Estti379 (EUW)
: Yes, you need to register before you it starts saving all of your games^^ The few you see there means that someone else in that game had already registered himself to
Estti379 (EUW)
: Or use: []( That way, no need to install anything, just subscribe to that site^^
Just checked it, seems like i can only spectate 3 of my games, idk why, those aren't even the most recent Maybe i have to register before, i did it and i'll check after few games
: ZZ ROT+Banner of command- the most toxic items ever.
Well, you can still play ZZ Rot + BoC yourself .-.
BattalionX (EUNE)
: Waiting for last champ's voice to end before you lock.
I voted yes cuz anyway i'm afk and lock when the game suddenly play loud sound for the last 10s
Zukarin (EUW)
: Can i be demoted from gold 5 to silver by not playing ranked games?
Nah it won't get you demoted at this elo same for the mmr
: Are we getting a real solo Draft pick?
That's why i main support (not really, i just like to support .-.)
: Spectate
Sorry but you can't, you have to record them before, i don't know if it's still working but for exemple there is "lolreplay" for that, it will save your games automatically and then you can spectate them
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lchi (EUNE)
: It's really hard to play it since there are lasers turrets now
: I do like this gamemode a lot :)
yea it's nice but nobody play it :(
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: If you think you're gonna find a decent team without any sort of communication using skype, teamspeak or any other program, you're wrong.
: "We at Riot understand the jungle needed more diversity, so we reworked the jungle items and added:
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: I LOVE ultimate bravery x,D too much fun has been had :)
do u want to join my team so ? ^^
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Godk1ller (EUW)
: What the hell is the server?????
i actually have a lag from rito server, all my team and i dc right now .-.

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