: This is beyond a joke...
Here's a secret Riot don't want spread far and wide, but I'm telling you anyway OP. No matter what role you get placed into (Jungle being the exception), it's the exact same as any of the other 3, literally.
: How exactly can you win lane as vayne?
The exact same way you win the lane playing any other champ. Pay attention to what's going on in / around your lane, roam if possible. Don't push your lane but stall it, when one of your minions is about to die you can almost guarantee the enemy adc / supp will try to last hit for the gold, that's a window to poke the enemy without them retaliating. etc etc etc
: Because it's designed to boost lower skilled ones and slow down ones who "gain too fast". Faker in NA had like 10 game if not more losing spree on his smurf because his teammates were absolute garbage.
Can't be, for years forum users on EuW have claimed to be able to 1v5 and that's how they climb, and that broken match making is a myth. I guess when you stick your tongue far enough up Riot's big ass you start believing what you eat
MrSnaiden (EUW)
: how is the match making still broken? i thought this is new season
You come out of every boosters wet dream - Flex season. This means all the boosted animals now trickle down to their real place in ranks, and it's causing havoc in a already broken match making! New season?- means nothing when there's no hard reset on ranks...
Sumźhong (EUNE)
: Riot Please Explain this!
Boosted animals now dropping causing havoc on match making (Not that it was worth anything to begin with)
GetVaMage (EUW)
: Remove autofill in low elo games ( bronze - gold)
I'd rather they removed their match making algorithm, it's completely and utterly disfunctional due to all the boosted animals that are now dropping to bronze! Gonna be a complete clusterfuck nightmare early - mid season due to their retarded flex-shit from last season, every boosters wet dream that will now impact everything!
: Unbalanced matchmaking?
It's not limited to normal or pre-season, that's how match making is in this game. Why else do you think games are either stomp or get stomped, why especially promo's (or 1-2 games after) leads straight into loss streaks? That's how match making works when you build it on arbitrary numbers that's totally unrelated to the game, it means you get games where you may as well face an enemy team composed of minions, and why some times you have the "pleasure" of being grouped with players who couldn't wipe their own ass, without someone guiding their hands. It's how League works, because riot thinks it's what keeps players around, that endless hunting for <insert rank / goodie here>, that's why some get shafted hard always getting the incompetent or really fucked up trolling douchebags, and why some rarely ever see those types.. Because the entire system is as fucked up as can be!
: it's satisfying to know someone you reported got punished. toxic players in general never goes away, but one small victory is still a victory.
You could clean up a big portion of the toxic players if the ranked system was made real instead of the arbitrary grouping that's going on atm! I for one am starting to get really fucking sick of the nightmare match making, that's entirely based on random numbers pulled out of some riot employees muddy asscrack! Screw it, I've actually had enough since it's the same shit season after season.. A board and game FULL of mentally challenged adolescents, and a company that won't fix the most fundament problem with their game because it's so-called community can't see the forest for trees!
: one report wont get the person banned or punished, multiple reports will. just keep reporting them with a description of the incident. i've got 3 messages in total saying someone i reported have been punished, and it's satisfying as hell.
Satisfying how?- people being punished isn't changing the problem that makes most of the toxic players toxic.
noob infant (EUNE)
: I totaly agree that about 1% is toxic, I haf plenty of bad games lately, in one for example I went 0/9 /0 in the toplane and we lost because of it. no one said a single bad word to me, our midlaner said gg after the game. the only bad thing i came across a few times in like 200+ games this year was that peole sometimes talk too much and thus lose focus on the game and lose, to the point where I had games that felt like someone is playing now just purely for the trashtalk (nothing too toxic and worthy even of report) and just general chat.
From my perspective you are lucky then, because in most my games (Even in some that's won fairly easy) people are toxic as fuck, by this I mean generally harassing / abusing someone (Usually the support or jungler), and in most cases it's someone being stomped in their lane who then ends up trolling the game by walking around in enemy jungle and dying repeatedly, or just standing at the base afk while spamming chat. This have been my experience dropping from silver 1 50ish points to silver 3 60 points, I've been close to gold more times than I care to count, and it's not failed for months now. As soon as I get there, ALL I get are these super toxic types that couldn't play the game even if scripting! So for me this 1% is more like 90%
: Are u fuckin kidding me?
