: Do you use the AD/MR/active+movespeed bonus? Check. Do you deny Veigar his combo? Check (after he uses his stun and you are still running for his face, he has nothing except flash to save him from certain death) AP champions that have to build QSS to counter others have it rough. Shyvana is "almost" a prime user of this. Anyhow, the stats are just an added bonus, you need the active.
Oh. If there are 2+ people chain CCing you, there is nothing you can do except "not get hit at all". But that's not really Veigar's problem. That's a smart usage of teamwork (Veigar's cage is pretty huge and Nami's R is even bigger, try avoiding both at the same time) Veigar deals that damage only, and only if you are not moving. He himself has one way to stop you. Nami has another two. =GG Nami. You alone can't do anything, to beat teamwork, one needs teamwork. (Veigar got supported. I as a support main see numerous ways how you could counter this play, from Mikaels second stuncleanse, to Taric's AoE invulnerability, depends on the support on your side)
: Except there are only a handful that can actually build {{item:3139}} without it being quite...stupid. Shyvana whom i was playing is not one of them. The QSS is used as a means to dodge his stun but being a diver i still need to stick around him making it possible to hit me anyway. And so it still holds true that a single rotation will kill me and i can't really do anything because i can't afford to run away because my team is right behind me. And honestly i often get CCed by a lot of things diving in but getting killed in under 2-3 seconds by veigar and the support trying to wait out the CC? Feels really bad. Only solution is to get tankier but his ultimate being an execute kinda makes that pointless in a way too. I´ve seen that thing deal more than 2k damage by itself on a non squishy target that was over 60%.
Do you use the AD/MR/active+movespeed bonus? Check. Do you deny Veigar his combo? Check (after he uses his stun and you are still running for his face, he has nothing except flash to save him from certain death) AP champions that have to build QSS to counter others have it rough. Shyvana is "almost" a prime user of this. Anyhow, the stats are just an added bonus, you need the active.
: Banshee feels horribly useless on a melee champion, i´ll be a little better of in skirmishes but in actual teamfights that shield goes for anything. As a diver i´d stand in the middle of the enemy team and the shield will be long gone before veigar has even gotten in range unless i diver over a wall or such. No i think banshee is made for ranged champs looking to avoid specific things from happening such as {{champion:32}} ulti or {{champion:79}} flash ulting. For that banshee is great. But melee running in? 10 out 10 times the ones to pop the shield will be the support or adc using random stuff just for the heck of it x) And yes i do know that it in fact does have more MR than spirit visage but spending gold on a passive that barely works feels really bad. Remember when {{champion:22}} was op? Constantly W's everywhere rendered anything like a banshee plain dumb x)
Which still renders QSS the counterplay you are looking for. You get stunned and Veigar wets his pants thinking he got you into his combo, you QSS, dodge QW and make his R do pathetic damage. Veigar used everything and gained nothing. GG WP
Leyrann (EUW)
: Riven isn't by definition one of the worst champions to pick into a juggernaut. I agree that Garen and Darius are bad lanes for her (though it's possible to win a Darius lane if you play well enough), but there's also juggernauts like Sion and Nautilus that I never have any trouble with. I'd even argue those are some of Riven's best lanes, before champions she counters like Yasuo, because she can afford making a mistake or two in these lanes. And if locking Illaoi down is not her weak point... Then what is? Not fighting her until she's taken down your nexus? At some point you gotta fight to get her away from your towers/inhibs/whatever. EDIT: On mana costs, it's _far_ worse for the game to have a champion with low mana costs, than a champion without mana. Mana is meant to be a limiter; once you're out of it, your combat power dramatically weakens. Champions without mana costs are designed to not have this weakness. Giving a champion mana costs implies that champion is going to hit that limit where they don't have mana anymore and are now much weaker. If you then make the mana costs so low out of mana doesn't really happen, you're faking a weakness which, as far as I am aware, is something Riot really doesn't like. EDIT2: All that said though, I think I'll try Graves next time I see an Illaoi on their team. Still really want to know what to do in the cases where Illaoi picks after me though.
Sion and Nautilus aren't exactly juggernauts, they are more tanks (=they have more CC and less damage). Illaoi's weak point is RANGE. Her worst matchups is all ranged champions. If you have to go in melee, you go in with a champion even Illaoi doesn't want to melee (Darius!! Maybe Jax or Irelia after triforce) If you have to gangbang her with multiple people, you want to be as spread out as possible (=have some ranged characters). IMO the best way to deal with Illaoi is to 1v1 her with a ranged/Darius.. If you played a bit of Illaoi, you would know her weaknesses. And about the manacost thingy - i believe you would have noticed that all of the new/reworked champions that are using mana even if they look very warrior-assassiny-physical type, their manacosts are very low. Khazix, Talon, Darius, Illaoi, Camille, Fiora, i could go on. It's a repeating theme. Main damaging tools are cheap, their ults are more expensive.
