: S Rank in Solo Q
The thing which I don't understand, this simply can't be a "one of time" these trolls do that. So how do they manage to get out of bronze5 when they do that? Is it just basic statistics saying that every now and then he will be on the winning team regardless as the enemy team may also have a troll? I had a great winning streak, Climbed to Gold4 58lp from Qualification after reset. Then dropped to Gold 5 0lp literally non-stop. Yes I may have played a part in some of the losses, but having a Twitch Jungle, who trolled from Champ select by banning a team mates highlighted champ, to feeding 2 early kills then going afk and only coming back at 19 minutes to refuse the early surrender...... How does a player like that, manage to get matched with high silver/low gold? I had many matches where the quality of players was just completely different to the quality on my winning streak.
LeonidPower (EUNE)
: When i play Kayle i almost never use my Q cuz it doesn't deal any dmg and it doesn't slow for that much it takes 2 much mana so thats why i buy Rylai's. Her W however is a bit better than her Q cuz the ms buff is nice but the healing is not that great that's all im gonna say.
Around 400dmg before resists isn't that bad, with a 55% snare for 3 seconds. Then 330 heal / 44% movement speed from W. Being able to keep them within your empowered auto range is great. Then you also have runaan's applying your passive and wits end on hit, you're removing a lot of armor/MR for your team to benefit from also. Stack that with a support like Lulu/Nami, giving you ardent buff. You can shred through enemies quite easily. Probably a different experience in plat/diamond elo, but silver/gold I find that to be the case.
LeonidPower (EUNE)
: rly why u think that ? i think her Q and W are pretty much useless
In my eyes, she's a hyper-carry. Doing both Melee and Magic damage, with her passive reducing their Armor and MR by 15%. Her Q, the slow seem's really effective especially if you build Rylai's to, you W for the speed boost, Q to snare at 650 range, then you auto them to death with Rylai's applying on your E. With {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3116}}, I find her to be a monster for her hyper carry potential. Or, if you partner her with an Strong AD Champ with on-hit especially, like Yi, Jax, Vayne or other ADC's, with ardent etc and her ult you can be an insane combo.
LeonidPower (EUNE)
: Kayle rework
Kayle is brilliant? Leave her well alone imo!
: Alistar can shove AND knockup same target?
Well, most dash's can be interupted by CC, you can knock Tristana out of Rocket jump etc. So it makes sense that pulverize interupts the headbutt dash. The only who who can't be interupted is Ezreals "blink" as far as I'm aware. But you're actually better off Flash-Pulverize, then headbutt the target back towards your team....
: Mf q cheese
It's fine, I see it fairly similar to Draven's Q, in that it needs a few things for it to be effective. You have to focus on your positioning, the enemy position and the creep health / position. Like Draven, if you just run around like a headless chicken, you lose your axe and lose your bonus damage. If you focus on your position and you time it right, for your enemy to position themself within the 30 degree? ricochet, then great. If I lane into MF, I always keep 90 degree to her and poke her when I can....
: What's the counter play to Cait?
Their team comp was just better than your's IMO. LB has great assassination potential with CC, obviously morgana Q with spell shield + ult. Udyr super fast movement speed with stun, cait with traps/50 calibre net. Even irelia has gap close + stun. Whereas you only really have Ekko stun if he can land it and maybe Lulu snare. The fact you were 32 / 39, it was a fairly close match. But you have built Berserker's greaves on Graves for what purpose? Why not Ninja Tabi? Kai'Sa's build looks pretty bad to me also.
