: I see so many blue kayns right now?
healing debuffs is my guess .. about 60% of champions every game can viably buy healing debuffs .. and red kayns whole tankyness comes from healing and having high hp ..
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: No1 forcing you to play it
imagine that argument anywhere else .. imagine **every** supermarket/seller of coffee would put some random chemical into the coffee that just smells bad .. making the coffee smell bad and not many wanting to actualy drink it.. and then as argument they would say "no one forces you to buy it" (maybe because they want you to drink something different instead) but we still wanna drink coffee fam riot made a mode many ppl liked (coffee in analogy) and then made it worse and worse with every itteration (the chemical in analogy).. many ppl still want to play urf .. they just want it to be how they remember it to be and not the stinking stuff it is today ..
JustClone (EUNE)
: Have you noticed how much "manaflowband" refunded after 30 minute game? I play heavy mana dependent champions, with huge mana pools, and it only gives me like 700-800 total. And consider that I try to stay at 30% mana max, to make the the most use of this rune. And even then the regen is ... meh. MANA "FLOW" MY ASS. This rune is good, because it is free {{item:1027}}. Just wanted to say this. For no specific reason at all.
except for the supreme mega mana waster champions like karthus cassio etc having ludens + manaflow allows you to sustain full on spaming of your abbilitys (which shouldnt be done mindlessly) for about 3 minutes .. if you dont mindlessly spam but instead use abbilitys only when realy needed / a bit sparingly you can sustain poke for 5 to 10 minutes .. sure you can 'prove' me wrong by mindlessly spaming karthus abbilitys and showing me how that cant be kept up for 3 minutes .. but matter of fact is : most mages are sustained using this method .. and can spam for about 3 minutes atleast .. and considering how mana is only realy needed during siege / teamfight / objective situations and considering those situations most of the time are at most 2 minutes in time .. (i have not witnessed any situation longer in the past year) then i think it sounds very plausible if i say mages basicly have infinit mana .. when ever they would be oom they shouldnt need their mana anyway already because they are either dead or aced the enemys .. i played velkoz veigar zilean morgana syndra oriana lux and more .. and all of them basicly dont require you to manage mana at all and that is what i dislike .. i want champions like mages to have a weakness such as being oom .. but not in the way where buying 1 item makes it difficult to even get oom in the first place when using abbilitys non wastefull..
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Ryze has 300 MP at rank 1 and his abilities only cost 40 MP each, is this a joke?
wont anyone ever say something about the fact that basicly every mage has basicly endless mana after 1 item ? {{item:3285}} + manaflowband can sustain most champions in the game some exceptions have to build seraph or roa on top .. but that are the crazy spaming champions .. and even they are often mana saturated after that second item .. i feel like the game lost so much strategy when riot decided that mana should never deplete ever in mid to lategame
: In Dota there is an item called blademail armor. When not active it just gives the few points in stats and some armor. When activated, it deals most of the damage you receive back to the enemy. So imagine a character who has an ult that deals damage based on how much you move. The more you move, the more health you lose until you die. But if you're tanky and use this item, the ults caster has a high chance of dying instead. If you have an ability take can take someone from a 1000 to 0 points in 1 seconds, then this item allowes you to return to sender. So no. I would not really change thornmail armor cause it's a good item. The only thing I would change is how much damage it can cause. Cause in my opinion it deals too little damage. At best about 75 points if I remember correctly. I would change it so that it deals more damage based on how much health you're missing, how much armor you have on or how large you max health is. Cause Riot nerfed armor to the point that a lot of games are won by people who just pick health and damage. It's a miracle if you can be a tank and still survive a 1 vs 5 encounter with armor and magic resist. Usually it's, no armor Darius but with health giving damage items.
Shamose (EUW)
: Giving it an aura doesn't make it an active.
it would be an activatable aura effect .. so since it is only working when you activate it it should be called active, right ?
Rioter Comments
: it would be balenced if she can only proc the charm with her first Q or E and not when she misses her Q and still be able to spam spikes
100% agree .. feels so bad playing againt someone who literaly doesnt even try to hit his only skillshot .. instead just e q .. q r dead NICE
: 35% Mana Burn my ass.
how did you get the 35% ? in other words where did you get that value from ?
