: Looking for more chilled players to climb with (Gold 5 last season)
Hi Add me ingame, IGN: Qane I main support but can play all roles to an okay standard silver 2 last season but would like to get into gold Thanks
: Where is my support? :3
Hi I will play a few normals with you, I am looking for a decent adc to help carry game with I leona/nautilus but can play all supports was silver 2 last season but am stuck in bronze at the moment and it is hard to get out as support if the rest of the team isnt good I am looking to get into gold but am quite relaxed about it all I watch a lot of streams and wideos to learn tactics and playmaking etc and want to get better at the game in general I added you earlier so we can play some together Qane
: Looking for bronze, intelligent veterans
Hi, I am trying to find people that are sensible and easy going, want to learn more about the game and climb the ranks as a team I main support but can fill all roles I am from the UK, 32 and not super rich :) logical tactical thinker trying to make the best decisions to get ahead in the game IGN: Qane


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