Sashii (EUNE)
: Wouldn't suggest getting ez that'd be the worst out of them imo while I agree with furor down there I'll have to pick malzahar as the number one. He's easy to play he has a lot of zoning ability and he's very useful for lockdown in teamfights. Ori and vik are definitely harder to play but their ability to turn a teamfight around is incredible. Whereas malza is just for lockdown of the enemy ADC or APC. I'd pick malza.
I was thinking along those lines, but you guys recommended both. Any personal recommendations for 1?
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: Do you like Diana{{champion:131}} ?
Kinda, dont really know how to play her. I main akali (most times)
: @Riot pls read this before you bring the new Mastery System to live.
OP, please nerf... i dont want to have to insta-ban yasuo again.
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House x33 (EUW)
: Focus on 3-4 mid champs that is way more then enough ! Kayle -> Aether Wing Ahri - Fox Fire LeBlanc - Elder Wood Azir - Gravelord
Awesome! Thanks for the advice!
: Why would you buy champs with money when you can buy them for free? And how are you deciding to main midlane when you don't even have those champs?
Im maining midlane because of the 14 mid lane champions that i own, im pretty decent with all of them!
ThePikol (EUNE)
: DO NOT buy champs with RP. And for the skins... who do you have for mid beside Ahri and LB? If only Ahri, Fox Fire is great
The champions that i have right now are: -Akali Lux Sona TF Ahri LeBlanc Azir Lulu Annie Morgana Ryze Veigar Zelean Kayle
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