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Joell (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kamille W,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=P28JOIVp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-30T04:39:46.597+0000) > > Proof? Look at my its the Maokai game that lasted 35m 10s Annie was silver and Soraka was diamond.
He's right lol I checked myself
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Well go ahead and quote me from every 2000+ games I've played because it's ridiculous to think that someone is that toxic without going unpunished, so as I said. 3 times. Since you're able to assume that I'm toxic without any evidence apart from one set of chatlogs, I'll assume you are too, considering how you treat me inparticular.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
You mean the one set of chatlogs, from one game? Yeah, sounds about 1,000+ games to me. A little bit of commonsense please, I know that's a little demanding from you but, please?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
It's much easier to observe than play, buy a challenger account and see the struggles they have to go through passively, there's more to the surface, especially in pro-play
: Yeah, well. Like every other player. You would be challenger if you didnt get such teammates, right? These things happen. Nothing you can really do about it. It sucks, but if you are worthy, you will climb. Trust me.
Why are you being such an asshole? It's an isolated incidient he's complaining about where his team were incapable of playing the game to the standard of the rank due to connection issues. Just acting to play into your name or what?
Lari (EUNE)
: At last I made it!
It's sadly only going to get worse from here but congratulations lol
: Worst toplane champ atm?
Probably Ornn Countered by every single bruiser, not much point in playing him since solo-queue lacks synergy
: Let me guess, you don't play a lot of top lane do u? The only way to stay out of his Q range if he doesn't waste it like an idiot is by completely backing off the wave. Sure you won't die, but when you're down 20 cs at 10 min, you might as well have. Please, do explain to me how it's possible that darius sitting at a sub 50% win rate is supposed to be stronger than garen? He's been consistently strong since last patch btw, so dont give me this shit about how he wont be top 5 tomorrow. Also darius has counterplay. Dodge his apprehend and you have a free lane. Try finding another counterplay option to garen than "well, just don't come within a 5 mile radius of him".
I'm a top lane main and a Darius OTP, I know this matchup very well and I haven't ever lost that matchup. Darius again is also sitting on a 42% banrate which takes out a big chunk of the good players, Garen has purely good players on them because they aren't banned off. And there is counter-play to Garen, everybody knows how apart from you apparently lol You're the first person i've ever encountered who's struggled with Garen And no Darius missing his apprehend does not mean you win the trade
: I strongly doubt that normals' MMR is THAT DIFFERENT from ranked one. I'd rather believe that due to shortage of people LoL Matchmaker loosened matching restrictions for that hour.
It is THAT DIFFERENT because there's no link. 500 wins - 500 losses in normals is Silver 2 in Normal games MMR. The rank you have in solo-queue has no bearing on where you're going to be put against in normals lol
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
No, that isn't the answer, you know why? Because I didn't flame every single game from my first CR to Permaban. I was punished 3 times with 3 games. 1 for Chat restrict, 1 for 14 and 1 for Perma. That's 3 times. The amount of games I have played is irrelevant because I didn't flame every game, I flamed in 3. And 3 is all it takes. You cannot consider the amount of normal games where I was not toxic adding onto the total of me being banned, what kind of logic is that? I'm a criminal for playing the game?
: Well, it kinda depends. His teamfight phase is meh, but his lane phase is pretty damn strong. Garen is easy to play against if you're playing a tank, but if you're playing champs like riven, you might as well go afk. There is literally nothing you can do, especially since his empowered q auto can't be interrupted by cc. He just runs at u q's u and then spins until you lose half of your hp. THen he presses R for 1.4 k true damage and that's it. There's a reason why he has the 2nd highest win rate in top right now. He's stronger than darius atm for sure.
There is no way Garen is stronger than Darius, in anyway shape or form Good players understand that when Garen has his Q up you play at the range where it's unable to hit you, that's considerably easy with Riven lol Garen is also 9th in winrate and this is very temporary, the ladder shifts dependent on what players are playing who which is why he won't be in the top 5 tommorow, if anything I pray to the gods people play Garen against me and there's other forms of creating a lead than just killing eachother lol You also have to take into consideration when comparing Darius and Garen, Darius currently is sitting on a 42% banrate. Garen is sitting on a 3%, I wonder what champion Darius mains go to once Darius is banned? Garen lol
: You underestimate how horribly broken garen is...
Garen is probably the easiest champion to play and counter, simplistic kit comes with simplistic counter If Garen was broken then league would be an entirely different game
Xkøha (EUW)
: Fresh meat in the rift needing some guidance in order to survive.
OP.GG/Probuilds are both websites you can use to see what other high MMR players are building. OP.GG uses the stats from D5+ Probuilds uses what the competive players areusing. Counter picking on any champion isn't too severe now, you can beat anything with anything. I'd also reccomend you pick up Garen or Darius for starting out, Darius is more complex out of them both but WAYYY stronger but Garen is simple and easy to pick up, also ignore Chuos comment, known troll around here lol
Nibnald (EUW)
Swain's probably the inbetween of TF and Cassa due to the pretty much guaranteed stun with Swain and that he benefits from phase rush like Cassa, Q is spammable like Cass's too, he'd probably be your best option
Mizognida (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pyrosen,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=Om1EdU45,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-29T02:10:34.075+0000) > > If your ultimate doesn't do damage it doesn't count as it being casted, as soon as the hilt of the axe hits the target, that counts as the damage applied with your ultimate thanks for answer. I have one more question, maybe you know the answer, the same scenario but my ult animation hits, i deal dmg in the same moment as the person dies, but someone else gets the kill, do i still get the reset from passive? i just had a situation like that- i have my R ready to go after killing someone, i hit Yi with it and it looks like it kills him but Lux gets the kill (i think she aa him). he dies in the moment my axe hits the ground though, and my ult passive procs. is it working as it designed or should i report it as a bug?