Leyrann (EUW)
: The thing is, with Illaoi's mana costs, you can dodge her E ten times, but if it hits once (and to be fair her E is quite fast), you lost half your health. Q is easy to dodge, I agree with that, but it becomes a whole lot different when she ults (which, I am aware, indeed means run like hell, and is exactly what I did).
Well, if you are against Blitzcrank as an ADC, you also need to dodge 10/10 hooks, because one hook means you are going to die. This is pretty much the same deal, on very similar cooldown.
Leyrann (EUW)
: This is basically what I did though - I farmed, did not go for fights, except for when I got a gank at level 3, where we got Zac first blood. I dodged almost all her E's, but as soon as one hit (basically curving around a minion, by the way), half my health was gone. After recall, when I dodged her E, I decided to pick a trade. I lost hard, even though she didn't ult and I was playing Riven (who is supposed to be one of the best traders in the game). For the record, we both had a Phage at that point. Some time later, after she had used up basically all her mana (I'd estimate she was at 15%, maybe even less), I thought I could kill her; she'd have to walk back first because the lane was right at my turret, and we were somewhat similar in health (something like 30-35%). Five seconds later I'm sitting there wondering wheter that champions even _has_ mana costs, let alone noticable ones. Then, a short while later, just after I've gotten a kill on the enemy jungler with a good roam, I go back top. She somehow pushed down my tower insanely fast, but that's not even the point. Zac is there too. Both me and Zac are full health, and we run across her in our (blue team) Tribush, where she just walked in. We, of course, go for her. It's 2v1, we have 4 cc's (which we _all_ landed, by the way), the only things we didn't have up were my ult and Zac's passive. We both die, she lives. Before this fight, she was 1/2/0, she hadn't cashed in her first tower money yet, and she was only slightly ahead of me in farm (something like 15 minions ahead and both around 70, also she hadn't cashed in most of that either). I don't remember what Zac's score was exactly, but he most certainly got first blood on her a while earlier, so he wasn't starved in gold either. I do not see _what_, _at all_ we should have done differently here. If you can't 2v1 someone who is not fed when that champion is not playing to their strengths (Illaoi is supposed to be best when she's had time to spawn tentacles and when her opponents don't have a lot of cc, while she didn't have tentacles while we had 3 knockups and a stun), then there's something wrong, considered weak or not. She then continued to deal _crazy_ damage all teamfight, not helped either by the fact that our mid laner was pretty bad and our support and jungler both liked getting caught out on long walks all the way to the river while all our outer turrets and most of our inner turrets were down already. So yeah, apart from picking a ranged champion (which, by the way, you can only do if Illaoi picks before you, though I admit that was the case this game), there's nothing in your advice I didn't do. And I still lost _hard_.
Her W is an autoattack reset and can target turrets. Her manacosts are really low (You play Riven, you can't really complain about this), much like Darius's. (about 40 mana per spell? Ultimate is about 100) Riven is a good trader....but would you go trade with a Garen or a Darius? Illaoi is basically the same stuff. Tanky with lots of damage. They can't get to you. They WANT YOU to engage them. Which you did. Riven is melee and can't reliably destroy tentacles as they appear, which means Illaoi's dueling and pushing powers skyrocket. Riven is one of the worst champions you can pick into a juggernaut. 4 CCs might matter if you take down a squishy. Illaoi is not squishy and as i said - the more you group up on top on her, the more hurt points is she gonna do. She just needs the one moment to cast her EWQ, then she can happily sit in CC before her cooldowns come back up.
Leyrann (EUW)
: What am I supposed to do when playing agaisnt Illaoi?
OK, so first - Illaoi is the better, the more people is she fighting. If she hit her E and you still engaged with Zac and Riven, that's 3 people to spawn extra tentacles from. The general rules are: "if Illaoi hits you with E, you run like a lil %%%%%" "if Illaoi ults, you IMMEDIATELY DISENGAGE and run like a lil %%%%%" "If there is an Illaoi, you definitely don't want to play squishy melees like Riven" People that CAN fight Illaoi in melee range are Darius and some super bullshit half-tanky-half-super dps champions like maybe Irelia/Jax. Even then, you rather want to fight her 1v1 instead of getting help from your jungler. Your jungler should help only if you are heavily outpushed or ganked by the enemy jungler. You are playing Riven, the dash goddess. If YOU are not to be bothered to dodge skillshots because there are too many of them, nobody is. Illaoi is just that. Slow, clunky melee character with oppressive zoning. All her damage (apart from W) can be dodged. If she hits anybody with E, you need to either destroy the ghost or run like hell. She can't chase. If Illaoi ults, you run like hell. FK all Syndra's kit. As a squishy melee, THIS is your doom.
