Steritex (EUNE)
: Permanently banned. Its redicilous.
The watchers Coming soon, to a cinema near you!
Ravnir (EUNE)
: I don't mind Riven
I like the idea but more feel that Riven is actually in a really good spot right now. She doesn't feel overpowered, she synergises great with current items. Snowballs amazingly, but at the same time, is quite easy to shut down with teamwork, or the Riven not being that skilled. Shitty health regen, but can't really rush Hydra due to a core stat being cdr. I don't know, I just feel the spot she's in right now is basically perfect for her, where pretty much every lane will be a skill match up instead of a default win lane, like vs Rumble (If the Riven knows what she's doing.)
Mada (EUW)
: Prolly in draft pick champion select someone started and canceled trading champions
Ah, yes. Thank you. I did not know it gave a notification!
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: Why are non-Korean teams ''crap'' at LoL
If you're looking for a serious answer, it's down to good work ethic mostly. Korea, China and Japan; they all fall in to this category. It's basically just down to next level dedication. There's no reason why you yourself couldn't put in the same effort that they do, though. So it's not that these teams are better, they're just better at investing time in to the game properly.
: > [{quoted}](name=Princess Evelynn,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8i4bNExh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-22T01:29:41.647+0000) > > I mean, Garens biggest weakness is being kited... > > {{item:3009}} Swiftness boots are not really enough for a permanent slow. Also Garen isn't the only one suffering from these items, surely. I just used Garen as an example because he is my main.
Everyone suffers from them, they're good items. Honestly, the only counter I know is swifties or flanking.
: What is the counterplay to Rylais and Frozen mallet ?
I mean, Garens biggest weakness is being kited... {{item:3009}}
Lembontsync (EUNE)
: I really do hate youtubers that tells wich champ not to play just because of your rank!
Youtubers say this to allow you to think about the game more over what you're doing with your champion. They are not being offensive, they are being helpful. e.g Your job will be easier splitpushing if you play Tryndamere because he is auto attack reliant, generally wins any fight down to insane damage, life steal and ultimate and can push like mad due to his attack speed. Or you could play Zed, who will accomplish the same thing in a splitpush with a bit more waveclear, except now you have skillshots to land when someone comes, a dash on the delay you want it + another ultimate shadow to concentrate on. This all needs to be concentrated on during your fight. What's easier? A solid deathmark in a situation where if you fuck this up, you're going to cost your team big or, you right clicking on someone knowing there's not much mechanically to concentrate on apart from pushing R if you get too low? You're told to play simple champions in low elo because it doesn't distract from the game itself.
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raps1355 (EUW)
: Keep getting abusive teams
/mute all in the chat when you notice people starting to do it. You can also hold tab and click the speaker icon to the right hand side of their champion bar. Main thing is that you don't get involved. If it's becoming a regular thing every game, then as soon as one person starts, just /mute all
: Yeah why have they been disabled
They are brand new skins. Possibly minor bugs with the skins.
: SKT Skins
What do you need explaining? You just explained it yourself... You bought the skins, they've been disabled. You've bought the skins, they've been disabled. BOUGHT DISABLED. What part are you failing to understand?
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: QUICK CAST costumisation is not full (with indicator or without)
+1 I was actually thinking this myself not too long ago while playing. I love playing with the indicator because I hardly miss, but when it comes down to do exhausting the enemy, I have a couple problems sometimes and end up spamming on them quite quickly to make sure it goes on them. So a choice to customize WHICH buttons are quick cast with UI would be really dope.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Since when is not talking fine? Do you not read the forum on follow up bans? Many people get a ban after a chat ban because they don't talk and don't show that they've reformed in the slightest.
: Well this proves me that the system that should relate every champion with the role it is being played is absolutely busted and has little to no effect. Finally some answers, thank you Sir. _And this is exactly what needs to be fixed._
Or maybe it proves you should leave support to champions with hard cc pre-6? Kappa.
Dσn (EUW)
: this does not work for me (windows 10 64 bit)
Sorry, this worked for me, but I apologize if it didn't work for you.
Dσn (EUW)
: this does not work for me (windows 10 64 bit)
That is exactly what I'm on, hm. Try it again but changing the hour as well.
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a7xislife (EUW)
: Should I take the risk of using chat ever again?
To state about your ban and the time following after your ban is up; Actively talking in games is something you should do, not talking constantly but like "lets go drake" "omw" "gj bot" ect They look for improvements, not talking at all could be considered not reforming, and therefor punished with yet another ban.
: Yes, it's a lot easier on typical supports such as thresh, but when going non-meta it becomes impossible task.