Both topics are a waste of energy anyway
: It's not mandatory but it's too efficient on so many champions that shouldn't really build it that build it anyway. But RIOT anounced that they will rework it for S7 (something along the lines of not giving health or some other change)
There are maaany other items you can say the exact same about, and that won't ever change! Once this fix is done, it will either remain mandatory or not bought at all, same way it us when they re-work champions or other items.., it's a pendulum, because once this is done, people will call "mandatory" on something else.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Mute Everyone by Default
Won't get implemented, according to Riot statistics only 1% is toxic.. There's so many flaws with their statements (On virtually everything they say) that it's downright pathetic for a company of this size, but it's far from uncommon that the bigger the company, the less anyone actually knows what is going on.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: This is the same passive. They don't stack.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Am I the only one not happy with Talisman and Zz'rot portal having the same passive?
{{item:1401}} passive =/= {{item:3068}} passive It's called lazyness when re-working items, sure we will see it again.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It's not a ripoff, it's standard marketing.. It would only be a ripoff if the graphics, names, coding structure etc etc etc etc etc was identical
: Ye and let's face it, it's not like riot didn't do the same thing for half their champions.
Love how your comment got downvoted for telling the truth:D:D
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You need more evidence than the thousands of threads that's been made on the subject? Another sad case of you sticking your head in the sand crying 'NUH NUH, NOT HAPPENING'
: Few questions about your ranked performance
* No * 1 division from it (Now 2 divisions due to the utter garbage match making, fucking crippled riot coding team) * None since I doubt I will be playing this any longer * Nightmarish long due to match making (Win spree = better enemies (Yes) and better team mates (FUCK NO, it's the direct opposite)) * I didn't play last season cause match making is the same shit * Fucking terrible due to match making, it isn't fun winning a handful and then being artificially shit on by match making
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I forgot how accurate Riot have been with their official statements regarding game systems, I mean, just take match making.., it totally works how they say it does although it flies in the face of the reality of it, not to mention they've created the world first true AI if it was working the way they say it does. On top of this, their own support staff gives a somewhat different version of mighty lyte's AI, and it's only confirming the bias duel standard regulations between high and low ranked players. Low ranked players get restricted / banned often for their vocabulary, but all they need to do is say it's slang and -or context, that should mean they should have their restrictions lifted.
: > [{quoted}](name=Proctima,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=n0JZ10at,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-31T17:37:04.206+0000) > > Don&#x27;t feel bad mate, there&#x27;s are plenty more in this community just like you. Considering your a silver 5 i bet you enter in that category as well.
Breaking news: Sarcasm is now offered in 1st grade primary school
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I don't need to read what you wrote again since you claim the system is automated without being automated. If I had to guess (Which I'm pretty much forced to since you aren't making any sense). A) You think the system somehow decides if a report is valid or not and ships the penalty, or B) You think Riot support validates reports manually and the system automatically passes sentence For A) to be true, the system must search for key words or phrases since that's the only way it can validate it For B) to be true, riot would have hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of supporting staff to validate every report Since I can confidently rule out B), and I know what I've been told by Riot's own support staff after writing to them about this, and I've seen more replies from wrenchmen and other players than I care to count, I can tell you the same again... WRITE to the support staff or look it up...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Again, feel free to browse the swathes of threds + replies about it, or write support about it. If you prefer not to that's entirely up to you, of course if you now wish to convince the forums here about the legion of extra staff riot hired just to manually go through reports, you can also do that...
SepharU (EUNE)
: I just dont understand why people start with ur mother this and ur mother that. People have cancer, and when u have cancer in ur family u know how much it destroys ur life, and ppl get raped and maybe know someone who got raped man, it screws up ur life. Calling that can really hurt someone. For flamers its just a way to show, im the bigger one, but words can hurt. Im not trying to sound all that dramatic, but pause and think for a sec before typin all kind of personal things about someone U dont know...Thats all.
