: New name, new atmosphere: Making magic in the LEC studio
More seats would be great. Tickets are always sold out 4 weeks in advance, so the demand is definetly there :D
: it's pretty sad when you have to bribe people to watch your esports...
Every other major esport except (Western) LoL does it..
: How to get tickets for the LEC in Berlin!
: League of Legends European Championship is here
I'd love it if the logo was painted in the new colours. One "flame" (I think they look like that) in teal and one in orange. At least I'd like to know what that would look like.
: Yeah but it'll likely make travelling to here a nightmare for fans, players and the production crew
Spring is your last chance, Riot :D
: Ender, Foxdrop and Jarge join the 2018 EU LCS Summer Split on-air team!
Leovwin (EUW)
: So if you go to Madrid to watch the finals, you'll only hear Spanish? When I watched the finals in Rotterdam, the casters were there as well and you could hear the official cast commentary.
It depends on the connection of Riot to the broadcast partners (non-English European casters are not hired by Riot afaik) and how well the country generally speaks English/how many foreign fans will come there. While for example Germanic countries (Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia) usually speak English pretty well and everyone learns it at an early age, other countries such as France and Spain have a way lower population speaking English fluently.
: > [{quoted}](name=Joe Cat,realm=EUW,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=0b8qmBxv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-30T18:12:25.658+0000) > > These four regions are just way better and further developed atm so it's just fair to give them more slots since even their lower tier teams could beat most of the top teams of the other regions. France, Spain and Germany I can get it, but no way UK is better than other European regions Their representatives have historically sucked looking at UK scene own merits In 2017 Spring Qualifier for CS, Team Larsen that inherited the spot from MnM Gaming finished dead last in their group, in Summer Qualifier MnM finished tied for last in their group as well. In the entire 2016 and 17 the only UK orgs to get to CS was Misfits with its main roster and Academy and a grand total of 2 UK players between all their iterations (namely Alphari and Maxlore) - and Misfits born from the ashes of an American org, Renegades, and even though it is Uk is backed by Na investors - and Huma that was so shady managed that the owner got banned and they got forced to sell In 2015 Spring the UK orgs in CS were Dignitas EU, a minor branch of thei main LOL team that was in NA, that wasn't using a single UK player and finished 4th in RS then relinquishing their playoff spot for the other UK org, Reason Gaming, thet finished 5th in RS with an all Polish roster, and failed to qualify to LCS; in 2015 Summer Team Overclockers UK with the former all polish roster of Reason Gaming finished 5th and Ex Nihilo finished last with 1 Uk player in the roster (Impaler), while Dig EU went on to qualify to LCS with their all Danish roster that then became Splyce with a German org In late 2014 UK money were put to acquire the roster that C9 builded in Europe with 0 UK players and eventually win LCS expansion tournament (after failing regular promotion)... That's pretty much the track record of UK scene in CS level Compare to French/German/Spanish organizations throughout the years of the output of Nordic and Polish regions No way UK SCENE deserve 2 direct spots in group stage + 1 in the play-in., when the only thing that has ever bring is some money through few organizations (Fnatic that is based in UK but is basically an org with roots in the entire EU even before LOL, H2k and not much else basically), they should have been lucky to even get 1 spot in group stage as Nordic/Poland regions just for the money factor, give them 2 is just crazy bad decision as they would really be deserve only 1 spot overall with that team being in the play-ins like other minor countries indeed
Agree. It looks a little forced to put UK on a level with DACH/ESP/FRA.
Yuka (EUW)
: We'll release them when the MVP is announced on April 8th. :)
: Your All-Pro Team of the 2018 Spring Split is...
Will you not release the full votings ('who voted for whom') this time? D:
: Play Braum like Norskeren
: Hamburg sidste år, 345 DKK for begge dage. Er der gratis måltider weekenden over? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} (Hamburg last year it was 345 DKK for both days. Is there free meals over the weekend?
Yeah, it's insanely expensive (Denmark in general).
: ERL 2018 Spring Breakdown
When will there be more information on qualification/seeds of the respective leagues for the Euro Cup?
: Get on the Danish Hype Bus! Ticket sales end February 7th
Ha! I'll go to Copenhagen for the finals by Flixbus :D
Saibbo (EUW)
: They'd if it wasn't for Gilius smites
This is gonna follow him all split long lol
: Betsy: “Perkz isn’t the best in the west. I think Nukeduck is better.”
Yuka (EUW)
: What kind of bugs are you experiencing on the mobile version? Also that's great feedback for the schedule bar - I was thinking it looked a little cluttered with the dates being repeated too. I have an idea how we can simplify it so I just drew up and emailed a design to our tech team right now. Hopefully they'll have some time to implement the changes! :)
Well, for me it looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/65zrs There's this weird grey bar under the first article which is not supposed to be there I guess. Also, team logos are not showing in the standings.
eQ Pexee (EUW)
: Hi! Does anyone know where I can get a picture of soaz ?? LOL CLIENT
Don't know which one it is exactly but you can find pictures of pros here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/lolesports/albums
: Reforged: EU Lolesports in 2018
Would be good if you took a look at the mobile version. It's quite buggy for me there. Plus, if you made it so that - in the schedule bar at the top - the date would only show for the first game of that day. Cause right now it's kinda hard to differentiate the playdays.
JockyLove (EUW)
: where is eu lcs finals taking place and where is worlds taking place
Both will be announced in early February (at least that's what they've done in 2015-2017).
WheelKing (EUW)
: Is there gonna be any way for Dutch or Belgian players to compete in this tournament?
Some Rioter said on Reddit that they hope to get ESL BeNeLux involved for the Summer Split.
: European Regional Leagues and the Europe Cup
That's a good step. The CS never had a bright future (especially financially) and ERLs have lower salaries which is healthier for investors too.
: It took them only 4 years :D
: Get Ready for the 2018 EU LCS Spring Split
I know you're getting a lot of negative feedback, but I just wanted to say thank you for the better schedule :D
: Attend the LCS - Unlock cool rewards!
Still waiting for the announcement of the location for the Playoff Finals..
: The European Challenger Series is Back!
Most hyped and exciting EU CS Split ever (except for **maybe** the 2015 Spring one with Origen).
: I still hope there will be some changes to the LCS and CS format. We don't need franchising/permanent partnership, but still some sort of better revenue sharing and some better integration of the CS/national leagues in my opinion.
... and also Riot EU should focus on helping/making it easier for all the different language streams. For example the German stream is not allowed to stream LCK anymore etc. which shouldn't happen.
: EU LCS Update
I still hope there will be some changes to the LCS and CS format. We don't need franchising/permanent partnership, but still some sort of better revenue sharing and some better integration of the CS/national leagues in my opinion.
: 2017 EU LCS Summer Group Draft
So basically the groups didn't change except for switching out the relegated teams!? Was kinda to be expected though.
Rioter Comments
: Worlds 2016: Group Stage Schedule
Well, I won't be able to watch the games on Thursday and Sunday (/for us Friday and Monday morning), but last time people from NA had shitty times, so I don't mind that.


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