: What is the most important lessons you’ve learned in life?
Never trust anyone. In the End you are always on your own. Everyone betrays and lies. Humans are garbage.
: meeting the same toxics guys everyday
I know this problem my friend. I was low level, i had 4 games in a row the same guy in my team and he was super toxic (SUPER TOXIC!) like he talked about my mum and all should burn and get ca**er etc.. ofc i reported him after the first game with him. Well than i got him next game again and i needed to lane with him in top (low level, no smite) and he did everything just to make me angry like he let me die next to him, while dancing or laughing. He even wrote that in chat, that he wants me to get banned. I didnt wrote one word whole time and i reported him again ofc, and the others games also. But nothing happened to him. :/
: Where can I report a player besides the post game screen?
I can give you the correct answer if you want to hear it. There is a way, if you send a ticket to the support. BUT they dont care, they send you a answer that you should report him normaly. People also say that the post game chat is also counts if you report someone, but this isnt true. Or did you see a chatlog with it in all this years? No. What happens ingame stays ingame and counts as report. But what happens after game and before in the clien, is your stuff like when someone adds you as friend to talk shit. Sorry to say that, i hope i could say yes you can report them for that and they would get banned, but i never lie.
Aurlec (EUW)
: Can i play teemo without getting banned ?
Well i know there is alot of things in this game that get you banned... most people even deffend riot like you can see. Exactly thats why the game is so shit and everyone crys after a gank or calls for reports or trolls... becasue the Community wanted it like this. Riots ban system is learning from the reports or was learning.. and becasue everyone sees everything as bannable... thats why you can get banned for anything. Sadest part about this is, that you nearly cant do anything against it, expect RIOT is forced to do something since many see it. When you get a perma they would never remove it. They sennd you auto messages from support, you cant talk to anyone as a victim. You just need to accept it. I felt it on my own. I lost mid lane and was frustrated because i played so bad and felt sorry for it, since my team needed to carry me and i typed in chat after i did a huge mistake "omg so bad" or something like this to my own... and i got PERMA banned... that was the most frustrating thing since i lost all champs all skins, everything... and the worst about this was, that i reformed and was super nice to everyone since i got my 14 day ban. I didnt thought about something, that this could get banned, i didnt thought about it when i typed it, i was frustrated and didnt offend anyone. For this i hate Riot. This game is so nice, but when it comes to Community things they are the worst. But when skins or champs come out they give their best. The ban was long time ago, i tried to get help, but the community say "HAHA FOOL DESERVED BYE" and the Support "SORRY U FOOL U BANNED". I accepted it and didnt played a long time this game. Just never type anything in chat... best you can do.. or it could be taken as flame etc. When you are in a game with 4 randoms and you all talk nice in chat you say also things like "omg you feeder stop" "report him" when he died one time as joke, i think everyone has this experience and when someone gets mad in process of this game since you started to lose or even lose and he reports you, you are %%%%ed, even when everyone knew it was a joke. But anyway noone cares about stuff like this. I had all proofes with chatlog and video.. noone cared. It was just sad to see. If anyone read this wall of text, thanks, never forget my advice pls and never type in chat and remove it, it can hurt you.
NikolaN (EUNE)
: Perma Benned account NikolaN
: Had one of those,when a toxic player in your game tells you...
I love it. They lose lane so hard, thats not even possible since at some point you need to realise "hey i have no chance to fight him and im also behind so much" but nope, they get zoned, killed and have no cs gold or experience and come back to lane and start fighting again haha. Than they start to flame and blame jgler the whole whole game. If you try to help such people they either let you die because they feel better themselfes than or the gank just dosnt work since he is to weak or enemy jgler comes counterganking. If that happen they flame even more "why you gank" but called 20 min for help and flamed :D. Best is, when you die than somewhere on the map and you are 0/2/7 as example at a 30min game they call you a feeder "report xy for intentionally feeding and toxic pls" while they are 0/8/0 and have 100cs and lost 2 towers and flamed hard whole game and blamed also and and and... :D Assists never count if someone is mad, love it :D you can be 0/1/50 and they would say "report this feeder 0/1" :D. Also when they talk with you they argue with this "nah im not noob you are 0/1" :D. Well i know why i dont play this game anymore, to much stress for nothing. I feel way better without it. Im happier wihtout it. Its like that girlfriend you love so much but you know you need to leave her since she is a bi**atch.. its hard first but than you find new stuff and have more fun and this is way better for you etc
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Where on earth are the actually fun game modes?
I wish they would actually make some rly fun game modes. This can even be a 1vs1 game mode or even a singleplayer game mode. You could make so many cool stuff. Also what i always wanted was a Arena Deathmatch mode. 20 players in a arena and everyone starts level 18 as example and than fight till the end, last man standing. Or 10vs10 and who has first 100 kills has won the game/round. Or you could make some minigames like one guy is the "big boss" and has high health and is stronger and 10 other people are normal and try to kill him. If the "big boss" kills them all he won and if they killed him they won. oh lord there is so much they could do..
