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Charibasa (EUW)
: This is the first great item idea on the boards. Great job!
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: [CHAMPION SUGGESTION] Jaeger, Sockpuppet of Death
Everything sounds good, but use Hero Machine 3. It's a lot better looking champion creation tool, just type it in google. :) gl
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Okay, my constructive criticism: **Base stats**: His base movement speed is too high, drop it down to 345 and we have a deal, and maybe reduce his mana per level, increase his base mana by 25-30 to compensate, otherwise he'll be spamming abilities late game like crazy. **Passive**: Looks good. **Q**: Normal ability, looks good. **W**: Here's where things take a bad turn. 6 second cooldown, 25 mana cost for a 2 second movement speed steroid and an average ~200-225 shield for a normal top lane fighter given the standard items is too strong. With a 40% CDR, you can spam that shield and movement speed boost every 3.6 seconds for 25 mana, that's broken right there. Increase the cooldown to a standard 10 seconds at all ranks and make the mana cost drop from 70 to 50 (70-65-60-55-50), then we have a deal. **E**: If the AP ratio is relatively low, let's say 20-30% range, then i'm okay with that, and maybe drop the base damage from 100-200 to 100,120,140,160,180. **R**: Daaaaaamn, son, those steroids. And I thought the Darius rework was OP. Seriously tho, lower the duration to 10 seconds at rank 3, 9 at 2 and 8 at 1. Then decrease the attack speed to 30-40-50. Then damage reduction by 5% on each rank, so it's 20,25,30%.
Thank you for your time to check it out and give your opinion, I appreciate it! I will listen to you and change it in couple minutes!
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Shiroe x (EUW)
: I am sorry it's not a better community.
Your opinion.
: Then why are there so many people having issues with it along with myself, do you come to the boards just to post pointless comments?
Raentwo (EUW)
: I should be reported for Riot having bad servers?
It's your internet, not Riot. If it was Riot, the other 9 people, would have that ping, too. :)
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Yeah sure it will fix everything. Hey you flame,step out of line, pick something i don't. We will kick you.. So much abuse. No idea why people think this is a good idea, like really.
You never tried it, that's why you think its a bad idea. But whatever I'm gonna say it, I used to play CS:GO, I've never been really kicked, never flamed or did something like griefing. People tolerate even bad players there, they only kick the ones that are insolent. It's so much better community, Valve doesn't even have to check the reports, the community is better in thousand of ways.
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TypeSice (EUW)
: The most of player dont get it. Guys... there is a first online game when someone can be punished for "toxic". What a word is "toxic"? By the way, dont you guys think that toxic players want to win harder than most of players? Riots make prison where everyone get scared to talk. Better if riots gonna fight with scripters, afkers, trolls, feeders and eloboosted players. Why they hate ppl who "toxic" but who tryhard in every game? I got 2weeks ban for i said that my janna are "pussie" and asking my jungler comes to gank (topic called "ban for 2 weeks for this"). You can find all log for this game. I never said that someone "retard", i dont wish someone cancer, i dont said "moron, idiot, trash, burn in hell", i dont wish to die to parents. And i get 2 wekks ban for this. Guess this is totaly unfair with riots side. Sorry for my eng.