: I had 2 full magic resist items along with merc boots., this along with shyv passive is a lot of MR. And his cage is such an absolute dominance tool in teamfights. Honestly i knew i was going to get hit jumping on that ADC but i never expected to nuked out so completely. I think it's quite the same issue as some ADC's being able to kill fighers damm near instantly as well. If i build tank stats like resistance and health i damm much expect not to be outed by a guy in a single combo. Fine if he hit me with 3 or even 2 q's first but it was 1 Q. 1 W and then ulti and it was out. I had more than 3,1 k health and more than 170 MR and he just sent me flying. It feels so useless to even bother building MR when he can do that.
After Void staff, i agree, building more MR is not that helpful. What you do need to counter him is either Banshee's or QSS to avoid the stun. Unless you are full tank (meaning true, 6 items only for defense tank), if you walk into his stun and he has his cooldowns ready, you can expect some heavy punishment. His weaknesses are plenty but now....you literally played as Veigar wanted.
Tjidde95 (EUW)
: Autofill punishes adc mains
These "supports" are going against their best interest. It's a ranked game, you want the LP, so you try your best even if you aren't playing your best role. Right? Right?? ....ok, i forgot how dumb people can be. They should return to the ages of pick order, where the last pick would play support all the time and can't complain because they would get reported. The next time you see a "support" like this, i advise you to get anything else besides ADC. ADC can't function without a support. Get a mage or a melee bruiser. Fight fire with fire.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Not nothing, but nothing about teamfights, if you stand by that earlier statement. >My opinion still stands. Exhaust as a summonner spell is not overpowered. Yeah. Your opinion still stands on the basis of wrong assumptions. If you actually think you just know better than people like scarra, without any arguments other than "the game needs this mechanic" (which is true, but not the point that is argued", there is no point in talking to you.
I am by no means a pro player, my teammates aren't pro players, my enemies aren't pro players, therefore i do not care about pro player's opinions, since those apply to high level elo games only. Pros don't consider Yasuo a threat, yet in my opinion, the game would be much better off with him deleted. In this fashion, i am going to stand by the point Exhaust is necessary to the game, because of the points i have already made. Especially since this applies to the majority of LoL's playerbase
: I didn't say ulti alone, i said a single rotation meaning all his abilities. And the game at the time was around 35 minutes and i was fed which is why i had a full build already. Veig however was sitting at {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3285}} , 1 item and 2 lvls under me and he still nuked me to oblivion with a single rotation. Altho thinking about it i might have taken damage from killing enemy ADC so i might have been sitting at 85-95% hp but it still feels silly that he can just pop his cage and watch me die unable to run anywhere and then i am dead :c
His combo is solely reliant on his cage. If you get hit by it (while it has a delay and also can be cleansed with QSS/Mikael's), only then you can be hit by his full combo. He has no mobility. He has no escape. Without hitting his E, his only real damage tool is his ultimate. He has to have SOMETHING to be worth picking for. You weren't even playing a full tank, just a bruiser with a few MR items (which he countered by building Void Staff) Veigar has damage. 1 item and 2 lvls under you, he can still have farmed his passive enough. There are so many "if"'s his damage is totally acceptable.
Migerance (EUW)
: I'm not forcing anything to anyone. Facts are there to prove you wrong. What did riot do when 80% of the community wanted solo q back during season 6 ? Answer yourself this question..........
They listen to the community, they just don't blindly obey every single suggestion. Same with autofill. LOADS of people disagree with it. Yet Riot believes (and i do so too) it's better for the health of the game. Ask yourself this question - if Riot really tried to piss off as many players as possible, what would they gain from that? Your logic is flawed.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Yes it can. Thats why people like scarra say its overpowered. >Teamfights aren't decided in 2 seconds and if they are - we are at a point where damage heavily outclasses tankiness. So youre saying you dont know how teamfights work. Okay. Because that statement is stupid as hell. Just because not everyone dies in 2 seconds doesnt mean a teamfight cant be decided in 2 seconds. >Your cooldowns (aside from flash) are on a shorter cooldown than exhaust, therefore you can succeed the next time. Which is completely irrelevant in potentiall gamechanging teamfights.
OK. So i probably know nothing. Glad to have found out finally. My opinion still stands. Exhaust as a summonner spell is not overpowered. Its uses are situational and almost all of them are "shutting down/helping survive that one assassin/super fed guy". It's an anti-snowball mechanic that promotes teamfights over single skrimishes. Since i despise soloers and assassin players in general, exhaust is my way to fight back.
Migerance (EUW)
: Its kinda cool and sad at the same time how naive you're..............
Every company cares about money. The easiest way to make money is to make the community happy, so that they play your game and spend money on it. Which means, Riot is actually trying to make their game interesting and fun to play. It's kinda cool and sad at the same time how you can force your conspiracy theories on others as if you were 100% confirmed right.
Ennoraetil (EUNE)
: What caught my attention is, Where are your support champions https://memecrunch.com/image/50daecc3afa96f3e52000010.jpg?w=400.png
He's got Morgana and Annie! Also Sion can support pretty well. I have also supported (normals) with Garen and Tryndamere! ....but yeah, everybody should learn how to sup. Starting by buying sup champions.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: The problem arises when even teamwork cant effectively counteract exhaust anymore, and we are currently at that point.
