: My honor hasn't moved in months
I thought it was honor level 3 for rewards?
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: Bronze Spectates - LIVE
Back at it today, if you want to see some of the best live bronze and silver antics !
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: Pulsefire TF skin is not readable
If anything its detrimental to gameplay from a Twisted Fate players point of view. High noon still the better skin to play. Looks nice for a change though.
Miss Noor (EUW)
Look at PingZapper or WTFast. They are ping re-routing programmes. They're perfectly fine as do not modify the client, they just make your internet pathing to the server more optimised.
Satrap (EUNE)
: Thoughts on Vi buffs P. 8.8 - I like to Call myself a Vi Main :)
Reval (EUNE)
: Master yi-s true damage
Vi into him, bait the Q, then Q him, E Auto, E, Ult, dead.
Páncier (EUNE)
: Is this Instagram or League?
Bet you're fun at parties.
: Zed counterpicks?
I play TF into Zed, with Resolve [Bone Plate, Chrystallis[sp] and go Tabis/Zhonyas and just poke him hard with blue cards. Took a long time but i dont waste a ban on him anymore.
: Maokai heals for way too much.
48% wr. I don't think he needs nerfing.
: Maokai heals for way too much.
leaf tree man alone He's one of my mains.
: I got REAL MAD for the first time. (Long story)
Refuse to cheese level 1 invade, ward the river bush and stay back. They're just too hit and miss with how they go, 9 times out of 10 i refuse to participate unless we have a shed load of CC.
: How can it be my pc? this just happend after the new patch. i run everyting else. i normally at 40 °C on my cpu, it goes to 62 °C when im in champion select and then in game it goes to 75 °C then it shutsdown. its not my pc. potato.
> [{quoted}](name=forsaken unReal,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=FyZ5oJUe,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-02T10:56:07.620+0000) > > How can it be my pc? this just happend after the new patch. i run everyting else. i normally at 40 °C on my cpu, it goes to 62 °C when im in champion select and then in game it goes to 75 °C then it shutsdown. its not my pc. potato. Its called a COINCIDENCE.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: You are broken. It works as intended.
> [{quoted}](name=TheLynxMan,realm=EUNE,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=6fwxwLmh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-15T22:31:33.699+0000) > > You are broken. It works as intended. Sounds about right.
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Wolfbrother (EUNE)
: I found a way to get 1st blood every single game, not clickbait - this works in gold elo!
: Birthday Giveaway
Happy Birthday, my name is BellaBear776, im the most likely candidate for buying you a skin.
SeanDouglas (EUNE)
: Twisted Fath Q E R change (My opinion)
Wow, please god no. Do not dare do this abomination proposed changes to my main. Stick to playing, do not design champs please.
GfxHack3r (EUNE)
: Name for Yasuo main
Something that has Yasuo in it, so it triggers your team mates into banning him every game
: Caitlyn Look
I think she's horrible looking, if i played her id want Pulsefire skin.
Witheror (EUW)
: looking for a coach today!
You don't look like you need coaching? Your vision score must also be amazing. You're spending a fortune on control wards. What fog of war?? Your win rate is really good and you don't look like you feed much. You should be climbing very well.
Xperio28 (EUNE)
: What GPU should I buy for best graphics and performance
https://www.ebuyer.com/762943-asus-nvidia-gtx-1050-ti-4gb-phoenix-graphics-card-ph-gtx1050ti-4g Cheap :)
Xperio28 (EUNE)
: What GPU should I buy for best graphics and performance
1050ti for around £160 or try for a 1060[used probably]
Hnd69 (EUNE)
: My mouse and keyboard are not working at all in-game.
If you're running discord overlay, you'll probably want to make sure both discord and league are set to "Run as Administrator" this sounds a little like the same thing that happens where if your discord isn't set to admin and then it doesn't pick anything up if you've not got the window open. So essentially although you can see league, you have discord on over the top of it and the keyboard and mouse inputs are only working there. Set both to admin, should see a fix.