looonster (EUW)
Well, technically when you reach your skill level and you are playing with equal opponents this would happen regardless. Although players like Caps etc prove that even then its not the case. But it's just strange how some games, it feel's like all of your opponents are friendly, know what they are doing, know how to CS, farm under turret, play to the advantage's, use TP to secure objectives etc. Then other matches, where it feel's like it's just a free-for-all for toxicity and feeding. I'm sure I'm not the only player who notices this. Having a team makes a huge difference, I'm find with being in gold, I know I'm never going to be a challenger lol. But when the games feel like they have been impacted severely by team mates it's hard to find fun in the ranked system. I get the law of averages means the enemy teams have as many problems as I do. But how these player's even make it out of bronze, when they have no interest in playing is beyond me.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I know this may sound crazy, but what if matchmaking doesn't work around creating win streaks and losing streaks and you create them yourself? Like for example, you get a bit of bad luck, which makes you tilt, which in turn makes you perform badly and lose even more games. Eventually, you get way below your skill level so you get your win, just because you're that much better. This begins your win streak. If you create a losing streak, it will be followed by a win streak. Ideally, you should be able to recognize those losing streaks and cut them short before they get out of hand.
I thought this at first, but I generally don't let things get to me. Most of the games I still tried to win and remained positive. But the communication and toxicity of my team mates seemed completely different. I can't remember the games exactly, but 1 that sticks in mind was a Twitch jungle, where at champ select he banned one of the team's highlighted champ. He then fed 2 kills, first at enemy blue at the start of the game, then bot lane. He then went AFK at 5 minutes, came back later just to refuse to surrender and was verbally abusive at the base. This behaviour, is clearly noticeable. But the games before, you can tell when your team mates are wanting to win and play together. There was a clear difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=Proppa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=uKQHEnaz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-03T06:25:10.443+0000) > > And he has 1000 range on all abilities and isn't affected by CC at all.... he's a LOL GOD?!?!?! dont forget his INSANE mobility
That insta-teleport to enemy champion ability so he can land his 3 empowered auto's is just op'd right?!
Juill (EUNE)
: Stupid winstreak/loss streak game
I felt the same and have stopped playing for the last 3 weeks because of this. I go from Qualifications after season reset Silver4, Climb quickly to Gold3 80LP, then feel like I'm matched with Bronze players and drop to Gold5 0lp literally losing about 15 matches in a row spread across about 2 week period, I lost then would play aram/normal, then try ranked again later/another day and had the same problem. The team mates just seem to be of a completely different standard from my winning streak to my losing streak.
: why is mordekaiser not removed yet
And he has 1000 range on all abilities and isn't affected by CC at all.... he's a LOL GOD?!?!?!
: I've been wondering how challenger / master plays average 10 CS per minute.
Also, it's no good for example... if you take the top turret, then your team wants to push bot lane/dragon, but your ADC Roams top to take the CS. You have teleport and are able to enter into a fight at a moments notice, the ADC would need to run the entire map to help the team fight.
: Does anyone got any fun off-meta builds to suggest?
Foxynerdy (EUW)
: Need tips on LuLu
I like the Font of Life - Revitalize option, your ADC does increased damage when you snare the enemies, whilst revitalize makes your shields stronger. W with summon aery counts as shield, so also procs ardent censer, then E also shields. Also, W increases attack/movement speed, so you can use your adc to poke more. Similar to how Janna grants AD boost with her shield, works better if the ADC is a poker..
Proppa (EUW)
: How are ranked match players determined?
Semi-Pro players will be able to carry. But the toxicity just drags you down. Now, I don't expect to be platinum/diamond. But, when I play games with great team mates all who are helpful I win so much more. Yet there are players in the same ELO, who just seem to just want to throw the matches. I don't understand how or why I seem to be getting placed with them so frequently these last few matches. The games with great team mates, we won easily, I would always be ahead in kills, ahead in CS and ping objectives, take turrets etc. Those games were fun. I understand that being on a 10-lose streak, will tilt my attitude, but I always play to win. But in a game the other day, we killed 3 of the enemy team, we ping Baron. We start, the JUNGLER goes bot lane, (Udyr), then the enemy jungler steals. Now, we should have pulled off if we knew the enemy jungler was alive, but it was a free baron. My last game, the Vel'koz first time playing that champion, he LITERALLY wanted ot throw, he would just cast spells at the nexus and run around in circles, calling for FF every time. How are these player's in gold ELO and why do I seem to be getting matched with them so frequently at the moment. I mean, I'm happy reaching gold given my play time etc. But I'm about to get demoted back to Silver due to my losing streak from having 50+LP in Gold4. It just doesnt make sense.
