: Shaco has his box to cc and his ult to dodge damage.
so how exactly can you use your boxes to CC other players in a teamfight? except for jumping in boxing and getting blown up even with your ulti, if you get a ziggz or a xarath with aoe your clone isnt going to help you much? Most of the time when you try to use your box in a team fight it gets destroyed with 2 basic attacks? right now the only way for you to use your box is to plant it behind your team so when they escape they have some fears providing you have some smart players that actually uses the boxes to escape
: Shaco Rework
Talon has his ulti when he needs to disengage, Zed can switch with shadows, khazix can jump after a kill, most assassins has some kind of disengage or after they have engaged, shaco can either engage or escape, so if you have a cc team shaco is screwed at least with this kit you can do engage, escape and even distract the team just a bit and still get out of the fight.
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Febos (EUW)
: Can you tell me your rank in the previous seasons? Season 4 and Season 5?
yea but if you win 10 placements in a row shouldnt it keep your rank in par?
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Tylelius (EUNE)
: THANK U :D...THATS EXCACTLY WHAT HAPPENS TO ME AND I HAD THE SAME IDEA :D..im glad im not the only person who thin leavubuster is jjust a way for rito to troll us..i mean rito trolls us more than trollers do when they leave and they dont even get a leavebuster :P
boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/pme3ieo6-forgive-button-for-going-afk-or-dcing-leaverbuster read this mate
: Game crashes, and I get Leavebuster after I connect 2 mins after game crashed
boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/pme3ieo6-forgive-button-for-going-afk-or-dcing-leaverbuster read this mate
: Nope. Whether or not someone is punished is not for the players to decide.
You get punished for letting your teamates down and making the game unpleasant, but when you are in a premade team of 5 and you get punished for reasons not in your hands. So now your teamates says its ok and they want another game with you, now they have to wait 20mins for a game, don't you think its unfair to them when they didnt mind that you dc'd and had to fix your error or put the power on because something had tripped the power in your house, if that is the case there is no incentive for the player that dc to reconnect and help their team and do their best to prevent the loss.
: A decent enemy team
Yeah when i lose a game I never blame the teamates, its my own fault for not carrying or calling the correct shots
CranDi (EUW)
: 500 ping and unable to reconnect
I cant conntect to the server, everytime I start up league it takes forever to log in and as soon as im on the home page it says An unkown error has occured, I have asked several of my friends and they all have the exact same problem, the server status says everything is working.
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Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: so the player that goes afk and get "Mercied" ( I hope that is a word :D ) is gonna lose less LP than if he would play until the end and lost full LP? Thats weird or I dont understand. Thats is gonna make people go AFK even more when they see lost early phase of game hoping that other 4 players in his team gets Mercy from opponents and he lose just half LP.
You would mercy vote the players and not the team, that way the people who leave just loses LP, but there must be something that will attract the players to actually give mercy. Some people will take and not give back, although the percentage that you will lose LP is increased as this will be the unsportsmanlike players that will ignore the mercy system. You cant even reward people for showing mercy because its a way to abuse the system.
: Well if you read the FAQs it says that they won't remove LB penalties at all. By the time they get the ticket you got your 5 games anyway that removes all penalties
But i never asked them to remove me I told them that i was getting punished for no reason
: Riot has bots answering their Support email of complaints or Lazy staff. (Not cool Rito)
Ok guys I know Rito isnt God and can get to all million tickets but I am getting unfairly punished on leave buster, the first email I sent was a notification what leaver buster was doing and never asked them to remove me from leaver buster, The second mail was complaint and I still did not ask to get removed and that was the response I got. Like the problem is from my side( yes riot I have the leaver buster admin program Ill just climb into the coding and fix it, Yes you guys are right Its all my fault sorry). Ive been playing since beta. So if it was human it would ask me to please send me the log file so we can investigate or they could at least just say we are very busy at the moment we will contact you shortly). If it was humans please reply with the an answer not a Notification of something that I do know. Btw way I did get a human response on a 3rd ticket that I made. Last night the server disconnected me while i was playing and when I tried to reconnect it gave me a error stating to check my firewall and bla bla(everybody knows that error) The thing is I just got out of leaver buster 20min waiting time and this was my first game after my 5 games that i wasnt in low priority que and here I disconnect and cant reconnect. I mailed them showing the screenshot error saying your game has crashed told them if I get leavebuster again they can delete my account. and Wafa actually replied with theeee most sincerest apology and that the servers are having issues.
LuckyLuQ (EUW)
: Thanks alot Riot
Well i had the same problem and got put on leaver buster, I complained and found out either riots staff is lazy or they are using bots to answer support tickets as I got two replies just informing them about leavebuster both with two diffrent requests and I got the exact same reply.
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