: I.. I'm sorry :(
to be honest if you get a 2 week ban your account is pretty much done for... my friend got a 2 week ban and seriously stopped flaming, he was reported and with only very few negative moments he got a permaban of 1 game and those negative moments were caused by an intentional troll worst thing he wrote "can we please surrender I don't wanna play with this troll" that made him get a permaban
: > probably around 50? Maybe. But how many players have you met that were perfectly normal? You can actually calculate that: Amount of games you played x 9 - 50 = Amount of perfectly normal people you met. You will notice that the majority of players you meet belongs into this category...they are just way more unremarkable, thats why you don't notice them actively.
that's wrong I have a lot of negative players that blame and offend players just not in a truly toxic manner like the 50. Around half of the players I meet do things that make me have a negative expirience in the game and 40% are not communicating and 10% are neutral or nice
: Exactly! I just wanted to write the same. The ones that are 'sensetive and strictly' are the ones that know the summoners code and how to NOT break it. And the how = saying not a damn thing and even /mute if it gets really bad. @OP: The reason we speak our mind here and not ingame(like defending the 'innocent' one) is because this is a dicussion board, means we can and are allowed to get into an argument with someone(as long as its civil) and ingame this is fairly quick rated as verbal abuse/negative attitude. Telling someone on the boards "No, you shouldnt report call", "Leave him alone", "stop blabla", If you say those things a bit wrongly, and out of context it may look as blaming, harrasment or also negative attitude and on the boards there is more tollerated argument-wise. Also, some people here on the boards auto /mute all so they probably dont even know someone is getting flamed. Or they just focus on the game. I've had so many games where a person or 2 go totally berserk in the chat. While a friend and me focus on our own gameplay and eventually carry us to victory. And out of all fairness, you friend got very tense, in his defense --> Yes ziggs did something that is not nice, but its not a written rule, if teemo wants mid and ziggs wants mid to, there is no rule saying he can't. People expect other people to follow the meta, but rito doesnt expect anything other than be nice to eachother, they dont care if a premade 4 goes mid along with the solo Qer aslong and all 5 people keep their shit together and dont blame eachother. Tell you friend there is also no such thing as KSing. If I focus in a match to get all last hits, I can do that, if I feel like it, I tried for it. You call me out once? you say "OMG that KS! stop KS!" I'll report you and guess what? I'm not getting punished, the guy blaming and ordering me stuff is getting a punishment. If people would take the liberty to fully read the summoners code and try to interpretate it into the gameplay, they would realise alot of simple things that you think is acceptable, is in fact not allowed.
So in fact that means: toxic GAMEPLAY (playing so the enemy team will win if they follow the meta) trying to get your teammembers behind in XP is actually allowed but pointing it out leads to a permaban? I am not sure if I want to play in such a broken enviroment, because you should always follow the set standards at least in terms of roles( I really don't care at all if someone thinks Ahri ADC is good, but at least he plays ADC when we need one, you know what I mean?)
: No, thats not what he's saying. He doesnt call your opinion irrelevant, he calls your opinion irrelevant to riot's punishment system. See it like this: Someone gets murdered. The murderer is in court for a trial. You are sitting in the audience. You are 100% sure he's guilty and deserves atleast 20 years jail time. Now the trial goes along and BAM, the judge gives the murderer 5 years jailtime and 3 probation. Now you have 2 things you can do wich have the same effect. 1. You go home not saying anything in court and think to yourself "That ass hat should've gotten 20 years!". 2. You stand up, yell in court "HE DESERVES ATLEAST 20 YEARS!" and start a discussion on why you think he should get 20 years. Now, I said it will have the same effect in the end, the murderer gets the 5 years jailtime and 3 years probation. And you probably get shit on for speaking in during court without permission wich could lead to some sort of punishment. In the end, the guilty one, got his punishment. Now you asked, where are the sensetive and strict people from the boards ingame? Well, those are the ones that were in court that day but chose option 1. While your friend that just got banned, was the one in court(not the murderer, no ziggs is the murderer in this case), but your friend chose option 2 and got restrained and punished for speaking in court without permission. This example tells you a few things: Look at your own actions + what you think is right or wrong is irrelevant for someone else's crimes. Unless you're the judge, but I assume you dont work for riot. Read the summoners code and learn yourself how to follow it. EDIT: Oh and to explain report calling with this example: You are sitting in that court room as audience, the murderer is up there, getting questioned and all of a sudden you feel that urge to just yell "OMG! HES GUILTY! HES GUILTY". Thats the same as "REPORT x FOR XXXX". There a few things wrong with report calling: 1. YOU >THINK< someone did something wrong. example: someone tells the enemy team to report x for flaming. How can I know for a fact that "X" was indeed flaming? I cannot so I report him whenever I want, I dont need someone to tell me to do it. 2. You're not the one to judge someone on their behaviour, you are not handing out the punishment. Dont tell the judge what to do. In court, if you keep yelling this, you will be restrained and punished.(You get reported yourself and punished)
Well reporting someone is not done in court you dont go there and tell them XXX did XXX. The reporting issue rather represents reporting negative behaviour to the police. It's rather "please help me to get the police onto catching XXX for XXX".