Can't it, really? As far as i checked, it cripples one person for a set amount of time. Not the whole team. Teamfights aren't decided in 2 seconds and if they are - we are at a point where damage heavily outclasses tankiness. Exhaust gives squishy dps characters the ability not to get instagibbed by a threatening damage dealer (mostly an assassin). However, it requires timing and the enemy to commit to killing. If you play and move as a team and exhaust is so crippling to you, you can bait it and back off as soon as you get hit by it. Your cooldowns (aside from flash) are on a shorter cooldown than exhaust, therefore you can succeed the next time. Teamwork is the solution to everything.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
0.5 sec delay before it activates. Plenty of time to move around. Delayed spells are powerful and have a right to be powerful.
: He doesn't just kill targets with 1500 hp tho, i´ve played shyv going something like {{item:1419}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3512}} {{item:3065}} and i still got killed in a single rotation. His ultimate being an execute is silly :c
His ultimate being able to 100-0 tanky mages was silly. They reworked it into an execute so that it doesn't "execute" at full HP. If you get hit by his EWQR combo, you SHOULD die, pretty much as any character excluding full tanks. Have you seen his AP gain? Have you seen his ratios? Ult only can't kill anybody. A whole rotation (provided he stunned you in the first place (=outplay)) kills everybody.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Exhaust is enough to be picked almost every time on supports, be a viable spell on midlaners, sometimes being picked up by toplaners, junglers that dont need flash taking it (mainly shyvana and shaco), and most 3v3 games featuring exhausts on both solo laners (or bot and support). Dont get me wrong, I dont think its "hurrdurr super OP", but i feel its too strong ATM when paired with the shitload of shields, heals and survivability the game currently offers. The one window you have before the heals and shields hit you get exhausted, and youre practically useless.
Would you rather play a league of instakills or a league of teamwork?
ZzAlivEzZ (EUNE)
: Veigar is ok
The only unmissable thing Veigar has is his ult and that's only strong if you are below 50% hp. His Q is dodgable His W is EASILY dodgable His E is avoidable (even if you get trapped inside, you can still move and dodge both his Q and W). Also, there is a thing called QSS against problematic midlaners. Malzahar mid? QSS a must have. Annie mid/bot? QSS a must have. why not Veigar then? It cancels his CC = gives you mobility to avoid his spells, congrats, you just made 3/4 of Veigar's kit useless. Also you get MR to counter his ultimate, which does pitiful damage when you are full HP. Seriously, noone is gonna believe Veigar just oneshot you with ult only. He had to hit you with his Q at least as well.
Northmund (EUW)
: About "Exhaust" summoner spell.
We have countless people complaining about ADC's being unplayable. About how everyone and their mother can 1v1 them and/or oneshot them. We also have countless people complaining about autofill and how they hate the support role. Now we have people complaining about Exhaust being too strong. I don't know. Maybe. Just maybe. I know it sounds silly and all. Maybe. Maybe, sometime in distant future people will realize that supports are a viable (and irreplacable) class. @OP -> Exhaust is perfectly fine. If Exhaust was so OP, everybody would be running it. We are only seeing it on some supports and some midlaners... and on midlaners, it's only useful when facing against a melee assassin. EDIT: If you are an assassin player and want to nerf Exhaust, let me laugh in your face.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ennoraetil,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nlGhpgsV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-01-15T19:51:24.417+0000) > > Problem is that Vayne is still stomping even after all of her nerfs,same thing will happen with Yasuo. > I got a perfect solution,a perfect nerf for Yasuo = Remove him.I'm not proud anymore of him being my second highest mastery champion. Problem with Vanye is that she is supposed to be a 1v1er and a Tank Buster. But somehow on ult and 1 Q after, you as a squishy is already half health in lategame, while she is chasing you to the oblivion. Meanwhile Mr. Yasou has this problem of Crits. He should get regular crits and have that shield as his passive, instead of double crit with reduce crit damage. Plus, his W shield is too oppressive He is suppose to only block key abilities, like a Jinx ultimate. But this %%%%er just uses up and maneuver around it.
