Snowcorn (EUW)
: I want to play ranked, I dont want to play "Whoever has the bigger premade wins"
I agree with you on this completely, they should re-add Solo Q back, the amount of pre mades ive faced recently is getting to the point i may stop playing ranked, always the same stuff, chat rubbish in all chat and then they throw in the "gg ez" at the end
: Most common Champions that Toxic Players play
{{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:77}} tend to be the most toxic ones i come across
: New team recruiting (bronze,silver) with coach. All roles are available
Age:20 Country:England The role you want to play, (only one)!:Support Rank:Silver 5 How many champions you have:all of them Anything else you like to say: i mainly play support, main support champs for me are Thresh, Leona, Braum, Janna and Orianna (yes i play that as a support haha) had experience mainly in the Silver elo although finished in bronze last season since i never really played Ranked, ive lead teams before on other games so have experience with working together and coming up with ways to get out of tough situations also very vocal and will speak up and give input when needed to help succeed
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: a lot of people will envy me, i guess... ... Headmistress Fiora legacy skin
Very nice skin I got that one a while a go in a mystery skin but very nice, gratz
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Husker (EUW)
: Looking for a team?
Bronze Player LF Team, can play every lane/position to a good standard and have a pretty deep champion pool, currently sat in bronze 5 available to practice most days from 6 in the evening onwards
RG Beez (EUNE)
: Bug splat random erros
Ive not found a fix for it yet, just like the infamous Firewall Bug and the Attempting to Recconect bug that has now magically disappeared since the new patch a new one has popped up in the form of Bugsplat, Riot wont take any responsibility for it so you just gotta wait it out, in the past week and a half ive fixed my game with the repair tool 8 times and sat in 4 Leaverbuster bans with each having 20 minute ques, you just gotta wait tbh till Riot find another way to change the issue and still blame you for it
: My friend`s game is crashing
i keep getting this issue, on my 5 game restriction, everytime the loading screen gets to 100%, boom Bug Splat
yahiya (EUNE)
: The same problem here and LeaverBuster placed me in a low priority .
got the exact same as you Yahiya :/
: Well it was announced that the skin would go on sale. So i don't think so.
I wasnt aware of it going on sale for half price, i didnt read up on anything like i said Thursday was my first night back
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: Blitzcrank's poro round up
Im guessing its when they will pull the game off the app store, im downloading it now just incase they do remove it permantly, watch it turn into Flappy Bird 2.0 :(
: I guess you are a jungler. Thats what most people say about their own role. Most other people disagree and most non-junglers say that jungle is the hardest role.
i can play every role fairly well, out of all of them id say support is the hardest
: How about you cut people some slack.This season has been pretty retarded on meta shifts we have had Ad bruiser meta we went to Tank hpStacking meta we have Ap meta now people sometimes try new things to learn and adapt to the meta. Jungle has become a more difficult role than it was in previous seasons. And in the fucking end what do you have to do as a laner?? Sit in yo damn lane and farm unless you have a ward you don't engage isn't it easy as fuck? If i play mid don't have a trinket on at least one of the sides i'm not gonna engage for a kill unless the other guy makes a major mistake becuz it's easy for the jungle to gank and kill me while i focus the guy. Also ganking a pushed lane SOMETIMES it's not even worth it for the laner. I know that when i'm farming 3 pushed waves under tower i'm not gonna lose them for a gank that might not even work.Also there is the slowpushing lane if you go for a gank and you lane is pushing we gonna end up diving the tower and we gonna get counterGanked and boom enemy jungle double kill(happened to me yesterday) There are a lot of factors in this game and that specific role. To summ up i'd suggest you stfu becuz junglers deal with more frustration when their laners die 1V1 and not 1V2 since the enemy jungler is still 0-0-0 in 8mins of the game but they still manage to lose the lane and snowball it for the enemy. And i'm not talking about ganks that waist summoners plain nothing they havent even shown on the map appart for clearing wards. Cya
Añïvïa (EUW)
: Simple answer = {{champion:34}} . Pros. EPIC burst throughout midgame and lategame Amazing utility with smart use of Q, W and R Zone control both in and out of lane Trades favourably with almost anything post-6 Has no counters. (personal opinion here, I feel that she has certain lanes she is weak in, but nothing that directly counters her since through smart and safe play you will always be relevant when your team needs you to be) Walling people into baron pit with your ult up looks hilarious People have no idea how to play against her at lower ranks Cons. Requires smart positioning due to being immobile Weak early laning, farming consistently pre-6 can be troublesome Long cooldowns on Q,W and passive - You have to make everything count. TL;DR Best champion in the game, massively underrated. People often have no idea what you are capable of since she's such an uncommon pick, but once you hit 6 and start smacking them with 1:1 ap ratios on Q and E they will respect the word... oh have you not heard? Edit: I have no idea how much she costs, but you should just go ahead and buy her anyway.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Calm Down with this Purple Wolf item OP Nonsense
This item is awesome on Aatrox, 1v3'd a Tryndamere, Thresh and Evelynn xD
: should surrender vote be removed ? like in DOTA
All the people that want it to stay are French!!!