Clloster (EUW)
: At some point i don't feel like i'm playing the same game than you guys. What is this game where one every other game is ruined by a feeder/troll? What is this game where you can't win games because your teammates are always worse than your opponents? This is not the League of legends i play...
I have heard it from a few players that they don't encounter a lot of such behaviour, I am not so lucky sadly. The behaviour I encounter makes me feel really bad and if the game itself wasn't that fun I wouldn't play anymore.
: Whats acceptable is not an individual decision when it comes to the tribunal system. The community as a whole and the player behavior experts riot emplyos decides that. So if your opinion on the matter differes from that of a vast majority of the community, then sorry, but the community decides. >The guy in the chatlog never directly offended a player Calling someone a troll is highly offensive.
If you just go ahead and say my opinion doesn't matter I could ahead to every single other player and say the same... you see where that leads to? no rules no respect etc... also if you call a murderer a murderer is it offensive? I guess not why would it be offensive to call a troll a troll?
: A statement about someones opinion being factually correct or incorrect, is not an insult. >Also what about the people that really offend others personally? You mean, like the guy in the chatlog? Well, as you can see, they get banned.
The guy in the chatlog never directly offended a player also you can't be wrong or right on acceptable or inacceptable behaviour because it depends on the person yet you call my opinion, the opinion of a member of the community not relevant, that is toxic.
: report calling generally is not helping anyone its a way of getting people to group up one one guy i dont care if this guy is a 0/7/0 with 6 zeals you dont need to let him know you are going to report him and most people will go ahead and report him anyway
That on the other hand sounds more like a reason to me but what about extreme toxic behaviour like racism etc if someone just does that in the own team chat? Is there any way you can let the enemy team know without breaking the rules yourself then? Because the more reports the faster the ban for someone who breaks the rules.
: We are the quiet ones u don't remember and the nice ones u do or not... We are there. But ur just unlucky. I have found many like myself. Always fighting till the last minute keeping the positivity in the team. It's not that we arent around. But people remember bad experiences more easily than good ones so u just don't notice us
Well in fact I do notice you guys I have made around 10-15 new friends since I play LoL but how many guys have I reported for the worst things (hate speech, racism, calling me to die in real life or even threatening with killing me in real life) well probably around 50? Not even talking about the typical flamer "omg you are so bad and useless" etc because those are in every game
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: >I do not see insults, also I am unsure about this report calling thing, ever since I started playing it was "normal" to say "report XXX for flame/troll or whatever they did" Report-calling has always been considered highly toxic, it does nothing to help maintain a positive atmosphere within a game, so why do it? It's not like stacking reports helps... >I see this in every game so should every player be permabanned? "Every game" my ass, clear hyperbole. But yes, report-callers do deserve punishments, and they will rank up from chat restrictions to permabans like any other violation of the game's rules. There's not much difference between calling for reports against a specific person and simply calling that person a "fucking moron". Both toxic, both punishable.