: New Pantheon
i feel like many champions especialy new/reworked ones just in general just have too good mix dmg .. the problem isnt when your abbility does magic dmg and scales on ap .. the problem becomes when an abbility does magic dmg and scales of ad .. example would be kaisa passiv .. she builds full physical dmg and in the end still does 40%+ magic damage anyway so that you cant ignore mr as tank .. vs an **ad**c ! (i know that the kaisa build looks different from full physical .. but in general she can go full ad and still have like half her dmg be magic dmg) in general i have nothing against panth w dealing magic dmg and scaling with ap only .. i have a problem when they put an ad scaling into that and make the ad scaling do magic dmg instead of physical .. an abbility that i would feel comfortable around would be something like : deal x physical dmg + (ad%) physical dmg + (ap%) magic dmg i am also not against ap having an effect on physical dmg .. imagine : deal (x +ad%)*(1+ap%) physical dmg .. with something like a 1% ap scaling .. that would be fine by me .. as long as the values themselfes would be ballanced so TL:DR : panth w dealing magic dmg scaling with ap is fine by me
: malzahar ulti can't be cleansed ... really riot
shouldnt you complain that malz supression can be negated with qss instead ? like .. the whole point of this cc was that you cant escape it yourself .. yet you can ..
: He took the number 2 spot... don’t forget the abomination that was old poppy... so one of the most toxic is an apt description... there was kinda a quartet of extremely toxic and badly designed champions, yorick, poppy, sion, and urgot... they took spots 1-4 of toxic champions and it’s debatable who getscwhich spot And it’s not like riot have stopped reworking toxic champions... so by modern league standard he’d still get a rework... though riot might have actually attempted to fix him if he came out these days instead of immediately killing him and leaving him to be reworked later
poppy atleast let me enjoy the game until she got lvl 6 .. i am not sure if my memory is just cloudy .. but seriously .. i would still say a champion who literaly got imune to everything and onehits me was still not as frustrating as a champion that just 100% zoned me out of lane with nothing i can do and no way to recover aswell as no meaningfull way to trade with him since he proceeds to slow you dmg you and heal himself through you .. especialy with the beautiful catchupsystem of that time .. the beauty being that there was nothing to catch you so you went into an endless spiral where you cant farm because you are to weak and you cant get stronger cause you cant farm .. this powerlessnes still gives me the shivers .. but i agree though .. i totaly forgot that champions like old poppy were present to that time xD
: No yorick was one of the most toxic champions in the game... he deserved everything he got And kass got his silence removed, and got reworked...
to the time of his release he was the undoubted #1 champ in category "i dont want to fight this" he was so extremely on the top to that time .. he even took the #2 and #3 spots all for himself .. saying he was "one of the most toxic" is the strongest understatemend i have read this year xD .. (but by modern league standarts riot would propably just decrese his ms by 5 and call it a day ..)
: > maybe just making a global buff to melee champions reducing damage from further than 250 units by 50%-0% based on ingame timer (0% at 10 minutes) Will not help because Neeko on top will just safe farm under tower. It is about safety of ranged on top, not about "melee champs die too fast". I can take teleport and waste it level 4 to get healed, but whats next? Midlaner on top will just continue farm. He was full HP and sitting there, Nobody is gonna gank such thing on top.
even if that change isnt perfect .. reducing the amount of poke melee champions get in top is definitly helping reducing the range abuse .. also dont forget i am not working for riot .. it was just an idea i made spontaniously
: So you're suggesting to do exactly what Riot games are doing. Nothing. Let just this madness of Neeko/Vayne/Ekko/Cassi/etc on top continue.
introducing even more cc isnt the answer .. that is what he is saying i think.. what you suggest is ludacris .. i mean mundo having a cc ontop of his attackreset %dmg ad buffing ad buff abbility with 6 seconds cooldown ?(it gives flat ad and ad based on missing health so yea the ad buff part is purposely doubled) yea that sounds like reasonable amount of things in 1 abbility .. who are you ? certainlyT ? fiora w : yea ok so you main fiora ? like seriously why do you want fiora to have a near 200% banrate with propably a 100% winrate ?(200% banrate as in both teams will ban her every match) lets not forget that morgana q is 3 seconds which in league terms is already eternity .. and you want hers to hold 5 seconds .. gankplank : giving a lategame champion more ways to win early is exactly what we need .. if you pick an early game bully champion you obviously want someone to pick a lategame champion like gp and beat you in the early game while outscaling you in lategame .. genius maybe just making a global buff to melee champions reducing damage from further than 250 units by 50%-0% based on ingame timer (0% at 10 minutes) or something ? that would naturaly nerf earlygame poke and therefore create a dissadvantage in top for adcs and mages .. forcing them somewhere else .. in theory atleast
: I think that mages are in a good spot as of now. Mages being able to deal a lot of damage from range is what defines them, that's what they're intended for, after all! You gotta note that building items with survivability is essentially sacrificing more potential damage. Besides, most mages don't have any reliable escape option (with a few exceptions such as {{champion:103}}) to be redefines as "ranged assassins". I'll be honest, I'm only replying because I'm a mid lane main (mostly mage champs), and felt that I had to defend 'em :D
i am not against midlane mages .. i am against "support" mages like lux brand and velkoz who all basicly are the same champion .. poke you from range with high damage low cooldown low manacost nukes .. if you ever get hit by cc your vision instantly fades to gray .. i also need to be honest here i guess : i have a very sadistic playstyle .. so i tend to play stuff that feels like hell to play against .. so ofcourse i also played mage supporter especialy velkoz due to insane range which also directly increases frustration when hit i went into a state of euphoria when my enemys despaired due to me 1v2 zoning them out of lane and my adc freezing lane [*muhahahaha*] and then seeing them flame me for picking "unfair" or "broken" champions was just so good .. i used to play league for that and that alone .. i didnt care about winning because that didnt give me any fun .. and so now since i am now playing more enchanter champions or just assassines / junglers / toplaners i realy have to say .. first : there is no fun in fighting modern mages because no matter what you say .. they have unending ranged high dmg poke basicly endless mana and to top it all off they get to have those strong defece items making them still deal high damage but now be too tanky to be considered squishy .. and so to end this what i want to say is : mage supporter are fun to play but cancer to fight .. something needs to be done to get those mages out of botlane ..