It's the outcome of Riot ignoring the competitive aspect of ranked play. Whether you or Riot acknowledges it, ranked with it's ladder and season-end rewards lures people in for that exact reason (Regardless of the aim being silver or challenger), to climb to the max due to the rewards and "prestige". Riots match making being what it is, on average you win 3 - 5 games before you by default, get grouped with what appears like intermedium bots at best, players who often go 0/10 inside of 20min (1 death every 2min, think about it) while the enemy team more often than not, will be playing either at the level they are ranked, or above. This will inevitably trigger _some_ people to become abusive, in my opinion for the very reason outlined above and justified. The phrase 'oh it's just a game' is void for those people playing ranked only for the rewards and "prestige" (Might be the only reason they even play league to begin with). Personally I don't feel it's the "feeders" that's the issue, but Riot's match making, I find it both hilarious and retarded af to have match making ensure you get these artificial setbacks.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I'm not going to browse the stupendous amount of debates there's been about this, safe to though is that's it the consensus among players, wrenchmen n' support staff (Feel free ro browse for their postings yourself or write riot support), it's been this way at least since the beginning of this season afair.
: Dude, if you want to be a party pooper, then dont comment at all. Man some people dont even try to enjoy themselves...
Hey, collouring sh.. yellow doesn't make it gold, it takes a little more than a layer of snow to get me to act like a teenager going through puberty again..
SepharU (EUNE)
: Flamers vs Tilted players
Their often one and the same.. Then again, the way match making works it's pretty damn easy getting tilted, and even easier getting pissed, sad bit is it's other players who are closest when the lashing out begins, the anger should be directed at the weekend warrior team of coders Riot employ..., but since this is 2nd class citizenship EuW, that's not an option.....
SICK, more icing to cover the problems they haven't addressed, good thing there's so many teens in this game that it only takes a layer of white to keep them distracted
: Most of the people that recognise the streamers in their games are most of the time tuned in onto their streams. People know how they react to certain situation as that is their entertaining factor and makes the streamers who they are for in the community. It's basically an image game. Take for example trick2g that literally swears vocally and then spouts out some random sentences in in game chat that looks like. "You boosted adskdfajlsdfjgklajdfg adfjgklajdfklgjkasldfg." Being toxic or provocative toxicity is bad. However there is a differance between being toxic and having banter. Applies to all ELOs
Not according to Riot it doesn't, since their system is (according to them anyway) 100% automatic scanning game logs for words that would trigger CR / Ban. When tribunal was around, context was to be ignored fully, even at support they don't consider what context things are said in! Here's a funny analogy.. In the US the top 1% get to do what they want because "they bring in the bacon", while the rest will eat what gets served (otherwise known as the sheep).
: Describe riot in 5 words
Best programmers in the world *coughs* m..ch mak..g & mut. fu..tion *coughs*
: > [{quoted}](name=Hi Im Katárina,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=n0JZ10at,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-10-31T07:11:18.206+0000) > > Riot is a game ? lul i tought he meant to describe Riot's game not the company god i'm dumb.
Don't feel bad mate, there's are plenty more in this community just like you.
: Muting all players every game
Memorize this and you'll retain your sanity; By in large, the community of league of legends have a combined IQ of a doorknob, 98% of everything they say isn't worth the time of day. You are in fact doing the only right thing in order to play this game while staying sane, the only downside is that Riot still haven't figured out what muting people means, that's why they are allowed to spam you to death even after muting them.., or abuse you in the post-game lobby...
: Why Are People So Abusive
If we ignore the idiots out there who are just inherently toxic, in part I am starting to believe it has to do with riots "match making". After winning a few games you get paired with either toxic people, or people who can barely control a mouse + 4 buttons, I can fully understand why some people go insane over this type of "match making" and start becoming abusive. Ranked is inherently tied together with competitiveness, people play it primarily to advance and get the rewards at the end of the season. Being bunked time and time again because of "match making" sucks doneky ass (Lets not kid anyone, it does). I also understand some people just play ranked for the fun of it, logic tells me those people should be in normal mode because it's just for fun, but hey...