Don't complain. I get reported for telling people to stop feed. League players are the most butthurt ones.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TypeSice,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MEE8V4Hp,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-09-28T07:34:30.443+0000) > > So why this guys play ranked games? League position themself as "cybersport". Cyber, but still sport. Place where people trying to be better than others. And why good but "toxic" players must play in rankeds with a "fluffy" guys who just want to relax? Dont forget please that i talks about ranked games, not normals or customs. > So make some rules to join in rankeds, not only "reach 30 lvl and 10-20 champions". > 1 more time sorry for my eng, but i think you understand me I personally only play ranked. I enjoy the competition when I am playing and feel like I achieve more when I win but that doesn't mean that it's not relaxing. We have no way to find out before a game starts if someone has had a bad day, if they are not playing their best, did their dog or cat die. Maybe they know they made a bad call and died once, twice , ganked and a third time. But the verbal abuse puts them over the edge they play worse, midlane is getting fed and they are getting destroyed. Then the "Report X for feeding" come in and **BOOM** you have pushed them too far (where on most days they would just deal with it.) and now their only goal is to make you lose. In any sport verbal abuse is not allowed and you get penalised for your actions. Consider yourself lucky and look at solo queue as training for when you're actually in a tournament. What are you going to do when your mid laner is 5 kills behind? Roll over? NO!!! STEP UP work with your team and pull it through to late game. If your nexus has 1 HP its not over, **It's not over until you win!**
For the toxic ones there's a button " mute ". For the griefers, there's nothing but lose. What do you have to say about that? And still, we have no report for people who ruin the ranked games, only a "Unskilled player" report that does absolutely nothing. If you insult everyone on your job, you're gonna lose your job, however if you are useless at your job, you will still lose it. It would be great if people who lose 5 ranked games in a row for example get a restriction for lets say 5 normal games. Also if LoL is "sport" likes you say, then everything should be like in sports. Example : Football. If you swear and abuse other players you'll get red card, right? But if you can't play football at all and ruin the games, you wouldn't even be in any team? Don't let people who lose every single ranked game, continue to ruin ranks. And I'm not talking about people who just aren't good, but seriously, who says " Imma try ADC Teemo " and then gives first blood on ranked. I mean ... that's griefing.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Why do you play on the same level as those guys? If you were as good as you clai, you wouldn't be in Silver
I'm not saying I am better than them, but at least I am trying to climb up, while some are just chilling out there, playing ranked with champions, they've never tried before.
: Will I still get the Season Awards if I have not been toxic since my most recent ban?
Riot must WATCH the games, instead of just looking at the chat when deciding whether to ban, or not ban somebody. I completely understand why you used to be toxic, there are plenty of brainless idiots playing out there, ruining your rank. Now straight to your question: There is no such thing as " Riot " in general, there are many people working for Riot inc. , and those who will review you at the end of the season will be different than those who banned you. However chat and ranked bans do not affect the end of season awards, bans for being toxic do, though. So it's 50/50. Message to " Riot " : In order to remove toxicity don't ban the good players, who flame the autistic ones, but set a ranked ban on all brainless retards playing your game, and let good players play with other good players. Wish you best of luck, buddy.
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seXo Jon (EUW)
: Remove homeguard buff on teleport
Looks like someone got rekt from the pony lol. Chill brah, it's only op on Hecarim, doesn't really give much advantage on other top laners. K?
Roughy (EUW)
: Winning lane is one thing, but do you take time to roam ? This is a team game, so if your mates are doing poorly ggo gank them ! You had the time to do it if you killed your lane opponent for exemple. As silver goes, Renekton is about crushing ALL lanes before being outscaled and it comes faster than you'd like. "ELO boosters" as you call them, or smurfs or whatever just out of your league opponents have in general a better _game knowledge/understanding_, and they are usually in the right place at the optimal time. You can win your lane hard, but you HAVE to share your power with your mates, because a fed bronze is way better than a 0/10 bronze. What you are doing wrong is _thinking_ it is impossible. You need to either crush your lane harder (but a decent opponent won't let that happen) or be everywhere. I see in your history that you use mostly ignite over TP in your top lane. Well, you will have an easier time carrying with tp because you will be everywhere. I just carried myself to silver 1 with 70% winrate on singed. And i did not crush my lane on a daily basis, proving if need be that winning lane does not mean winning game ;)
That comment will help me a lot thanks! I will consider taking teleport. The reason I get ignite is to win my lane, but its not worth losing all other lanes. It's just awful, because I feel I am doing better than players at my div, I haven't lost top lane even versus diamond Riven with Renekton [ on the party reward weekend, got matched once on normal ] , but still I can't do anything. I guess I am just a good solo player and a bronze-level teammate, however I know where to improve now! :)
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rozoulini (EUNE)
warwiller (EUNE)
: u want to play without the chat because ur afraid someone might say gg easy at end game?
