6months bann and then 1 year bann. I really wonder what the reason for this is.
You Suck Me (EUNE)
: Too toxic
use /mute all Chat is no need in the game, only pings. I know from diamond players, they most time /mute all and keep playing, what you can't read on chat means you can't get triggered by words. Chat is the most dangerous part of the game, since how more you talk and complain and when you get triggered by otherwords and going flame, you can get banned. That is why im very carefull with that whole chatting.
Zéűs (EUNE)
: When i win i get +14 lp but lose wastes 25 lp ?
hey i have that too man.. i won 7 games and lost 2 and i got still +15/14+ lp and lose 22/20 lp. I dont know how too. The gg op said that i had plat 4 mmr and i was 60lp plat 5. So i dont get it too how this is going on. Also a girlfriend of mine have the same. Just lost 3/4 matches and now she get only +15 and lose 20. I have the feeling there is something wrong with the system calculation and that when you win the systen doesn't count as win and raising your mmr
Hansiman (EUNE)
: It depends on history, not just severity. Normally, everyone goes through the following cycle for verbal misbehaviour: * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 day ban * Permaban If a person has already had a 25 game chat restriction, they'll be bumped to a 14 day ban for their next penalty, even if it's milder than what you see here.
Oh i didnt know these steps. This is interesting :). In the 3 years i got only 10 game chat restriction. That was really a moment, i was really really angry. Since then never happends it that fast, i learn it from that one ; ). I can still get tilted (but happends rarely now). I remember it very well what happend in that match and the match before which me makes really tilted
Arnoter (EUW)
: > GameBeastHD: STOP THE FKING FEED GameBeastHD: mf u shut up u feeder GameBeastHD: LOL says the feeder GameBeastHD: we have no adc GameBeastHD: morg just shut up pls u talk trash GameBeastHD: shut up u cant flame someone u are bad at it pls stop GameBeastHD: 22 farm wow my little sis does better and shes 5 GameBeastHD: 1/5/1 GameBeastHD: report bot feed try GameBeastHD: report bot pls ty GameBeastHD: THIS MF HAS FKING 23 CS GameBeastHD: 1/7/1 GameBeastHD: lol thats why im not 1/7/1 GameBeastHD: she says i suck but shes 0/7/1 GameBeastHD: nice feed omg GameBeastHD: this is what i get when im in promos fking bad adc's GameBeastHD: nah ur a noob u bich GameBeastHD: report mf GameBeastHD: nah mf u fk of GameBeastHD: look this morg says im a noob LOl look at her fking score LOOK AT FKING MF'S CS OMG GameBeastHD: haha says the feeders bot GameBeastHD: morg stfu i killed ryze 4 times alone u dumb %%% adn i just killed trynd alone dumb%%% GameBeastHD: LOL im down u shit player GameBeastHD: bro learn math GameBeastHD: lucky bich GameBeastHD: report bot lane GameBeastHD: report bot flaming feeding and saying we feed xD I really have NO IDEA why you would get Chat restricted {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
wahaha Xd, I have no idea too XD. But you can get it too, maybe because he has write tooooo many things. > :( just mute all and i you get tilted, unmuted and say some words and let it with that.
Shr3dder (EUNE)
: Winrate on ranked
its oke, but dont say to other people just i have a winrate of this and that. Not only the winrate counts, but also how many matches. 46 games is oke, but not great in my opinion. When you have over 100+ matches than you can say its good. offcourse, higher percentage is always better... sadly we cant make it that always. : (
: Top: wait for me im farming Jg: CYKA IDI NAHUI BLYAT ME FAKA YOA Mid: Just knock em up ill carry i am challenger yasuo main Adc: busy talking to his mum Support: never communicates
Xd i love this. hahaha.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Coupe is strong
the problem with grace= that it only works when someone is under 40%. but if you want to kill someone with full HP. what is the best tactick?