: Anyone else who hates this mage support meta??
i dislike the fact that mages deal so much dmg that they could be renamed ranged assassines yet build items like {{item:3157}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3102}} and more which make them too tanky for ranged assassines .. or any actual damage carry position from range
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: im not gonna argue that they weren't busted but ferver gave 10 ad lvl 1 most ad champs could be at 110 ad lvl 1 far unreachable numbers as well for ad champions currently due to these numbers if you remember mages couldn't exist top since they got ran over by literally everything early this is why renekton tryndamere and wukong and nocturn were nerfed from being able to run over mages mid lane the game then was rock paper scissors and your champion always had purpose the tank would be a rock who can win lane but his damage is widely disregarded once items start getting completed the mage would be the mid game damage spike and zone control the adc would be the end game 3 items+ champion that smashes everything with proper support the support is the utility engage/peel/healing w/e you want (no brand/zyras yet) and the fighters/juggernauts etc were the bulky assassins and assassins being the mobile assasins difference being that the fighters could hurt tanks while assassins couldn't and now if you watch llstylish he would go from hitting a poppy for 100 to 1 shotting her or any champion like vayne and kog can sit in place and tank you before they kill you yesterday i was playing vs a kogmaw that was literally running in and tanking everything and still killing 2 people before he dies in 2 seconds like what is that irelia hitting a stun and doing 80% of a tanks health jax being tankier than a sejuani with her passive while he is ulted supports having the damage output of midlaners and tanks? tanks just get %%%%ed by the % dmg and true dmg in the game while having inflated stats for no reason than to not be a burden if you pick them yes it was toxic early levels to face tanks while they were strong but at least they had a place and could serve their function as a tank instead of currently blowing up as fast as an adc
i agree that tanks currently are just bad to play .. it feels in every way weak to play a tank .. even if you are tanky you still explode in frontline .. but i dont think tanks need to be buffed like the op suggests i more believe that most champions need to be nerfed in terms of dmg, cc & mobility .. not long ago i played sion and chogath .. both times i was against a ranged champion who abused me with klepto or grasp (ezrael teemo) dealing mix dmg so i cant realy tank it while also having "good" mobility and it was god-awefull .. couldnt realy farm and even if i did i gave the oponent like 20 gold for that every time i walked up or i took insane amounts of dmg .. and the worst part about it was that i literaly saw that they are way worse than me .. did so many mistakes .. but i just couldnt punish it at all because they are faster or have dashes or both..
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: for tanks to be viable they need a form of staying in a fight a self sustaining option when tanks were too strong ie never died but did crap damage that was when courage of the collosus was a thing when cc-ing an enemy you get a shield based on enemies around you this shield allowed champions with low cd cc's ie tanks to stay in fights and then tanks could stay in figths and be tanks now aftershock is the closest thing that tanks get to being able to stay in a fight and look at sejuani with aftershock she goes in pops aftershock uses her stuns loses her passive and now has to dip out or else she dies 3s of durability that is lost while the enemy is cc'd sejuani is currently the only meta tank that is viable and even she is dogshit because of all the true damage and % dmg in the game tanks on their own their kits and dps is fine when compared to other champions but their durability falls off a cliff after a certain point in the game and unless they have some infinite health scalings like sion and chogath or insanely inflated resistances like ornn with his double item upgrade and % armor/mr from his passive you simply can't stand infront of an adc anymore because they can simply outheal your dmg while chunking the ever living %%%% out of you you also have to remember that tanks in the old runes system could start the game at 100 armor thus being able to survive ferver champions while no other class could hold themselves against ferver early game that was also something that got removed from tanks all for the sake of "hurr durr i want to play jax and irelia and not lose to a tank hurr durr"
i would argue that back then champions like maokai were just generating too much toxicity in toplane .. as any ad champion you would come up to the lvl 1 90 armor maokai and "ding" 40 dmg then he qs you back for 70 and attacks a minion to heal all his dmg back .. and this trend didnt go away .. lvl 3 the maokai now has 110 armor you do your full combo + a couple attacks mixed in : "ding" 200 dmg and maokai prox grasp on you heals with passiv and w to you for %dmg + q you away .. 200+ dmg back to you but he healed 100 with passiv .. so the ending trade looks like (you : maokai) (-200 : -100) and that is frustrating .. the fact that the tanks just wins lane by existing is frustrating .. even with mixed dmg you had quite the problem to actualy counter them .. to that time i spamed rammus top with flat and scaling armor so i gained insane amounts of armor and the oponents just killed themselves when fighting me .. sometimes i throw a gunblade into my build just to heal of of minions attacking me .. and yes .. that was hillariously funny for me but toxic a.f. for the oponent ..