: What is flame?
Everything is flame.. even when you critize someone or what to help people... you cant even say to yourself something like "%%%% so bad" .. or you can get banned, trust me, i got perma banned once for that. The system saw it as toxity ofc.. didnt thought about it since i just was mad about doing a dumb play. Lost all my champions and everything. But how i said even when you say "you go invading wihtout backup when all our lanes lose or get pushed in and than you get killed, thats your fault" is flame. The Community handled everything as flame like wet little girls who cry about everything and so riot did too sadly.
Vademek (EUW)
: Dear Riot Games Company, I have been playing your game for about 6 years already.
My dog died, my girlfriend died, if they cant get a champion than noone can. Dont know what people think... "mh i want a champ becuse he killed himself"... he even killed himself dude, that was his decision... WHY NOT NAME CHAMPS AFTER ALL DEAD PEOPLE FROM TERRORISM ? 9/11, france, etc.. if you had said somethig like that i would even say no thats dumb.. Or why not give all champs to people who work in the Ambulance ? Why not give me a champ? So no noone get anytghinig. would be pretty stupid. You can love him and respect him but noone care.
Menardy (EUW)
: Premades in normals are disgusting
Well i agree with premades are disgusting in normals... i mean all people act alrdy like normals is usless and noone care... yeah its kinda true, but that dont means you can troll and lose the game on purpose... Thats also the reason i dont play normals anymore, i get every game nearly 3-4 premades in my team who just %%%% the randoms with words and troll and stuff. I just play bots now, becasue there you can chill, play for fun, even its boring.. but just no stress and stuff. I test most of the time, jgl paths, which offmeta jungler i can have a fast clear or whats the best clear or train csing or even just chill and do literally nothing. But than i sometimes try to play a normal game, but then there are these premades again.. like last time, i went into a normal game, all fine... i was jgler and others 4 premades. I was at second buff (blue) and top, mid, bot alrdy died all once... the adc wished me alrdy to "K-Y-S".. The top laner alrdy spamed for ganks and help... I ganked him, we got the kill. (He played Nasus vs Renekton)... Nasus is such a strong early game champ, lets fight a Renekton lane bully you know? The Adc was Draven with Rakan as Supp. The Mid was Taliyah. I dont know how mid died, since u have range to farm but well, can happen, i dont care. Just play the game right? Well after my gank, top died twice again... dont know why he always wanted to trade with Renekton or fight... well he was 0/4 Mid was alrdy 0/4. And adc 0/4. Supp was 0/2 (the supp was ok). The best part about this, is that it was 10mins ingame time... lol. Then all went afk in fountain noone deffend and 2 went into enemy jgl and waited there.. Best part is that all was platin or diamond...(loading screen i saw it). Well i was gragas jgl and was 1/0/3 if i remember correctly and needed to deff alone all 3 lanes and it was alot of fun ofc. They always think they can do what they want... just to lose as fast as possible... They think they can do whatever they want becasue they are 3 or 4 people...and the others are just randoms. Most of the time all premades flame one random or bash him as hard as possible... Never had nice premades in my game. I am not toxic at all, i never write anything anymore in chat since like 150 games. I got banned multiple times becasue of premade teams like this becasue i got mad about them... And i accepted now that they are allowed to do something and i need to be quiet. Ofc i reported them all after game, but i guess noone got punished. Dont know, normals are so feaking toxic to play. First all spam in chat TOP MID JGL MID MID MID TOP NOMEFIRST NOUJOINEDLATE "COPY PASTE CHAT"... etc.. Than ingame when something goes wrong it escalate and all want to surrender always.. just grow the fack up and play the game god.
: oh cmon riot DONT U WANT MY MONEY?
That mobafire... no wonder euw is so bad, keep buying skins dude
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bococro96 (EUNE)
: Forgotten champion(Skarner)
I miss Nocturne... Dr. Mundo aswell, cant remember when i saw them last time when he is not free 2 play and stuff.. I also miss them in competitive
: Well, to be fair, there is a difference between getting permabanned for being extremely toxic and whatever my account got banned for. Especially if you got warned multiple times. I got no warning whatsoever.