Darius will always get the kill if he's the one who executed them, if you don't get the kill then it doesn't go towards you Anything else should be considered a bug
Mizognida (EUNE)
: question about Darius R
If your ultimate doesn't do damage it doesn't count as it being casted, as soon as the hilt of the axe hits the target, that counts as the damage applied with your ultimate
: Thank you, League matchmaker!
You're playing normals, normals have no corrolation to ranked MMR. If you want to play people at your speed, queue up for ranked, otherwise stop complaining
yurunkash (EUW)
: i'm sorry, didn't know that, using this forum first time, didn't find any ways to contact support team
It's fine, many people over look it because they don't know about it lol Just google League support and it'll be the first result, easy to follow from there
yurunkash (EUW)
: ban
You aren't allowed to name and shame on the boards, message the support team instead
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: {{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} =nasus no lifesteal
You are aware it's only 40%? He still has 6.2% passive lifesteal, that's more than enough, especially early on
DrGigac (EUNE)
: Mision don t give me gift
You don't get a chest, You get the icon and a keyfragment
: Riot is using viruses?
Riot does not use Viruses, no You probably downloaded something else along the lines of league and it masked its self as Riot or whatever, that or Avira is being bad which wouldn't suprise me lol
: Only gaining 15 LP per win lmao
Your MMR must be god awful, win more and you'll gain more LP This system is in place so people are ranked where they deserve, if you're unable to maintain 50% then you aren't where you deserve
IuStrenght (EUNE)
: Flex Matchmaking is so legit
Sweethoney99 (The diamond 5 on their team) is Bronze 3 in Flex. ShizIChe (Gold 5) Is Bronze 3. You are looking at SOLO Q rank, not FLEX 5 V 5 rank, do your research lol
lil Pepsi (EUNE)
: Riot fix your matchmaking.Trollers + Afk in evrey match.
You need to hide the names, Naming and shaming is sadly not allowed otherwise your post will be taken down
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
It absolutely does not take hundreds of games to get banned, how out of touch of reality are you? 3 games is all it takes lol You can soft int for aslong as you want, you can even hard intentionally feed with Disco nunu for hundreds of games and you will go unbanned, that was a popular thread on the boards not too long ago and it was very popular. They are NEVER punished. That is one case of many, yet alone the people who do it subtly. You say a couple words to these kind of people and you're grouped in with them, it's ridiculous And the fact somebody representing Riot thinks it takes hundreds of games to get banned for toxicity just futher identifies how disconnected they are with how shit the system is lmfao
dexc0re (EUW)
: diamond vs unranked
Normal games don't have match making linked with ranked MMR. Play ranked if you would like to guaranatee you're going up against people of your skill level
: God King Darius beats all
I really like the skin but I dislike the thumbnail for it sadly lol
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: Help friends
The reason that it's locked to individual accounts is so the game stays alive. RP and BE are the only form Riot can make money from their player base so it's not rational to allow trading of any kind, otherwise their currency would become obselete. Unless they taxed each trade which still wouldn't be enough to break even for them, the way it works right now is fine, even if they're a little greedy with BE, just sink some games in and you'll scrounge up enough
MiksiXD03 (EUNE)
: i havent dodged in weeks
There's no other explaination apart from that lol
MiksiXD03 (EUNE)
: dodge bans
You accepted the queue which means you had every intention of playing the game, unforseen circumstances changed that and you wasted everybodies time, since it's 30 minutes it means you have already dodged today also so it escalates from -3LP to -10LP and 5 minutes to 30.
person (EUW)
: Is leaving a game because there are flamers in your game really wrong?
I mean, it's your right to leave the game, so in any context according to Riot, no lol
: On a 10 game losing streak..
If you continue to focus on your previous rounds rather than improving, most likely
HonkIer (EUNE)
: Should I start playing again?
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Hayjk1 (EUW)
: Lol, I have had good KDA score and not receive S rank. I only got 6 ranks when hepling out team and securing dragons.
That's nice, the game isn't balanced around personal preformance and that's the end of it.
Hayjk1 (EUW)
: Reforming LP system
No, because this is a team game, not an individual game. People will hold ranked game hostage purely because they want a better KDA because it's more than just an ego-rush now. Idea's been proposed many times and it'll never happen
: And Tryndamere is Guan Yu!
Oh I wasn't aware he had one, that's Guan Yu for sure lol
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Yeah I thought the same when I 1st seen those skins. especially the the Lu Bu, used to love this character back when I played the game on PS2. (Must have been DW3) but to be honest whatever game the released after it was not meeting the hype as that one.
DW3 is the best Dynasty warrior for nostagia and game play stake and then 4 and 5 were disappointments, big agreement there lol They've done really good with 7 and 8 though but apparently they're making 9 an open world which isn't what dynasty warriors is so it's looking a bit grim :<
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Zoe RuIe34 (EUNE)
: Wat
I'll translate; Riot I won a game where I disconnected for 10 minutes and almost cost my team the game! Please give me the LP you took as punishment
: Got a question
How much you win games compared to how many you lose.
: neither when someone is near death, they're "dieing"
: Can we have katarina reverted pls riot
It's not going to happen lol
: A Plat 4 player who wants to coach someone, thats pretty hilarous tbh.
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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Meanwhile Quinn is still irrelevant.
Quinn is not irrelevant lol
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