> [{quoted}](name=Liathum,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nlGhpgsV,comment-id=000000000002,timestamp=2017-01-16T13:03:23.002+0000) > He is suppose to only block key abilities, like a Jinx ultimate. But this %%%%er just uses up and maneuver around it. Exactly my point that has been constantly bashed and praised at the same time throughout multiple Yasuo threads. It functions as a reactive spell (think spellshields) that also works against ranged autoattacks (think dodge). It also works as a zoning tool, since no projectiles from that direction can threaten you or your team (which is a HUGE deal in jungle teamfights) and is AoE, instead of being Yasuo only. So. It's better than a spellshield, because it blocks more than 1 ability. If used to block one key ability, the wall stands there for 4 more seconds, absolutely fking up anything from that direction. It's better than a dodge - dodge applies to autoattacks only, and while it doesn't defend against melee autos like Jax or Shen, Yasuo has more than enough mobility to only choose melee battles he can win. Just to compare - Jax's dodge lasts for 2 seconds at max, Shen's dodge starts at 1 sec and when maxed out, lasts for 2 seconds. (Which is how it should be when converting a single person defensive mechanism and expand it to AoE). It's better than Braum's wall as well, since it destroys the objects instead of redirecting them. *but but but Braum can move when defending!* True. However, did you know that if you catch a skillshot tied to CC, you are getting CCed even if you block the damage? And did you know that if you block Nami's Q, you can actually get CCed along with the person hugging you? Yasuo's Windwall is far superior to all these combined. Duration-wise. Adaptability-wise. Resource-wise (costs no mana and cooldowns are pretty similar to all of these). And people still complain about his damage. Double crit is fine. His passive shield is fine. The ult cooldown and the ult buff duration are not fine but would be way less of an issue if Windwall was nerfed as it deserves.
Sanl (EUNE)
: League of Legends is a game, where your personal skill doesnt matter at all
It's a 5v5 game. Every game, 5 players lose. The better - more teamworking - 5 players win. Ofc, your personal skill should matter. But not to the point you can win the game by yourself. If you are more skilled than your lane opponent, use the advantage and help other lanes. Or push like crazy. If one team has 1 skilled player and the other team has 4 skilled players, which team should win? Honestly, unbiased. If you are the 1 skilled player, ofc you will get mad if the enemy wins. However, just imagine. Your team has been playing consistently well. You are organised, pull out multi-person ganks, cover objectives and everything. THEN THIS SUPER SAYIAN SINGLE PERSON COMES AND SLAUGHTERS ALL YOUR TEAM ALONE. This "sometimes" happens with champions like Yasuo. And oh boy, can THIS be actually maddening and feels unbalanced. I prefer the version where the team with more good players wins. 1v5 champions should not be a thing, ever.
: Busted ass shit
Another thread about a squishy, dashless ADC with no hard CC or another escape being OP. Hello? Are there still assassins out there? Some infidels are in dire need of instakills.
Stephaniee (EUNE)
: Hello special snowflake that ruins the ranked game for everyone, and uses the excuse of someone telling you to upgrade your trinket, ward, or build actually useful items as "flame" (word being misused, flame means fire) and continues to be worthless and offended by what you are. If you used your brain for one second you would realize that you cannot insult anyone, ever. Either you are something or you are not. If you are being worthless then accept it, try to overcome that, if you are being successful why bother with someone else's ignorance?
You aren't allowed to flame. Summonner's code. You basically signed a contract with Riot about this. And if you "give advice" in the same manner as you are talking to me now, i can understand people aren't very happy about it and consider it "flame". Manners. Learn them. (also, how can i ruin ranked games when i barely even play them?)
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: The Q-R longrange engage combo is definitely a very strong initiation that not many champions have in the game and that's true, I guess that's the one thing she has over other jungle picks, reliable initiation. At the same time, Fiddle comes out of nowhere and wrecks the entire team :P
Fiddle comes out of nowhere if the enemy doesn't have vision. Fiddle can be focused down and instakilled before he gets Zhonya. After he gets Zhonya, he can't move and can reliably kill only one target - the one he feared. Also, Fiddle is very weak to displacements (Poppy comes to mind). Sejuani is much more reliable than Fiddle. Also, if Fiddle is behind, it's much harder for him to come back in the game whereas Sejuani will always be tanky to some degree and will always have the AoE stun.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: Buff Sejuani
I don't think she is underwhelming. She is just that - a tank jungler, with some possibility to go semi-AP. Much like Amumu, Malphite or Maokai. Her early clears had always been an issue and her early ganks were always kinda strong for a lategame tank. She doesn't get innately tanky, yet she scales with HP, she is pushed towards building tanky. Her main power is that her Q is available from early on and is not reliant on hitting an enemy to make the move (unlike Maokai/Amumu/Nautilus). She can gank before 6 (Unlike Amumu/Malphite). She can cross terrain to escape. When ahead, i like to build the mage version of the jungle item, proceeding into full tank. Also, given her Q not requiring a target and R being a ranged skillshot, Sejuani can engage from the furthest away from all the tanks you listed. It gives you surprising amounts of burst which can make you go from "meh" to "wow"
: ADC!?!