: Tanks need a large overhaul
i feel like instead of buffing every being that exists in league perpetualy how about just nerfing damage of all champions in league and nerfing cc of non tanks .. if you constantly just buff stuff you will end up with powercreep.. currently almost every champion can destroy half a tank within 1-2 seconds that is already the problem .. nerf damage of all champions currently almost every champion has hard cc .. maybe maybe nerf that for non tanks so that tanks are actualy having a job they can do outside of "i use my totaly overpowered basedmg to go up and onehit your adc" nautilus literaly does at least 70% of a squishys hp in a cc chain combo .. while building mostly support tank ..
Tarolock (EUNE)
: lets say there is a party in your city, the rules are simple and they are on the wall near the entrance: dont insult others, dont damage the property etc and here comes the partyboy (you) insulting every second attendant while breaking glasses etc, for a simple reason: the girl at the entrance refused to dance with him, and you get thrown out by a guard (which is kinda the same as the automated system in lol) in this case what would change anything in your punishment? the girl is free to do anything, in this case she refused you, nothing thats against the rules, you are free to party if you can follow the simple rules, but you did not, it doesnt matter if the guard catches you, or the owner of the place, both will throw you out... the same thing would come with the tribunal, you would still get punished, the only difference is you wouldnt get that punishment in 5 mins, rather youd get it in weeks, which is pretty bad, just imagine a flamer is flaming in all your games for 3 weeks... nope, we DO NOT need the tribunal, it was ok for a small community but LoL grew over that ages ago plus i wouldnt give any power to immature players who think that they deserve a win without actually doing anything for it
even though i am on your side when it comes to the tribunal .. your example is poorly chosen .. in your very example if someone attacks you with eg. a knife and you use a chair to hold him away damaging him and the chair in the process -> you will be punnished even though the context makes you 100% forced to act that way for survival .. selfdefence itself can only exist out of context ..
: ppl don't understand the meaning of "troll". trolling : spreading a false oppinion/statement online it has nothing to with LoL and champs/items about ppl crying your a troll cause of "bad" items. there r no bad items , everything depends on the situation, your team, and the opponents. last game i took Vi support, from champ select on they cried i was a troll. ended up carrying the game with zero deaths. in this game Vi was just a logial pick to counter opponents bot lane duo so i did it and it worked as planned. in low elo ppl have no clue about counterpicking at all and sadly this decides mosts games there. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
>trolling : spreading a false oppinion/statement online in context of lol however i think everyone can agree that a troll is someone who intentionaly trys to piss his team off .. right ? atleast everyone i have seen uses the term that way .. sure it usualy has a different meaning .. but similar to slang it has a its meaning given the right context
: man, you are wrong everywhere. First of all. The game still was more complicated. Where are runes and talents? Gone. Turned into twice easier system of runes. Game became easier. Champion skills becoming more fancy doesnt mean that champions become deeper and more complicated. There were no new champions which had noticable depth/skill requirement increase. Obtaining cosmetics and champions. No doubt game became easier here too. Comparing to DotA there are no such hard characters like Invoker. There is no minion denying. Visual difficulty in LoL is also a joke, same as in Fortnite compared to ArmA or PUBG. RNG elements which were implemented into LoL are also a vital instrument in terms of making game easier for bad players by increasing value of luck. Speaking of gaming industry overall. I am describing free to play model. There are no non casual free to play games. All of F2P games nowadays more look like mobile games with all possible dEpTh of *mobile gaming* Hearthstone is more popular than MTG. Fortnite is more popular than other BR. And all these games same as LoL are trying to be trendy. And one of the main trends they provide is that games have to be easy enough to be played by every r.e.t.a.r.d.ed person possible
yea .. i feel like back then many champions used to have "incomplete/ not synergyzing" kits as design philosophy .. so not everything synergized perfectly and you had to come up with a way to make it work like you want it to .. nowadays champions are released mostly with perfectly synergyzing abbilitys where a combo was already designed and predetermined (or atleast it feels like that) .. no tactic .. no exploiting of game mechanics or kits required just learn a set combo and you are good to go .. a good example is alistar whose wq combo used to be an actual BUG .. it was NOT intended was kinda hard to pull of/ buggy back then but so rewarding because it didnt feel like you were given the option but that you made that option yourself .. then they just made it a core part of his kit adding patches to make it way way easyer to pull of and therefore made it so much less rewarding in my eyes .. also stuff like {{champion:28}} back then .. i think noone knew what was the best way to play her .. some played her ad some ap some hybrid .. but in the end the whole kit just wasnt synergyzing to the point where you could just literaly see a combo in that kit like it is now .. w-e-q³-r its not rewarding if everything is reduced to "did you hit your combo ?" instead of "what combo did you use ?"
