: In all honesty I don't %%%%ing get why everyone's crying about this. Like sure 2 skins a day isn't a lot but I'm pretty sure that anyone with some sence will not buy a bunch of pringels just for a chance to get a legacy skin, just think of it as a free way to get skins if you're lucky and already want some pringles.
Psychological effect, we are more afraid of loss than we are joyful from gaining. It's important how we form our sentences, when we want to persuade someone. These people are just annoyed and want to make up for it and let riot know how clever and wise they are for seeing trough riot's intentions and warning young people, how unfair it is against them, cola is so much better blah blah, but simply, we should continue as nothing happened, because even riot knows that chips are unhealthy... why do people love criticizing so much and create unnecessary stress ughhh, it's just a commercial. XD those who fall for it or can't read, deserve donating for Pringles, if Pringles makes them happy, no one else will buy more than they originally would, so there is no need to stop it. Either way there are winners and it's luck, period. If I had a grocery store near me, I would grab my favorite, test some cans and go on. But I don't so I won't. Humans like to have opinions....
: Win Legacy Skins courtesy of Pringles
Here is a secret: They made it stupid for a reason, because they know that buying chips is already stupid, unhealthy. But they didn't want to lose their sponsors, just because of their personal wisdom, because it's ridicolous in a way to others and hurts those who can't say no to fast food. Pringles is good, but encouraging others to buy it isn't, so they made the commercial itself careless and pointless.
Wannes (EUW)
: I love actions like this. Legacy skins are cool, but also it helps bringing LoL to a broader and new audience.
Pringles cans won't advertise league. League advertises this unhealthy pringles for unhealthy youngsters..
a4ft4s (EUW)
: "115 million Pringles cans in stores across Europe" why Italy have been left out of it?
Was it? Because Italy is one of the healthiest countries anyway lol.
: Yeah and 98% of the people in Europe don't even play league so most of the skins will be going to nobody. GJ riot games.
They will probably write it on the cans, plus I think this is a test how lucky we can get. Maybe the gods of fairness will help us, maybe the winners are fated to win, paranormal activities, don't you believe in them? xD
: Win Legacy Skins courtesy of Pringles
I would love to see them advert HEALTHY PRODUCTS.🙏🙏🙏 Mc Donalds' salads. Or even Starbucks is better. Wouldn't that be cool of them?
naseszxc (EUNE)
: would it be great if we can change the rune page in the game in practice tool
Or to restart the game without quitting, so junglers can practice early clears


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