: Give DotA a chance. It's an awesome game and completely different from LoL. You most likely didn't like it because you had expectations from LoL. They are two entirely different games, with different concepts and are fun in their own unique way. ... And please never, ever say that DotA's graphics are trash!
DOTA (2) is just boring lol Half of the characters names are just what their class is, example "Anti mage, bounty hunter, sniper" and that list goes significantly on Feels laggy and clunky, controls aren't responsive at all and the tower range shoots you half way in the lane lol You're very stuck to the ground and forced to do certain things since it's a macro influenced game Compare that to league where the controls are very responsive, tower aggro has some form of logic and the majority of the champions are interesting and unique - You can see why DOTA's on the losing end when it comes to majority lol Individual skill also has a huge commitment to why you're winning or losing rounds Not to mention league has Galio who can cross map in a huge AOE, the most map effective thing in dota is vipers ultimate which just ends up being ??? boring imo
Briorej (EUNE)
Why do most people jump to "I WILL QUIT THE GAME UNLESS YOU EXPLAIN ME" like chill out lmao Anyway the other guy explained it
mid feker (EUNE)
: Udyr build sucks
Watch Trick2g, all you need to do
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i stated that team stats were homogeneous, not that draven was an angel. i just stated what i can see by stats, not to offend or create some arguments. i cant play normals. i play aram. fwotd then i switch game.
i didn't know what homogeneous but I just looked it up so I see now lol I find normals pretty pointless cause it's just ranked without perks but luckily I have some friends to play with :D
: Oh I did, hence why I was wondering. It's just that when I checked the matches were from forelast day so I wasn't certain. Anyway -the issue I feel right now when playing Ranked is that most people play half-assed. I'm usually matched between G5 to P5 so I know that they know the drill and... all they do is play get fed or die feeding like they're Silver 4... then blame someone else, blame Riot and most importantly: tilt hard. It's not all games though. I think I should just stop playing ranked during the weekend. Too many drunkards playing on their smurfs. EDIT: Oh and as for your initial question - don't play ranked if you're afraid of losing matches. It's just frustrating and ultimately tilting. Take losses as a natural part of the game, which they are... it's not like I do though. I %%%%ing hate losing ^^
My friends always told me to wait at least 2 months for everyone to filter in their own ranks but since it was only a soft reset there's still those type of people lurking - and it only takes 1 of them to crash an entire team lol Thankfully league is becoming more self reliant according to the balance team who said they're looking to change the game in that way ^^ I've been gold for last season and only started climbing recently, Hit plat 3 in the preseason then got placed G1, currently at P2 looking for diamond but it's hard af lol
Shukr4n (EUW)
: looking at stats of your last three matches: last one: seems quite balanced considering stats, they were overall better. damage wise your team is homogeneous, gold wise too. the one before: teemo destroyed irelia, kha destroyed softy gankings, their composition was overall "better". i hate veigar supp. honestly i hate every single off meta thing, so my opinion is biased. the other one before: your bottom line was dominating. rest of team not. if u are scared of ranked play flex or draft. until you realize what u want by the game. soon or later u should decide if u want to risk and "improve" or keep it as it is and have fun in other ways. do what you feel it s better for you.
The Draven round wasn't so bad because he wasn't running it down however he got tilted to the point he refused to listen to us and just kept solo dying in lane - it's intentional because he's died 2 times there from being picked off yet continues to just AFK down it. Ended up with 14k damage while I had 12k on full tank Sejuani so yeah it just sucked, probably off role and tilted lol I ganked Irelia twice and got 2 kills on Teemo, then 0 - 2 Teemo beat the 0 - 0 - 2 Irelia some how, I thought that lane would of been over but hey welcome to plat lol And the 3rd one, I was botlane with the ADC Vlad was 2 - 13 inting running it down mid lol I normally avoid playing ranked whenever I'm afraid of losing, luckily I just got in a game where my Xerath was godly so I prevented my demotion lol But yeah I'm sticking to normals and arams until I feel comfortable playing ranked again
Giojun (EUW)
: Take a break from ranked and do some Normals/ARAMs until you feel ready to do rankeds again and pray you have a decent game. (Still inters in normals, but why not?) Take a break from the game itself and play something else to get your mind off League until you feel ready to go back onto Rankeds. (Sounds good) Don't play at all. (Why not?) Uninstall the game and find a new game. (No) Keep playing until your losing streak is over. (Maybe) ..Profit? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} EDIT: I demoted from Platinum 1 to Platinum 3, so I'm scared myself as I'm currently heading down to Platinum 4.