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: What to do when you are clearly matched against a highly skilled smurf? Also what is inting?
inting : Intentional feeding (of the oponents) keyword intentional -> its hard to say wether or not you fed on purpose or not .. especialy for an automated system like in league .. basicly .. as long as you arent blatently inting (running down or directly sabotaging allys (via anivia or tahm or trundle for example)) the system will most likely not pick you up .. if you suspect your oponent to be a highly skilled smurf then try to roam out of lane and help other lanes a lot .. also try play more as a team and overwhelm the oponent in lane .. except if you are toplaner : i wont realy go into details here .. but if you dont have a get free out of jail champion but your oponent is actualy outclassing you then best you can do is soak xp/gold as much as possible .. you basicly get stuck in a vegetativ quasi afk state where you focus on not dieing to your oponent
Trixster (EUNE)
: I have no idea who that is but Twitch is known for tolerating "problematic" people on their platform as long as they're making enough money. Thats just how it is. Btw the only one embarassing themselves here is you with displaying this butthurted NB3 fanboy behavior.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oL2Sc3OhQ4 he was banned for saying the n-word .. even though at worst this sounds like nidiots .. that is tfblade .. also .. franta hasent actualy attacked you .. so it is realy weird to see such a defensive answer from you .. all the person meant was that by your logic tfblade shouldnt have been banned aswell .. but he did .. 'so should nb3 if twitch were to be consistant with punnishments' the sentence in ' ' is just a derived conclusion from the comment .. not an actual quote but still in there
: RiotWookieCookie (NA Reedit) - This player in particular popped up on our radar a few weeks ago and we decided to not take action at that time because playing Teemo in this method is not against our rules. However, after reviewing the continued reports we were receiving (from multiple sources) a pattern was forming where this targeted off meta behavior was occurring most often in games when the player was with a high profile streamer. If you want to play off meta, we think that's great! If you want to play off meta only to spite other players and reap the negative reactions and attention from their viewers while they are streaming then we don’t consider that a good faith use of off meta play. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c0m449/nightblue3_gets_his_teammate_banned_for_playing/er61hxj
fine, you won .. if he actualy did it specificly / mainly to spite on streamers then there is not realy a good point left defending him in particular .. but the strat itself can still be used / salvaged i think .. i mean supporting mid (who can carry **mid-** to lategame) instead of adc(who can carry mid- to **late**game) might be desired depending on how early focused your team is .. since if your team gets to snowball this way your adc can catch-up most of the time (especialy an adc like sivir who can waveclear like crazy)
: RiotWookieCookie (NA Reedit) - This player in particular popped up on our radar a few weeks ago and we decided to not take action at that time because playing Teemo in this method is not against our rules. However, after reviewing the continued reports we were receiving (from multiple sources) a pattern was forming where this targeted off meta behavior was occurring most often in games when the player was with a high profile streamer. If you want to play off meta, we think that's great! If you want to play off meta only to spite other players and reap the negative reactions and attention from their viewers while they are streaming then we don’t consider that a good faith use of off meta play. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c0m449/nightblue3_gets_his_teammate_banned_for_playing/er61hxj
fine, you won .. if he actualy did it specificly / mainly to spite on streamers then there is not realy a good point left defending him in particular .. but the strat itself can still be used / salvaged i think .. i mean supporting mid (who can carry **mid-** to lategame) instead of adc(who can carry mid- to **late**game) might be desired depending on how early focused your team is .. since if your team gets to snowball this way your adc can catch-up most of the time (especialy an adc like sivir who can waveclear like crazy)
: He wasnt banned for teemo support, he was banned for trolling.
he was trying to win using an offmeta strategy where he supports his midlaner .. considering his most played champ is teemo with 400 games and he has 48% winrate with it (mind you there are ppl opening just because they saw this strategy so his actual winrate would propably be much higher ..) so i would say if he can sustain his elo in masters by mainly playing teemo this way .. then it can hardly be called trolling, right ?
