: Mind just...sharing your chatlogs? No one is going to believe you at face value.
Game 1 In-Game RIPYouNoobs: xD RIPYouNoobs: WP RIPYouNoobs: lol RIPYouNoobs: that mr7 RIPYouNoobs: the darius dunker gets dunked on RIPYouNoobs: just how much do you have to camp? xD RIPYouNoobs: seriously/ RIPYouNoobs: just when I come to lane? RIPYouNoobs: wow RIPYouNoobs: and report Azir RIPYouNoobs: inting RIPYouNoobs: ARE YOU %%%%ING BLIND TEAM RIPYouNoobs: you should consider using ur eyes RIPYouNoobs: nice camp as always RIPYouNoobs: %%%%ing piece of shit Eve RIPYouNoobs: lol stfu RIPYouNoobs: your maokai is pathetic on his own lol RIPYouNoobs: play an adc champ you low garbage piece of shit Darius Post-Game RIPYouNoobs: you people always have high ego whenever you have the winning side RIPYouNoobs: :D RIPYouNoobs: cmon 1v1 me then RIPYouNoobs: if you think I am "that" bad with riven RIPYouNoobs: dude RIPYouNoobs: you literally talk shit at my face just because you are on the winning side RIPYouNoobs: and act like you know shit RIPYouNoobs: you people are autistic omfg RIPYouNoobs: can't have an argument for once Game 2 In-Game RIPYouNoobs: jungler? RIPYouNoobs: are you gonna jungle? RIPYouNoobs: so 2x top? RIPYouNoobs: hmmmm RIPYouNoobs: this will be fun :^) RIPYouNoobs: jax RIPYouNoobs: gank RIPYouNoobs: ffs RIPYouNoobs: tryhards RIPYouNoobs: dude RIPYouNoobs: just go and die RIPYouNoobs: every single game has to be ruined cuz of you RIPYouNoobs: I don't give a %%%% RIPYouNoobs: I can't even farm RIPYouNoobs: i need g RIPYouNoobs: yeah RIPYouNoobs: please RIPYouNoobs: cant farm cuz they pressure me alone RIPYouNoobs: suffer and die RIPYouNoobs: cant play 1v1 RIPYouNoobs: dont say iz RIPYouNoobs: push mid RIPYouNoobs: hey RIPYouNoobs: look what is happening midlane RIPYouNoobs: iz RIPYouNoobs: zi RIPYouNoobs: :D RIPYouNoobs: wp RIPYouNoobs: u suck :) RIPYouNoobs: lol RIPYouNoobs: stfu RIPYouNoobs: 2v1 RIPYouNoobs: toplane RIPYouNoobs: and you call me bad Post-Game RIPYouNoobs: oi, if it wasn't a 2v1 It woudlve been easier lol Yeah nvm I was toxic, but still it feels unfair how some people verbally abuse me and get away with it.
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