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Tenra (EUW)
: It's [right here](, lol. You could update the first one with the content of this one, rather than creating an entire new thread for your suggestion. It is efficient!
thnxs but no, i'll stay with this one
Tenra (EUW)
: Did you just repost your exact same thread, but with images and sounds this time? xD
just a rework don't worry
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NInsp (EUW)
: Sounds good :) {{champion:119}}
Tenra (EUW)
: I believe that the lore is quite well-designed! The abilities seem pretty realistic, too; I'd imagine being 'feared' as well if someone threw a really bad memory at me. {{item:3070}} Although the E and R sound pretty... un-counterable? (Is that a word?) Imagine having someone like {{champion:3}} or {{champion:61}} in your team, who has the ability to gather multiple enemies in one area, and then Layla's R coming in. It'd be extremely heavy CC for the enemies, and it would be quite 'broken'. Just my thoughts, though. I like the original idea.
Well thank you ^_^ You can counter her E if your team attacks her from different sides and her R is just a Combo finisher. (before i forget, Un-counterable is not a word ;) )
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Hyxaru (EUW)
: Why sated devourer is a bad item for league.
i was playing irelia jungle with trailblazers+devourer but suddely a purple little wolf popped up and followed me, is that normal?
TestosZ (EUNE)
Queen Sunmi (EUNE)
: Good idea but it is a little bit far to go to shop so you should be notified when they are spawning.
yes, maybe the shops are indeed a little bit to far
: The map should be Twisted Treeline or a Skined SR.And there could be spooky champions as bosses with Doom Bot Buff(Lollipoppy, Griim Reaper Karthus,Spooky GP,eyc...?
Ok i like the idea for twisted treeline or a skinned SR. But my idea was to give attention to all Minions who've died in the past seasons and not champions as bosses. or by adding a dragon/baron boss?
Kepsuda (EUW)
: Pretty much like Zombie mode in WaW&First BO ? Don't get me wrong, still sounds cool.
My idea includes multiple references from horror games to first person shooters so yeah
: [Halloween idea] Rise of the UNDEAD
Oops, i placed the wrong photo, here's the right one :
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