Stormi (EUNE)
: ADD a "chose a random skin" option for champ select like the "random pick or ban a champion"
: out of curiousity, iron 4 was busy?
I don’t remember anymore, I immediately wanted to write such a nickname, but this "ROAD TO IRON 5" was busy.
: Season 9 ruined EUW too
You know, what do you say when these junglers do not bother to come to the line at least once and help, even when they are asked. They just farm and farm their filthy jungle, and completely ignore your line. And this person does not deserve a report and a low priority for it? I believe that he fully deserves this report. Yes, if I stand on the top and things are going well with me, I don’t ask the jungler for anything, he is farming his jungle, well, let him farm. But when I write that I need his help, and he just ignores me. This is normal ? NO ! These are his problems, not mine, if it is difficult for him to run up and help to kill. Yes, I lost the line, but he could have fixed it if he had come, and we would have killed the enemy 1-2 times. But he spits on me, but wants to win the game. No, these players do not deserve victory. If they ignore their team, even when they are asked for help, if they do not want to play in a team, they do not deserve victory! And so that you do not think about me, I understand everything and do not demand that the jungler immediately run to help, as soon as they ask her. But he should not throw the line completely without attention, especially if you see that your player began to lose on the line. Your task as a jungler is to start helping your teammate so that you win the game, and not spit on him and write - that he himself lost the line, and he is a feeder. I always give a report to those junglers who believe that farming the jungle is more important than team play, and I will always give it to them. They do not want to play as a team, then let them not climb out of the Low Priority forever. I want to add that I do not give a report to everyone in a row. If I see that the jungler is trying, and we are all trying, but we lost. I will always praise the team, even if we lose. I give a report really to those who deserve it.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Question regarding Oracle's Extract
Likely it was done so that it wasn't bought initially, and this was more relevant in tightened games, when you no longer need gold, and you can fly to the base and update the elixir.
KerberosFi (EUNE)
: Yes, they are strong. However, transitioning into noble comp is pain in the %%%. I made noble comp with draven, and oh lord was it invinsible after got kayle from carousel. However, the pain in having slots for units such as fiora, having overall comp most of the game that revolves around knights and the fact that it kicks in only after kayle got me pretty low in hp (around 27 I think) after which it was cakewalk. All in all, if nobles get one unit more, let's say galio, the reliance on the fact that you need to have 6 certain units (one of which is quite contested and 5 cost)is removed and could make the buff broken. As it's now, I'm far more confortable in going something like quardian+imperial draven, Gunslinger BOTRK Jinx as my strong late game comp rather than desperately waiting for kayles and keeping fiora on my bench.
All the games that I finished today, in the first places were 6 NOBLE. Literally everything! Yes, what can I say, in second places there were also NOBLE. Maybe this is just a coincidence, but it is too strange. Players are not stupid, they perfectly see that NOBLE is very strong, and somehow everyone wants to collect NOBLE. There are games like mine, the game does not give the heroes "NOBLE", and here you need to be able to adapt to the situation, and start collecting other heroes. Just five minutes ago, I finished the game, and took second place, I had 8 heroes, all under the NOBLE buff, but the opponent had 10 heroes and two Kayle (he got Kayle from the circle with a item which gives him the right to bet on one creature more) WOW
: > but about the fact that having only the NOBLE buff and Kayle of the second level, with two item in it There is one word, that doesn't really fin in this sentence: "only". Noble 6 is a high risk high reward tactic. It's perfectly possible that you sit around, waiting for that Kayle (even level 1) forever. If it works out and you actually manage to get all 6 nobles and even manage to get them on higher levels and maybe even with items....well yeah, in that case it will be strong. But only in that case. If not, you are either dealing with the almost useless Noble 3 buff or underleveled units just to get that Noble 6 bonus. So, yes, Noble 6 are quite strong (especially with an itemized lvl 2 Kayle)...but it's f'ing hard and a high risk to go for this.
It turns out that one hero decides everything ? I don’t know, it seems to me that NOBLE with all their risks, and with this Kayle are very strong. Maybe Riot will do a Kayle melee, hmmm? It would be cool if Riot thought about it. At least until getting a second level. btw. In the Kayle game, a melee hero, at the beginning.
Player 123 (EUNE)
: You balance around mmr? Then why do Challenger,Grandmaster players keep getting Platinum low Diamond players with 50% winrates. I get it that someone is hard smurfing and has 70% winrate which allows him but other than that what the hell ?