> [{quoted}](name=GSMysteryGift,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PHod2QeT,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-07-29T11:37:55.924+0000) > > Well, to be fair, there is a difference between getting permabanned for being extremely toxic and whatever my account got banned for. Especially if you got warned multiple times. I got no warning whatsoever. I dont know if you are able to read, but i said i talked to myself becasue i lost lane, there is nothing wrong to say "that play was bad" etc so why should someone get punished for that? I also could be mean now towards you and say "well if someone got your password your fault, wasnt safe enough" or "your fault you use this password somewhere else and %%%%ed up" or or or... but i wanted to help you, but get %%%%ed man, you never get your account back, deal with it bye... never be shit to the hand who helps you, a advice for life <3 Edit: typo
: League as a single player experience
Well i said since 2 seasons to just remove the chat from the game... or let us disable it completly... its just pointless.. but people always said "WE WANT TO TALK NICE IN CHAT" "I WANT TO DISCUSS STRATS"... yeah.. never saw anything nice... and i play along time this game, in every elo.. jeah you want to talk to 4 randoms about strats when anyway all flame each other and noone wants to listen... also everyone always says "just mute everyone and you have a fine game"... so just remove it god damn. Premades can talk via skype or whatever, or whisper, or do a groupwhisper thing IDK.. There is no point to talk INGAME with people even if you wanted so... If you want you can add this person and talk after game or whisper someone.. whats the problem? pings are there also... i mean anyway noone nearly listen to pings. I mean yes it could be nice to talk to people nice, but it never happens... sometimes you think you can talk with someone nice from the enmy team... than when you start beat him, he starts to talk shit stuff like " omg 2vs1" "omg noobchamp" "get carried" "i wrecked you" .. As solo player its just not fun... as jgler you didnt even cleared first camp and people alrdy spam help and "pls gank".. cmon wtf are you doing.. and if they die they start to be toxic.. when all lanes lose and you are jgler and all enemys control your jgl and you cant contest anything "omg jgler no drakes" .. yeah i jump in and die everytime for a cloud drake guys...Kappa. ETC ETC..
: Okay, let's be honest here. Why would I change my IP address to play a few games (10 games to be precise) and then change it back to what it was? Especially on an account that I spent over €3000 on? What logical reason would I have to do such a thing? I've sent my story to Support, and they should have the tools to verify that it is true or not.
> [{quoted}](name=GSMysteryGift,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PHod2QeT,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-29T02:28:48.255+0000) > > Okay, let&#x27;s be honest here. Why would I change my IP address to play a few games (10 games to be precise) and then change it back to what it was? Especially on an account that I spent over €3000 on? What logical reason would I have to do such a thing? I&#x27;ve sent my story to Support, and they should have the tools to verify that it is true or not. Yeah i dont know, if i had spend so much on it, this would be the dumbest shit. GOOD LUCK MAN, i stay behind you like i said in another post <3
GromGold (EUW)
: wow feelsbadman but when u saw that all ur friends were removed and only 1 person was on ur friendlist. Called deadslayer1000 u should have mailed riot insantly. Good luck my friend i hope u get ur account back
> [{quoted}](name=GromGold,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=PHod2QeT,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-07-29T09:50:52.233+0000) > > wow feelsbadman but when u saw that all ur friends were removed and only 1 person was on ur friendlist. Called deadslayer1000 u should have mailed riot insantly. > > Good luck my friend i hope u get ur account back Well we dont know how old someone is, so he could be young (i think not since he payed much money) but still you never know right? Also he changed his password and well you could think that you are safe now ? But yes he could have dont, but he has not. Lets see how this turns out, hope the best for him also.
: My main account got banned for "use of malicious 3rd-party programs"???
If your story is true, im very sorry, but you wont get your account back. Never. I also got one perma bann for flaming myself, because i lost lane and wrote stuff like "%%%% so bad" in chat. I also talked on the german board about this with chatlogs and everything, but all people said "its your own fault, since you knew you had alrdy warnings before"... i mean yes you could argue with that, but thats just incredible stupid argument. Well i lost all champs and skins and runes and everything... noone cared. Riot specially dont care about perma banned people, since most of the time they are right i guess and its just a waste of time, what i can understand. I was very angry on riot about this, since i love this game and had many many games without flaming anyone and reformed so much and was happy about it and it was like a knife in my back like "here your reform asshole in your face". Well i hope the best for you, IMO you always should see someone as not guilty since its proven. I mean its better to look up 100 cases instead of punish someone wrong. Ofc its just a game, but still. Well with this post i just wanted to say, that you dont get your account back, like me, i did everything i could... but dont know whats wrong with humans, noone wanted to support me. :( Good luck man. EDIT: I dont know what i did to RIOT when i payed so much money.. luckily i just spend playtime and had my fun. I mean i can play again 7 years and get all champs but you cant just spend again all money xD I support you man, you are not guilty till its proven. I dont want you to happen something like me and dont get your account back.
krme444 (EUNE)
: Blaming for everything they done..
Well everyone blames everyone for everything at this game, specially in normals.. dont know why. If a laner lose, they flame so hard the jgler at 2 mins xD. If jgler invades without backup or warding, while his team is pushed in and dies than, OMG MID WHY NO COME HIHI hoho reported !!! etc etc.. deal with it :D MUTE ALL... everyone says that, but all people want to keep the chat, NO SENSE this chat, i hate it since 2 years... always said, just remove the chat, never there talk people for fun... never saw it... sometimes i thought i have a friend on enemy team enemy laner and i talked with him and at some point they always get mad and report you =D
: Favourite role ... and why?