Whenever I lose in League I take a break from ranked, minimum of 5 hours but recently I've taken day by day breaks because it's repeating First game 2 days ago, top lane inted Next day, another top lane inting Then ADC soft inted the next day Wanted to cool off in normals? Too bad I'm giving an inting zed I don't play many other games in league I just really wanted to rush for diamond and I'm more than capable of it but since I'm a Sejuani player I'm rather team reliant lol
: When did that happen anyway? And on what account?
http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Pyrosen Take a look at my past 3 ranked matches :<
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: How do I fix my MMR?
In personal experience it's all about win streeks, not winning 2 then losing 1 if you went by that ratio
: I basically disagree with everything except Quinn. Pantheon is very strong and he doesn't need any buff. Yorick is strong and not every champion is supposed to be a teamfighter, he's a god at splitpushing. I don't understand your example with Talon. Malphite is a hard counter to almost every AD champion, because he has extremely high armor. About Viktor, I don't think the difficulty of a champion should be a reason for a buff. Nasus does not need any nerf, his early game is not strong at all, but he's abused in low elos. I know because I am low elo and he is a common pick. Very easy to counter if you know what you are doing and you have the right champion. Hard to counter if he counterpicks you, but who isn't?
Pantheon isn't strong at all lol He can spam Q in lane and then he falls off in every aspect apart from roaming but since the laning phase ends at 10 minutes now he's useless Doesn't offer anything in the mid or late game so why bother picking him You can also hard counter Pantheon by AFKing in lane. Yorick can be strong but many people do split pushing better - Nasus gains free power from split pushing and does it faster so why pick Yorick?? Talon you need to go 14 - 2 on in any situation otherwise you're going to be useless in the match, his kit is designed for assassinating but then they don't give him the damage later on to do so, also has a very tough time in team fights Viktor isn't the difficulty of the champion it's just that when his main sources of damage aren't significant enough there's no reason to pick him, why pick Viktor over Orianna? Your R is a huge AOE ability which can turn a fight. Viktor's is slow and will rarely ever hit unless someone gets CC'd. Viktor just isn't reliable lol And Nasus does need a nerf, if he isn't losing lane under tower in the early game then that's an issue A champion who's purpose is to get into late game shouldn't be able to hold off in the early, that should be the trade they take But if they buy Doran's you're going to get out-sustained
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elin990 (EUW)
: What must a Jungler do to be a Good jungler?
Since you're currently in bronze just ignore any guides for the JG because the information won't seep in I'm guessing JG is very simple, just have an overwhelming amount of presence and your enemy will FF. Do this as your start clear If you're worried about pathing, just do a full clear then gank. Blue buff > Gromp > Red buff > Scuttle > Gank top / mid and repeat this pattern
Shukr4n (EUW)
: If my support is going to pick galio ffs i play while crying. Anyway i am starting to think thst just chat is.under controll and they dont ban for trolling. So.. gl
Support galio works pretty well if they play aggressive but if they're passive then the lane sucks, I went 10 - 2 in lane with them lol But yeah no flaming in chat so they won't be banned.
: No matter what anyone says or what screenshots is provided, Riot will never admit or agree that their match making algorithm is far to simplistic. Consider yourself lucky though, had the same stats as you and am now just below 50% ratio. No matter what I am coming to terms with games being entirely out of my control, as such they are being treated that way.
I'm not asking for them to admit it I just want them to fix it, even if they don't make the information public I just want to feel that I have an impact in my game because my laners are using the lead they're given
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: #fire the entire live design team
Because your individual opinion about the game is irrelevant, I don't think you're meant to put spaces in between the tag too otherwise people are just going to look at gifs of fireplaces.
: !VERY IMPORTANT! Looking for teamates to play with (must be girls)
Last Light (EUNE)
: Singed players
He makes himself worthless while taking the tower indirectly
: And the runes ? ;-; I always go Aery/the mana thing/10% cdr/the dot and for the second choice i go inspiration : Stopwatch + 5% cdr to everything I don't know if i have to change Aery for Comet it's a hard decision for me :c Aery has good support and poke with short CD and Comet has good dmg and a decent CD
It's free shit, can't you just be happy?
: Lux ;-;
{{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}}
: So Riot only makes fakes about their upcoming Champions in their Teaser videos? Is that what I need to be aware of? Here's my point: I feel betrayed.
