Zaeg (EUW)
: perma bann (with game 1 and 2) since everyone was asking for it
I had a similar chat log like that awhile ago. I recieved only a 10 game ingame chat ban for it. So this permaban was probably not the first time you've recieved a punishment for toxic behavior. It's understandable that ranked games sometimes brings out the worst in someone and emotions are high when you feel the whole world is against you (your team). But the punishment system is there to curb people from lashing out consistently, as sooner or later you get banned if you dont reform.
: Have you even considered that maybe this change is meant to change the way he is played in teamfights? And the effect goes straight into the first point you have in it since it gave MR and Armor on all ranks so I really don't know what you're talking about. With an ult like kennen you can't really decide to focus him because unless you actually kill him you're just gonna eat the ult damage anyways meaning two things: either you're ahead and neither change will matter much, or he's ahead and zhonyas will in theory not be mandatory. This change has nothing to do with runes, kennen is meant to be a teamfighting champion and they gave him power there, an already abusive top laner with the E to provide free resistances to escape or engage is better suited on his ult. If kennen is so weak why is he getting changed? why is he considered broken top lane?
That was my point. Noone focuses Kennen while he ults, they will attempt to run away. So the defensive bonus is useless on R. It is the runestone that is responsible for Kennen's winrate. It's 51.5% with Klepto and 46-48% with phase rush, aery and electrocute. In other words it is klepto that makes him a Tier 2 champion, the other runes make him Tier 3. Noone considers him a broken top laner dude, watch all the updated tier lists on mobalytics, and so on. Noone of the charts have him as a S tier pick (god tier). They have him as A tier (good). He is A tier along with 15 other top laners. The S tier picks are : Riven, Jax, Urgot, Kayle, Hecarim. Kennen is not S tier. You ask why Kennen is being changed? Well Riot's balancing is out of wack at times. You must be aware of this. This change makes no sense since kennen's power is in a rune that synergizes too well with him. I tried to explain it to you but I will try again with an example : I as Kennen was up against Garen. He started doran shield. I do what I normally do, I poke him from a distance while I farm. He managed to survive early levels without dying. He rushed a spectral cowl. After that I was more like a mosquito , just an annoying little yordle that could not really hurt him. But even if I did no damage to him I still kept on AA'ing him for those klepto procs. Then his jungler started to camp to, I died 2 times to ganks, then they tower died me. So when laning phase was over I had 60 cs and was 0/3. Garen was 3/0 with 120 cs. So he had twice my cs and 3 kills. But I still had as much gold as him, I was not actually behind. That was because of the RNG Klepto procs. In essence I should have lost that game since I got crushed, but I didnt. Klepto allowed me to stay in the game and keep up. If I had ran any other rune that game would be a 100% sure loss. So you see, the power is in klepto and the money it brings. I watched some challenger players play Kennen and they dont really focus on cs'ing, they just forget about farming and focus on AA'ing the enemy for klepto procs. So they have horrendous cs but are still ahead. That is not fair now is it? The unfairness of kennen comes from klepto. If he uses electrocute or phase rush you can shut him down. Also if you are a bruiser or a tank all you have do to is rush spectral cowl and kennen can do nothing to you, literally nothing.
: You mean they're making him more balanced in lane yet better in teamfights? Correcting one of the things that makes him unfun to play against and giving him more power where he needs? strange.