I am serious about every game. I have seen it at least nearly every game either from the enemy team when I was winning or from my team that at least one player calls for "report XXX"
: Look. Let me explain something. People get punished for breaking the summoners code. It doesn't matter if it was a really bad flame like cancer wishing or just someone writing (like ur friend did) "report x" u cant tell someone to report someone that is against the rules. Now, understand that ur friend didn't get banned just for those games in the chat log those are EXAMPLES. He got banned for many many games of acting like that or worse and getting reported for it. He had his chances he had chat restrictions and a shorter ban he didn't listen to them so he got the last punishment. Permaban. It is very important u understand that those chatlogs are a VERY SMALL part of wat he did. Riot wont ban him for only that. Ps: Don't worry. Those worse players uve encountered that flame hard. They'll get banned too. Maybe even faster than ur friend.
I hope they get banned really fast, because those people are the reason I think about quitting the game before I even get level 30
: Your personal opinion about what is acceptable behavior and what is an insult, is irrelevant here. The community as a whole sees such comments as insulting, and report calling as toxic. You don't have to believe that, but fact is: It got your friend banned.
If you say it that way you are being toxic as well, because you say what I say doesn't matter which is in fact toxic... Also what about the people that really offend others personally? Why are so many of them around if there are permabans for not as bad things?
: Does this behaviour deserve a PERMABAN?
After some comments I have to say: On the boards all are so sensitive and strictly against negative behaviour, where are you guys ingame? Ingame I just see flamers every game and rarely positive players that say something nice :/
: >you are reported too >report ziggs for troll >can we just pls surrender i hate playing with trolls... Report calling. Insulting. Bad attitide and further insults. And that's just 3 consecutive lines. So the answer is: **Yes. It does.**
I do not see insults, also I am unsure about this report calling thing, ever since I started playing it was "normal" to say "report XXX for flame/troll or whatever they did" I see this in every game so should every player be permabanned? Also Bad attitude? Would you wanna play a game where someone trolls a lot? I tend to vote for surrender whenever someone tries to make my team lose or intentionally feeds because I want to avoid chat arguements.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Its like whenever he presses enter to open chat, word "report" automatically writes. Yes this kind of behavior deserves perma ban. Telling people to report someone is one of most toxic things someone can do. Its annoying to ally team, his victim, his opponents,minions, jungle and baron. Respecting or not respecting pick order is not against rules. So he was abusing poor Ziggs for no reason, blackmailing and threatening him. Ye , noone wants him in this game.
I do think respecting pick order in ranked games is in the rules. Also he wasn't absuing "poor Ziggs" for no reason Ziggs said he will intentionally before the game started so I don't think this Ziggs is a good guy, also if that leads to a PERMABAN why would not every flamer get such? I made a post about how to handle toxic behaviour because it's hard for me to get flamed every game no matter if I do well or not and I don't even care about ppl behaving like this, you have whiners everywhere but you don't have ppl that tell you to go die because of XXX or in XXX and hate speech about countries or groups of ppl everywhere... well except in League of Legends here they are almost every game.
: All I read in those logs is him whining about pretty much everything. And really? Whining about KS? That is soooooo 1820s. He may not be a hardcore "cancer" type of flamer, but is he is like this in the majority of his games, he is a huge negative influence nevertheless. And if he got a permaban for this, it means he never changed even though he got multiple chat restrictions and a two week time ban before.
As far as I know he whined about KS because the Ziggs would literally never help and just wait for a 100 or 200 hp target to last hit. That can be annoying if it comes from a player that intentionally trolls. I have played with him in the past and he is like this when someone intentionally trolls because he really wants everyone to try his best(which is actually what everyone should be doing even if they try something new). I think even if you are always like this a permanent ban and even a two week ban would be too heavy. I mean he never directly offends a single player so why would you PERMABAN him instead just restrict his chats so he can't whine as much about things not going well and he is ok I guess. The thing that bugs me the most not the perma ban he got it's rather the thing that players that behave WAY worse in my games don't seem to ever stop. If they all got a permaban after just a few games there would not be so many around. (I get about 1-2 players every single game that behave worse than that)
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: Noting them or manually setting timers for it somewhere outside of League is allowed, since it doesn't interfere with the in-game experience. However, the summoner spell timers that start automaticly when an enemy uses them are forbidden :)
that's obvious but how could riot tell if it was a program or humanly done?