Honestly i like all roles, but i dont have champs for it so i cant play Top or Support. All roles are interesting. In mid as example you can pick a champ that can push and control with it the map, invade the jgl, put vision out, imo its the role when u suck u lose the game. Thats why i play most times mid so i can secure my team from losing at 10 mins and get stomped xD. When mid falls, the jgler most of the time get punished too and all rotate to another lane and dive them and so pretty much all lost :D. Jgl: Imo the hardest role, since there are so many things you need to do and stuff. Thats what literally no jgler till diamond know... they think jgl is all about one succesfull gank xD. But you need to farm, while you gank also and you need to provide vision control, map control, objective control, track enemy jgler, countergank, predict stuff, secure objectives. Also what i hate when people play jgl, they afk farm , farm and farm and do literally nothing...with a lee =). AS support you can also do good stuff for mid and bot side with warding, roaming etc..But most of the time people never hit skillshots and still continue to engage :D. Also they dont ward with sightstone :D. And when u tell them, they flame you :D. Top: Hard to tell now, but most of the time its a hard punished lane, when u do a mistake the enemy champ wreckes you, hard snowball lane IMO. So most of the time you need to stay back, wait for help and keep up the farm etc, since its also a long lane where u can easily get ganked or even dived, specially in early 10 mins i would say. Adc: Well its basically a farm bot till mid/late game and than you need too have good positioning and mechanics, but imo the easiest role, specially if you are ahead.
: What tilts me about this game
Jeah i hate this too, i dont care of a lose or 10 loses in a row or 20... i dont care if someone suck, dont know anything about the game or whatever... but what i hate, that NOONE can say "jeah sorry i did something wrong" or "my fault" or "sorry team" etc.. no, they say as 0/25/2 bot lane premade at 15 mins "NOOB JGLER NO GANK you trash shit" "report jgler tard" "jgler lost the game" "omg mid no ss, you lost game trash piece of shiet" ... Many times i see people like that even when u ping them, even when u spam pings or even when we have wards and write them go away from tower... noo they stay get dived 4 man and flame about no ss or no team or whatever... Thats why i rarely want to play normal games or specially games with humans or against humans since the enemys also %%%%ing dumb always like i said when someone from my team say "report for noob" , enemy say "ok we report" thats so dumb shit.. i know it dosnt care if 1 or 9 reports but thats just so dumb.. or enemys think they are GOD and spam in chat how they are the best players on world while losing lane 0/5 and got carried... IS IT SO HARD to just say yeah you won lane man but my team played better so we won...??? No everyone says IM THE BEST YOU ARE TRASH LOOSER PIECE OF BRONZE SHIET REPORT JGLER SHIET JEAH MAN IM THE KING NOONE CAN BEAT ME Kappachino
Fathands (EUW)
: https://image.prntscr.com/image/Bg7YkCNlSu60hE7ar9KZUw.png You obviously ran it down mid at some point.
: i got banned/hacked
Hacked = To dumb to keep your information private = Your fault OR Hacked = You did shit and say "omg hacked hihi pls unbann"
krme444 (EUNE)
: Playing a new champion for the first time...
Honestly you can suck so hard and go 0/5 first 10 mins, no problem. But if you know the game you can make up for it and than you wouldnt get so much flame ;) Maybe first try to learn the game, than a champ. If you know basics you can lose hard the game and still carry with rotations, warding AND AND AND.
: Scripted bot in Coop vs IA
Thead number 4000004554545 this week :D. Riot dont do anything about it, when they wanted they alrdy would have done it. They could easily make all to there bots, if you que up alone u have 4 bots from them in your team. If you go with a friend you have 3 bots from them. Bot games are there to learn, to test and to relax. You could do this than. I mean ofc they could also ban those scripters but since they want to do it in waves after many years its just the only possibility imo. So atleast the scripters could get alone in bot games without destroying someones games.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Summer is probably the worst time to play Ranked during the day
I did the experience, always when its time for holidays, the atmosphere of a game is just %%%ed. Also there are than most premade teams and they think they can do what they want. I always got banned in holidays or at weekend. Also i did climb always from mo-fr and on weekends there were more people who troll afk etc and also i got most times fall from gold 1 to 5. I remember always when weekend was or holidays i lost many more games due to something and always fall some ranks. But when it was over i climbed again. I always said myself than to not play in this time, but i did it still :D. Also most times i didnt relise it was holidays or smth and i played some games and than i lost 5 games in row and i realised of fack man its holiday i know now why :D its just my experience and opinion :p
: Permabans are pushing all the toxic players to the lower levels and not solving the problem
You guys should level a account on EUW, have fun with the worst humanity ever.