The E nerf wont impact his laning. Most people max Q or W first then E the last, and the E nerf wont come into real effect until you have 3 points in it. Which means it will be lategame since you put points into E last. You claim that they give him power where it's needed, that tells me that you do not know much about kennen. Ult lasts for 3 seconds, during those 3 seonds you are in zhonya during a teamfight so that added power on the R will never be utilized. And even if you are not in zhonya during ult the enemies wont attack you, they will be running away to avoid getting stunlocked. So he does not need that extra defensive bonuses during ult since noone will be attacking him anyways. It's a net nerf. A massive one, since he will lose alot of survivability on his E lategame. The problem is not Kennen being too strong, he is actually weak and I will explain why. It's klepto that is overtuned on kennen, you can get ahead even if you are behind due to this rune. But if you look at the winrate of kennen with phase rush, aery or electrocute the winrate drops like a bomb. It means that kennen is underpowered without klepto. The way to fix this is to nerf klepto and buff kennen so he can use other runes. Klepto is not fun for anyone
: gutted? what XD
his E is getting nerfed and drilled so far into the ground that they might find oil there
micess (EUNE)
: nah the bigger the server is the harder it is to climb, euw is the second biggest server in the world, a master player in euw would be challenger in eune without a problem.
that's what i said, it's easier to climb in EUNE. silver elo in EUW is more skilled then silver in EUNE
micess (EUNE)
: It's silver the meta doesnt matter, you can go ad fiddle and carry if you know what your doing but as i said its silver so i doubt you have a clue
Silver elo in EUW is like Diamond elo in EUNE so I have big clue
: you better start spamming him harder then
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: Is low elo random and based on luck? Elo hell?
: Is low elo random and based on luck? Elo hell?
Spearki (EUW)
: yeah you other account alrdy had a pre set mmr from all the other season you played it so impossible for it to get detected as a smurf but when you play on an account that hasn't played ranked in few years they reset its mmr as it was a fresh lvl 30 but i still find it really weird you would get 37lp against gold 4 as silver 2.
thanks alot Spearki, that makes sense and it explains alot. Thanks for clearing this up. I was just so confused as to why one account could climb alot faster then the other even if my playstyle, skill level and champion is unchanged.
Spearki (EUW)
: you Cicily has a preset mmr from seaason 8 since you played there on top of that you alrdy played tons of games before you started playing kennen so you mmr was alrdy stable in bronze making you lp gain less where as the other acc was treated as a fresh lvl 30 and got detected as a smurf acc and get increased lp gain to not ruin lower mmr ppls games with smurfs. but looking at how you play you'ill probably end up in higher rank then you deserve cuz of the inflate lp gains cuz you got a lot of lucky wins making it think you are a smurf like winning games you 3/8
Oh so the system figured my second account was a smurfer and that's why it gets 37 LP per win and -4 LP per loss? Well that makes sense. Sorta. But yea I had a game I ended up as 3/8 , but I have also had games where I ended up as 13/0. I have found that as Kennen it does not matter if you are behind or ahead or how much cs you have, as soon as the enemies pile up as 5 all you got to do is flash in, ult , protobelt and zhonya then let your team clean up and end the game. Atleast in low elo
Tarolock (EUNE)
: the climb is based on what ppl do you get matched with if you get ppl with higher mmr as enemies and you win youll climb faster
I have looked at that. The average elo of my enemies on both accounts are between silver 1 and gold 1. So its the same. But one account gets 37 elo per win while the other gets only 27 elo per win even if the average elo of the enemies is the same
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: Renekton require high skill to play. Also you can't require him until you're least lvl 15 unless you get him on your first Champion chest.
Renekton is probably one of the easiest champions to play ingame besides Garen. Also AP malph can be decent in some team comps. He can blow up 2 squishies at once in an instashot and probably get away with it. TP bot, ult, E + Q and both enemy bot laners dead. Repeat this everytime TP is up in laning phase, get super fed. Then oneshot 5 people lategame with 1 ult.
Weelah (EUNE)
: Garen and Lux are brother and sister you sicko
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javiercar (EUW)
: there are items like mercury treads, qss, banshee veil that literaly DESTROY veigar, even pre-nerfs. Contrary to people believe (due to infinite ap scaling), Veigar has never been a good late game champ! Since oponents can counterbuild you easy with the items above. And even if you success and you oneshot one enemy, gratz, you are nearly useless for the rest of the teamfight, while other magues can destroy your entire team.
