: Cant join or reconnect to the game
same same but different
andy19 (EUNE)
: Horrible client issues since patch 9.14
hundreds of people having issues, yet they keep telling people its their PC XD
: a critical error has occurred and process must be terminated
same, critical errors that i cant force quit and have to restart
: Client crases still happening Riot!
lost two ranked placements on both my NA and euw accounts :/ wont bother again until its fixed
: i got the same problem it f*cked up my TFT Ranked
same, on two accounts :/
: great so, everyone here has a problem because again you messed up your patch but yeah for sure it s on my PC, interesting why it didint happen before your great patch ? o yeha i know , cause your client sucks and even after so many years you still cant fix the god damnt client .
Hundreds of people with the exact same issue, that wasn't preexisting...."its your PC" good job rito
: Critical Error
this just happened to me in a ranked placement game. stuck at 100% loadnig, everytime i try to reconnect its crtical error and i have to restart windows. so annoyed
: Patch 9.14 Client Crashes, Error + Bugsplat
I was just loading into a ranked TFT game. It hung on 100% then crashed. I quit, tried to reconnect, now when i try to reconect it crashes, critical error, and destroys my computer so i have to restart windows. That was one of my ranked placements, now ill come last in it.


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