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TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: This season is evil
I feel the same, I climbed to Gold4, 50+LP. Now, I'm on a 10 losing streak. Took a game this evening, the Vel'koz fed kata 5 early kills, then AFK'd, pressed ULT at the Nexus etc, also saying it's his first time Vel'Koz, and he's just playing around. This has happened in literally my last 10 games, before that I had great fun, great teams etc. It feels like you get a good streak, then Riot decide to match you with all of the toxic players in the game, to put you on a losing streak. I'm going back to PUBG for a bit lol.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am done with ranked.
I'm in the same boat, seemed to climb easily to gold4. Had team mates who were friendly, polite and wanting to win. Now on a 9 game losing streak where the players seem completely different. They aren't interested in communication or playing as a team. My last game, the Udyr spent more time farming than anything else. We killed 3, moved to Baron...Udyr went botlane, enemy junlger stole baron. I go mid to defend, udyr goes bot lane, we lose mid turrets etc... Just seem's like completely different level of players.
FreeKillFTP (EUNE)
This isn't a one-time thing you've done, if you contact them they can provide you with the logs to show you that.....
: Better stats then last 10 games team mates
I sort of feel the same, I had a bunch of matches, climbed to Gold4 58LP. Each match the games felt close, the teams played together well, no int'ing, no trolling, good communication. Then I hit a streak of 8 losses, one game we had a mid victor and an Irelia top, the irelia top was 0/3 by the first 10 minutes, but the Viktor kept abusing me for some reason, even though I was equal/ahead in CS and hadn't died in lane. Literally each game, the team felt completely different and far more toxic than the last 20 games I played. Sometimes it feel's as though Riot matches you up with these kind of trolls just to tilt you. I haven't played ranked since and lost enthusiasm in the game completely at the moment.
Proppa (EUW)
: Nami / Lulu are solid also :D
Nami is great paired with champs like Varus (and Nami can also be played as ADC with Leona Support, great fun). But if Varus ult, Nami knockup, then followup with ult its a dead champ. Lulu effectively has 6 spells, Q the damage/snare, W the Polymorph or attack speed/movement speed buff, E the damage or Shield then the ult.......
: Who is a good AP-Ranged support to start?
Nami / Lulu are solid also :D
: for this meta you will need to play tank top, so you could have strong front line for your adc. so a fed top wouldn't do much.
But it's all about the engage, if your team has no tank then I find you always struggle with engages 5v5. If the enemy team has a tank, who can soak up some damage whilst the rest of your team engages, compared to something like a bruiser, who engages but can get instantly destroyed whilst the rest of the team doesn't engage. If you have a tank, you need to push with him, if you don't then you need to be able to poke safely etc.
: she did actually but still something you can counter, you can do something about it. mid top or jg are countable. It's the botlane, like I can't do anything about it later. It's just overpowered
Then you aren't doing it right, you can suppress the ADC with Warwick, but if your team doesn't synergise with you and follow up on the execute, or they play well and thresh hooks/flays you away from the ADC whilst Blitz hooks the poppy. Without seeing your matches it's hard to say, but ADC are there to do damage, if they get a lane advantage, they can freeze the lane and farm up safely whilst harassing the enemy bot lane. But the mechanics apply to all lanes, if an top-lane tank gets ahead, he can easily bully the enemies out of lane....
: yea you are right, even tho we took bot tower and did manage to feed the midlaner, It's still nearly impossible to counter a fed ADC. what I'm saying is one lane shouldn't decide the whole game.