: Hey Don Boki! The investigation to determine if a player used 3rd party programs or not is a time consuming process. It might be that you used 3rd part software some months ago but only received the suspension for it now. Anything that interferes directly with the in-game experience is forbidden. This can be from summoner spell timers to scripts. More information can be found [HERE](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements-en/bm6LA7EG-reminder-third-party-applications). If you think your punishment was a mistake, you could [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/requests/new) to Riot Support. They can review the case and give you definite answer.
Just a question, how would anyone know summoner spell timers or ult timers because you could just note them yourself to know exactly when they are up?
: because some champions need it they either barely fit the game anymore or in some cases they are designed very badly in the case of poppy there was so much bs in her old kit (coming from someone who played her) seriously that passive was stupid given her ult aswell Incase you didnt know poppys old passive reduced damage by 50% if it did more than 10% of your current health this made her live in so many stupid situations
tbh old poppy was more fun to play and you had more counterplay against her(dots and poke) if you counterplay current poppy she just says "NOPE" with the big hammer of doom and ****s you into your own base while killing the champs that can't protect themselves.
Karfuss (EUW)
: They're turning dated, boring champions into champions that are fun to play and can be balanced. Let's take Poppy. Her kit consisted of point and click abilities that had no counterplay, you couldn't dodge or avoid it and you couldn't outplay it. Her entire kit was rotten to its broken core. The very basis of her ultimate was broken. You could only nerf the duration of her ultimate, nothing else. The only answer was to change her kit into something more fun and able to be balanced.
To be honest, talking about counterplay with her new ult and W? the only counterplay she has now is range and teams that don't want to group around objectives... old poppy had the huge counterplay of being weak against many damage instances (dots, multiple hit abilities) as well as poke(that didnt change at least) and strong against huge burst(well now she isn't a counter to big burst anymore). Her oneshot is still nearly the same if just with the difference that you now actually are also good as tank as well as being able to oneshot as AD bruiser with 3k HP and 40% cdr
: pretty sure i just 1v3 with vayne yesterday vs mundo heca and heimer more than once . with static/handcannon/IE/merc scim. (that did had 4 items also not 5) and your telling me you have never seen a yasuo feed then get 4 items and 1v3? both these champs have a better early game than kogmaw . that the point he early was trash, then hes a monster late game, if any adc gets to sit there and dps then youre making a mistake. pretty sure if MF get to sit at the back and ult everyone you will also all die if you won early game that hard and cant close out then the problem is not with kogmaw. he was ment to be the big late game dice roll. if you can get to late game and protect him in fight, you win fights. but there is a reason his win rate was low .. that was no easy task. i can understand him killing everyone once he gets 4 items can suck but that was the idea . no hes got no late game and still no early game. just imaging if the did this to any other champ main damage source like tf wild cards had no scaling or brand W. they would never see the light of day again
vayne vs mundo heca heimer never 1v3 triple if you were 0-8 :) also kogmaw has more range and is especially good vs low range carries and tanks also i excluded yasuo because in my opinion he can as well 1v3 with 0-8 mf can only 1v3 if she ults 3 in a small jungle path and they cant escape
: running flat AD reds AS quints. plus a dorans blade gives u 75 ad thats 0.9% hp dmg . then i build first item ghostblade or rageblade. if i build the ghostblade first that give you 2% hp dmg if your like lvl 8 or around there. whats wrong with 0/8 late game carry that gets a triple kill. that kinda of the idea if u stopped that lane so hard and didnt snowball the game and finish before the 0/8 kog can get a 4th item then the problem is not knowing how to finish a game, not kogmaw. if vayne is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if yasuo is 0/8 and gets 4 items he can triple kill you if akali is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if riven is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if darius is 0/8 and gets 4 items he can triple kill you if missfortune is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if tristana is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if caitlyn is 0/8 and gets 4 items she can triple kill you if you win early and cant end then game then the problem is not with the champion scaling taking away he ad scaling so u can just build attackspeed is like removing attack sped from lucian or draven . building rage blade ghostblade bortk, 3 items nearly caps your attackspeed and those are not even dedicated AS items . . so building only attack speed make 0 sense . much like these changes.
vayne akali riven darius and cait will never 1v3 you with 4 items if your team has 5-6 teams kog maw could, now he has more early power to get him going but he doesn't go as rampage as before while being behind
: KOG'MAW BUFF! wait? what the f...