Then you're trying to get a support score S rank on a non support champion and you're complaining...? Support grading got fixed, more fool you for not taking an actual support, sorry. You're playing Orianna support, everyone is playing Orianna with damage and a mid wave of their own farm. It will be LITERALLY impossible to get your S rank playing Orianna in the support role. Just some average Orianna stats for you so you can see what you'd have to over accomplish (have to do better than the average for that champion for S rank) playing Orianna support Damage: 21,961 Gold: 12,702 Farm: 188 So as a support, you need to output mid Orianna damage Have average gold for a MIDLANER by like 30 minutes And enough farm to compliment those two things stated above. Not saying it isn't do-able, just saying that you're probably better off getting your level 7 in mid with her if you want the level 7, because they're almost un-achievable stats to get on a support role.
: How deos this encourage begging? You would just let the people on your friendslist know what skin you would like to have if they wanted to gift you one. The people who are begging do it regardless, if a wishlist exists or not.
Using steam as the example. My wishlist has no games on it. Why? Because I do not expect someone else to buy me a game. Then you go to the normals person wishlist, 3-4 games that the only way it gets cleared is through them buying the game themselves. And then you have every other wishlist, 30-100 games priced over £30 with a reminder on that persons profile that their wishlist exists. Maybe I made it too literal, wishlists do not encourage begging, but they definitely make the situation worse. Like I said, it is _I_ that is against wishlists for that reason. That doesn't make it true.
: Fix support grading
I got level 7 on Thresh within 4 days of level 6 and 7 being up. S rankings are not that difficult to get...
: Sales or not they are still there with or without the wishlist so the wishlist would only make players buy more so it's a win-win for both players and Riot
Very true, although I am against wishlists personally as they encourage begging.
: Lucian and Black Cleaver
Ghostblade cleaver is a very good build for someone like Lucian, but I wouldn't call it out of control. It's an early-mid game build, and come late game, without crit he doesn't really even do that much damage to tanks. The thing with the ghostblade + Cleaver build is that to squishy targets, he deals almost true damage with the Cleaver passive stacked. Ever seen a ghostblade cleaver lucian at 40 minutes? It's not nearly as effective as he was 20 minutes ago. Lucian has always kind of fallen off due to him being a caster ADC with low range who heavily relies on cooldowns to output damage. Do not be fooled by the early game damage of Ghostblade cleaver Lucian, he will still fall off late game due to build path unless he gets stupidly ahead early, which is what the Korean build is there to do. How to win vs Korean Lucian? Deny his level 2 all in Focus him down the moment he uses e 40% CDR = he needs to get his passive off on both q and w to have e instantly back up 30% CDR = the above with around 1.5-2 seconds CD on e after q>aa>w>aa 20% CDR = around 3-3.5 seconds Lucian isn't a lane bully as much anymore, and can only really bully with q if you're too close. Like I said, the build is strong, but it is possible to deal with if played around correctly.
Broodpaal (EUW)
: Wishlist
The idea is good but you're not really the type of consumer RIOT wants if you're buying through sales and sales only.
: Can you get better in team fights if you play ARAM?
ARAM has helped me improve on two things. Champions I can't play Dodging skill shots. The latter being the only one I can really transfer through each game.
: Bug with Windwall + Pyromania
Okay so just to state how Annie's Q works. She gains a stack for CASTING it, not hitting an enemy. In regards to the stun, the stun is discharged when the Q HITS an enemy. This means that people like Yasuo with windwall, or Fizz with playful trickster can "dodge" the stun, but cannot make the stun go away. This IS the Annie lane. She IS going to stun you. Furthermore, you'd be saltier if she just W'd stunned you or dropped Tibbers on you, wouldn't you? Neither are projectiles- point I'm trying to get at is; Annie vs Yasuo, you can block one ability, and not even the part of it you want to block. This isn't a match up you should want without correct itemization( {{item:3156}} coming before {{item:3046}} /{{item:3087}} and even going as far as {{item:3140}} so you're actually able to take the stun and quickly recover) And even then, it's not going to be a very enjoyable lane. She has insane range on autos, meaning your passive shield will be down the majority of the time, meaning you can't survive her burst unless you itemize properly, which has the knock on effect that your power spike is now going to be even later=less time killing Annie and not just surviving the lane.
Gulpirri (EUW)
: We have rights
You go to the shop, from this shop you buy bread and milk. Before you leave you get barred from the shop, would you ask for a refund from your milk and bread? You do not own your account, RIOT owns your account, therefor they're doing nothing wrong with punishments. It's the same with Steam, you do not own your Steam account. Regardless if you spend £500 on games on it, if you do wrong, they will take _THEIR ACCOUNT_.