: No Not at all, for example in DotA no team won the international twice, counter strike is another example of healthy competition. Also i really really dislike skt's playstyle their playstyle. They basically play like rats doing anything to win resorting to the lowliest of tactics. Like ratting it out in backdoors or cutting minions in the middle. Another thing about skt is that faker is a basically a prick with a huge hubris. Crown kinda smashed him in the final
Cs is a entirely different genre, it's primarily won based on team strategy and team play (Weapons are minor team power) Dota I'm not familiar with, but I'm guessing it's the same as the above. In LoL some champions are inherently stronger than others (There's no denying it), and Riot tend to push whichever champions they want onto the stage when they do "balancing". On top of this, pro teams have for what seems like eons now, played the exact same model which is stupidly boring to watch; Lane swap and take a tower each, try to make a pick, skirmish over drake, play it safe.., game decided over baron (I see more action spectating bronze games). It's not about the game being slow (Like the age of tanks), but the Rift is just needing a major overhaul, not in terms of shinies or plants.., but an entirely new Rift.
: Dear Riot...Please can you not spoil the Finals result please?
Rito did it again, I swear they have so low IQ at HQ that they run around like the minions they create, not knowing who does what! Client notification says the game is about to start, and sure.., accept it and get thrown to the esport site where your greeted by a short youtube intro.., from the fucking final, it even ends with telling you who wins 2016.....
: By farm, farm and more farm. if you have a bad suppot just say 'play safe' and keep farmin. Later on you'll be teamfighting, so build some situational items like mercurial scimitar or phantom dancer to protect yourself.
There's a little more to it than this. Laning is usually defined by the support, which means you are effectively playing 1v2 if your own support keeps dying or failing. If the enemy adc + support playes okay, they will punish you every time you go to last hit a minion, forcing you under the tower, in turn this means you will fall behind on cs (While also being behind on kills). Most game turn into 'all mid' as soon as a single lane loses a tower, so not only are you behind and have less impact (Unless you are very good), but you also have a support that you can't fully count on. Sure, if the enemy laner/s isn't punishing and zoning you, farm away and hope that your mid or top wins their lane so it restores balances. If not, try to move off lane to get a kill or assist mid.
: Well...I know that I often say that myself, but it's kind of a bad excuse, at least in this context. The only reason why boards are mostly meant for player-to-player discussion is that Rioters (at least the ones the OP wishes to talk to) are not really present here. Theoretically this COULD be a place where players discuss with Rioter, it just isn't. But that's only because NA Rioters do not visit the boards, not because the boards wouldn't allow it.
Rioters are Rioters, just because one says EuW and another says NA shouldn't mean anything at all. CM's all have the exact same privies and access to the exact same information from developers. I've had 8-10 games straight now with players from clown city, and even though I just footed another 20 euro's for a couple of new champs and skins today, I'm reaching my limit to how much frustration I can take. I don't play normals for fun, because they are anything but, they are in fact the exact same as ranked, but with a much more fucked up match making. A EuW Rioter could easily tell if there's any changes to Match making on the horizon, or if it's not even being discussed, if it's not I'd rather delete this game than spend more time on it, because it's quite frankly bullshit how big a difference there is between player skill at all ranks between bronze 1 and gold 1.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: * Because when we screw up, we deserve to get called on it. * We learn from Player comments about what works and what doesn't. * Because we would rather take some unwarranted heat than stifle honest feedback and yes, excessive comments will get flagged/deleted. We don't want to remove your message, but sometimes the way you present that message is simply beyond what's needed to convey your point. TL;DR: feedback is good, even passionate feedback that stings. Just don't get offensive. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
What good is feedback when there's literally 0 feedback to the community (Unless you screw up and change it the following season).......................... It's literally like talking to a wall expecting it to reply!
  Rioter Comments
Altiverse (EUNE)
: This is a common occurence when smurfing. The matchmaking system simply increases the radius of MMR search after every set amount of time (in which a game was still not found), in order to reduce queue times. Since there is a shortage of players with low level and a high MMR (in other words, smurfs) the MMR radius usually becomes far bigger than normal matches until a game is found. If the system didn't work this way, you'd have to wait about an hour long for every game while smurfing. tl;dr The system works just fine - don't go expecting every player to be as good as you and proceed to blame them when they don't stand up to your expectations, or atleast not when smurfing.