Support feels useless. *riot makes support better* Support is no longer wardbot but still feels weak. *riot makes support better* Support is actually good and fun to play but people still think of them as wardbots *riot makes everybody ward and limits wards of one people so that everybody knows supports aren't wardbots* Support is a fun and impactful role. People still refuse to support because you are not a damage dealer. *riot tries to make support even stronger and more noticable, also kinda forces people to learn it to shorten queues* People throw tantrums every time they get assigned as support. Partners of said supports don't get peeled or otherwise properly supported. ADC's are unable to play without proper supports. ADCS SUCK!!!! (A short review of what really happened)
Tiichu (EUW)
: He has so many videos, I just watched some random ones, not anything specific. xd I remember watching a video of him playing a game and he was making jokes about a duck or something... and swearing a ton. That video wasn't very impressive to me. xd One thing I notice about him tho in his videos, is that he is...openly not shamed/nervous about doing weird or odd stuff or screaming in public places.I guess it isn't something just anyone would do. xd
Well, he is the most famous youtuber nowadays and he is expected to upload at least a video per day. Nobody even cares anymore what kind of video will that be, as long as Pewdie is in it. That's gotta take a toll on the video quality. As i have said, some of his game walkthroughs are pretty good. Others are kinda painful to watch. Some people love him. I don't mind him. He is a cool guy. But sometimes he just tries too hard.
Tiichu (EUW)
: PewdiePie is supposed to be funny?
Watch something that you watch to get to know the youtuber, not something that only his hardcore fans can enjoy. I found out about Pewdie when a friend suggested we watch him play Outlast, because both of us were so fking scared to play the game ourselves. The game is less scary when it's not you playing it and the atmosphere ain't as tense when there's a blonde swede singing the Pirates of the Carribean theme while running away from a monster. Any content that is not a game walkthrough is kinda trash tho :)
jacktjong (EUW)
: It's still not broken. Yasuo W Cooldown: 26/24/22/20/18 seconds Sivir E Cooldown: 22/19/16/13/10 Seconds + refunds up to 140 mana Shen W Cooldown: 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 + blocks for everyone inside + core build gives cdr Braum E Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 + reduces damage taken and first projectile negated completely Additionally, the abilities are all designed to work for the champs they are designed FOR. Yasuo's wall isn't all THAT good because it either limits Yasuo to staying behind it to dodge skillshots or get out of its cover to start being mobile again like Yasuo is ment to be and do. And don't come with the excuse: "But those cooldowns don't matter >:(" because they really do. Yasuo's wall is maxed last generally and a 26 second cooldown on that wall untill level 14 is long which makes it balanced. And maxing the other listed abilities is less bad for the others than for Yasuo because Yasuo loses tons of damage while Shen and Braum just lose a small bit of damage and Sivir loses damage on her W (or Q) which scale from ad pretty nicely anyway. And btw, if you are gold for 4 seasons straight and STILL don't know what to do against Yasuo's wall while I've figured out in one season, I'm pretty sure you're a boosted bronze or bad at League, or both.
So, let's start again. "let's compare the cooldowns" Nobody maxes these first. Or second. Your argument is irrelevant. Sivir blocks one thing, if you are good enough. Works only for spells. Shen blocks autos only. If you are standing in the zone (which limits your movement way more than just "stand behind something") Braum doesn't block anything besides the first hit, he redirects things to himself - including CC on the abilities, with no reduced effect except for the damage. Yasuo does all of those. For the longest duration of all of those. For no mana/energy (unlike all of those). He can guard himself or his allies. He has the 4 second duration since rank 1. (Unlike Shen, who has to pay for not maxing this) The skillshots just disappear, with no secondary effects. It's so vastly superior to all other similar abilities it's sickening. If i had a champion designed around having a 7 second stun, it wouldn't make the ability any less overpowered. Too bad Yasuo is already a pretty darn good champion without the windwall, he is not built around it. It's just his "parry" ability that Riot tried to make (and failed horribly). A parry like Fiora's - that's a well balanced mechanic, short duration reactive spell that blocks your movement until you finish it. Can't find any good arguments so you need to attack my ELO. Just like any other person on the boards that disagrees with me. Gold gives Victorious skin. I get there and then i leave it there, every season since i started (Sona release) I like normal games with semi-trolling, unusual builds. I just hate those games having Yasuo on both sides, every time. I hate that those games are decided on Yasuo being useless/feeder/godmode. I hate that you basically cannot pick any skillshot champion because Yasuo exists. Yasuo, Yasuo, Yasuo. Yasuo. Yasuo, Yasuo. He needs a nerf if not just for making him less popular.
: The differences between Olaf and Mundo merely underline the fact, that they are the same thing
Olaf has True damage Mundo can be shut down easily with grievous wounds. Therefore in my mind Olaf>Mundo.
kiro1315 (EUNE)
: Your happines is over the ban has ended
Brilliant, now you can finally try to behave like a human being. Now that you are playing on an account that has been recently punished, be 4000% more careful about what you say in chat. Being "righteus" hasn't worked that well for you. Maybe it's time to stop flaming once and for all.
Tiichu (EUW)
: How do you play against Ziggs at bot?
Pushing carries that don't let Ziggs push to their turret. Tristana/Sivir/maybe Graves come to mind. Sivir even has a spellshield to use Ziggs own power against him (regain mana)
: How to deal with TALON ONESHOT?