: Perfection!
: nothing wrong? what? he queued up for support, played teemo, and instead of playing his role he goes mid and soaks xp, leaving his adc in a 1v2 scenario, and he did this in many games and cost his team a loss in most
he explained his whole reasoning/line of tought like the following : if he were to play support in bot against taric & sona then he would not achieve anything other than stealing xp from his sivir (who in his opinion would just have to waveclear all laningphase anyway) so he explained further that sivir is "fine" 1v2 since she has waveclear and he is better off going mid and supporting his midlaner instead .. so in all honesty .. he was neither trolling nor inting since he was convinced that what he did was the most propable to win said game .. he also didnt write all that much / he wasnt toxic .. so by the definition of "as long as you try to win, you wont get punished" he was wrongly punished .. dont get me wrong : i am not trying to strongly defend this guy .. but i have to say he has a 48% w/r with teemo (~400 matches) .. which isnt realy good .. but by no means is it terrible and/or considered feeding .. there is no way he got lucky/got carried in about 200 games .. so his strat might actualy be not that terrible ..
: He is gonna build to survive but do remember that if you are playing as a support you are working off a support budget... that means you are significantly weaker than a regular morde, no where near as tanky or as damaging. That’s why support tanks have the strongest defensive tools, think of tahm’s E or alistar ult, cause that makes them work without needing as many items... as morde was designed in the solo lane and thus a farming role he lacks these tools to survive making him a lot less likely to survive a 1v1 against an adc. And yeah morde can kill an adc, but he is also a juggernaut and has the same weaknesses as one, namely being kitable... we’ve also not really seen a morde who isn’t fed as all hell try to go up against a good adc player so we’ve got no idea how viable it actually is for morde to 1v1 a late game adc... so there’s a lot of questions about it’s viability and it really ain’t gonna be possible if you are behind or against a fed carry. And the main issue with a stall build like GA hourglass is that you can use QSS to leave the death realm... if you are trying to stall an adc in the death realm a simple QSS purchase will prevent that from working... after which point you are a thresh with only flay avalible.
wait you can use qss to leave it ? srsly ? sounds kinda stupid considering the whole mordekaiser veigar lore .. but ok i guess.. i am still thinking he is gonna be fine if not even a bit overtuned when he comes life .. so atleast for the first 2 weeks i will have my fun with him ^^
: A super cheesy tactic... like it’s gonna be a thing for a week then never seen again cause all he supplies is that ult. remember it only lasts so long as you live, yeah you can get rid of an adc but you ain’t gonna have the stats to kill or survive for long so ultimatly you kill yourself for very little... a Leona could do the job better. Remember when people where swearing that kalista was gonna be a top laner, kiting champions then using the ult on the jungler for a free gank... yeah this is gonna be like that.
its not like morde is not gonna build stuff to survife or kill said carry .. even in the worst case morde can often just buy zhonias+ga+sw and other defensiv items .. so yea morde is definitly gonna hold a carry supressed for the duration also dont forget morde actualy deals quite a lot of dmg with his abbilitys if hit .. so building dmg and just killing a carry is perhaps very doable with the right build and a bit of skill .. i very much believe that morde can be played as a support maybe not into every matchup .. but still and even if its not possible to play him as supp .. i believe a top/mid morde killing an enemy with r then fighting together with his team in a 5v4 sounds pretty good anyways :)
: Damage over time (buy bug)
i am not sure if i agree .. imagine you are an onhit teemo who shroomed a minefield .. you see the enemy walk towards your shrooms and quickly sold all your items and bought full ap instead enemys get tons of dmg and you just undo all your purchases .. that feels like cheating to me
: If he ults the fed adc there ain’t much stopping the fed adc from killing him... If he ults a support then up to 7 seconds your team is fighting a 4v4 without their top laner... it’s like trading a support kill for a top kill at that point so long as the support survives long enough it’s actually worth it for the enemy team unless your team is far enough ahead to kill them. Ulting someone puts you in a 1v1 and your team in a 4v4... assuming you don’t instantly kill them you’ve gotta be relying on your team to not throw the fight, you can no longer carry the fight... do you really trust a solo Q team to 4v4 without you.
morde doesnt need to go top .. he can be supporter .. making the trade adc - support very juicy ..
Murdarici (EUNE)
: give me some example of what you think is trolling since in my experience in 100 games I see 5-6games with real trolls but 90games I see people that falsely accuse others of trolling ilogic, stupid, dumb people sure they are in abundance but they are not trolls in a way to intentionally ruin the games, they ruin the game ? sure but not intentionally and you can't forbid stupid people to play a video game
well .. an example of a troll : someone picking syndra mid with smite , that syndra resets our jungler's first camp by using w she proceeds to die a couple of times mid and then follows our jungler/stealing his camps until we surrender .. (for the sake of not name-shaming i shall not tell you who it was .. even though you can look on op.gg yourself ..) i dont think giving harsher punnishments would help for the obvious reason of the system not being able to detect it .. but atleast an option like a blacklist .. so you can just manualy add summoners with which you do not want to be matched with ever again .. further options may also be nice ..