: Way too many bots (3/4 per game)
How i hate people who tell "OMG CANT CARRY AGAINST BOTS???? NOOOB ITS SO EASY" ... noone cares if you can carry or not, its not the point we discuss here... its a fact that bot games are full of level bots in your team... and riot needs to solve this like i say in every other thread every day 2 new threads... I know that there are many bots.. most of the time 3-4. They all run it down mid and end a 25 min game with 0/80/0 score. First of all is the Cassipia as example pretty fed and strong and its even hard to kill her early/mid game as a adc as example... if you missplay you are dead and than these enemy bots will destroy your base. I never lost a botgame in my life so i know how to carry even with some bad picks etc... But one game i didnt noticed i had bots ingame and i wanted to play annie, he is so weak early and has no real push power... top got pushed hard in from the bots, mid got feed and pushed also in. And i got slowly bot down. Ofc i got feed aswell etc and i killed them all everytime and on everylane and pushed every lane out.. but tthe waves always crashed in my base and i needed to deffend. I ended at 60 kills or something at a 40 min game.. with 500 farm ... The point i whant to make is, that many people want to play a bot game to chill out, to dont have stress.. most people go after a frustrating normal game or even ranked game into a bot just to chill when you do something else. As example, i dont want to play with humans/normals becasue its so stressful to play with them and keep all calm and i need to concentrate on the game. So i go into a bot game, smoke and chill, listen to music and pretty much stay afk farming and have fun. But if you have 4 bots you can do this also if you are a good player like me, but most playerbase is below diamond so i guess they are not lol. Also sometimes if u want to test soemthing or train a champ you cant do this properly. Well noone cares so have a nice day
: Get Rid of Bots Idea
Holy shit... thats such a bad idea... why people think this idea is good.. are u ***** ? First of all new players would get less IP and XP what is bad. Second these bots just switch modes... go to ARAM, they are alrdy there but then there are way more. OR they even go in normal games and yeah thats way better than in bots.. You cant get bots out of the game when riot dont want to do it !!!!!!!!!!! YOU DONT NEED TO change anything.. IF RIOT WANTS THEM OUT THEY CAN DO IT ! NOW! But they want, get this in your brains and dont be kids.
: bots scripts in ARAM and VS AI
And post number 5 000 541 522. Every day such a thread. Riot dosnt care. They could atleast make their bots in your team and problem would be fixed. And when you invite a premade than there is 3 bots in your team from riot, not from scripters. But well... they could do alot, but do nothing. Thy could just ban them. But nope. They could also make it that you dont need to level a account anymore, so the bots would be useless (expect for IP) but most of accounts get bought becasue of level. But like i said just ban them and thats it. And work on a anti bot system, cant be so hard. I mean thats the first thing you need to code as a company normaly that people cant script, bot, hack etc..
ChrisMac (EUW)
: I HATE Premades.
Same here, i hate premades so much, i wished for so long that there is a function to disable premades in your team.. they most of the time take something offmeta whats not the problem for me, i dont care, play what you want but they refuse to play as 5.. just for each other and refuse to do vision or help others or when something goes wrong both giving up isntantly and dont want to play anymore or go inting or premades troll the other one who is no premade just for fun and take farm from lane and experience etc.. just to make your game as bad as it could be and when you are behind than they want you to win lane, but obviously not and than they say "ah see noob cant even win lane" while also noone placed vision, helped me etc but well i got banned becasue of groups like thsi 5 games in a row and i flamed than a littlebit towards them.. but i just do my own whing now and stay at tower or leave it go down since there is no point of def it, when they realize its lost (the game) they are toxic and so they get banned.. PROFIT :) EDIT: What i forgot, premades always feed their ass off (dont know why). But still think they are good while 0/20 bot or smth EDIT2: They just think they can do whatever they want.. i hate it.. and since every report is usless expect someone flames in chat you need to be like them and make them be toxic..
Estti379 (EUW)
: >But i feel you and i also think just troll them back as hard as you can and make them angry instead of yourself so they get punished and not me. If he would follow your advice, he would get a 14 day ban, or an automatic permaban...
No people who do that dont get banned but continue to suck Riots D and be quiet little boy :*.
: Ban
I honestly understand you and for me i hate when people like you get banned becasue some jungler thinks he can troll you and your lane and takes your farm, gold or experience... it happened to me 4 games in row and so i was also "toxic" towards him that he is a asshole and a noob since they talk shit also towards you that you are bad.. YES OFC WHEN I HAVE NO GOLD OR EXPERIENCE AND ENEMY IS AHEAD AND CAN ZONE ME HARD DUMBASS ! :D But that you use "ky s" is rly bad and for that you deserved it imo, noone ever should say something like that. But i feel you and i also think just troll them back as hard as you can and make them angry instead of yourself so they get punished and not me. Hope you dont use chat anymore. <3 Sorry for you.