Nickry (EUW)
: ***
It's definitely Zac
: Yeah how would you like to play w/o a jungler then, cause I'll be too busy trying to recover from your 'help'. God I can already see the chat 10 min ingame: *enemy double* adc(0/5/0): omg report jungle no help their jungler ganked 5 times {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Well the point I'm more trying to get at is. If one person is behind and one person is ahead, why cancel it out and make both equally behind?
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Share the best ingame chat quotes
My friends friend who is really bad at the game and refuses to listen to anyone that Karthus top with two deathcaps, nashors tooth and frozen heart (even against AP) who ran AS and crit damage runes challenged to me to a 1v1. Of course i accepted and got first blood at level 2 "Who loads up summoners rift for first blood?" As he proceeds to stay in the game alone, taking every single one of my towers and then my nexus, just to say he won.
: [Bug] Able to remake after the enemy team lost firstblood
So... Because they died in a 4v5, they should be forced to play an already basically unwinnable game? That makes sense...
Maiziea (EUW)
: They were high ranked challenjour not diamond 1, huge difference.
Well yeah, but same still stands. =Hi I'm a bronze +Hi I'm a diamond =oh its over +lol
: Fizz's E
This is just fizz dodging your ult. Since it didn't actually go off, I just don't think it registers it. The same way that if Annie throws her stun at a fizz and fizz e's the stun (given the stun was shot with q), the stun will still remain for Annie to use. So it's most likely down to single target (point and click) CC and fizz e.
: Riot you should do server for Balkan ppl
Not from there, don't expect it to happen. However will upvote, just due to everyone else having a clear server they should join.
: A New Rotating Game Mode To Help Low Elo Players Gain Skill
The idea is nice, but will not be enjoyable. You've seen the video of 5 golds vs 3 KR D1 players right? Gold gets annihilated. The thing with this idea is, although theory wise it's good, because people will get to play at higher elo, there's literally no chance for the lower tier team to win unless the Diamonds fuck about. All playing seriously- The game will be done in about 20 minutes, and the only real thing you learned was "Well, I'm not Diamond, that's for sure."
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: What elo do I have to wait to meet people that know how to end games?
I think it's a lot more down to specific people. I've played in silver with a team of people who can end as soon as the chance is there, I've played with Platinum that have no clue that 40 second death timers, an ADC and only one remaining tower that don't get that it's their chance to win. However, looking at average game times, you're probably looking at D3 for when games start ending considerably earlier.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: My project skin
Got zed, have them all apart from Fiora Feels good man.
: How much Time have you invested in LoL
You've spent about 3715 hours on League of Legends which means 155 days of your life.
: I believe she got hit most by two main items in her build, {{item:3153}} and {{item:3085}} . The lower HP% dmg and attack speed has really reduced her damage. I played a game recently with her and I could not keep up with the opposing ADC's (twitch) damage. So to compensate, Kalista needs a way to get more damage other than just being with a support. Attack speed + Attack damage or hp% passive
Boot enchantments going is what FUCKED her.
PauIo (EUW)
: With all due respect, why do you think you're able to coach Plat people when you're Gold 4 yourself? Also, adding the link to your stream may be handy.
I have four years in coaching Counter-Strike: Source for a (failed) but self owned eSports team, Vindico eSports. I've also coached League for four months, working with multiple low elo teams, however I've also helped analyse a few D1/Master players. I understand the Gold4 isn't very satisfying to look at, but I assure you that my rank mostly reflects my mechanical skill, and not my game knowledge.
: Trusted distributor? do you have any i'm not exactly a expert on buying laptops ;[
Just have a look on eBay. You can buy refurbished computers and laptops on there that have a fresh windows install and are hardly used, or at least in amazing condition. Just make sure the seller is a trusted seller by many people.
: Laptop for LOL under £600
I got mine (computer though) for £200 that runs League on max settings at 60FPS (Capped, can get up to about 110FPS uncapped) If you're not bothered about it being brand new, refurbished laptops and computers from a trusted distributor are a steal.
: Why do ADC's pretend their role is hard?
I would say it's probably the hardest role... I don't think any other role requires you to stand in a specific place that changes every moment in correlation to the other 9 people in the game. That, and the fact that you're focused completely, if you die too early that's the fight lost. You spend the first 15 minutes of the game trying to survive. It's a difficult role to play. Having to decide who to shoot while kiting while trying to work out where the damage is coming from while watching your team while watching where the enemy is at all times while seeing where your team is standing while trying to distinguish skillshots in a hectic environment... It's literally the complete opposite of easy. And if it's easy, play the easiest role to carry on if you're good at it and enjoy Diamond!
: No he stacks venom and cass's e isn't free with it
cass e does full damage if twitch autos them
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