What a bunch of BULL- shit, it happens all the time (Smurf or not), the system is fucking wank at what's it suppose to do, it's literally the nr 1 reason why this game is becoming BORING as fck! It doesn't matter if each and every player have the exact same skill, since the system has no (NONE) parameters taking a players skill into account... MMR does not =/= skill, it's probably the worst design for match making out there! Notice how many threads there are these days about match making, yet not a single one gets any attention by the whor.., I mean, rioters...
: Why are you insulting those who perform well without intentional feeding. They're trying their best; it's not their fault it's the match imbalance. I guess by this statement you fit into the latter point you deem untrue.
Your logic is as undeniable as riots match making!
: Matchmaking and verbal abuse recently
You had one correct statement in your post 'Match making is so out of balance'.. I don't even understand how people can play ranked knowing it's a fucking roller coaster JUST because of riots system. How do you continue to play ranked season af season without physically throwing up all over the place??? Ignoring those kids out there who live in that box they call a room thinking they are gods and abuse everyone they come in "contact" with online, the only outcome for those playing ranked solely for the competitive play is becoming toxic as hell, and it's ALL down to riots fucked up match making. You only need as little as a 10 game sample to observe how fucking wildly the average skill of each player swings, which it wouldn't if that horseshit system was based on actual game statistics, and not riots imaginary dice where 2 + 2 = 53 I can have 1 game with even match ups 50min+, the next game I'll have team mates that go 0/10 inside of 22min (That's almost 1 death every 2 fucking minutes), game after that it's the opposite, then 3 games where it's back on my side with the mentally handicapped. It literally makes me sick to my stomache knowing how utterly pathetic and poor this system is!
: League drops my internet / dissconnects me / times out internet
If you haven't already, grab hold of support for this issue. The chances of a rioter responding to this when it isn't a widespread problem is less than 0.1%.
: As a support main, I can see this happening. But me, I won't jump in the bandwagon. I'll be the smartass that will try to take advantage from this, and instead of picking her myself, will insist on picks that can punish MF support. And when all the hype dies down (because it will, because most people will completely fail to realize the reason why ROX used MF support, and will just use that as an excuse to play a carry as support with Infinity Edge because hehexd, and that will fall flat on their faces), I will THEN pick her in the specific kind of situation ROX picked her in. Yes, because I'm that kind of guy. So please, everyone, jump on that bandwagon. My Blitz, Leona and Nautilus are waiting.
Picks that can punish MF Supporters? --> {{champion:12}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} _You can insert the rest, I got bored now_
: I can already see how my games are going to be
The downside of a mass of sheep, if only they'd pay attention to the warding at worlds.........
Proctima (EUW)
: You despie the boosted but not the booster, yet fail to see the two are linked. The problem isn't the booster or the boosted, but Riot.
You can't be this naive.... They don't even regularly ban people trolling games, which is also a major issue., what on earth makes you gullable enough to believe they ban boosted accounts.. _Rhetorical question since I know you have to believe they do, in order to keep your perspective of mighty rito_
: Eh I got nothing against the boosters, I do have something against boosted animals however. Boosters are just filling a void in the market and if x wasn't boosting and taking their money then y would so I don't see a reason not to make some money on the side. The problem comes from the demand. Not the service.
You despie the boosted but not the booster, yet fail to see the two are linked. The problem isn't the booster or the boosted, but Riot.
: STOP BOOSTING! upvote this petition if you want to end this mockery for good
I hate to tell you OP, but it's sanctioned by Riot themselves on two fronts. 1. You can't report someone for boosting (Can't even report someone for playing an account that's not theirs) 2. The fact that they even made this disgusting flex que says they don't have an issue with it Yes, you can go through support, but lets be real.., that's slower than a 1000m dash performed by an infant. Sure the white knights will now reply with '_Next season solo que is back yo_', while their correct, it solves nothing, just another layer ontop of the miserable match making system they have! They know it's a widespread issue, but they are 100% unwilling to do anything concrete about it.
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