Exactly. Like DaBox says in his Veigar guide (challenger veigar main) he is a mid game champion. He hit his power spike after his second item, DFG+deathcap, then it's your job to snowball so you can remain relevant lategame. When you had dfg+deathcap the enemies wouldnt have banshee, qss, mercs, spirit visages, hexdrinkers. So if you didnt get fed when u hit power spike you would mostly be a stun bot lategame. This is where i dont understand what Riot is doing, they see veigar as an AP version of Nasus that is supposed to afk farm stacks for 40mins for lategame. they removed all his damage from lane and poke , and fighting ability so its clear they just want him to be a passive laner with no presence in game. But the thing is like you said, he was never a passive laner or a Nasus stacker. There's also too little reward for afk farming for so long, while nasus turns into a raidboss veigar just becomes "okay"
Solash (EUW)
: Dem Veigar Buffs
Veigar gonna be so OP now...... Said noone ever. Well, it's a start i guess. But meh I aint feelin it. A slightly faster Q and 0.25 less delay on stun isnt gonna help Veigar recover from 39% to a more healthy winrate like he had pre-dfg removel and after which was 46-49% win rate. The tiny master of evil needs more love than that to be healthy
LiftLift (EUNE)
: Also Urgot isn't even a bad champ lol
thats not the point genius. how is it possible to miss the point that hard? how old are you?
LiftLift (EUNE)
: And don't tell me that I don't like Veigar. I spammed him on smurfs cause it's so fun to just win games by 1 shotting people. But IMO he was just freelo until plat, at least when i played him.
any champion is freelo from bronze to plat on smurfs if you're real skill level is plat. a diamond player can play urgot from bronze to plat, does that make urgot freelo? your logic is so flawed words cant even describe it. add i see you played veigar 5 times on main account from season 3-5 tho, and performed pretty damn bad.
Geohh (EUW)
: well what do? it's normals, just play till rank restriction is up and don't be toxic in ranked if you lose, everyone loses being toxic is a factor in losing aswell.
ive never been toxic, but yea i i try my best. i just wanted my 20 last game match history to be 100% blue with wins instead of 90% . sorta obsessive compulsive, its so random to end at 17 instead of 18 or 20, i hate it
shileka (EUW)
: i think he's very strong in lane right now, i have yet to lose a lane with full AP killean
you played him 1 time, agianst a bronzie with 70% loss ratio that played an even more broken champ than zilean (azir). O K A Y BO Y Z seems like we have enough data to judge if he is viable or not. SEEMS LEGIT
LiftLift (EUNE)
: Most counters but least Counterplay. The point of Veigar isn't to get cought. It's to catch people. That's like saying that TF is bad cause he is immobile and easy to kill once cought. Now he has an actual skillshot that he needs to hit. Which then has double damage since it goes to a 2nd target. Let's talk pre change. Fizz? You just E on yourself (wall) and fizz couldn't get out of his E on top of you or he was insta'd by your W-Q-R (if you went glass cannon youre a retard anyway on Veigar since you got free ap). Talon? Same, E on yourself and you can walk away. But Talon is meant to counter ap mids and he has to all in. Zed? Also made to counter mids. Buy QSS if you get raped too hard early. Otherwise Zhonya. E on yourself and walk away. Leblanc? If she W-R'd to you and you used your E (0 delay >:3) you could just W-Q-R and she's dead. But if you tell me, well she used Q-R-W on me and i got 1 shot or something like she stayed in the middle of my E... Then you just can't play Veigar. You just put your wall on top of someone and they got insta stunned + bursted without counter play...