Cypherous (EUW)
: I did answer your main comment, you can dodge his Q, i mean why is it people always seek to have things nerfed when they can't master this basic principal? Positioning is a basic skill
yea .. you are correct that you can dodge his skillshots .. but if you get skillshots spamed into your face left right and center then you will start to get hit no matter what .. and in velkoz's case even if he entirely misses q he has not realy lost an important amount of mana while 4 seconds later he can cast it again similarly his w can just be missed with no reprocussion .. only his e .. if he misses that then he has to play defencivly for like 10 seconds .. that is why on my main comment (which isnt this one ^^) i argued that most champions need some reballancement considering mana/mana cost/mana regen since missing a skillshot should be punnished similarely like getting hit by one is punnished (by loosing a lot of recourses/ pressure via manacost and/or long cooldowns).. in the past (about season 3~4) a mage could barely survife 2 minutes in lane without the use of mana potions in that time .. simmilarely the most viable items you could buy either only gave ap or were slightly enhancing your mana pool .. but by far not to the extent you can observe in modern league .. games used to be decided by being oom since you instantly loose all your pressure .. but nowadays if you play with half a brain you will never be oom mid-late game as a mage except maybe karthus with a big maybe ..
Cypherous (EUW)
: His Q is easily dodged, and he doens't have infinitemana, and sona's heal can't really keep up with anything, its weak because of its shielding potential, and his W doesn't have a slow without bying items that give it a slow, but in that case all of his skills would get the same slow :P
"[..] and he doens't have infinitemana [..]" build {{item:3285}} and have the rune "mana flow band" with those he has quasi infinit mana .. being able to full spam all abbilitys for over 3 minutes before even having a sign of lacking mana .. and that even if not realy infinit .. is already way way too insane .. and almost every mage can do the same with similar results .. (if you want to answer me then please do that on my main comment)
Salron88 (EUW)
: please fix velkoz infinite mana
the infinit mana part (aka your title which has nothing to do with what you actualy described ) i do agree .. mages in general not just velkoz .. actualy almost every champion in the game can get infinit or quasi infinit mana way too easyly .. i feel like everything related to mana needs a rebalance .. and while we are at it .. every champion should have some resource or something which hinders said champion from perma spam (like eg. kennen or gnar) not to mention the dmg of most abbilitys and even just attacks currently is just through the roof ..
KlarkizmO (EUW)
: Ping Increase
similar here but not so drastic .. i started on 18 ping and over about the last about 2-3 years it went to 45 ..
: Indeed! He should use the pratice tool for this!!
i already did it yesterday .. yes she does indeed soak the dmg even while in w and she gets healed by the linked ally dmg even if in w .. edit : but it is realy underwhelming .. i think buying 1 more ap item to give the + 10 more ad seems much more worth it most of the time
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Player 00 (EUW)
: Then go play her and get that free elo. Quick before they nerf her !
except i am a support / mid main .. i feel like with my last argument i went a bit too off topic : lets get straight to what i mean : riven is a strong champion .. she has huge amounts of outplay potential aswell as high burst potential and a lot of defensiv mechanisms in her kit making it very dificult to win vs a riven who knows what she is doing except if you play one of the counter list champions who are mostly ranged champions who beat her while kiting until she cant snowball i am also of the firm believe that a champion who is "hard to master" shouldnt have a ~50% winrate from the getgo which increases as your proficiency with her rises .. so those 2 arguments would be what i think are mainly suporting the thought of maybe nerfing riven aswell as other champions who can be described simmilarely also .. dont get me wrong .. i dont play vs riven have no grudge against that champion or anything realy .. i just fear that because they refuse to nerf riven and other champions that they will need to buff other champions or not nerf them when they would actualy be in need of nerfs .. because they have the argument of "but riven/other champions is in the game and something must stand onpar" and so i fear that in the end every champion becomes an assassine capable of onehitting squishys .. it might not be guaranteed that it happens .. but still .. nerfing overall dmg / power from many champions would propably make the game so much more enjoyable
Player 00 (EUW)
: > i feel like riven compared to other stuff isnt op .. but from the perspective of someone who knows what powercreep is: she together with like already 30% of the champ roster is op and needs nerfs .. I don't think she is overpowered because she can get punished early easy, she has so many counters in lane you just need to play against her correctly which is something low elo players can't do and that's why you see all the Bronze and Silver players crying on forums how she is broken. I don't know what is the opinion of high elo players, but mine is just that she is easy to play against once you understand how to.
riven is suposed to be oh so hard to play yet she has a 50%+ winrate across all elos .. a hard to play champion should actualy reward you after you played like 100-200 games with it .. resulting in a winrate of ~48%+- 1% .. sure you can punish her with braindead champions like kennen but .. kennen and those other champions all also need nerfs .. its not like riven is weak because the literal op class champions win against her .. let me reiterate : just because kennen > riven doesnt mean everything > riven .. also : https://u.gg/lol/tier-list/?rank=overall according to this site riven is currently s+ tier .. i dont think nerfing her would be affecting her all that much..
