Shamose (EUW)
: Because Riot doesn't like smurfing. They tolerate people doing it, but they won't ever make it easier to do.
But that is exactly the point, this would get the smurfs out of the system at a quicker rate. If they could skip 1-30 you´d already save thousands of people, over the months it takes to level up a new account ,from having to play with a smurf. And the link to their main account should inhibit negative behavior.
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: League down again?
Yeah it´s stuck for me too. Guess i will finally get to learn how to play the guitar instead of Darius.
Undeveloped (EUNE)
: Hello I am Undeveloped
Feel free to add me if you want, I am German and there are lots of germans I play with, you can always join us for a game or a chat.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: maybe deep down you're still lvl 7 and you just don't know it
considering how bad I am at this game you might be right
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