: > After long time with this game. I give the Last Breath and leave this game to some new players that will suffer for more than 4 years without even knowing what's having fun . To new players : You'll suffer hard with trolls . You'll find people that ruin ur games . You'll get oneshoted by LeBlanc and Lissandra . or not. I'm here since Season 1, didn't have any more bad experiences than in other online multiplayers. The meta is pretty OK as well, I'd say the game's in a pretty good state, compared to some previous seasons. Everything feels like it has it's counterplay, if brain is used, and the player's screen is turned on. The community is indeed not perfect, but then again, which one is ? I've played a bunch of online multiplayers, ranging from racing to shooting and building/survival games + MMOs, I'd say LOL isn't even the worst. Match quality significantly goes up, as you climb through the ranks. - you won't really see people who run it down in 2400+ MMR, people who get there, 99% of them (if not everyone) care about their accounts. There indeed are some high profile trolls, who target int certain players - that's super SUPER rare tho, it shouldn't concern 99.999% of the playerbase. If you don't have fun, indeed look for something else, but then why waste time here ? This is what I don't get. People make posts like yours on a daily basis, for what purpose ? You're not having fun, you feel like time here is wasted - well then go do something more productive. I mean, there are like 300-400 regular readers (or even less), and about 50-100 regular posters on this forum. The game's playerbase is in the millions. If this was a venting-thread, like so many others do, I hope you cool your head, and never look back. If you genuinely want to change something, or get a message through to the players, this isn't really the place for it. My 2 cents.
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VoidLaser (EUW)
: You forget that they are meant to shred tanks, otherwise, there would be almost no counterplay against tanks and that would mean that a tank meta will be very likely, and you're playing Darius, his ult deals true damage too, I could be wrong on that one though.
Maybe you should check again if Darius's ult is true dmg + Why they should get no counterplay against tanks ? if they can kill tanks so ez that mean they can kill all other roles easier . and that's ADCs are doing rn
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Damage in League of Legends
-You're talking about some OP champs . I agree . But why you didn't talk about adcs ? for example Sivir/Jinx/Kai'Sa/%%%%ING VAYNE/Ashe/Twitch are strong in all cases . Last game I was 7/2 and enemy vayne was 4/5 . She just needed 8 aa to kill me and I used all my abilities on her except R because she was out of range . She killed me with : 400 AD dmg . "900 true dmg" and 50 dmg from minions and 1 shot from turret "300" okay . -What about Sivir ? I tried her yesterday and I goes a %%%%ing carry without even knowing how to play her . Look [here](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3958637135/229709179) . Look at my dmg and against these fed people . Kayn! need to use all his abilities to just make my hp go to half . Meanwhile LUX need Q R to do more than him and instakill me . -Jinx ? this champ just need to W u and u're dead . Imagine playing Talon she just W you and use about 7 aa in 2 secs and R to kill you . No way to run away. and there are more . But there is another problem. The true dmg of some champs "Irelia/Fiora/ %%%%ING VAYNE/Kayle after lvl 6" True dmg too need nerfs . If riot decide to nerf everything but leave true dmg . that won't change the game . This will just extend the teamfight by 2-3 seconds... and again I agree how some champs are just so dumb and I don't hate you or i'm not against u, I'm just giving my Opinion . that's for emissaries who think i'm attacking people with talk "idk how"
: or make it %HP (missing or max, don't care) hybrid (half physical half magic) so it's still hard to build against and makes the champion "late game" but doesn't F-up the meta
Yes, because this true dmg without counter isn't healthy ...
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Voldymort (EUNE)
: >and : -Insults with Italian language riot understands most languages. using italian slurs can get you banned just as easily as using the english version
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: Why the word "DIO" is blacklisted ?
I just wanna know who's that kid who always come to my posts and downvote them ...
0rcGa5M (EUNE)
: I know who's DIO, but i don't know what's DIO xD
Gabresol (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Astagos,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hAzAJ6Or,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-08T03:52:29.748+0000) > > Probably because the way its spammed, League chat should be used to coordinate the game and help team-mates, if weebo kids want to spam crap, go to Youtube and Forums for that Yes... Because people spam names in chat... That is definatly a thing that happened. Like that one game, in which someone spammed "Batman", that never happened.
Okay, what about Jotaro for example ? everybody spam it . and the word "noob" it's in all the game why it's not blacklisted ?
0rcGa5M (EUNE)
: I don't even know what dio means Ching-Chong100
DIO is a badass character in an anime called "JoJo's bizzare adventure" and there is a popular meme about it : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbCU11kGYqk
Shamose (EUW)
: You thought this was a normal comment. https://ya-webdesign.com/images/dio-face-png-1.png KONO DIO DA.
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Rekoshade (EUW)
: critical error on pc
man you're using the skin mod :3 just use it all times or do a full initial repair and never use it again
: > [{quoted}](name=QuM1tSuk3 YT,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L5xvEoYl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-07T20:57:43.293+0000) > > Play Lux and spam abilities ... That's the current meta . Play AP champ or a tank and spam :( Huh... even before i started playing LoL i knew that "mid or feed" was a thing, so i never learned to play midlane, to not contest the most popular role. Well, save for AP Yi back in the day before his rework. Oh, btw.... how is Master doing?
Past3 (EUW)
: Would you like to be my friend?
Man, I added you this morning to play with you and climb with these bronze you wanted to create a community by them and climb all together since i'm bronze with a higher experience of gold players . But you unfriended me idk why . Explain for me please since idk why you did that and I kept thinking "what I did so he unfriended me?"
: Feels Like Pinkward
I %%%%ING LOVE YOU MAN GJ THAT WAS A %%%%ING GREAT OUTPLAY {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Upvoted
: Hello there. Returned after 17 months of not playing. Any tips how to catch up with the changes?