Of course, the point of veigar was to catch people in the stun. Same applies for Annie. Pre DFG-removal both Veigar and Annie was equal in power and roughly same kit. As compensation Annie got straight up buffs and she is now considered god tier midlaner, and i can see you're abusing that now aswell. while veigar got straight up nerfed into oblivion. If we should follow your theory crafting logic : why you die 15 times as annie? you have an aoe stun. you can just use it and noone can kill you, the point of annie isnt to get caught but to catch people. see how silly this logic sounds? the problem here is that you're biased. you dont like veigar, hence you try make it seem like veigar had a fighting chance agianst fizz, talon, leblanc or zed. He didnt, he never had. veigar was horrible agianst high mobile assassins, and long range mages. that was the reason he never was picked except by a few dedicated people that really liked him since he had to much risk involved. annie on the other hand was alot safer pick, yet shes the one getting buffs and veigar nerfs.. it dont really make sense
LiftLift (EUNE)
: High risk? He had a god damn stun that could be an easy 5 man teamfight win with E-W without ANY SKILL needed... 39% win rate cause people who had negative skill levels loved him and spammed him so they could farm to 1 shot people with average farm. Like come on. He gets damage from the enemies AP... So their apc is fed? ohhh 1000 ap? well too bad that my ult doesnt get 80% of her ap as dmg... oh wait >:3 I have no idea how that champion had a win rate of 45-46% but quite frankly i don't care. People complain about Riven? Where's her win ratio... 49-51 % (51.1% atm). Win ratio is just how well people can play a champion.
high risk since he is immobile and extremely squishy. if you miss your stun you are pretty much toast in lane or in TF's. the few times veigar has been picked in lcs over all the years he has performed horrible. only reason why rito decided that veigar needed adjustment was because in korea he was started to be picked as support with too great success, and i agree with that. his stun was overbearing in bot lane. but his mid lane presence took a huge dump aswell, and he is basically killed off. he has no lane presence until very lategame, he has no reliable poke besides R. he has still no mobility and now that stun is removed he has no defense. so its no wonder his win rate tanked and went down to 39%. i guess you havent played veigar much but let me put it this way : you pick veigar and enemy picks fizz , talon , zed or leblanc. GG game lost. simple as that. thats why he was never popular since he had too many hardcounters. veigar was probably the mid laner with the most counters of them all
Geohh (EUW)
: Was your team toxic to them? where you toxic to them? did they ask for help and get none? all factors in people going afk? Was it ranked? people tend to not afk in ranked as much as normals.... if it's normal try moving into ranked queue, it's the same game just see it as you're playing normals and play what you're good at.
naw noone talked to them , guess they just had internet problems. sorta salty over it tho, ruined my 20-0 win streak >.< i cant play rankeds since im ranked restricted. had it for 3 months
: Lost all interest at "Elo Hel".
it was a joke, there is no elo hell. only bad luck, like i had two games in a row
LiftLift (EUNE)
: fuck veigar, i mean yea he was destroyed but thats the way he should be. his kit was toxic... a long duration point and click aoe stun? with no actual skillshot and the ability to take 1 person straight out of a fight? don't tell me W was a skillshot, we all know you never hit it unless you used your E then W... and the Q-R was enough to 1 shot most people even if you missed W
the way it should be is that champions you dont like should be destroyed and get 39% win rate like veigie has now? veigar was never op, he was an underplayed nische pick with 3% pick rate, 45-46% win rate before dfg removal. he had so many counters that lead to veigar never becoming a strong pick. leblanc, xerath, talon, zed, yasou, syndra, malz, brand, katarina, akali, heimerdinger, swain all could beat him. veigar had his uses, but there was always picks that is 10 times more safe than him and still got the same job done. so yea, veigar was a high risk high reward champion. but he has always been outshined by other burst mages.
Karmoon (EUW)
: I think you need more practice with him. Vel'koz's damage out put is insane. Start Q, W, E - then max out W for wave clear. When you hit 6, as soon as you land an E - go in with your full combo. I understand it's weird to have champ who is purely skill based, with a funny passive and his scalings are weird. But Vel'koz is in a much better position for needing void staff over rabadon's.
from what i understand velkoz scales most with CDR and magic pen, not ap. so you're right. what i like to build is : doran ring -> liandry -> sorc boots -> void staff -> rylais -> zhonya you can of course swap rylai's with deatchup but i like that slow and extra health. helps out alot when you ulti. im really amazed noone has figured out how strong velkoz is and never take him mid.