I don't see it as buff, yet it's also not a nerf, what do you even buy on kog to say you get 160 AD after 1 item? Kog defo wants attack speed runes and you could even think about magic pen or at least hybrid pen runes if you're a good last hitter, going his attack speed focused build (botrk, rageblade) now gives him a better start and it really couldn't matter less that you have no ad scalings anymore if you get going with Kog and you are more likely to do so now so it's a change, not a buff not a nerf. Yet if you were that 0-5 kog that always tried to extend the game then it's a nerf. I remember a 0-8 kog that suddenly did a 1v3 triple because he hit his 4th item.
HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Regardless of the bug, you still would've lost the duel; you overestimated your damage and didn't play that right. Well, you had the damage , but not with that atrocity of a rotation, pretty much rolled your face on the keyboard, RQWQ and some other nonsense; the right play was E>R>Q>auto>Q>auto>Q>auto>W>auto>R, it may sound like it would take to long, but with the right timing + the right q cancel and auto cancel, it can be done in about 2 seconds, plus the last second was a continued CC. Long story short it could have been better and faster than whatever the hell you did there. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just trying to help you.
that's a common mistake many ppl make you should always cancel auto with your E because its the fastest auto cancel
: Riot, please, i beg of you. Do something about brand and annie
Brand is very annoying as he quite effectively pokes you out of lane and you can't protect yourself if you don't have early {{item:1001}} because he can land W and E no matter where you are and he has more move speed than other mages and even some assassins. Annie on the other hand has way lower range and only is dangerous if you don't push her weak early game, she still has good damage early but many assassins outdamage her pre 6 and most mages have more range and can outpoke her, also she is very relying on flash at 6 and after so if you can force it defensive before 6 she will fall in a power hole because it's hard for her to get the stun out without being poked down. Brand on the other hand has less counterplay (strong laner, very strong in 1v2s and 2v2s), big range, big base damage hence building {{item:3151}} and {{item:3116}} makes him very tanky considering the fact he is a mage and he still has a lot of damage due to new masteries and high base damage. Brand needs a tweak that makes him weaker early levels and rewards a good player for going more AP (lower the base damage of W and passive and increase the AP scalings so he has more damage with 800+ AP around the same with 700 AP and less if you are below 600 AP which makes more item choices viable depending on playstyle and game
: people can ddos you if you use skype.
LilChaoos (EUW)
: [Request] 5 Min FF or something near that.
I could see a 10 min ff but only if ALL players vote Yes and then 5 min of break not 3 and at 20 regular surrender starts
: Ignite is overrated
Ignite is very overrated but there are 2 things that make it easier to use. For exhaust to provide the extra damage you need to use it earlier in the fight -> enemy could flash away preemtively forcing at least your flash to get the kill or even gets away. Igniting together with the last spell often surprises enemies causing them to flash away but still die to the basic that flies after them. Also ignite counters heal as well as any type of healing which doesn't necessarily have to be on your lane. If you play against a Mundo no matter if he is top or jungle for **** sake pick that ignite as mid laner. If you play against 2 split pushers pick that exhaust or tp to match their pressure. If u wanna farm up pick that heal/exhaust to stay alive in lane. And to your question, yes ignite is overrated. In a dual (level 6 lane fight for example) exhaust pervents at least 200 damage if timed correctly, increases your damage by around 50 and lets you get 2-3 more basic attacks which is more damage than ignite, reduced damage from the enemy and reducing his chances to get away without high mobility spells.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > The honor button gets grayed out if the system finds out that the guy was afk which will turn his name red and with the honor button disabled Your name doesn't get red if you're identified as afk; it gets red if you weren't connected to the end-game screen. A player that's just standing in the fountain for instance will be identified as afk by LeaverBuster, but his name won't appear as red as long as he's connected to the end-game screen.
