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: The concept of the game i would call open-source. Everyone could make a game of his own with similar playstyle, mechanics etc. But definitly copyrighted should be everything art-related. If they just take splasharts, models, icons etc. from other games, then it is ilegal. Than the question is: where is the company located? As someone stated earlier: China for example doesnt giva a sh*t about copyright. there is basically nothing you can do to prevent them from taking your stuff and earn money with it. Maximum you will acchieve is, that facebook or other sites will delete this adds from their site.
Then it should only be accessible in china not other countries. And The company as far as I know is Russian.
Febos (EUW)
: Unfortunately you can't copyright a concept. Nothing is stopping me from making the "Battle of Magic" game, where I have a character called "Vania" that uses a Bow, blue cloths and with the following abilities: - Inate Power Toxic Bodkin: Every autoattack slows the enemy movement - Q Power Focus : Gains attack speed for a short duration - W Power Spread Fire: Throws a group of arrows in a target direction - E Power Scout Ahead: Revelas a area of the map by sending a flying scout to the target area - R Power Snare Arrow: Fires an arrow with a trap attached to it that will Stun the first enemy it colides with. As you can see, I didn't copy anything. I used the EXACT same concept they have with Ashe, but everything else is different: Name, Abilites, Lore, etc If however, they did copy names or anything specific to League, like "Baron Nashor", then that is copyright infringement.
I feel sad that I did not choose to do computer science and IT in school. I would just copy the concepts from LoL champions and make a game.
: >There are more champions they copied from **LoL , Dota 2 and heros of the storm.** So they copied the same characters multiple times?
Shen, Elise, Soraka, Tristana, Ahri, Lulu. Then there are another 5 or so "heros" they copied from Dota 2 and heros of the storm.
Infernape (EUW)
: It isn't allowed. It's copyright infringement. However, the chances are this is a Chinese made game. And copyright laws are pretty much nonexistent and aren't enforced as harshly as they are in the west.
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: New Ultimate Skin 2016
This ultimate skin is so late I expect 2 ultimate skins
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