: We already have one sadly. People were asking for a Witch / Shaman curse based and support and you know what Riot made? Lulu. Lulu is supposed to be that curse support according to Riot Games
:/ thats like asking for a car and getting a trycicle .. but .. yea i guess one could call her that .. thanks for the info :)
: Thanks for the Disney inspired Champion Rito
i would love a curse type enchanter .. maybe something like he is an enchanter but he can press r to have his skills be curses instead -> enchant and curse abbilitys share the same cooldown so he wouldnt be like jayce having 6 abbilitys at all times also would be nice if his abbilitys were skillshots for once .. i hate the constant point and click outplays with janna soraka lulu etc. and imagine his curses have realy amazing auxilliry effects like examples : "seal x hp of the target for 10 seconds"(sealing as in the enemy gets his current and max life reduced by it but gets it back after the duration) "deal x dmg over 5 seconds and enemy skillcosts during the duration is dealt as dmg"(as in ppl can kill themselfes by casting abbilitys) "healing is reversed for x seconds"(healing = true dmg)(he might be able to even "enchant" enemys for a sick highdmg combo with the downside of maybe actualy buffing up an enemy xD) (skillshot like bards q and only effective if it hits 2 usits :)"dmg done to one is also done to the other and vise versa"(aka hitting a tank + an adc = rip adc) "cant see enemy champions for x seconds" "reduce attackspeed by x % and increase cast time by n times x%"(giving strong dps loss) "target damages his nearby allys for x dmg per secondfor n seconds"(a buffed sunfire on an enemy that only affect enemys including the target) "for x seconds this units dmg can also target his allys"(suprise 10 man karthus ult ^^)(DecaKill) "slows on this target also affect attack and castspeed for x seconds" enchantments on the other hand might be things like : "heal target for x hp per sec over n sec. also z% dmg is taken over n seconds"(n>=4) "targets attacks and abbilitys deal x% splash dmg to nearby enemys for n sec" "after 4 seconds regenerate dmg done in the last 4 sec to this unit up to x%"(in this case x can be quite high like 40%+ap scaling since an adc needs to survife that time to even get the healing back) "redirect x% dmg to the target to yourself, target heals you for y% of its dmg for n seconds" and more :) i would like something like that.
: Yuumi attach
here is the strongest lane bully of them all : she is completely untargetable during laningphase and will poke you out with a mouse seeking zoe q ..
Player 00 (EUW)
: And I told you she is not getting nerfed any time soon so stop worrying. Also let me now explain to you the concept of the "Wrong rune" cus apparently you still refuse to understand. If you HATE the best possible rune for a champion then well, there is something very wrong. If you pick something that is not as beneficial to you as it possibly can be, you are not able to perform at your best since you don't do what you were supposed to be doing efficiently, ergo you are throwing the game for your team simply because you decided you for some reason hate Conqueror. And that is what costs you your elo bro...
i feel like riven compared to other stuff isnt op .. but from the perspective of someone who knows what powercreep is: she together with like already 30% of the champ roster is op and needs nerfs ..
rdgzhd (EUNE)
: Veigar bug
fog of war in general is pretty wonky since like season 6 .. you can ward a bush and wait up to 2 seconds until vision is updated and you see what was in that bush .. similarely there are other realy bad things happening whenever you update fog of war drasticly (through other means than just normal 400-500 move-speed moving) including : not seeing wards or entitys like champions and monster not seing certain skillshots / abbilitys not being able to attack those entitys until you see them being able to attack them via attackmove sometimes, causing a visual bug seing air getting attacked for a certain time .. sometimes seeing chamions that are somewhere else in the map for a very short time (1sec)(graves and ekko) seing certain abbility effects like ekko r even though it should not be there for about 1sec not seeing epic monsters for a huge amount of time (about 5 sec)(especialy dragon) and propably more
: Ziggs Needs a buff,now he's at tier 5.
i feel like you are correct and he needs a buff but at the same time i feel like his kit if buffed would just end up being not fun to lane against .. and i realy dont want another champion who is unfun to lane against .. we have enough of those already .. so if he will ever get a buff then i hope it will be something like his w jumprange/cd/dmg or maybe his turret dmg through passiv or something else that doesnt affect laning extremely
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