You did not think that a player from the Planet could be a DUO with someone? But if he plays solo, then it's really funny how he got there!? XD
: Tell me now that Riot doesn't predefine Win/Lose in ranked games
I always block everyone’s chat so that I don’t see sprinkles. And I try to focus on the game, it helps better than when you start looking for the guilty. If you will seek to stand the 1v2 line, you will achieve more than when you will look for the guilty. And remember! If players with a rank higher than yours began to come across against you, you are on the right track! And if you are worthy, you will go further. But if you are comfortable playing at low ranks, then why all this talk, well, you lose the game, what difference does it make you fall even lower, the loss is not great.
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: Game wont launch after champ select... losing LP...
I also sometimes have such a problem, I solve it using the Task Manager. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit license update 1903. In principle, I do not particularly suffer because of this, but to be honest, a couple of times I could not choose a hero.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: 6 knight 6 noble
Somehow I did, 4 RANGER and 6 NOBLE and all this under the GUARDIAN buff And it looked so powerful, it seems to me that it is the strongest that I once did in this game. Btw, I then easily took first place, it looked really cool.
: There was a bug earlier, that one could really abuse, as this extra slot from carousel was permanent. See it on the following video: Seems like the fix for this was, that this extra slot disappears as soon as you touch any champion. Most of the times, it doesn't add any significant power to your comp, because a semi-random, 1 star unit, usually does very little, but as your example shows there are exceptions. (Late game, top 2 1v1) So, looks like the developers are well aware of this possibility, and they let it be this way (for now). Still, we are free to have opinions, and I agree, that this a bit shady, so it would be good to be reworked in a way that it doesn't effect the outcome of battles.
BetongApe (EUW)
: Hey! The bug is they have called the board you win for "Verdant Arena" , wile when you try to select it, its called "Basic Verdant Arena", so i guess they have just messed up the codes. Easy fix right? :D
It sounds logical, and it is really very easy to fix it, this will require: 1 person, and 5 minutes of work. But they will fix it in the next patch, as they will gather a huge audience of people to solve this problem, and everyone will think how best to solve this problem xD
Proxie (EUW)
: Verdant Area TFT bug
Yes, I have the same thing, I unlocked it and can't choose.[/img][/img]
Cypherous (EUW)
: > This is not my opinion It is, you think it is a bug, riot think otherwise, that makes it an opinion :P > this implies the regime itself. Just in TFT, unlike other similar games, there is a choice of hero with items in the Central circle, and because of this, there was this abus, which gives you an advantage you shouldn't have. Its an advantage you have to pay for and may be unable to make work to your advantage on account of not being able to upgrade your champions, its a trade off, if you think that 1 extra champion will win you the match then you use it, if not you don't, and in most cases its not really as much of a benefit as you seem to think it is
Do you even play this mode? How can you say that one champion does not give advantage, if I described the situation, and attached a screen where I won first place with this. In addition, one champion can make a big difference. For example, give everyone a positive “NOBLE” effect by selecting an unworthy champion from the circle and not spraying him. At the final stage of the game, this abuse is very easy and can give an advantage that you should not have. It seems that I know with whom I am conducting a dialogue, you can not even imagine how this can affect the outcome of the game, and how a person who thinks can use it to win the game. If you cannot do this, this does not mean that everyone will turn a blind eye to it. If this is not deleted, eventually everyone will start using it, everyone will do it. And then it makes no sense to pump level 9 in the game, because if you use this Abus correctly, you do not need to level 9 levels to have 9 champions, without an item that is made of two items "Spatula"
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Maybe you do not consider this a mistake, but I am inclined to believe that this is a mistake. Which you're entitled to, however its extremely well known, riot knows it exists and it has since the start, the fact that they haven't commented on it or fixed it would imply its intended > Since it is obvious that this should not be, because you should not put on the table more creatures than your level. Again thats your opinion
This is not my opinion, this implies the regime itself. Just in TFT, unlike other similar games, there is a choice of hero with items in the Central circle, and because of this, there was this abus, which gives you an advantage you shouldn't have.
Cypherous (EUW)
: It isn't a "bug" its always existed and its always been known, sure you can use it to gain an extra champ at the draft phase but you'll actually end up further behind than others unless you're just using it on the final draft as the second there is a space on the bench the overflow champ will move to it, so you can't upgrade anything :P
Maybe you do not consider this a mistake, but I am inclined to believe that this is a mistake. Since it is obvious that this should not be, because you should not put on the table more creatures than your level. We are now considering a situation without an item that is made of two Spatula objects, as this situation allows more heroes, but it requires two items that are difficult to obtain in the game. What I described does not need any items, and anyone can do this, at almost any stage of the game. This is certainly a drawback, and such an opportunity to do it must be removed. After all, you will not be pleased if you were in the place of the player whom I won in this way, because we were on equal footing.
: When will tft end?