I would disagree, a good player can make a huge difference. A good support, who actually want's to support makes the world of difference. An AP Lux will do very little apart from a bit of extra damage, but will have a huge lack of gold income when it comes to building damage items. If Blitz misses his hook, but thresh land's his hook.... TF Ult's and land's his gold card, along with Poppy TP. It's hard to say without being able to spectate your matches, but yes, ADC is exactly that a Carry, if the team looks after the ADC he should carry his team to victory. I've had games where I've had morgana support, who only wanted to take the kills, who never gave me black shield, or exhausted targets on me etc. It all makes a difference.
You gave an early kill to Poppy in your 10/8/8, which probably set Darius behind? Their botlane is premade by the looks of it your's wasn't. Your support isn't a support main, their's seems to be support main. So many factor's make a huge difference. MF seemed to be doing ok early game, killed Yi, you killed Jinx, MF killed Thresh, you killed Jinx. But Jinx will always scale later game compared to MF. But I'm assuming the Poppy started being able to make an impact in other lanes?
Look at your last game that I can see where you played Warwick and was 7/5/10. Look at your team's build, look at the enemy builds. Lux with Zhonya, building Morelli, no support items. Thresh, Locket, Knights Vow, Darius only with Cleaver, dead mans plate, spirit visage. The builds/comps play a much bigger part. With a premade like "She is Bad, He is Worse", just rings alarm bells. 127 CS vs Draven's 219, nearly 100cs difference.
I find it rarely has anything to do with the lane, but how well the team's synergise with each other. I've had matches, where I was ahead bot lane, but enemy top lane was also ahead. Enemy top lane TP to bot with jungler and just tower dived me and the support and took another turret with ease. If the team plays well, knows how to co-ordinate or can "predict" what their team will do so it's easier to assist them that's what I find makes the difference.
: Which adc do you recommend me to play?
Erm, Tristana/Cait have escape tools (Ezreal to but bleh), Varus has his ult for good engage/disengage. Or Ashe for the perma-slow?
Eleken90 (EUW)
: Kayle Rework
Please don't touch Kayle! She is such a powerful champion lol.
: Recommended items in store, or I'd use a guide.
So no Guinsoo / Runaans/ Wits / BOTRK / etc?
: How the hell do I even get better?
Also, what on earth are you building on Varus item wise :o
: How the hell do I even get better?
Pick a lane, pick a champion or 2 for that role and practice. Look on sites like http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/League_of_Legends_Wiki for information on the champs, get a good understanding of your abilities. Get a good understanding of the items you can buy and what you are buying them into (Check the scoreboard, to see what your enemy is building), penetration/crit etc. Take custom games, take no runes, and practice last hitting minions. Some games it looks like your trolling, double ohmwrecker on varus? So change your attitude also perhaps. So many possible options ....
superR93 (EUW)
: win = 17 LP . lose = 21 LP
Flex or Solo queue ?
: What support to pick so i can carry games.(i suck at hooks)
As an ADC main, nothing tilts me more than having a mage support who plays it like a mid-lane champ, takes kills, sometimes CS and doesnt bother buying ward items etc.....
: What support to pick so i can carry games.(i suck at hooks)
Lulu is <3 also..... Summon Aery, Font of Life, Revitalize + Ardent Senser... Alistar you pretty much headbutt/pulverize then follow-up stun with passive.....
: Practice Tool
I'd love to see a "*.log" file created with each practice tool, which states damage etc. Also, consider allowing you to choose a champion as the test dummy and possibly its items, so you can find the most ideal build etc.
Boop chan (EUW)
: I can’t play ADC, any tips?
How do you practice last hitting minions? Take a custom game, take no runes or items then practice last hitting. Try and pay attention to which are being hit by your minions. Try to always focus CS in your lane, if you get a substantial lead in lane it will make you unstoppable. If you can't last hit, then you are pretty much limited to Support or Jungle roles as every other lane is CS dependant.