Rioter Comments
: Please, fix it riot, pls
This comments... maybe he is a shit bad player... and?? why always people need to focus on the gameplay... -.- He said something about the bots NOT ABOUT GIVE ME TIPPS... These bots are clearly a problem and i see everyday 2 threads atleast here and RIOT will never do anything against it, trust me.. i also play recently alot of bot games, becasue i dont want to play normals with this humanity in low levels... its so disgusting and you cant be friendly to them. I have also everygame 3 -4 bots.. its rare to have humans. Riot gave along time up on this kind of problem and i think they put it in "solved", like the Deathrecap or Magma Chamber Map (unable to create a single map 2vs2) or other features for the new client :D
Walkz (EUW)
: New Honor System
What i hate is everygame who i lose people never honor even if you are the nicest person. Pretty sad imo. If you win i get always 2-4 honors :b.
: What causes the black screen effect when loading?
Me too :p Edit: Have probably the worst computer who exist :D
: Why is it so hard to admit for players that they're just bad?
What i hate the most, i dont have any problems with player who are bad or dosnt understand the game or strats or anything. But what i really hate! is that when someone is clearly bad and you want to help them, they are negative towards you or even want to ruin your game more and more on purpose/troll. Also they call them for reports and this community is like "YES REPORT HIM". Most common thing in my games, since i rarely lose my lane and i am most games ahead and can 1vs1 anyone. So the enemy team needs to send more than 1 to me to stop me from splitpushing. Most times these teams send 2 people + the laner. So i tell my team, where they should go. As example: I split on bot where drake is and tell my team to go as 4 and push mid out and go top as 4, becasue the lane is far away from bot. Also i tell them, if they come to me, just do baron and its free. I also tell them, that we cant lose anything. Either way we always come out ahead. We get baron for nothing. We get baron for my death. We get top turret/turrets for nothing. We get top turret/turrets for my death. Also when we have than baron we have good pushign power and can easily take some turrets. But 1 of 100 teams maybe listen and are very toxic towards me. In the end they stay as 4 in mid dont even push or do anything and all enemy came to me and maybe i died. Another example what happens very often in my games, that teams push super minions lane....-.- I always tell them just go on another lane as 4 or 5 and we easily get pressure and we also just can come out ahead if we dont missplay hard. But these people always wait for enemys to clear super minions and always get more and more gold and than again push it in again and again but never did anything.. I hate it so much, i cant describe it... i have most games good scores like 8/2/10 or smth and what i hate then is, why cant the team listen... when i would be 0/10 ok i can understand that people wouldnt want to listen. But most times my team everyone is 1/5/0 or 0/3/1 or smth.. What i hate also is that when you are the player who clearly carried your team or held them ingame or gave them an advantage, NO %%%%ING PLAYER would say this is true. As example: I always focus on objectives so i always take the towers drakes inhibs since noone ever does, all chase kills and waste everything. So i gave them alot of gold from the 4-5 towers i took. Also i mostly get a inhib and this held us ingame or took drakes who helps us a little bit. Another point is, that i ask my team EVERY game nice to buy a ward its not expensive and helps alot. But idk its so rare someone does. But then people flame about they get camped and why their jgler dont gank... ofc i would camp a easy target and ofc you cant gank when enemy warded :D(atleast not so easily). But if you tell this someone to help him he rage and trolls or afk :D. If you have a bad game ok, but atleast try to help the team and provide vision or play safe etc. i could talk on many more points, but you know overall what i mean. Have a nice day all <3
HuntSeeker (EUNE)
: AFK punishment should increase and be more brutal to AFK players ( Bring down the ban hammer)
Honestly if people afk its shit i know. But i dont see there any problems and i never saw it. I have more problems with Normal games. Its hella shit to play normals. Most times you got a group of premades and they troll you just to make you mad and have a very bad game. Of course they dont write in chat, so they dont get any punishment even when you report them since they speak on Teamspeak or whatever exist. I thought at some point also that afking should be punished in some way harder, but you cant ban someone for lose connection. That would be bad. Imagine you lose your connection, you are alrdy trying to come back in game and look every second if its back up and than you got banned :D. Maybe you could block people from ranked when they are afk for some games or something with the honor system.
: [BOTS] New account bots in co-ai games and aram.
Yeah i saw last days many many threads about this problem and i always said RIOT SHOULD SO SOMETHING.. But well how i said they pretty much dont care and gave up on this problem. I mean they never even tried. Yes maybe if you do something against it, they will find other ways, probably. But you show them YOU DONT TOLERATE THAT AND THEY ALWAYS NEED TO FIND OTHER WAYS. You dont just allow it. But RIOT always just wants money, they dont care of this problem, becasue if they want to solve that everytime, they need humans who can handle this. These people wants money. Riot dont want to invest money when they cant do profit out of this. Think about it. All things that RIOT could do better they dont do it, because they dont get anything out of it. As example: the deathrecap or the support. They are a small indie company and they need every €. KAPPA Have a nice day.
