: > My account was suspended after basically 3 kids spamming insults and griefing the game for me for 20 minutes I called them assholes Your account was suspended because you flamed and only this thing. No one ban you because in your team or enemy team are trolls.
By that logic all of their accounts should've been suspended ages ago.
Smerk (EUW)
: All reports are checked. If you got banned then it means that you broke the rules. Don't argue with such players, because you will never win in a fight where they have upper hand(number advantage in this case). Just mute them and report after game.
Exactly my point and I should have muted them all instantly. It seems counterintuitive in a team based game you just end up muting them all and they'll still feed at will without seemingly any consequences?
drymonkey (EUW)
: 1 game of griefers shure it culd happen 2 maby 15 hell no +if you got banned you were flaming so ya ....
I think most normal people have a certain breaking point where they'll respond to non stop verbal abuse.
: I played around 28 ranked games this season. I would say for sure at least 14 games had toxic flamers/griefers trollers and the whole bullcrap in it.
Exactly my point. It seems to be a recurring theme the last 6 months especially.
: do you really expect us to believe that you had 15 games in a row of organised party griefers? come on
Right. Except I've actually had a minimum of 1 blatantly obvious flaming griefer in my team for over 10 games in a row.
: You have got to be kidding me Riot
Now imagine he's a jungler and keeps insulting your family for no apparant reason with his friends, also stole your cs and YOU get a 2 week ban. Because that's league for me today.
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