: Most forgotten champion by Riot?
{{champion:133}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: imagine this tahm eats an ally,who is being ultied by shen..tahm get's ultied by kalista and she is being eaten by the enemy tahm,who is being ultied by enemy shen..and enemy kalista ulties this tahm..:))imagine this man so 6 champs in 1 ulti:)
wouldnt be possible, the universe would just explode
: Why does Twitch chat call Svenskeren racist, yet they type "JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJA" everytime...?
xCillion (EUW)
: I cant see a leave in your History at this point. Wich leads me to believe this is another one of the Ghost Games. Basically the server drops the game, without any trace of it. (you wont lose LP in this case) It might prevent you from playing for up to 2h unfortunately (usually doesnt take that long tho..) You can read more about it here : If it triggers leaverbuster i would be surprised.. but maybe someone can give more information how that interacts.
Hey dude thx for the reply. it has triggered Leaverbuster, this werent a ghost game because my friends who i was on skype with during the game were still in fine, just i get the "attempting to reconnect" randomly and i have to close the game in task manager, then try to reconnect which sometimes it wont let me so i have to relaunch the client and log back in to reconnect
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: 30 minutes penalty cause your servers are from 1900?
Riot dont care they will tell you its your fault and not theirs
: i got mine mystery champ and im wondering what you guys got
Just logged on to find out I got Varus, I'm very happy
: Share your "blame the jungler" experiences!
Was playing Vi yesterday, our Riven was having problems top from the start with the enemy lee sin who was playing top, went and got riven a kill, dropped down to mid to help got the team another kill there, whilst in the process of helping mid our bot lane died in a 2v2 and it was instantly my fault because "i never ganked bot" the game had only been going like 7 mins, the Blitzcrank on my team kept flaming and then purposley fed the enemy Rek'sai tellng him in ./all chat where to meet him for free kills, our ADC did the same, because they died whilst i was in the process of making my way to bot
DarthRap (EUNE)
: I could buy azir just because of his: "The order is given!" so epic to me
It is a pretty epic thing when he says it
Eeten (EUW)
: I got all Champs, so maybe i will get an expensive Skin ;)
: I want bard ;3;
Too troll people with that Ult and Magical Journey :P
DarthRap (EUNE)
: From 6300 : Azir for some reason, i just like him as a character From 4800 : anything would be nice From 3150 : maybe Anivia, to troll my friends in custom :D Below: NONE
Azir just seems cool from a lore standpoint and his abilities are different from other champs and Anivia would be cool but I don't think I'd ever play her
orneff (EUW)
: I know what I don't want. Evelynn/Janna/Fiddle/Sion/Taric/Veigar/Zilean
Luckily I've bought all them 1350's
: The only jungler I like is Gragas. The rest is meh. Except Jarvan. If I get J4 i probably would play jungle a bit more.
You ever tried Vi? She's quiet fun so is Rengar and Kha'zix
: {{champion:254}} , the only tank jungler i find fun to play and the only 6300 ip champion i really want right now.
I've got Vi, she is so much fun
Rioter Comments
: Diana needs some work !
Just because you couldnt handle a Diana on Zed your calling for her to be nerfed? Diana does counter Zed, if your against her try a Syndra, Morekaiser or Heimer or something like that, just because she counters you doesnt mean she should be nerfed . Lets nerf Zed because he counters Orianna and Yasuo, it just wont happen so just learn to counter pick
: Kassadin(30-0-8)
Congratulations, no one cares, but would you like a {{item:2010}}
: Pool Party Icon & Mystery Champion
{{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: Thanks Riot.
did you really just compare toxic players to muderers? {{champion:36}}
Trotyogles (EUNE)
: lame champ , needs like slightly above 0 skill , has insane mobility and dmg , riot sux at balancing
0 skill? You have obviously never played LeBlanc
p3pik (EUNE)
: Yasuo (What max ?)
Max Q then E then W
Solash (EUW)
: They changed PP Rek'Sai's ult
what have they changed? ive not long bought it and about to que up with it, i loved how it looked on the PBE
xCristy69 (EUNE)
i wouldnt remove it id just say change the way it works about 90% of my games we never get a proper finish, its always surreder at being the slightest bit behind
Emillie (EUW)
: Still waiting
i want pool party katarina
Rioter Comments
: Zed has been nerfed to trash tbh, not worth playing unless you are a god, and even then, LB/Ahri/AP assassins just do his job way easier.
Whenever i play LB and im against a Zed, i always have a massive smile on my face because i know im going to First Blood that Zed ^^
: Talon vs Zed
Id personally say Talon, his just easier than Zed, has insane damage if built right and i believe he actually counters Zed
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Natromitus (EUNE)
: Zed spells = FPS drops?
i was getting a similar thing last night aswell when i was playing {{champion:131}} everytime i went in on him he would do his R and then spam his keys for his combo next thing i know im getting crazy fps spikes for about 5 seconds and come back dead next to the tower, so your not the only one
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