Doomley (EUW)
: >For Riot everything is toxic, even when you want to help players and give them advise or try to explain your team strats. Except they don't think everything is toxic. People like you think everything is toxic. Almost everything i say in chat people take as toxic. Why am i not banned at all then? because i'm not toxic. People just use that word way too easily. >Howw can this be possible if every game people are toxic about NOTHING. Again, they are not toxic. You need to get the meaning of that word and not use it so casually.
You need to learn to read dude. Or dont answer me. When i say toxic i mean toxic like aids cancer ky s mofacker etc.
Doomley (EUW)
: I don't think they lie simply because, for example, you have a very different view on what is toxic and what Riot says is toxic. People can seem toxic because they are very often a bit negative but that isn't being toxic. Toxicity is afk, intentionally feeding and hate speech. So if someone say "omg why the fck did you pick bard top?". That is not toxic. It's slightly negative in tone but it's not in any way harmful to anyone.
So you tell me Riot says somethig negative isnt toxic? For Riot everything is toxic, even when you want to help players and give them advise or try to explain your team strats. Riot invented the toxity like it is today, because they punish everything and everything is reportable, thats also the reason why everyone always calls for reports about everything imo. Its like a dad and his kid, you need so say CLEARLY what is ok and what not, but Riot never did that. If i was working at Riot the first thing i would do would be that saying cancer aids ky s is insta perma ban, but first of course i would make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT in the client so everyone can see it as they log in. Than trust me these people wouldnt say that anymore.. and when? BYE less toxity for everyone. Such things should never stay in a game. I would just put overall more resources into player behaviour team who work with the community together. Anyway i dont think what riot says is true. Howw can this be possible if every game people are toxic about NOTHING. How when people want to ruin a game becasue they are bad? People say "%%%% you bastard" because you picked offmeta champ, becasue you took not port on top lane etc. etc etc.. Well have a nice day brah
: > [{quoted}](name=Punshero,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=uppIfArl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-12T22:45:35.591+0000) > > I get honored literally every game with 2 honors and dont get anything than a chat restriction lol, but hey nice for you &lt;3 Getting punishments reduces your chance of getting key fragments.
I know man, i know :( I remember my 65 game S+ Streak and i got there alot :p
xFataL (EUNE)
How everyone thinks Riot does this becasue they care of the community, so bullshit.. stop STUCK THERE DIG GOD DAMN... they just do this system for the %%%%ing MONEY... with the remove of the tribunal they probably saved a ton of money becasue these people dont need to work there. The system is good yes i never said its bad, but some people dont deserve a punishment still. Also how i said alrdy, there should be: 1. THE WHOLE CHAT LOG OF EVERYONE INGAME 2. THE REPLAY OF THE GAMES so everyone can watch it, even yourself and think about it what you done, so you can improve. 3. SELF MUTE BUTTON before you que ingame and just removeable after a game. Also you could show everyone that you got bullied by 4 premades the whole 50 min game and you didnt deserve it. I also dont see there any problems, why it shouldnt be done. But i know Riot is sometimes so %%%%ign dumb and cant code the eeasiest shit like the DEATH Recap.. holy %%%% why is this even ingame still? They know for years that its crap... we all the community say it for years... but they dont %%%%ing care.. as big as the Company is they could do so much cool stuff with this game. But they want to minimize there costs and maximize there profit.
: key fragments
I get honored literally every game with 2 honors and dont get anything than a chat restriction lol, but hey nice for you <3
xFataL (EUNE)
Guys go create a account on EUW, level your account to 30. Than you see what real toxity really is. They even do everything to %%%% your game. As example: You are the jgler, they always follow you, they take all your jungle creeps, they let you die on purpose while they laugh next to you. And now imagine this kind of behaviour when they do this as 4 premades. And now tell me if you have still fun with the game. The thing is these kind of people dont get punished, if they dont write in chat something toxic. You just need to accept it and go 0/25 becasue u cant do anything and they anway dont help you or want to help you and let you die. Because of this some people like me are toxic TORWARDS THEM not to other people. But still you get punished. Honestly create a account and level it to 30. Record every game and post it here and you see from what i talk and how angry you can get. EDIT: I also dont understand why there is no self mute till now, there is nothing to lose for anyone... I thought that since many years... You can mute you on your profile before you go into game. You cant unmute you ingame. PROFIT ! Less toxic people. Better game experience. Most people dont want to flame even. And i know you say than these people go inting or stuff, but i dot think so. Overall it would just be better in any sense, it provides nothing negative for anyone. Most problems is because someone lost his lane and flames jgler and the jgler flames back etc... EDIT2: Also cancer aids %%% needs to get insta perma ban imo. Well i dont want to write more im done. Good night bois<3
Doomley (EUW)
: The previous statistic was 20-25% and that was just a few years ago and i recently heard the around 40%. riot doesn't want to release player numbers though so it's hard to get accurate data from anywhere.