Read my post again, before commenting. This is just an example. And I'm asking a question, you can't answer my question with another question, which means that you're just spamming my thread. Have a nice day.
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: you mean guinso's rageblade? cause skirmishers was introduced in s4/s5 :|
Go and read my post again, please.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Most rivens i see suck complete balls........ many other champions bother me far more like nasus, sejuani and le blanc riven isn't even in my personal "op list".
I agree on the Nasus lol :D. The reason I hate Riven more, is because she has escape potential too, while Nasus can just get focused and taken down.
: Nasus is a relaxing champion that I can just play to take it easy
I feel the same way playing Nasus. You can just chill and stack q's all day, mute your toxic teammates, then go carry them all, by 1 shotting enemy with Q.
: What is the item you never buy?
{{item:3009}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3711}} {{item:3050}} I don't think this items are bad, but accept skirmisher's all are old meta builds, never seen anyone buying them since season 2.
Malragor (EUW)
: Why me and frieds quitted League.
I'm planning to do the same thing if I don't see nerfs on patch 5.8 or 5.9
Myster10 (EUNE)
I never play support btw. I'm not qqing. I'm just trying to give them what they deserve.
Tarquin (EUW)
: Silver Problems
A common issue. You are better than most silvers ( lets say you play like mid gold ), but you are not good enough to carry them all, like a diamond player would do. Answer is: yes you might be better than silver players, just because you lose doesn't mean you belong in there, but sometimes only high elo players can carry such trolls. I know that feel right. Good luck, tho!
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TeiX (EUW)
: that's not his passive his tool tip explains how fury works but Regin of anger actually should read If renekton is under 50% hp fury gains are improved by 50% don under estimate this when the enemy team is unable to kill you in one roation and youll be able ot getm ore empowered abilites out but honestly there isnt much to buff on the croc without potentially breaking him, he's pretty dominant early game, if you give him a great lategame aswell your gareenteeing he will hit it, so youll need ot nerf his early game to even it out...and you lose identity :P
The problem is even when I win my lane versus .. lets say Riven , comes the thing that they are able to 1v1 me late game. Lets say I have 180 farm at 30th minute [Just example I don't care if its too much or too low], she has 130 [Riven]. I have 3 kills, she has 0. Riven comes near me uses her E, stuns before I pop mine. Throws me into the air. Her E blocks my Q for sure .. don't have to continue its over. I love Renekton as a champion. I find him really fun to play, early game it is a beast. But in my opinion Darius was by far more broken Early and not that bad late game, and he received a buff. Also, Im not saying Renek is a very BAD late game champions, I hate people who do tell me that he is "Useless" late game. But I think this game is more about winning late, than dominating early. Some champs just can't do that. That's why his bro Nasus is so strong. Useless at level 1-5. Not that good at level 6 without the stacks, 20 minute +. GG :). 3 hit turret. Nope, Nasus is not op ;3
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: he has very good dmg late game ven if he has only 1 dmg item, and he also has a 0,75-1,5 sec stun, and crazily tanky, what do u want to buff on this? He is probably the strongest lane bully (next to Darius). Oh and renektons passive: empowered ablities and no cost on spells, ye it is nonexistent.
Instead of giving thumbs down to my threads, do take your time to learn lil bit more about Renekton and see yourself how "very good damage" he has at late game. Goodbye.
