: New Expansion Pack for Teamfight Tactics
%%%% This TFT and his update! They should first fix all %%%%in bugs which are in game!! Is so disgusting this drop ration can melt you from the start or carry you! All this roulette is bullshit!! even if you can pic some champs are too far from your place to took it!!! Its not team fight tactics, it's "you've loots of %%%%in lucky or you will be down whole game as a unwanted dog!" I hope because of my words someone from riot will see this and maybe that will reach to some people who have brain and competences to do something with it!
: TFT really is a pain
That' really sad, releasing game which is so unbalanced :( - Item drop system - carousel which even if you're of first pick sometimes you need to choose something which you didn't plan because cham/item what you need is just too far to get is!!! - champions drop is is weak, if i don't play Vaye i have her every roll but if i have 2 Vayne's on 2 stars than chance to roll is so horrible low!!! - assassins are so broken, any tank don't wait on back line because every champ is focused on charge an attack :( (where is this tactics system???) - controlling gold income is sick! if you will not get right champs (by lucky) and minimum 3 part items you're forced to spend all cash to rolling champions and then you're in pain because gold income will be poor! I had games in which i have 60 gold save but most of games you need to spend cash to 0 to even have all champ on tier 2 RIOT please do something!


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