Behave as children, as if TFT is a sweetie, and you cannot stop yourself from simply not eating it. It was said that the TFT is a permanent and new regime in the League. If you are not interested, why play it? Just don't play it.
: Ingame FPS suddenly stuck at 10-50, when I've had a consistent 80 for the last few years.
Why do you write only the model of the video card, and do not specify the other components. It is also worth noting the fact that what you are playing on is a laptop or PC. Same, your equipment may be overheating And this also affects FPS
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Ohh! I had extra ones after carrousel but always destroyed them! Being afraid that... They will disappear or something and I will lose my precious item. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
No, everything will be saved. I will say more, it will work even for the next round if you don’t touch anything. You can't move heroes yet.
: its a bug that can occur sometimes, it doesn't happen alot from what i noticed, i had the same thing happening today, its a process that keeps hanging without loading, the solution is to bring up task manager and end all league related tasks, than restart and it works.
I also solve this problem through the task Manager, and thanks to the fact that I use SSD, I quickly connect to the game, sometimes even faster than others))
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: LP gain is a complete mystery to me, with a 60-65% winrate I am still getting 17lp for winning and lose 18lp for losing...I do not understand it at all if my winrate is this high shouldn't that mean that I can play at a rank higher than I am at rn? and that it should be easier for me to get out of this one? I am climbing but sure as hell isn't like riot is doing anything to help me, more like the opposite
Winrate does not say anything. No need to go far. Look at my opgg account, I have a winrate of more than 60%, and I play with people who are in Platinum or in gold 1, does this mean that Riot should give me Platinum 4 or gold 1? I think no. For the most part, I think I was just lucky with the players on the team, since I do not behave like a sick asshole, and listen when they give me advice, and try to correct my game.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Nice matchmaking Rito
They are working on it, God knows how many years, but all in vain. Either this is a really difficult task, which is difficult to cope with, or those who work on it do poorly. I do not see other explanations. I want to believe that professionals work there, and this is really a difficult task.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Dragons... {{champion:102}} +{{champion:136}} bunus gives both of them magic protection (Its like both of them would get free Dragon Tooth). You can build some assassin's that will give you a chance to kill him before aoe happens.
I tried, but the problem is. When he appears at the opponent, you can’t drop everything and start collecting killers or a dragon, unless, of course, you collected them initially. So that dragons can kill, and not just survive one ult, they need at least a second level and at least one subject. And Karthus is enough to find one and put, do not find it not fair? **And you know what, I can't always collect assassins and dragons. In any case, we play from what comes to us. What if I don't gather assassins or dragons, I'm doomed ?** I can also say about assassins. If they do not kill him instantly, due to the fact that his mana pool is very small, he almost immediately begins to use the skill. In this case, all the assassins die due to a small supply of health. I don’t understand these people, why people put the cons, because this champion is very strong, and you have to be a complete moron to not notice it. But I suspect these are the people who always run to Karthus - offended fools. Trying in vain, it will be weakened in every way in the next patch, just like Cho.
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: Force of Nature (Spatula+Spatula) let's you place another unit on board. This is normal.
I still do not understand anything. But if you say it's okay, fine. I must be mistaken. Btw, he seemed to be level 8 like me. In general, this game is kind of strange.
Rioter Comments
: Would you be so kind as to list the Champions you have on the field? I can't enlarge the picture, and my eyesight isn't what it was when I was younger, so I don't recognize every Champ you got. Sorry for the hassle, and thanks in advance!
Zed, Volibear, Kha'Zix, Rek'Sai, Blitzcrank, Pyke, Cho'Gath at the end, just take Anivia or Lulu, but Anivia will be better, as it is a synergy with Volibear. btw, if the game drags on, you can add Lulu along with Anivia
: rioooooooot support is ded 1!!!!!1
I will disappoint you. Riot did not invent TFT. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I also won twice when I was able to gather several assassins on high level. With solid frontline you don't need any bonuses at all assassins will run down everyone. That being said you don't choose what will you build, you have to work with what you get and having level 3 reksai + pyke? thats a lottery right there, from 20 games I got level 3 on gold2 champion just twice, never on gold3+ champion in 50 games. In the end levels and items are the biggest factor for winning and both is completely random and you basically no way to influence it.
> [{quoted}](name=ShadWooo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GkWw4Jov,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-01T16:41:37.459+0000) > > I also won twice when I was able to gather several assassins on high level. With solid frontline you don't need any bonuses at all assassins will run down everyone. I like most of all that in the end you can take the golden hero in the form of Anivia
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: 65 Hours ……..
> [{quoted}](name=GreedyGrizzly,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=eLkEE89J,comment-id=002c,timestamp=2019-06-30T18:46:30.943+0000) > > > 65 Hours …….. OMEGALUL


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