Hendrab (EUNE)
: Why nobody plays Yorick?
The whole purpose of his kit is shutdown by one AOE ability and he's useless in team fights, split pushing is easily countered and other champions do it more efficiently
Maluber (EUW)
: Since honor progression is tied to the whole season, it'll unlock slower than last season (came late last season). I doubt anyone has had more than 1 checkpoint yet.
There's many people at Honor 3 already, I'm friends with about 5
: we did report him but only 1 procent of people of who i report get ever punished, this i know because if they get punished i get notification, and i did not know that there is rules against reporting people in forums sorry for that.
Source where you got that statistic.
FreeKillFTP (EUNE)
I don't really see you being a positive contribution yourself from a first impression stand point
: > HONOR STATS: You now see unique stats about your recent honors any time you earn an Honor reward like a key fragment, orb, or capsule. Have you received any of those rewards after patch 8.4?
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: 9 lp? What the hell?
You got half LP because ranked is down The enemy team received no loss.
: Is it bad to take double( or more) life steal items?
Grevious wounds counters healing too much, if you get 2 healing items you're committing 2 items to being useless
BlueStr (EUNE)
: Do people like you ever learn? How many champions were removed from the live game since 2009? When you answer that you'll know when exactly Zoe is getting deleted.
Rioter Comments
: thank you mate for your tip, i'll sure do that about CC cleaner.but for the support i cant contact em, cause my email account got hacked, so i cant reach it.
You can mail them from any email account though, just make a new one ^^
It's almost like you have to play the champion now
Gothrak (EUW)
: buff? LOL everytime i see someone playing pantheon for the first time they end 20/3 pls stop{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
You must be in low gold then, the only way Pantheon is good is if they try to fight him before level 9 AFK farming is Pantheon's biggest counter lol
Hydnoras (EUW)
: An unjust ban
Submit it to support instead That isn't worth a ban lol
: it's just a question. Nothing rhetorical about it. I do assume, though, that the person responding to it understands that I do not mean by which rank does 1 person understand the fundamentals of jungling, but when the majority of people playing in that rank understand such things. If my intention was to point out people in silver don't understand the fundamentals of jungling that is exactly what I would have written.
: If League of Legends would be real life
This scenario only works in Video games where you don't have direct control of all the champions or characters within the game. Those players are actual humans majority of the time, so in other words. It is already league of legends in real life...?
: You forgot to mention Twitch+ Kog .
Pyrosen (EUW) - about a month ago Twitch has also recently received a nerf and he's very manageable.
: *sigh*... Fine, I shall guide you: > At what rank do people understand the fundamentals of jungling? This is the question I am asking. You are spouting random words that happen to form a sentence, but has nothing to do with anything here.
It's a rhetorical question and I did answer it, not silver. I wonder what's above Silver? Why's it rhetorical? Because they're individual players. There's some people in silver who understand the JG role exists but aren't good enough in lanes so they end up losing in the 1 v 1 period. There's some who ignore the JG role and get shit on for over extending but if you want to generalise according to rank: Silver is full of the people who think laning is against your opponent and not the JG. Gold players understand that and respect it but don't know how to turn it against them I think you're a little tense from that losing streak, chill lmao
HanDeus (EUNE)
: What is this? What the f**k? Fix your damn MMR!
"Normal summoners rift" Solo queue ranking has nothing to do with normal game MMR. I'm plat 2 and I'm commonly placed with silvers and unlevelled people because my normal games are 450 - 450 in W/L If normal match making had MMR according to solo queue rank, then there would be no point for normal games to exist.
: Read the post, use your brain, and try again
It's Silver People don't understand JG ganks and they die, simple lol
: When will people understand jungling?
Found your issue, you're in Silver
Rioter Comments
: Easy tank supp for gold+ ?
Taric is the best support in my eyes Alistar's pretty good Leona's busted too
elin990 (EUW)
: I own the champ.
I dunno then, probably a bug try it again maybe
elin990 (EUW)
: Why doesn't your champ level up when playing Blind Pick (PVP)?
Do you own the champion? Otherwise you cannot earn mastery points on them
: Why has the game become unbalanced/not fun anymore?
invest ɪnˈvɛst/Submit verb 1. put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit. On a serious note the only real issue within the game at the moment is Zoe and stopwatch, I don't see any other abnormalities
LuckyZ00M (EUW)
: Innapropiate Ban
You'll have to message support to find out. And they'll take a day or two to respond so you would of already gone through the punishment anyway
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