: > [{quoted}](name=Darth Veidar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=7WNRFYrR,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2015-03-03T13:53:59.585+0000) > > dunno man, if zed , kata or yasou jumps on you and ulti you can just put E under your feet, Q them and walk away unharmed. > > and you got your range working for you, velkoz can still farm proper agianst these matchups even if he cant win the lane by pure kills. In theory yes you are right, u could just e yourself and disrupt them but that doesn't work in reality due to two thins: - you can't always move your mouse cursor that fast to click underneath u. - his animation is not as fast as their animations. Picture this: Kata kites you with Q, then instantly E's on you. I'm betting 8 out of 10 times you won't be able to E in time to knock her up. Then picture her doing this over and over again. If she knows what she's doing, she will kite you to death...and its not like you have a lot of life.
I dont know man, ive played velkoz agianst kata several times and i didnt really feel the struggle. first and mostly i apply so much pressure that her E will be needed to dodge my harrass so she dont have the option to use it for aggression. and in teamfights i will save my E and anticipate kata going full ham on my team with her ulti, so whenever she tried cheese us she got instantly knocked up. I played agianst her yesterday actually, its game number 6 on this list : went 4-0 on her in lane and ended up 11-0. but i have played this matchup alot more on different accounts aswell
: Problem is he is better at support then at mid lane where you usually face high mobility champs like: - Zed - Katarina - Yasuo All these guys can effortlessly dodge your spells and if they get a kill on you before level 6, can tower dive you after that with ease due to the level up advantage. Not to mention they can haras the shit out of you.
dunno man, if zed , kata or yasou jumps on you and ulti you can just put E under your feet, Q them and walk away unharmed. and you got your range working for you, velkoz can still farm proper agianst these matchups even if he cant win the lane by pure kills.
jana (EUW)
: only in 1 game 1 afk, 2nd one was a clear lose of your team..., play ranked pls, normals dont mean nything to anyone else then a high amount is maybe fun to have. good luck
wrong, our adc bigcatlp was afk entire game in the second match. in the other game miss fortune was dced for 10 whole minutes, 5 minutes at start, then she play for 5 minutes and got dced for 5 more. both of those games woulda probably been won since i crushed my lane 4-0 in both games and could snowballed other lanes if i had an adc there. i cant play ranked, im working off ranked restriction in normals :-/
: ofc it might be my part and im talking of personal combo that i try (cause i find it does most dmg) is w followed by e then w again q and r.but in lane most of the time you cant hit your q as you say cause of the minions.on teamfights skillshots are less issue but then as i explained on 2nd problem i find my dmg to be lower than it could be with brand for example. but let the feedback come it might only be me
Your combo wont do more damage if you miss it. That's just common sense. Like I said, never try poke with E or W without a Q connecting first, once Q lands enemy is slowed and you can burst him down when all of your kit lands, the damage will ramp up due to true damage. Velkoz burst is absurdly high. And no, Q is very easy to land, you know you can control when it explodes right? Its easy to abuse an angle to catch the enemy off guard while he hides behind minions. But then agian, to do that you need to have some solid mechanical play. so is like i said a l2p issue, you need to practice alot to master that champ
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: vel'koz
velkoz skillshots is easy as hell to land. how can u have problems landing those? if you hit enemy with Q he will be slowed, so if u put E under his feet he cant dodge it, then when he is knocked up u follow up with a W which also lands. then you press R and he is dead. u can do this at level 6. unless he is a tank he wont survive a full combo. i think this is a l2p situation on your part. you need to be faster with your combo and practice skillshots more before you judge the champion and claim he is "hard".
