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Nope. Not a great idea in my opinion. You can see who's gonna win most of the time by just looking at the teams. Not enough range? 90% sure you lose
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Your last match was 14-days ago according to op.gg. So you need to wait little more for the game become available for you. If I remember correctly, ban end is based on NA timezone, so you need probably wait few more hours. If it will not finish till the EU late hours, you can send a support ticket. >Why does my ban take 17 days instead of 14? How did it went to 17 days when you played last time 14 days ago? Little confused.
If I login, it says “your account will be unbanned on the 16th of June. But it got banned on the 30th of may so it should get unbanned today. My ban takes 17 days if they will unban it on the 17th of June
: I wonder if you may be got banned two days after that game. Although that seems like a very long time. Also keep in mind that the end of the 14 days ban is like a very last chance. Even things that were looked over before result in a perma ban now. Take extra care to only use the chat to call objectives or tell your good teammates how great they are. Or not use it at all.^^
Nope, that’s not the case. I got banned WHILE playing a match. Chat stopped working so I was like “wtf is going on” then, when I finished the match, it said “you’ve been banned for 14 days, the client will be closed. Log in again for more information.”
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