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: How to play assassins vs lane bullies
I feel the pain. Used to play Nasus versus Heimendinger at top lane. That was a nightmare. I was farming safely at tower for a long time, it was not fun, but that's all I could do. Eventually I didn't miss a lot of creeps and then ended up killing him 5 times. However, I still lost the game, cause they had a very fed yasuo and lucian, which could take me down easily, but that's a different story. What I'm trying to say is, you can't do anything, besides trying to farm safe, and not missing a lot of creeps, ask jungler for ganks, gank bot lane or top, so eventually you can get some assists or even kills, and wait till late game, that's the part where assassin's shine. Akali ftw <3
: She is really dangerous in the right hands, my brother who doesn't play league is able to get a triple with her so... give her a spin i'd say! (she ain't expensive anyways...)
Imma start maining ADC as her and see how it works. Also I think people haven't met a lot MF's these days, so they will have hard time countering her. Also I love the fact that her Ult deals magic damage, but scales with her W so still requires AD, makes her ult not quite useless, and also Armor doesn't help a lot versus it.
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: Reporting a Little Bug! (:
There's a logic in that. You can't be feared anymore from something that is dead :D.
Ansemite (EUNE)
: Lucian ult bug?
Hmm. Sounds like a bug to me. Usually a fed Lucian late game can take 80% of my HP just with his ult, if didn't miss all of it.
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WuWeiJack (EUW)
: She can't be used now, and I totally consider her a trollpick atm. That's how bad she was nerfed this time. If you think any different than this, I'm sure you're either incredibad players in general and/or you never actually really had to play Akali vs decent opponents, because if you did you would know she's unplayable right now. Btw, I love the new skin. Totally awesome!
I would accept every other comment, but this one was the most untrue one. Akali troll pick .. just because of one E trigger. Lolz .. dude do you realize her damage is the same, it's one of the most broken champion EVEN after nerf, a champion that has a 50% spellvamp from only 1 item and deals 300 magic damage with a single basic attack, the only AP champion that can destroy turrets in seconds, not to mention the stealth and .. uh ..
: Nerfs like those simply split up the groups of true mains and FotM abusers, however there's a point where nerfs are so bad even mains might be deterred from playing their champ. I think that point was close with these Akali nerfs, however she would still be playable as soon as you get used to the changes.
Unlike Katarina, Akali is not a champion that can simply press R and take down 3 people, have 45 seconds reduced cooldowns which is insane, then ult again after 5 seconds, take down the other 2 people. It's a champion that kills everybody 1 by 1, and if she gets stunned, knocked, silenced etc. she is down. And yet, she gets nerfed over and over. E no longer triggers her Q. While Katarina spells trigger her Q, very quite nice. I don't have anything to say.
: The q e nerf was too much because you often can't trigger your q because you don't get to do an auto. Besides that i think the nerf was right. Freaking cancerkali man so glad it's over.
It was stupid. Le Blanc needs a skill in order her Q to consume the mark and deal extra damage. Katarina needs a skill in order her, Q mark to deal an extra damage. Why Akali needs a basic attack? Its an AP champ, why basic attack ;/
: "Kid" champs is a word invented by people who get their asses kicked by a relatively easy champ like akali, Master Yi, Katarina etc... Every game has easy champs & people just like bitching about stuff so there you go :) & I haven't played her since the nerf because I only play support Thresh. But I think she's still viable. She didn't get nerfed to the ground & can still do alot of damage :)
What I got surprised few weeks ago is that I thought she was nerfed badly. The thing is, we got our a** carried so bad, one akali from our team got 38 kills, carried us so hard, that enemy team insta-surrendered after she did penta 2v5, with a little help of the adc. Her passive makes her basic attacks deal 300 magic damage (full build). A basic attack, dealing magic damage equal to some other champions abilities. She gains spellvamp just from 1 long sword, and some masteries, that's equal to a {{item:3145}} . And still, I see more Katarina's around. Strange. I don't get this. However, Akali has a very serious weakness, that I don't wanna talk about here, cuz I see " omg r u crazy, weak? she is fkin op champion omg nerf ffs " comments incoming. Have a nice day.
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