Rayz019 (EUNE)
: He isn't "Bad", there are people who do his job better (xerath of you want the range and sniping, Syndra if you want instadeleting, Ziggs if you want to be annoying) also there are like, only 2 viable channeled abilities, Kata's Ult and Xerath's ult. Xerath is better because he has better range, his range is sooooo large that he can just sit under tower and ult someone in river while being extremely safe. If you enjoy Velkoz, by all means play him (psst, keep him hidden)
xerath might have longer range indeed but, like i said. xerath ulti is for sniping one person with low hp, velkoz ult is for melting every 5 enemies from 100% hp to very low in TF's. hence why i claim velkoz is Xerath on steroids. i do enjoy velkoz very much, been practicing him for 1 month and as i linked i have 85% win rate with velkoz mid last 30 games. i havent lost a single lane, i crushed them all them roamed to snowball other lanes. actually i think he is very much sleeper OP. he dont need AP items either, his ratios is so high you can just bum rush CDR and magic pen for glorious victory. those items is cheaper than raw ap aswell so velkoz hits power spike earlier than others. but then agian, im was just low gold so what do i know.. there must be a reason why pros dont play velkoz mid. i tried search velkoz mid high elo play on youtube and i found no videos, except scarra playing him once. but that was brutal to watch, he didnt use velkoz combo at all
: Only few have realised yet how much damage this sucker can pull of IF he lands his ratation and you eat the true damage to the face.
his damage is absurd once your combo lands, which is easy to pull off. if your Q connects that means your E will land 100% sure, then follow up with W then ignite and then ulti. even if enemy flashes your ulti so long range he will die at level 6. then just snowball from there. same in teamfights, if you land a Q+E+W on 5 enemies then release the kraken all over their faces someone is gonna have a bad day. he insta melts people with dat passive
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: Are u playing shaco?
naw, mostly velkoz mid
: Veigar got nerfed so hard, you shouldn't play him in ranked. Have fun with no stun against that zed in lane.
thats why im asking if my velkoz games looks decent
Petsho (EUW)
: You need to be able to play on every lane. You can't always get mid.
in S3 i mained support. in S4 i mained top and jungle. s5 i wanna focus mid. but i can play all lanes if i dont get the role i want. but this is besides the point, i just wanted peoples opinion if the last 20 games on velkoz is decent for ranked
Petsho (EUW)
: Well you can't play ranked if you're only good at one midlaner, so you'd need to change that first.
i can play many mids but i wanna just focus on one this season
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Xrozz (EUW)
: {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} i cant delete any Champion Minute 25 anymore.. pls {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
sorry bro but thats what burst mages is supposed to do. annie can do it, so can malz, syndra, brand, velkoz. and all these champions can do it from level 6. veigar has to wait to level 16+ and so can most assassins : leblanc, talon, zed, ahri, katarina. and somewhat diana. while all these champions is viable at all parts of the game, early, mid , late veigar now has to farm to 1000 ap before he can do anything. his only reliable damage is 1 spell and its R but that has very short range and with a non working stun that means you'll die very fast if you try do damage. and lategame where veigar has his only shot now enemies should have qss, banshee, spirit visage, hexdrinker and mercs meaning : veigar cant do shyt. he has 42% win rate now so of course there will be alot of tears. im sure his win rate will drop even more, maybe down to 35%. what riot did to an already underplayed niche champion which has a brutal early game and the most amount of counters ingame making him a risky pick is not cool or acceptable
bbzzzz (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darth Veidar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GZOM0BXN,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-02-27T01:02:33.061+0000) > > you call me retarded when you're the one that cant read? > > i clearly say veigar is still strong late. i didnt say he's fine. i said : before the rework you could play veigar aggro early and mid game, but now you have no choice but to farm until 1000 ap. how does your brain think that means i state he's fine? > > dude you sound retarded, learn to read. i even said veigar now has no damage in lane cuz E wont land, q wont land, W wont land. > > That is the opposite of fine u trashman Yes farm for 40 min and do nothing else while their mid is roaming and ganking at will.... to face one item say banshee veil and everyone laughing (including ADC) straight at ur face - cause you dont even have q to get rid of this.. ok i stop arguing with you at this point fool right now veigar is the worst champion in the whole lol and I find it hard to recall any similar s... in any online game....