Talon is made to demolish squishies, especially those that don't force him to use Q as a gapcloser but as a melee crit. Counterplay? ADC? Stick to your support. Squishy AP? Under turret, try to CC him and poke him from afar. He can't really all-in you when he is on 25% hp. Zhonya is your best friend. Squishy AD not marksman? Those are a thing? even Yasuo gets a defensive item that prevents Talon from oneshotting him. A glass cannon champion with no Zhonya and/or exhaust and not sticking to the support is destined to get shit on by Talon. Oh, there are squishy AD-notmarksman champions. They are called assassins and their counterplay against other assassins are to kill them before they kill you.
: zzrot is not a solution because no one wants zzrot on enemy side and they crush it even they die and it have 150sc cd(next patch 120cd). And zzrot range is not enogh to put it in safe place
Sunfire is the thing that pushes minions while you are nearby. Zzrot is the thing that pushes minions and turrets, even when you are on the other side of the map (i.e. absolutely god-tier for Shen). Zzrot can also serve as a turret-tanking means, as the voidspawns will take turret aggro AND drop it by the time they enter the animation for turret-suicide-attack. Also, Zzrot has the same duration as it has cooldown. The next patch will change both to 120 sec, which feels like a buff honestly, since very few times you lay Zzrot it stays there until destroyed. Zzrot rushed first is the most scumbaggy thing you can do as a toplaner because it's so effective/requires little skill.
: autofill is killing me
It's making people go support. If those people are losing you the game, it's not autofill killing you. It's people stubbornly refusing to learn support. According to Riot - everybody should learn to play support, even though if your main roles are different. Don't like it? You are a part of the problem.
: This is kinda true but only for her old Botrk build, her crit build shredds everything while bursting extremely hard. It's really maddening to play a non tank and then get 2-3 shot by a vayne in under 2 seconds :c This holds true when playing a fighter and getting killed in 3-6 shots.
She can't oneshot like assassins can. This means time to react. When there's time to react, there's counterplay. Ofc, if you try to 1v1 a semi-fed vayne (=vayne reaching her lategame) with a non-assassin champion, you are going to have a bad time. getting killed in 6 shots means you had loads and loads of time to do something about it. EDIT: Also - her crit build has no lifesteal. Meaning all sorts of poke will stay. Vayne herself has no means to fight except for her short-ish range all-in. That's where her support comes into play. And if you get outplayed by an ADC and their support.... that's teamwork and that's been OP all the time.
Darthwii (EUW)
: #Ahrimain really, really worried right now
Does this mean that you'll have to actually use multiple spells to get the TLD proc off, not just a spell that deals multiple hits? Does that mean MF support will again fade away to nothingness?
House x33 (EUW)
: Shame ? Guilt ? why would they ? they're anonymous
EXACTLY THE PROBLEM. Please, let's become the future. Please, make people sign up for accounts not with their e-mails, but with their real life IDs. And to hell with "no naming&shaming" Somebody violates the rules? Make a board of people that are forbidden to play ever again. Photos. Names. Gametags. Reasons for punishment. You have one ID, you have one account. Better take care of it. *takes a deep breath* **SOME PEOPLE DON'T DESERVE PRIVACY**
Stephaniee (EUNE)
: This is why this game is so dull, men are becoming women, they are becoming special snowflakes that get offended to the point they would cut their own throats if someone TYPES something that offends them, regardless if they deserve it or not
"I can't insult everyone as i like, that's so boring" Men don't become men after a certain number of insults over the internet, just a fyi. Go on, go to the nearest bank and tell the cashier you have slept with her mother. Go tell the lady enjoying her coffee that you think she is disgusting. BECOME A MAN. Is this way too out of context? Nope, it's not. It's the basics of human interaction. Don't insult me just because i can't come over and bash your head in if you cross the line with the insults. It's not "us" not being able to handle insults. It's "you" only being able to insult because you are safe behind your screen. If "you" insulted anybody in real life with those insults, not only you could get your face flattened, but if used at certain places - you could get restricted from visiting such places ever again (the Real Life equivalent of Permaban).
IkOerman (EUW)
: How is vayne a "fun" champion?
tanks get popular *Vayne is the most OP thing ever created* assassins get popular *Vayne is utter shit* tanks get popular because assassins got popular *Vayne is the most OP thing ever created* There is nothing like a "fed vayne" or "starved vayne". its either -you got a team that is innately weak to vayne's kit and you should do your best to end ASAP- or -you got a team that fights in bursts, which is something Vayne can do absolutely nothing about- Vayne is K. She is the anti-tank hyperlategame carry. If you get assassins against her and her team doesn't protect her, she dies instantly. If you pick Renekton or anybody similar, after a certain level, you begin to ask "why can't i as 15/4/0/ kill that 0/10/0 Vayne?"
: > [{quoted}](name=Speknekje,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=6EJARvzW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-07T11:43:56.830+0000) > > Main rule of LoL, do not try and give player advice, 98% of the time they want to know everything better and they start babyraging. Its that bad?< Cant even give someone advice?, Wow, That is sad, That's how people learn, yeah i'v learnt my mistake anyways but some people take it alot dont
Giving advice in-game is 99% perceived as "you did something wrong, you suck, i know better than you and you should listen to me" which.... is not boosting their self-esteem to say it lightly. People learn exactly by mistakes, anybody offering advice is instantly hated. If you want to give advice, you'd need to explain what and why is wrong, what is a better option and all in a manner to make the person want to listen to you. ....which is UNREAL in the heat of battle. You need to wait until after the game.