Zekutsu (EUW)
: What other ADC should I play aside from my main Xayah?
Varus is a great pick imo..... his E can be great for the heavy-sustain champs like Mundo etc as it applies Grievous Wounds. He also gets the passive attack speed boost and with a support like Lulu he can be almost unstoppable!
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Givifa (EUW)
: How could i've carried this game?
Yes, report them both :) If you have 2 players in dispute, it's almost certainly a loss. No matter how much you try and talk politely to these kind of trolls, it rarely has any effect, just like 90% of the trolls online.
: Problems in game
I've had something similar, to where it feels like I'm lagging where the FPS drops....
Juicee (EUW)
: Best solo adc?
What about {{champion:81}} also?
MrRenite (EUNE)
: Can I ask why support champions are HYPER CARRY
You should try Nami ADC with Leona support ...... <3
TenHoumo (EUNE)
: On what LP gain/loss is based right now?
You on a win streak, he's on a lose streak...... only to do with win/loss nothing else.
Antenora (EUW)
: MMR affects LP. One thing I noticed is your wife has really low CS per minute. I am going to presume she's bloodthirsty and chases kills more than farming. I'm guilty of it sometimes too. I see she plays ADC, CS is extremely important to an ADC. In Bronze, Silver and Gold getting fed by farming well is a better win condition for a ADC then going 12/3 in a game. They have no idea how to stop a well farmed player. What you guys can do is go into a custom game against each other. She plays her ADC, You play a support that can apply *some* harass to her while she tries to get as much farm as possible. A 10 minute farming session per day before you play can help a lot :D
This is one of the things I did lots early on. Take no runes/masteries and practice last-hitting minions. It makes an immense difference!
: > [{quoted}](name=Proppa,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FfaEAbIk,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-01T17:24:04.420+0000) > > Draven 20 kills / 272 cs. You was 174CS and 5 kills. You were never going to kill him, unless you got full build also. He was 100cs ahead, so kills or not he was clearly dominating his lane. Some games you just aren&#x27;t going to win IMO and that was 1 of them. > > 34 min game, 174 cs..... So you have about a 40% CS Rate. Draven was 65% CS rate. So work on your laning phase and getting yourself ahead. > > Any lane, regardless of where, if they have that much of a CS lead alone, it&#x27;s going to be hard for you to do anythying against it. Thanks, I was a little mad after that and didnt realize. I didnt farm too badly in laning, compared to others in this elo (high silver). Thats usually the case, but I fall of later when we group, and dont know when to split and apply pressure. I should probably have done it anyways, as I clearly couldnt stop him from murdering my team.
I'm gold5, ADC Main, so I'm not high elo either. But you have to look at the item screen, look at the team comp also. You have a Darius who is behind and 2 assassins, so you have no engage. They have Blitz and Jax who are pretty much gauranteed to kill 1 target on inc. They have better CC and team comp all around I think. But if you play zed, you need to learn how to press your advantage, if you get behind you aren't going to assassinate anyone. It's why I prefer playing mage's midlane, as you can easily poke (Xerath <3) without really putting yourself in harms way. So many reasons really and yeah, someone was deffinately boosting his account when you look at his match history and previous ELO.
GreyfellD (EUW)
: Vayne + Tristana
It's all to do with the supports they have IMO.......
: Fed ADCs
Draven 20 kills / 272 cs. You was 174CS and 5 kills. You were never going to kill him, unless you got full build also. He was 100cs ahead, so kills or not he was clearly dominating his lane. Some games you just aren't going to win IMO and that was 1 of them. 34 min game, 174 cs..... So you have about a 40% CS Rate. Draven was 65% CS rate. So work on your laning phase and getting yourself ahead. Any lane, regardless of where, if they have that much of a CS lead alone, it's going to be hard for you to do anythying against it.
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