exactly, it aint fine. you guys need to learn how to read. i simply stated that now the only way to play veigar is to play farm simulator 2015 for 40mins then you will be strong lategame if u have farmed proper
: so you won a normal game. WP main reason why Veigar is perfectly fine! Jokes off stop making a post about a normal game, you sound retarded
you call me retarded when you're the one that cant read? i clearly say veigar is still strong late. i didnt say he's fine. i said : before the rework you could play veigar aggro early and mid game, but now you have no choice but to farm until 1000 ap. how does your brain think that means i state he's fine? dude you sound retarded, learn to read. i even said veigar now has no damage in lane cuz E wont land, q wont land, W wont land. That is the opposite of fine u trashman
: hrm small guide of what to build vs katas and zeds and yi u alwyas see? every game i play vs 1 not to forget kha rengar and riven and what item to start first? im not really sure with him anymore even during my last game i only got 80 during my game not to mention my team needed a carry nasus can still help early but veigar cant even do that anymore unless i start with frozen heart and try to do it that way also from what i could see some of the enemy team were unskilled players and had bad builds
i think the same strategy apply for every matchup. veigar cant fight or poke anyone early-mid game. just buy 2 dolan rings, tear, morellos and stack up your Q from a distance until lategame. its a bit sad and boring but... the little guy dont have any choice anymore. lategame he is still strong, too bad it takes that long to hit power spike. earlier veigar could hit his power spike when he got his first item : DFG and could have fun from there on. now have to wait 30-40 mins until the fun starts. problem now is, veigar is supposed to be a burst mage. but you cant use your rotation anymore since stun wont land. so no stun, no burst. and veigar dont have the ap to one shot people with Q+R+ignite only until you got like 1000+ AP. meanwhile, annie gets her power spike and level 6 and dont need to farm minions to be strong, she can just farm champions and 100-0 them in 1 second. so if you like burst mages and want to have fun in all stages of game like early, mid , late then annie is alot better pick
: Can we Rename Veigar into Shitgar ?
I dont know man. I've played Veigar around 3000 games and I was very sad about these changes until I tried him out in about 10 games. Pre-DFG and rework I always played Veigar aggressive, i never farmed Q early-mid game, i only used it to poke whenever it was up then roam when I got DFG to snowball. I would usally get 10-20 kills per game and my average Q stack at endgame was 200. Heres my veigar pre-dfg stats : Now Ive tested the new Veigar out and at first I didnt like it. THen i realized i had to adapt and not play only to get kills. New Veigar is like Nasus, you just ignore your lane opponent all early-mid game. you cant poke him even if you try, E wont land. W wont land, Q wont connect. So just farm up that Q real good and lategame you'll be a monster. In my laster Veigar game I got 500 Q stacks and at endgame i had 1600 AP and my seraph was even upgraded, i coulda probably gotten 2000 ap if enemies didnt surrender. screenshot : i felt that veigar has never been this powerfull before. in this game i could kill reksai just pressing R lategame, same with braum. E works in teamfights but not in lane.
: Why I only win?
damnit... another win.. gg. i hate this game
Karmoon (EUW)
: Well, that's actually how you carry. Most people think they win their lane and should get some kind of special reward and win. It's funny seeing people who are amazing in lane and then just feed when it gets to team fighting and start blaming their team 'muh peelz'. Whether you realised it or not, you had a huge impact all over the map. That's how you win LoL.
i see your point and i agree very much. my game phisolophy is to share my power with the team if i get ahead. there is no point staying mid or top if i already crushed the lane with 2-0 or 3-0. if you're ahead you should help other lanes. like in the game i described earlier, all lanes was losing hard until i roamed and corrected the balance of power in my favor while enemy panth just stayed mid. he had no choice, buz he was so behind when i was 2-0 with more cs.
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