: Could twisted fate jungle work?
Aspeed onhit TF can do that. AP can't really clear all that well... and yeah, you have stuns and after 6 - a brutal ganking tool.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Cait (and a lot other champs) does the same push with a better overall kit. Also sivir's spells cost too much mana to win the lane, range is too short and spellshield is not reliable. Also items help other champs way better. the ult is just okay, but you need space. you can be picked and be uselesss.
Range is not short. Q is not short and W bounces are way, way, way beyond her AA range. Her mana is replenished with her E. It's as reliable as your reflexes. (I know Yasuo can do this 4times better but that's not Sivir's fault. That's Windwall being broken AF.) Just by having it at your disposal makes all Blitzcranks/Morganas/Zyras unable to lock you down. Any ADC can be picked and be useless. Some have dashes to help them escape, Sivir has spellshield+her ult, which can be either worse or much better, depending on the matchup. The ult is "okay" if you pick Sivir into a teamcomp that doesn't utilize it and absolutely brutal if you have the right champions. Sivir is a teamfight/splitpush carry to support immobile powerhouses in your team. Play her like that.
: Ziggs Support what did I miss lol?
Ziggs support is the definition of poke. His bombs can be lobbed over minions so he doesn't screw up his ADC's farm that much. His Q max range is ridiculous (and the cooldown/manacost pretty low) His E is a zone control tool soft CC. His W is a zone control tool hard CC. If needed, he can repush - pretty hard. Also, his turret execution is still there.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Why is sivir such a garbage
She is a pusher with spellshield. A hard-counter to single (s)killshot supports (Morgana, Blitz...) The power of pushing has been recently praised with Ziggs bot. Sivir does pretty much the same - as in: How do you want to outpush a Sivir? Also, her main power comes from the teamfighting utility. She does not reliably kill a single target, yet you can be sure she will deal tons of damage every teamfight. She gives her team a speedboost, which is what many players overlook as it's not a skill that deals damage. However.... imagine a Darius, sprinting at you with 80% burst of movespeed, closely followed by Braum and Amumu. Sivir is just tossing some damage from behind surely she did nothing to win....
: No only veigar can do that too of the actual ap carries and he needs a shit ton of ap for that Ziggs has his inbuild lichbane passive + lichbane and his w which executes towers Any apc with 800 ap and lich bane would need around 3 autoattacks at least
Well, Veigar has 800 AP after 3 items. Have you seen a fullbuild Veigar demolish turrets? Or have you seen Kayle/Diana? They might not "oneshot" turrets but their huge attack speed combined with the AP bonus on turrets make them deal with the turrets under 5 seconds. Or how about Nasus? Has everybody forgot the "farm for the first 20 minutes of the game, 2 shot every turret afterwards while being FULLTANK"? Turretpushing has always been strong. Another example - Azir - had to be toned down since he was just too good at pushing turrets.
: regardless it should not be allowed.
Every AP stacking champion with Lichbane can do that. Funny people complain about it only after the Ziggs ADC fad. AP gives you bonus damage on turrets. Lichbane gives another AP ratio to a single AA after casting a spell (That's a hella lot of AP ratio already). Ziggs has a turret execute to finish it off. However, Ziggs can only reach about 700 AP at max? Imagine VEIGAR doing this - without any sort of execute but with his -easily obtainable- 1400+ AP.
jacktjong (EUW)
: Cause you didn't mention one thing. It's stationary. You can reposition to shoot around it. It's the one part that IS predictable about Yasuo. His windwall will always stay where it is.
Yes. Sivir's spellshield doesn't stay. It dissipates after one spell or a second. Yasuo can block a single spell reactively, then leave a bonus - 4 second wall of nope. Shen's dodge aura doesn't stay. It's for "up to" 2 seconds, at rank 5. It starts at 1 sec. You can use it to dodge autoattacks or to make allies dodge autoattacks. Yasuo does this too, with the little benefit of double the duration with a single point in it AND blocking spells. Bait it out? How? if you have one skillshot that enables your other combos, he will save it exactly for it, never casting it before. Then it can be predictable, because it already blocked what it had to block, AND IT BLOCKS ANY FURTHER INTERACTION. I don't need to continue with this, you get my point. Yasuo's Windwall is "unique" in the sense that it's simply 2-3 times as strong as abilities that have similar purpose. Is this okay? Since Riot tries to turn everything into a skillshot, i'd say it's not. Thus, i want it to be used either reactively - similar to spellshields (1-2second duration) OR I want it to be used as a zone control tool - thus the 0.5s delay, preventing reactive casting. Right now, it's both.
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