NebSenyah (EUW)
: Tf Ability info
Armakar (EUW)
: Help with climbing
First, you should play for yourself not for your team. "and I'll continue to play agressive so that Xin camps me hard and that way Vi can focus on helping top" WRONG! Top lane is pretty much done. Jungler shouldn't focus on losing lanes but instead on wining lanes. It would have been better if you asked her to gank you instead of feeding Xin and the enemy botlane. Rengar is one of those champions who are either useless or insanely strong. So after he failed early he's pretty much done for. Also focus on your current game instead of making threads here.
: 0 ap still murders your team
An unkillable tank with ranged poke, slow, AOE stun, shield, movement speed increase, every third attack deals bonus dmg, blink, and an OP ult that heals you and deals insane dmg. Very balanced...
: Teamwork is overcommercialed. (SODIUM OVERDOSE)
My ranked experience in a nutshell.
: What is your unpopular opinion regarding something in league of legends?
I think bruisers are OP because they deal tons of dmg while going full tank...{{champion:122}} {{champion:86}}
: When the irony is strong
Wait, I thought tyler1 is perma banned{{champion:119}} hehe xd
Strikerz99 (EUNE)
: So, which Project Skin Shard Blueprint did you get?
Damn this game hates me. I wanted anything but lucian and I got Lucian.... Then I rerolled him and got vindicator vayne ... but I already have 1 vayne skin and I dont even play her wtf
: > [{quoted}](name=Pruhskeelz,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bEGiKsBK,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-08-09T11:49:33.340+0000) > > The real question is why is Khazix there and where are Malphite, Darius, Olaf and Maokai? Khazix is the only assassin there on the list and one of two junglers.
Ok. Still doesnt answer my question
: Why is Varus considered a 'Starting Champion' ?
The real question is why is Khazix there and where are Malphite, Darius, Olaf and Maokai?
: Why is Varus considered a 'Starting Champion' ?
Sanji2014 (EUNE)
: How do I get another cache fragment?I was told the augmented caches wiuld be available for IP but I can buy them with IP
There are 4 caches available for IP at the momment
momoandapa (EUNE)
: Disruption icon
Can I get skins for champions I don't own?
: People seriously need to get over it
I find it funny how some people feel offended when a random stranger in a pc games calls them "noob" or tell them they suck. It's ridiculous how many crybabies are there. When someone is toxic I just mute them and keep playing. Low leagues are made for toxic noobs after all. If you want to climb you ignore them and keep playing for yourself. It is impossible to stop the toxic behavior of some people.
Kippiiq (EUW)
: I don't like the mute button, though i do use it sometimes. instead of muting them i prefer to try calm them down as much as possible so they flame less in the future. at least i hope that happens.
: Key Fragments
: AGAIN!!! How can i prevent this from happening.
Well it seems your jungler was shit. Best thing you can do is to just lose without tilting and play another game. IDK why you care so much about this.
Cobritsa (EUNE)
: Why u trash talk your jungler when u get solo killed by the enemy laner ?
: I could buy Locket, Crucible would let me remove the Fizz ult. I could cc him before he e's, or force him to e before he gets to my AD. There are plenty of things.
And how exactly are you going to buy these items along with boots, sightstone and the support item, of course? Please stop bringing out your theories as they don't make any sense at all. Do you really think it's that easy? That Fizz will literaly one-shot you and you can't do anything to prevent it. This is the meaning of snowballing. Would you still blame yourself for not being able to prevent the one-shot(lmao) or maybe it's YOUR midlaner's fault for feeding that Fizz?
: If you're not able to carry your games at the level you're at, that's probably because you're at the level you're meant to be. "It's you, not your team" is the definition of this game. Unless you played a perfect game * You warded and saw every gank * You snowballed * You didn't make a single bad choice That means you didn't die * You affected every other lane as much as possible * You created so much pressure 4 people came to your lane and you just walked away * You shotcalled your team to victory Then it's still down to you. There's so much you can do to change the outcomes of games, and if you can't, guess what? These people are YOUR rank too, they're having a bad game, they're on tilt. You're in the top percentile of players with a 50% winrate, your main champion at a 53% winrate. It's going to appear that you're losing a lot more than you're winning, but you look at your match history and you can see in your Sona games, you either stomp or get stomped. At no point do you go even. As much as I agree with some very valid points you make in this post, overall I disagree with the point. It **is** down to you to win the game. If you play to go even and in theory, get carried, you're not going to win. If you're meant to climb, you'll stomp every game, because your skill level will far surpass the level of your enemies, regardless if another lane is getting slaughtered. > The people, who have a consistent kda, cs, roams, vision, objective focus, everything. But they keep having the most ridiculous luck with matchmaking, This line describes it the most, matchmaking isn't luck, matchmaking is matchmaking. You're being matched against people who you should be matched against, and if they're not people you're able to win against, these aren't people you should be getting matched with. **It is not down to your team to win the game, it is down to you**. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm repeating myself, so I'll put it another way. When Faker was climbing, do you think Faker spent his time thinking about how bad his luck is with teams? Or do you think he found his problems, worked on them and go to where he is?
You do realize that you spent 15 minutes of your life typing this bullcrap, right?
: No. If you are better than everyone, you are that guy with luck who gets sht enemies and just stomp them. Its not that you are really better. Its just matchmaking giving you advantage on the very beginning. If you have many matches where you were better than everyone, that means you got where you are with pure luck not your real skill. Now I know how you people of "its you not your team" think and why. You just got lucky with matchmaking. I was saying this very long time ago yet everyone refused to accept the truth. Now you explained and admitted its true. Case closed. Truth revealed. I dont have any further questions.
: So lets say someone lost 10 games in a row. In every game 2 or 3 teammates fed enemy to oblivion. The guy did perfectly. Crushed his lane opponent, outplayed few times fed enemy in 1v1. How can he blame himself if his team dealt no dmg and was dieing insantly every fight without even doing anything meaningfull. You cant carry 1v5. Are you still going to say he should improve even though he played perfectly but the circustimates made it impossible to carry even with godlike plays.
: The " It's you, not your teams" quote
That's what I was looking for! Good job on the post bro! Today I played a game vs Annie. My jungler ganked and we killed her. She then started to rage at her team and telling me everytime her jungler or top laner is about to gank midlane. I won't lie that was pretty helpful but imagine if I was on that team and that guy helped the enemy team. The other 4 players were just unlucky to be matched with that guy. Being able to solo carry every game is only possible if you are better than the players in your current league. To be better you have to improve but how do you improve when you are forced to play with teammates like that? I can't blame myself for not being good enough to carry when my whole team suck, right?
Doomley (EUW)
: >I won't learn to play another champion just because it counters tanks. Then you don't have a right to complain. Why should riot nerf champions that are balanced just because you dont want to play in a way that counters them?
I do have right to complain. I will not change my main role just because Poppy is good against tanks. I don't play top lane because I'm not good at it. WHy should I change my whole playstyle just because some champions are unbalanced and deal tons of dmg without even building dmg items? Zed for example wont deal any dmg if you build him full tank. Why do Maokai or Malphite do it with all tank items then?
: Poppy counters all tanks. Blade of the Ruined King. That new jungle item. Liandry's. Learn to counter.
"Poppy counters all tanks." I won't learn to play another champion just because it counters tanks. "Blade of the Ruined King." It's viable just on a few champions. "That new jungle item." What if I'm not jungler? "Liandry's." Again, viable on a few champions.
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