: Hello there. Returned after 17 months of not playing. Any tips how to catch up with the changes?
Play Lux and spam abilities ... That's the current meta . Play AP champ or a tank and spam :(
: Pee Pee Ahri Lmfao
: I'm just %%%%ing kidding wtf is that community
Edit : nvm you're just gold by 22 win meanwhile i'm bronze with 38 win. and that's not even close to be enough
: > [{quoted}](name=QuM1tSuk3 YT,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=hYqx33xQ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-07T17:47:17.558+0000) > > Where is the outplay I can't see it . It's just a normal stuff every adc can do xD But wp to him and you reported for no help xd ??? I would have died because I have no mana and summoners. EDIT: nevermind just checked your profile and you are Bronze III, think I said enough
I'm just %%%%ing kidding wtf is that community
: Pretty cool Kai'Sa outplay
Where is the outplay I can't see it . It's just a normal stuff every adc can do xD But wp to him and you reported for no help xd
EB Aeron (EUW)
: Hey, if you are still open to this I own: Project Katarina, Project Vi, Project Leona, Project Lucian, Project Jhin and Project Vayne. My friend has Project Jhin and Ashe as well, so we would both be happy to help! :D My IGN: EB Aeron (EUW) My Friend's IGN: kennySean (also EUW)
Yes it's still Open <3 thanks
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Permanent chat restrictions were tried out for a while, but they weren't effective. People undergoing this penalty simply found other ways to ruin the game when they got mad, so it only allowed them to ruin even more games before getting the permaban they should've gotten in the first place. --- > why do they want to "obliterate" their account which maybe they've been put some effort or money into Why do these players keep wanting to break the rules on an account they've put effort and money into?
Hail brain skills . These people who get perma banned will just creat new accounts . and ruin the game again .
: Never One Contest Entry: Zed x Syndra: Balance is not always weakness
: no, just the CD reduction on her ult
No, remove lux with it
: Remove Conqueror
Remove Lux with it
Tarolock (EUNE)
: how about buying something like{{item:3123}} ? you know, just to cripple his healing?
his healing will go from full hp to 99% hp . His W got a bug make him heal more than expected
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lMrDemirl (EUW)
: my videos won't just be one of them. I will make different contents in the future. e.g 1v1 tournament (only ADC Champions). best movements of the week. news related to adc players in patch notes.
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Styros (EUNE)
: story about why I going starting ban zed/yasuo pre pick in my team
: Before you come here complaining about your teammates
Maybe someone was 7/1 and surprise he became 8/15 . that feeling is worse than losing a promo
lMrDemirl (EUW)
: Rekkles | Tristana vs Kalista EUW Challenger Patch 9.4 (onlyADCchallenge...
Support you by what man ? You're just recording players's games and put them xD nothing special
: Lee Sin Edit!
Thanks <3 Now I wanna play lee sin
: Hextech Crafting Flaws
Why 1 BE ? Buy a champion shard and sell it and u got ur BE xd
: What am I supposed to be looking at here? I am not referring to the situation in Bronze but to climbing and relative skillevels in general.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Happy Birthday
Happy birth day big guy <3
: he's a tanky for an AP champion as he's an AP brusier so he doesn't have the luxury of range like most AP champs and as for Damage, Mobility, Heal, Shields and CC I would point out that Yasou has all those is far greater abundence but riot seem to hilariously think he's "fine"
Wait, Yasuo isn't that tank . he do tons of damage like every fighter but he's not that tank .
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: It's not a problem if you have enough skill to do so. But then a native Bronze does not have that level of skill.
I got skills on my mains . I can do it . But in promos I get problems :( that's it
: There is a skilllevel between "being able to carry a big part of your games" and "being at the rank you deserve".
Take a look at my match history and decide . I don't play ranked so much btw I just started lately
Krilldop (EUW)
: If you really play better than people on the rank you are, you can easily get out of it but when u can't carry big part of the games, means that you deserve the rank you're at the moment. Those excuses and others that people use are a way to not admit they deserve the rank and probably feel better. Ok that sometimes u play with trolls and people trying champions in rankeds but, the way how you use that, looks like in 9/10 of your games you play with them.
Please, take a look at my match history . look at my score and my teammates's score than decide what u want <3 I'm not the only one who can play well in bronze and i'm not even that good . But i'm sure my experience is like Silver-Gold . Trust me man take a look at my last 20 or 30 game and decide <3 and about trolls, I didn't say I get them always . I only get them in promos xD you misunderstood buddy <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Bad luck in promo's.. how is that always possible.
Some people think bronze is easy to get out of it . It's the most hard rank to get out from it after diamond rank because people there just troll and play first time yasuo :'( I feel you man I lost in promos too
: I miss the old vibe of league of legends
Yep, Riot just focusing on making shity cinematics instead of fixing the game . Maybe they don't care because many people play it . But the thing is that these people are just addicted . For me, I hate the game but I play it . it's not fun and i never laughed since S7 when I get my 2nd penta since S6 "I was noob" . now the only thing that make me laugh in the game is seeing my friend trying to dive and outplay but he die and rage . Nothing fun anymore you're right
: Even if every other game in the world were completely unplayable, I still wouldn't start playing Fortnite.
: riven buff
If riven need buffs. So, I can say Yasuo need buffs too because his infinity edge got reworked again ? If riven need buffs. So, Darius need buffs too because his E need 20 seconds to be able to be casted again ? If riven need buffs. So, Viktor need buffs because he can't build 5 items + boot and his first ability give him just 140 AP + 4 upgrades . You make no sense downvoted Riven main
zmijja (EUW)
: Please Help me
download d3dx9_39.dll and put it in C:/windows/system32 and in C:\Windows\System . done ^^
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