Rioter Comments
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Tell me how you would beat this team composition
finally, someone begins to understand. Tank = win. more tanks= higeher chance to win. No yasuo/zed/talon/ riven or any else useless champions on mid or top. The only way to beat it, is to have a tank team on yourself too. Since they have a tank team, you cant kill them easy with just normal dmg champion. you need champions with true dmg that counter all that armor and magic resist. {{champion:29}} for example. {{champion:145}} is an option too. Maybe if this team is very good, than {{champion:21}} can be great (but it is risky). if the enemy is pulled all togheter and you hit them with full penetration items and clear. you can clearly weaken them. Sadly MF is very weak in this whole meta, so i have still my doubs now. ( mastery 7%penetration/ lethality runes are gone, {{item:3071}} 30%>24%. {{item:3036}} 45%>35%. This all happends since the new season. I used MF 1 time against 4 tank team members while they were in full my ult with my full built, but no dmg since all these nerfs ({{champion:31}} mid he) he does true dmg and is from hiself. ({{champion:89}} or{{champion:201}} sup) leona for the huge CC and combo with zac, but you can take braum too for counter, seju vayne and galio abilitys. ({{champion:154}} jungle) Great champ to gank and in teamfights he can pull all people toghether or split them and on this way you can take them down and if leona activate her ult after zacs ult everyone is stunned. {{champion:36}} /{{champion:86}} /{{champion:122}} top). good oppurtunity for teamfights too and he is hard to kill, same for mundo. With darius, even he get countered by vayne, if the teammembers focussing vayne than can darius be very usefull. free extra penetration, true dmg, bleed. free cast (re-)ult, tank itself and he can pull and slow, with this he can kill the enemy tank team easy. Than you have the same team compensation as the enemy and with a lot of CC and true dmg. (tip for everyone, atleast 2 tanks in team must, 3 if you want to win, 4 is you won unless the enemy has 4 tanks too)
: Looking for a duo
I don't know of you are searching me, but i think its better to stay quit. This whole meta season is a mess. Take flex for example, from plat 2 to gold 5 and can't climb since they removed the restricten of 4/5 premade queue for solo players. And on solo duo, i lost lp and my promotion because the enemy didn't pick a champion. How is that possible you ask? Well i don't know. Finally, all those quick assasin mobility/true dmg {{champion:107}}, (soon {{champion:39}} ), {{champion:56}}, {{champion:29}} ,{{champion:67}}, {{champion:18}}, (after buff{{champion:145}} ) champions makes it for me not easy to play my adcs anymore First ezreal was mega op ( they nerf that and no one plays him), then vayne was mega op (then she nerf her) than everyone moved to currently trist (lower range and even more dmg). It is from meta champ to meta champ. Also, rengar buff? Before the update when i faced against a rengar in enemy team, he has 2/3 kils whitin 5-10minuts, me as adc get whole time 1shoted and now even more. What all these extreem changes everytime there is no balance to see in the game. the state of the game should be lineair and not up down up down. Last thing, sometimes i wonder they even check the PBE server. You see every time champions going super op or super useless (that kai'sa) for example. A good devoloper of a game, test first a character if everything is alright before it publish to the servers. (it seems now for me, the people from riot just using people for testing champions before they balance it)
: Is it a good idea move from eune to euw?
Stay there, it is a mess here in my eyes. But i think it is on every national server.
: This Season Is a Mess (rant)
Baron= much better than elder drake in 95% of matches. Yep. I never understand why people take elder above baron
: permanent chat bann ?
Absolutely, i have said this in old threads too. The chat gives only problems. Better bann it completely or have an option to turn it perma off. I can't imagine that pro players writing full time about peoples moms. They using only pings when they warn someone or like, oke wtf was that? A friend from mine said once, a good game is when the chat is compleet empty and there are only pings.
: Blind Pick...
that is normal in blind
Mreeshai (EUW)
: Her range was just recently nerfed to make her less safe. CC to disable her W and kill while she's susceptible. Tristana E requires basic hits to land in order to have effective damage and is only a minor hit when unaided. Maybe you can use the E to make her overextend in hopes of landing those hits, using the fact that the E has longer range than her basic hits against her?
What they needed to do, was nerf her range and thats it. not boosting dmg, that was not needed. But he, who am i, I quit this game gladly.
Tikchora (EUNE)
: I've had the same experience and i made a bug report but seems no1 cares. When some1 is picking before you, they can wait until the very last 0 second, then lock in suddenly and you will be kicked out bc the system thinks you didn't pick champ but you actually have no time to do that. Happened to me twice and got 5 min ban.
I send a ticket to riot help desk now too, it is their duty to fix this. This is really a shame that players get knock out by their promo's while other people's don't pick their champ. I'm glad i'm not the only one to have this. But still im pretty mad. I don't want to play the game now at the moment from this, I will play some other games. It is not cool if you try hard to climb in ranked especially in plat and higher (no free win anymore) and you get kicked out by your promo by these stuff.
: Dodging ranked game
That is nothing what i had. I was in promotion for plat 4 and the enemy didn't choose a champion and i lose my promotion
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