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: Since you refuse to communicate with your team and you even blatantly admit it yourself, then why do you care if you get a chatban? Yeah you must be more sportsmanlike. If you are not enough of that you will regret it soon enough.
No, you're not reading properly, I don't use the chat box because it's not useful, it gets filled with hate and salt.... Pings are a way of communicating in game tactics and movements to your team, I ping loads in every game, that is all the communication that is necessary in LoL....
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Infernape (EUW)
: A lot of champions have odd hitboxes. Morgana, Blitzcrank, and Lux are the three that I can think of that have pretty weird hitboxes. Even LeBlanc's E is bigger than it looks. There's been times I've connected with her E although it should've missed.
You make a good point, I guess Riot really need to do a large scale sweep and neaten up loads of hit-boxes
: I throw in Easyrael Q, Fizz R, Lee Sin Q etc...
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Xenoid (EUNE)
: EUW "Logging onto chat service..." indefinitely
Yep... same here, i can connect to it on the League Friends App but, it just won't connect on my PC... Really frustrating, was wanting to play some ARURF with friends..... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I dont't enjoy in game anymore.
Yeah totally agree, played for 3 years now, and Summoners Rift being the main mode and map is fine, but give us more interesting options, like give us another Summoner's Rift style (as in detail and game variety) with a different layout, meta, objectives etc. But not this Twisted Treeline shit, it's too dull, give us something properly original and different for those days we wanna play some League but, not looking for the serious world of the Rift, maybe a city based map would be cool, like having new mechanics for this map, if they could add verticallity that would be amazing, but that's probably taking it a bit too far XD
Mačka (EUW)
: ***
Yeah, I main ADC and Jungle as my off-role, and yeah you summed it up pretty well tbh... Like I have games where I have >70% kill participation, yet it's just not enough. CC and gap closers are too important now, if you don't have enough you've pretty much lost, it's this whole meta of, get slowed and you'll be nuked before the cc has gone. I pretty much always play with one or two friends but, even with a few people I can trust it still doesn't change the feeding of the randomers. I had a game the other day where I was {{champion:121}} jungle, got first and second blood on the enemy mid vi and jungle nid, then ganked twice more mid, killing the vi on one occasion yet, our Kassadin still ended up 1/8/2 to this Vi Mid at the 20min mark, Like there was no point me helping him, I handed him the lane on a plate and he still managed to give it over to the Vi....
hgrva (EUW)
: The only solution I know is to git gud.
I knew people would say that, but the problem is, I do play well in a majority of games, I just can't win for 1 reason or another...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Destroy enemy nexus.
Wait what?! Shit... I've been doing wrong all along XD
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Tsukaza (EUW)
: "I will AFK because I did not get Ekko"
Yeah I had this yesterday...... Draft pick, I get Ekko and go top, yet someone else who is clearly just sour and selfish then instead decides to pick Azir go afk for the first 10minutes then start following me everywhere I go and intentionally feed the Gnar I was fighting (and beating might I add)..... Honestly some people are just pathetic.......
: Ekko should vanish and die everytime he ults, and here is why =)
You, sir, have just made my day XD And also it's a very good point when you view it scientifically! Yet some people still manage to moan about it XD
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Mogadishu (EUW)
: banned for this conversation ???
This is half the problem with the toxicity of league's current state as no one seems to keep their mouth shut, you spamming that you are going to report anivia helped no one so don't say it, yes report the anivia but there is no need to continuously announce it and threaten everybody else. If you find it that hard to stay quiet them unbind your enter key so you cannot physically flame.
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: I'd be fine with getting more AD champions in mid as long as we get more viable AP champions elsewhere. At the moment top and jungle are 90% AD and bot lane is also mostly AD, so having mostly AP in mid does help balance it out.
Yeah that did cross my mind and actually I'm starting to think a shift in the meta to allow the underplayed AP midlaners to go top would really give a new lease of life to the champion pool
jana (EUW)
: are you intentionaly totaly **ignore** my **questions**? {{champion:91}} is perfectly fine and **viable**. {{champion:59}} ad top is perfectly fine and** viable** (was also picked some times in compatitive paly, but i guess we dont consider "viable"= compatitive viable): i KNOW that you talk about **viability** but, in fact i dont get your point. your statements dont make sense. you dont answer questions. you dont explain whats going through your mind. this only leads into frustration from your side and incoherently posts. so. i did read your comments already. so start discussing or stop wasting my time....
Their posts make perfect sense, what they are saying is that whilst it is true that you can play AD J4 top lane that doesn't make him an AD Assassin! This is because if you play full AD Jarvan whilst you may be able to deal considerable damage quickly, assassins are supposed to be high risk, high reward and mobile with a main focus on their ability to pick off squishy champs without the need for a teamfight, Jarvan is a teamfight based champion, as is the same with many other full AD champions such as Riven and Fiora.
: oh yeah, missed a few although, most of them are played mid
I completely see where you are coming from but as Savage Devi mentioned I was more thinking about laning assassins in particular mid-laners, and whilst all of these are able to play mid, so are any champs they are just not designed for it and I just thought perhaps a AD Assassin designed for mid lane would be nice?
: The problem with an AD assassin is you get something that can do everything. One-shot squishies? Check Melt turrets? Check Lifesteal jungle/minions = infinite sustain? Check Damage source independent of mana/energy/cooldowns? Check There is literally no downside, and then we end up with things like the nerfs to Zed where he's pretty much in the dumpster.
I see what you mean but assassins are supposed to be high-risk, high-reward champions so this means yes they may be able to blow up a squishy or ruin turrets but that is what they are supposed to be able to do, cause this then runs into the fact that with champions such as Zed one mis-play and your escape could be over especially if you are going for the backline adc etc you are quite likely to be trapped by cc and killed equally fast. As I say yes they are a difficult one to balance and I can for one see how Riot struggle to keep them in line but if they get it right, they are a very important part of the game.
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