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: I know it isnt supposed to be easy and enjoyable.I like and enjoy challenges and hard situations.But this isnt a challenge its torturing lol.
I love how LoL is most likely the only game in the world where someone can say 'playing isn't supposed to be easy or ENJOYABLE' and pretty much everyone agree. But soloQ isn't a mess lul.
To be honest it baffles me that no one seems to be trying her with offtank bot, its seems to me that her whole kit works way better on a melee champ. I mean let's just imagine a mundo/yuumi bot, early on it's going to suck, but the mundo can just farm safely with cleaver and give up some cs early on, but as soon as they both hit 6, the shitshow begin to start and the late game... oh boy, just picture this crazy 3500 hp tank , running to you with 70% tenacitiy thx to boots/runes/W, perma 500 ms thx to ultimate and yuumi E, crazy regen thx to ult his and yuumi E, with an AOE ROOTING SPELL. How do you deal with that? If you dont have vayne, just ff already, no way you're killing him without using litteraly everything, leaving his team free to woop your ass. I'm seriously wondering why i didn't see a darius/mundo/morde // yuumi bot lane yet, it's seems crazy good to me.
SnoOkilow (EUW)
: YI master broken in current patch.
Yi isn't a broken or no counter champs, it's quite easy to counter him in fact, the big issues about him being soloQ where ppl doesn't have the coordination to shutdown him, that why you pretty much need to focus all your attention on him yourself Sadly in soloQ you can't trust your teammate until they prove your wrong, so unless someone in your team seems aware that the yi need to be dealt with properly, it's going to be your job, keep a cc only for his face, focus on how he's going to show up and when, and bait him into thinking you dont pay attention to him. Counter ganking him is a good idea in theory, however in soloQ, unless u really feel you're better than everyone in this game i wouldn't go for it, as if your laner do bad and the counter gank fails, it's pretty much gg, as you gave him enough gold advantage for him to start invading YOUR jungle, and when it's start to happen, if your laner doesn't react well, it's gg already has you have no way on winning the 1v1. Same story about the good dueling champ, udyr is indeed really strong against yi, but beside him, i wouldn't go on the same territory as Yi, as you most likely going to get outclassed by him in the mid game and you're going to end up being useless, i'll rather go into a really strong early ganker to win the game before the Yi even get to the mid/late where he can 1v9 or a really good team fight focus jungler like amumu to win a tf by yourself with a crazy ult engage who doesnt' let Yi time to shred your back line. Last and maybe best advice, try to climb up, as you go up and up, Yi is picked less and less as he can't use soloQ chaos to profit as more skilled player have better map awareness and see him coming a mile away.
Dewritoes (EUW)
: As a low elo support player, this meta is the most boring i've been in since Ardent Censer
I understand what you are talking about, it's the problem of soloQ where if you play a tank and carries are fed too early, you can't tank anymore, feeling really useless, that never going to be fixed as it's a problem of the moba genre itself. However, there is thing to do until you get to a rank where people know how to play safe when they're behind First of all, you can try to be hyper aggressive in laning phase to overfeed your carry, leaving less marging for the ennemy team to outscale your tankiness, the hardest tip of all as you need to be way better then them as you can't always trust your carry AD to make a good follow up 2nd, you can play tank support who does not rely that much on item, first one to came in mind is braum and his shield, even if you're behind, a good shield will soak up insane amount of damage for your team 3rd, you can choose to play the peel game instead of being in the front lane without your tank/bruiser, you will take considerably less damage if you spent the whole tf peeling your carries, as if their divers/offtank/assassin blow everything on you, they wont have enough burst anymore to delete your carries, not really funny i agree, but still effective, you did jour job, your team can't ask for more out of you. Here you go, i know your feel, i used to enjoy enchanter a lot but i started to play them less and less as i figure i was too dependant of my own team in early to mid game, but as you go up in rank, you'll see it's getting easier to have an impact as people figure out their limit way quicker when they're behind, not letting a mid zed get 5/0 in 5 min making you or your adc vanishe with 2 shuriken. In the end, gl hf, it's getting better.
Soossi (EUNE)
: Kindred's current state
legit one of the strongest jungler right now, the scuttle crab nerf was almost exclusively made to nerf her early game so... nope. no buff.
: about the riven "nerfs"
The nerf is in fact not so bad for once and let some opportunites to punish her in early game, the nerf to the E cd is actually a big deal and let u trade/poke her way more effectivly, try to pick a champs with some mobility against her so she's not the one to choose the tempo of the lane and you'll see it gets better. Now if you succeed to bait her E you have 10 sec to punish and out trade her, 10 sec is huge and you need to take this opportunity, and if you still have a really bad time against her, nothing stops you from going tank early game and play in a more supportive style, peeling for your carry ad in TF in mid game. Going bramble vest first is going to be decent most of the time against the rest of the ennemy team and will make her unable to dive you/all in you so easily. Also most Riven have the tendency to kill themselves trying to outplay you, play around your tower/jungler, it's really easy to bait most riven players into dumb mistake/greed. And for last, some of my friend had really big trouble understanding how to play against her, and i advice Chogath, as most Riven can't really handle tank properly, Cho still being a really good carry tank who doesn't rely on his team as much as other tanks do, and it's really easy to break a riven combo with your silence into bump, stoping her in the middle of her Q combo, leaving her without mobility or damage. Just wait 1 sec+ if you can after her first Q, than silence her, into bump, making the 4 sec between each Q pass, leaving her unable to do anything.
: Does this game purposely make you lose or something??
Well we might tell you the truth right now, yes, it's going to keep happenning, especially in ranked mode, but that not something you have to be frustrated about, it's the way Matchmaking works, the more you win game in a row, the more the MM is going to place you into game you're not supposed to win, it's seems unfair but the point is to assess your true rank. By giving you games harder to win he can see how far you are of your true ranking, but dont worry, when this happens, you will loose only a small amount of lp if you loose but keep winning a large amount if you won, the whole point of the matchmaking system is for everyone to have 50% winrate, so the more difference you have from this, the easier/harder the game will be. The only things to do when those loosing streak happens is first to remember you most likely had a winning streak just before, and second, it's pretty much a test from the MM, and not tilting is the best way of breaking this, as if you are still tilted and not playing your best when the game start to be even, the cycle will start again, as you'll go lower in MMR than your true rank, until it's so easy you can't loose, confidence will come back, winning streak will follow, and soon enough, the loose streak will show up again, so stay strong. TLDR : It's how MM works, keep trying and you'll get out of it even stronger than before.
: {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:107}} does the exactly same thing as the thing you mentioned Kayn do. But the difference between these champions and kayn, is that you see him coming.
Yes i agree, and i'm not a huge fan of eve or rengar aswell. But first of all, they dont have another way to be played, red kayn is viable, and strong, i think it's the choice of trying to bring back a champ that will be never viable in pro play but really painfull in soloQ, that baffle me. And i feel like the huge difference with those is if you take a lead on them, you can kill them over and over, or if you see them coming, you can choose to be the agressive one and try to kill them before they reach your carry and most of them has no way of gaining time without throwing half their kit in the dirt, a blue kayn has so many way to escape, he can dash through small walls, and walk through the large ones, making him almost impossible to punish, and the second you stop focusing on him, he can come back for your carry. All the champs you given as a example can't one shot someone if you force them into using part of their kit as an escape (Eve R, Kha jumps, lb dash, talon passive on wall/R), blue kayn doesn't need his E or Q to destroy your carries, all he need is a good W and R.
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