Riot always lie on statistics like the % of toxic people. Every game are people ultra toxic even in bot games or even becasue you picked a offmeta top laner or you build something different. Just my opinion. But i bet its true, i dont suck riots D and believe blind in shit someone or some company say. You need to think about it, its their game, their money. If they say like 40% of the community is toxic this would be a bad image of the game and maybe for some partner companys etc..
LazySlav (EUNE)
: you should read this man.. https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/kOAFEa3f-riot-is-head btw i read all that you wrote and their system really sucks lol... enjoy your meal :)
Thx for reading my text. I read the thread and i can understand this guy. Peaople always suck the D from Riot, dont know why.. people on boards tend to be the "good superman" and tell everyone they deserve it. They think all flamer are like "GET CACNER YOU %%%%ING ASSHOLE"... and this for no reason. I see many many many player who are so toxic like this for no reason, nothing happened and even in champ select or becasue u chose a offmeta champ or summoner spell etc. I mean yes you could call me a flamer becasue i %%%%ing hate to play 10 games in a row with premades who think they can do what they want, refuse to play with me and troll me whole game long, AND I NEED TO CONTINUE TO PLAY AND DO MY BEST FOR THEM ???? Why should i do everything for them and they do nothing for me? They even do everythignn so i have the worst game ever.. So so many times i had a premade team and they got ganked or smth and than they are mad at me and than I WANT TO HELP THEM AND GANK AS EXAMPLE AND THEY LET ME DIE just to be happy like "haha u died noob" .. I mean is that FAIR PLAY? TEAMPLAY? What is it? it is just dumb shitheads... ofc they CANT GET BANNED for something.. I wish i could also be a ashole and i would not get punished... but i always want to do everything i can to help my team and do the best for them even when they are complete shitheads. I never cared if i lose a game or win a game. Someone needs to lose. But i hate to lose because people sabotate the game. As example, i just finished some games and i was adc with a malz support, we won lane even when we got ganked and everything was fine, than suddenly he left me and i asked nice that he can ward pls man. He answered " NOT FOR U BBY" "BABY" "HAHA" ... is this teamplay? But becasue of this we lost the game since everyone always got picked off. As solo player its just horror to play this game, specially normals... specially leveling... worst experience you can ever do. I just hate how you can clearly sabotate a game and dont get any punishment. You can even int and you dont get punished most of the times. People say THERE IS A FEEDERBUSTER or how this shit is called, but whats about the 200 + int games from some people who dont get punished till someone got a thread on reddit on the front page? So how does the system dosnt see it? Spaghetti code i guess. I wish when you get punished there would be the replay of the games. But hi i dont work for riot. Dont know what they do there. If you get banned you can watch the games and than you can see if you deserve it or not, everyone can see it. If you get bullied by 4 premades and you got mad, than everyone sees it and you should get unbanned and they should get banned. smth like this, sorry for the wall of text again but this just frustrates me how SUCH A %%%%IGN BIG COMPANY DONT GET SHIT WORKING... JUST SKINS AND CHAMPS ALWAYS GOOD €€€€€€€€ The bot games are a mess, the leveling is a mess with the worst kind of humanity ever and the system is a mess. Also i miss whole chat logs, why they removed it ? NO %%%%ING SENSE... jaja everyone says just your behaviour count.. such a %%%%ing bullshit.... if i get called a Nig*er basta*d cancer aids and everything from premades i dont say thx.. i saay maybe "%%%% you guys you are so dumb looser" ... also maybe i would get punished... but i didnt do anything wrong.. yes you can mute and thats why flame is for me never a real problem, but riot made it so that everyone sees everything as flame and everyone can report everyone for everything.. i mean you say something to a player like "dude your items are are wrong" or "ward when you always die, you dont need to wonder" than everyone REPORT THIS TOXIC GUY OMG HE WANTED TO HELP ME SO TOXIC... and yes this is even punishable... so ultra sad... Thank you i enjoyed it ^^ <3. Hope you have a nice day man.
: Botting in Co-op vs. AI mode.
I made many comments and even on reddit a thread about it and it seems like the players dont even care... always suck riots D .. sorry but its so true. I played many bot games the last month and its so rare i got a human. Also when there was a human (new player) , they didnt know this are bots. Also its a very bad experience for all who play bots. Yes me or other players can easily carry 1vs9 in less than 20 min but this is not the point. RIOT SHOULD/ THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT... riot is such a dumb company honestly... People say they ban in waves... just invent a %%%%ing system and ban these bots.. sorry small company i forgot. Its like riot says: " let them do what they want" we ban 2 of 12 botted accounts anyway after 1 year. If riot would do something against it these humans who create this bots have a harder time. They need to ffigure a new code or smth out. Its like riot says:" ahh we have anyway no chance so we do nothing against it, they dont disappear"... Its like the police would say: " ah %%%% we give up on the humanity there are to much murder, do what you want"
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