Solicitude (EUNE)
: Can anyone comprehend the idea of Anivia staying in base with infinite mana and her ulty covering the whole map?
Well, I meant no range, not infinite size spells... That idea would create a hell not even seen in frozen where every single step would be slowed down and painfully while you need to attack her from your base. oh god... I like how you think.
LazySlav (EUNE)
: HAHAHHAH i must say this made me laugh so hard.. I can't handle the fact that blitz would just stay at base and grab people... SO MUCH FUN DAMN!!! WE NEED THIS MODE!!!
: _"Hey blitz what lane are you playing?"_ **Base.**
The fact that im a main Blitz HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IDEA Not a lot to do I swear Maybe something. Maybe... GOD I WANNA HOOK FROM BASE.
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ChaosJuda (EUW)
: Turrets should be more resistant than now, it's really stupid to see a turret destroyed in less than 10 hits, they do no damage at all, they resist less, but if a turret is destroyed it gives a huge advantage, well, where's the risk? If I want an advantage I have to risk something, I have to struggle for it, right now the game give this advantage for free, tower dives are too easy to make, and way too convenient, since turrets take way too much time to fire even a single shot.
That's exactly what I think. At this moment they made the risk/benefit graphic quite balanced to one side. Is quite sad that, at level 3, an ADC can take 3 hits easily but, if you have to leave with your duo in botlane, your turret will be, at least damaged half life.
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