: Game will not load up after last night's MASS DC for "BT" users!?
BT internet seems to disconnect at 1:00AM a lot, ive never had it when I was on Virgin and now im on BT i've noticed it does it around 1AM on the regular. Never have any problems getting back in though. Have you tried a complete power down of your router and your pc?
Donneh (EUW)
: Not getting the fps i expect
What I can tell you is that the FPS problems seem relative to your system spec. For instance I have the same issue, my average FPS was 120-140 with an AMD 860k and a 1050ti. Now it starts the game at that but slowly drops to between 40-60 and sometimes some bad stutter. [Always on Very High quality] Hopefully it gets fixed soon
: How to handle Nasus without wavecontrol or junglegank?
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: Are people still having FPS drops?
I was getting 130-100 fps permanently until the patch, now it drops as low at 20fps in team fights. Its tragic. On very high settings with a ping of 19
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FireDwarf57 (EUNE)
: Any mid assassins like Talon
As above, get ahead early, because he's only viable early/mid. Late game you can only sit the teamfight out till the very end, then try take out the backline squishies who are already half health. By then though they will 2 shot you so you have to be clever with it.
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Söwh (EUW)
As a what I consider now a TF main. I'd say this is an uneeded change. I like that you have to shuffle through the cards, it shows skill and timing and you have to play safe until you know you have the card you need.
RedAce007 (EUW)
: i want to seek players for 1v1 * for fun *
Is this a troll post? Yes often the game is considered 1v9 because of specific situations, but its intetion is team game. Thus having a 1v1 in lane with no risk of a gank or need of vision/awareness is pointless to help estimate an ELO in a game type that has no such situation. Irrespective of if your team mates are not helping you, the enemy team will still have more than 1 player.
: Looking for a Champion to Onetrick
{{champion:131}} is just cancer if a little fed. I hate fighting vs her.
: What is the least toxic and most committed/chilled ELO with the least afkers?
I had the worst night of ranked ever, despite feeling like my play is coming along hugely. Im trying to carry but i feel like you can only do so much if every game someone goes afk and you're 4v5 with people who don't stop just trying to all in 1v5 every few minutes.
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Ok Cool (EUNE)
: Riot Nerf Zoe
: RIOT !!!!!!!
That is some serious salt. Relax.
: Ezreal + Kleptomancy = Your Worst Nightmare
Must just be in Silver but i've not seen 1 good Ezreal since the patch. Even using Klepto.
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: Easiest Champions to climb from Low Elo (b2) (I NEED YOUR HELP!)
I was maining support, I placed in S4 in my first placements, [started League March this year] and it just felt like no matter what I did, i couldn't climb as support, it was full of AFK'ers feeders or a brain dead ADC who would just feed unintentionally. I ended up S5 0LP. Im petrified im going to end up in Bronze next season. I started maining Talon, which wasn't too bad, tried toplane, found some match ups way too hard, so starting playing mid lane. But AD midlane seems very unpopular unless you're Zed, so everyone would moan that I hadn't picked an AP champ. I seem to be controlling games much better as an AP midlaner, im currently grinding out {{champion:4}} , he seems to have good team play ability and map presence. I managed 4 wins yesterday in ranked and an unfortunate couple of losses, 1 of which was as autofilled support{{champion:25}} , which normally isn't a problem, we was ahead in lane but our midlaner fed and we ended up getting trounced. Im slowly finding that if you want to climb, you really have got to try and convince people to listen to you. Junglers in silver will gank mid, then walk off from a free tower to head down to bot lane. Zero effort to push objectives in this elo.
: Low Gpu usage, Fps drops
This seems to be an ongoing problem, I have a 1050ti, x4 860k athlon and although its not as highly specced as your machine, it handled the previous patch amazingly well. Now im seeing 20fps near the end of the game. Apparently they have recognised and issue but yet to produce a fix. I don't think theres anything you can do software side to change, it needs a client fix.
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