That's not entirely true, if you disconnect just before the very end you are still not red in the end of game screen. My friend got a dc just a few seconds (maybe 15) before the game ended and he still wasn't red but gray on the screen like he didn't connect to the chat. I think the name is red if you have been afk for a certain time + are not connected at the end of the game.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I find that people tend to treat me with the same respect I treat them with. I barely have any problems with any toxic behaviour ingame, both in normals and ranked, and on both EUW and EUNE.
I wish it was the same for me, I never talk bad to them use chat mostly for fun conversations (if any to happen) or team oriented plays. But suddenly there is that one guy that starts it all and then more players get mad. When I ask someone nicely for something (help a certain lane or anything) I mostly also get a "stfu" or something similar
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I never understand where people go to encounter so much bad behaviour, and I frequent many queue-modes. Nearly every single person I encounter ingame are neutral or friendly. Sometimes I'll encounter a negative/rude person, and rarely will I encounter a truly toxic person.
I encounter truly toxic persons almost every game and if not they don't say a single word. Most persons I encounter are negative/rude or are not communicating. Average scale is about 1 toxic person per 2 games (intentional feeding,trolling, racism, hard flame) 2 negative/rude persons per game (blaming everything on lag, laugh at someones fails, blame XXX for lose, call XXX a noob etc) a few persons who don't chat a few neutral(barely talking) players who often turn mad towards the end because of all the flame as well. I even made a quite big post about it, the board community seems a huge bit nicer than the players I meet ingame Oh and about really nice a positive ppl. I found about 10 of them and mostly it was more than 1 (premades in the same game)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Maybe yes, maybe no. =) You'd be surprised about what you'd see after years frequenting the player behaviour forums.
I guess I am happy I didn't see it because the behaviour I am meeting ingame already makes me question the reason I still play the game after only a week, but a few nice persons cheer me up so I'll just keep trying
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I honestly don't see any evidence to suggest that the enemy Kassadin asked for it. OP just says that he was crying all game, but there's no way for us to confirm that this is even true. All I see is what OP posted; an image of him mocking his opponent.
Well I do believe him on what he said, I doubt he'd make a post about it otherwise.
Agidyne (EUW)
: What if you were able to go back in time and rewrite your whole life from a certain point.
Start playing games competetive earlier and starting LoL in the beta
Hansiman (EUNE)
: No, but it still won't excuse retaliating behaviour. If people are rude or disrespectful; you ignore them.
never said anyone should do it, but the enemy Kassadin basically asked for it and not everyone can be as cool to block such behaviour over and over again, if you have a bad day or it happens 10 games in a row it's not easy to stay cool :P
Hansiman (EUNE)
: You don't kick a person when he's down. It's disrespectful.
well to be honest a person who is on the ground also should not try to grab your lag and pull you down as well just because he loses
: After only a week of playing LoL I can't enjoy the game anymore because of player behaviour
Thx for most of the feedback, at least gives me some hope that I will found some other ppl like you out there. I guess I'll just keep reporting them and hope I'll find enough nice and smart ppl soon^^ {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: Well, you know why most of the toxicity is in low level matches? **Because their main account got banned**, so I'd consider re-thinking when you say anything isn't done. Also yes, some players you will see again, because **it takes more than one game to ban a person**, unless their toxicity is absolutely extreme, which is relatively rare. So what about the toxic players you _don't_ see again, how can you be so sure they're not bannned? It's tough sub-30, I know. It's a trial these days. All I can tell you is to automatically /mute all every game, take a deep breath, and carry onwards because _things will get better_ the higher you get.
> [{quoted}](name=Savage Devi,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AstmlJHA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-03T08:18:57.964+0000) > > Well, you know why msot of the toxicity is in low level matches? **Because their main account got banned**, so I'd consider re-thinking when you say anything isn't done. > > Also yes, some players you will see again, because **it takes more than one game to ban a person**, unless their toxicity is absolutely extreme, which is relatively rare. So what about the toxic players you _don't_ see again, how can you be so sure they're not bannned? > > It's tough sub-30, I know. It's a trial these days. All I can tell you is to automatically /mute all every game, take a deep breath, and carry onwards because _things will get better_ the higher you get. In my opinion talking bad over countries/groups of players, intentionally running into the enemy towers, harassing individual players should be enough for a ban.
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