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: Yes, my initial thoughts were that you might have two separate users on your computer but that doesn't seem to be the case since you are logged in as the admin. I am not entirely sure, but I believe that you might be viewing the properties of the general Documents file and not the actual (My) Documents file. It is even more confusing that they have removed the My part from your actual Documents file. So if you open a file through File Manager, on the left of your page you can see your navigation pane. Scroll to Libraries, then press Documents, and another Documents file should appear. Right-click on it and press Properties. The Location tab should hopefully be there. I will keep searching for another solution if that is not the case and you still can't view the Location tab.
I think the problem might be due to a something else, for example the replay files are located in an other users documments, which is kind of strange as i am the only user but since the other user's name is my name only there are no special characters in it. Like 'á' . My assumption that this was created by the league clinet to put the replay files in .
: Its windows 10. 64 bit Home Whit other folders it's working ,i can easly move them. Its only some folders doesn't show Location tab.
I am the admin so all options should be accessible to me.
Yowzah (EUNE)
: Hey RCN 1Garas, Could you let me know of your operating system? That way I can search where the Location tab might be.
Its windows 10. 64 bit Home Whit other folders it's working ,i can easly move them. Its only some folders doesn't show Location tab.
Yowzah (EUNE)
: I see, that is probably due to a special character in your windows username. I suggest you follow the solution outlined [here](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/t6h3WPEM-error-with-download-replay?show=nested&comment=0009) by Coxis, where he outlines how to create a new Documents folder where the replays should now be saved. Make sure you follow the solution closely and try to launch a replay from the client. If you managed to download a replay and you can see it in your Documents file, but you still can't play it through the client, then retry the Run technique I outlined previously.
I dont know why but the location option is simply not there for me XD
: I get what you mean but.. how would you prevent people from using it to insult someone? I mean, if a flamer just wants to hurt someone elses feelings.. then that person deosn't care about giving and honor. They would just insult you and you would have to take it which alot of people just can't take, because they are living sensitive individuals (which is great btw.). So basically, your idea is great but.. i don't like it that much unless your find a way that prevents people from abusing it to insult someone.
that should be ez to report I mean its harder to report those that flame in game but u can ez print screen send as proof to rito XD
: Adding notes to honor system
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: I am stuck in Bronze 2 - Literally
Man i feel you. However people will always blame others, we should try to differ from them. Flame at the the house insurance for not building a proper lightning rod/converter that provides safe electricity in a strom XD hang in there
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: Good luck. ^.^
: Volunteers are recruiting!
Having my hopes up high
: What is up with this "recovering stolen account service"?
This post is likely to bee seen my Rioters but I don't know what they would do but if u try to look at it in their perspective: You just got your thousand complain letter ( in this case it doesn't matter if it is rightful or not ) you try to deal with it fast..... not good. He is not giving up ( which is in my opinion is good) at this moment Riot will put more effort in restoring the acc, now here is what happens in my opinions they 1st check any changes in acc if there is they will compare it with your information which you gave them and if it is not as accurate as they want it to be. They will try to be more careful because the person who wrote to them might be the thief, at this point. The argument is already hard to deal with. I don't know if Riot can access changes in email ( but they should be) They doubt the complaner of being a thief A hacker can easly know this info if he just hacks you and can write a similar complaine so he would secure the acc to himself ): A solution would be if they reset the accs info to the original one and make you answere the saftey question I am on your side and I do belive you however I always try to understand Riot 1st. I had hacking problems that acctually went down like this, with the thief wrighting a letter to Riot and locks me out of my acc. I didnt get annoyed because that was only a test acc one of my wrong ones XD Hope You will solve this problem
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: [UPDATE 26-01-16 EUW/EUNE] Dynamic Queue system re-enabled
I am wondering if you would re-enable the option to buy skins in champion select. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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